Super League of Malawi dragged to court: Injunction placed on play-offs

Dedza Young Soccer Stars  who voted  to put breaks on play-offs organised by the Super League of Malawi (Sulom) to identify the 16th team to join the Supper League sought a court  injunction and the games were forced to be cancelled.

Sulom Vice President Daud Suleman: Hearing is on Monday

Sulom Vice President Daud Suleman: Hearing is on Monday

Nyasa Times on Friday exposed a letter Sulom wrote Football Association of Malawi (Fam) seeking the association’s approval to let Dedza Young Soccer go back into the league, owing to their better standing on the league’s log table compared to Airborne Rangers and FISD Wizards.

According to a letter dated February 25, 2016 signed by Sulom general secretary Williams Banda addressed to Fam general secretary, Sulom proposed to the local mother football governing body that Dedza be admitted back in to the league because they had better points than Wizards and Airborne in the 2015 league season.

FAM reportedly advised Sulom to go ahead with the play-off.

But Dedza dragged the league to court, arguing  that since they finished on better position than both Airborne and Wizards, it was only right that they should be promoted and that the playoffs are unnecessary.

Judge Esme Chombo granted an injunction stopping the play-offs despite Airborne Rangers playing Wizards on Friday at Civo Stadium. Wizards beat the Malawi Defence Force side 2-1.

Saturday, Dedza were supposed to play Wizards FC at Civo Stadium and today they were supposed to face Airborne Rangers.

Sulom vice-president Daud Suleman said: “We cannot go on with the games until a hearing and a ruling is made. I can confirm the games will not go on as scheduled.”

FAM general secretary Suzgo Nyirenda said since the matter is in court  the association will not comment.

Sources say the Sulom executive has been facing pressure from its army based executive members to give Rangers a chance to remain the top league.

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2015 SOCCER SEASON inatha ma champion anali a BB and three bottom teams were religated. so association ikufuna kuwonjezera ma team ku league the best yomwe imakhalapo ndi playoffs not best looser. zomwezinso zinachitika Ku Spain angakhalenso konkuno Ku Chipiku. It’s simple and straight forward


Koma na apa ife a Dedza sitilora. Uwu ndiumbava ochitika masanasana. Kukondera basi ife takana!!!!


If SULAM had that proposal to FAM then who suggested to have playoffs. BECOUSE the go ahead from. FAM totakeDedza as a 16th team was already given .Why then this problem of PLAYOFFS? ZOZIYAMBA DALA .KULEPHELA UDINDO


Why playoffs Dedza has already more points than the two Kakhala kosadabwitsa pakuti chilungamo timachipinda dala GOD is seeing


If they are a strong team why are they afraid of the playoffs. You are not the same team after these months. You need playoffs to prove you are still a team to count for the supper league

Evison Mwenda

dedza is just afraid of loosing in the play offs. infact it should not be automatic for all three teams failed in the 15 teams league system, hence they are all poor. so owing to the fact that this year’s league system is new , all three teams should prove to each other the best by playing off. let the best team win and join the league.

Katundu Weniweni Baba
Katundu Weniweni Baba

Let justice flow please. Dedza 28 points, Wizards 21 Points, and you say play-offs, why? The strength of the team is known on a log table. Leicester City is not famous but it is strong because currently it’s number one on Logg table. Wizards are weak, though famous, 21 points. Ref waku Bt, anayesesa kuwakokela in a game vs Red Lions, koma zinavuta. Zigoli kumangopasidwa ma Penalty basi.


No need for play-offs. Zokhomerelana bax!!


This is why even our football can’t grow,too much greed.

Che Wanimiliyoni

“..Sulom proposed to FAM that Dedza shud remain in Super league..” Are mere suggetions, recommendations and proposals grounds for legal actions?

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