Surrender yourselves, Malawi govt urges cashgate suspects

Malawi government has asked those suspected to have been involved in cashgate scandal to show up at the police or Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) to save on time and taxpayers’ money in hunting them.

Minister of Infomation, Kondwani Nankhumwa:  Hand in yourselves for arrest

Minister of Infomation, Kondwani Nankhumwa: Hand in yourselves for arrest

‘Cashgate’ denotes the systematic skimming of millions of dollars of money from the government payment system.

Minister of Information, Tourism and Culture Kondwani Nankhumwa said the authorities were closing in on more arrests and warned those involved to not waste the State’s time but surrender themselves in order to face justice.

“Government calls on all Malawians who know that they were in one way or another involved in the plundering of the country’s coffers to surrender themselves to police than being on a fruitless run.

“This call is also extended to Malawians who were equally involved, but are for some reasons outside the country, to quickly come back home to face justice,” reads Nankhumwa’s statement in part.

Government’s call comes at a time when several notable faces including lawyers and politicians have been arrested  in relation to the Cashgate.

Those arrested include former government budget director, Paul Mphwiyo and his wife, former Peoples Party (PP) spokesperson, Hophmally Makande, lawyer and UDF official Ishmael Chioko among others.

Nankhumwa said government would not interfere with the prosecution of the cashgate cases.

He added: “The arrests that are currently being effected by law enforcing agencies have nothing to do with political witch hunting but rather a pursuit of justice for the infamous cashgate and other related money laundering offences.”

Nankhumwa has since asked the courts to act with speed in handling the cashgate cases because Malawians are eager to know the truth about the theft of billions of tax-payers’ money.

The scandal, dubbed “Cashgate”, prompted foreign donors – who provide around 40% of Malawi’s budget – to pull the plug on aid.

A number of government officials implicated in the fraud are facing criminal charges and a first official Treza Namathanga Senzani  a relation of DPP top official Anna Kachikho was jailed last month for three years over the scandal and last week former Accounts Assistant in government Victor Sithole was also convicted.

ACB says roughly K20 billion went missing under former President Joyce Banda’s two year rule. And it is reported that about K90 billion also went missing over the eight years of late Mutharika’s presidency , equal to roughly $500m at the exchange rate of the time.

In total about 30 per cent of the country’s budget could have been looted over a decade – almost as much as donors have provided Malawi over the same period.

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103 thoughts on “Surrender yourselves, Malawi govt urges cashgate suspects”

  1. peter says:

    iwe joys ukutani tatiye ukazipele ukufuna udzitichedwetsa basi

  2. charles mofolo says:

    Palibe chimsisi paziko lapamsi muyaluka nomse

  3. jendake says:

    Agalu enieni a PP, zaka ziwiri ndalama zonsezi, nanga zikanakhala zaka 5 sibwezi mukana gulitsa dziko

  4. matako says:

    Malawi need a true revolution. Lwets carry on our own vigilante justice considering the names of the cash gate looters arew well known. This govt is a joke, they do not have the balls to arrest true cash gaters since they are part of that SYNDICATE. tHIS IS WHY THEY CONTINUE TO MAKE NOISE IN AN ATTEMPT TO INTIMIDATE THOASE THAT MIGHT TELL THE TRUTH. malwia is fucked no donors are coming back. very soon IMF WILL RENDER mKWACHA WORTHLESS.

  5. THEN-GO says:


  6. Aferazao says:

    Bambo Nankhumwa are you saying Bingu (RIP), Peter, Kaliati, Chaponda and all in DPP who dipped their hands in the Government coffers and swept it of MK92 billion should surrender themselves to police today, tomorrow, a day after tomorrow? Who knows you might also be one of those who have to surrender to police for taking part in chewing the MK92 billion.

  7. Alungwana says:

    We demand those names and dont fool around us by saying they should surrender themselves. Even your APM must then surrender himself on the house gate.

  8. Jeho says:

    Where is list? Mukuziwa cona km mukubisa it will nt help

  9. mitsubishi honda says:

    Manyi, a minister, enieni,

  10. Aferazao says:

    Mr Nankhumwa kunena kwa ndithe ndithe Nanthambwe anadzitengera. Wait until the MK92 billion audit is carried out and finalized; who knows some good percent of you guys in DDP might be at the centre of that cash gate, will you have the knack to surrender yourselves to ACB OR THE POLICE AS YOU DEMIND?

  11. busisiwe dlhomo says:

    start by telling your mathanyula idiotic pitala to surrender himself first for that mhcgate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Amayi achiwina dziko la Malawi likanatatha ngati makatani
    Ulendo uno kulibe zoti boma siliwina mulandu,accused aliyense ngakhale palibe umboni okwanira koma ngati sakutha kufotokoza bwino komwe anatega ma MITA omangira Mansion amaeneyo avale dzingwe
    Abale athu akutha M’dzipatala chifukwa chosowa KHINi day in day out chafukwala cha agalu amenewa(ndakwiya kwabasi)

  13. The Patriot says:

    How come no blue boys in the charge sheet? Or we will wait until DPP gets out of govt for the blue boys to face justice too? There is no way Bingus era would not have been involved in cash gate!

  14. United Party says:

    Do you really think suspected cashgaters will surrender themselves up, Hon Minister? No, I shouldn’t call you honorable. All the midnight night six are dishonourable ministers, MPs etc. You have the list. Why can’t you just publish it? What are you afraid of? This proves right what some people have been saying that the list contains people in the current government. Prove them wrong by making it public rather than barking aimlessly.

  15. Is the govt really serious???oh anduna!!!

  16. Vyachalo says:

    How can they handover themselves to ACB if you have not realese the list of names?

  17. True, this the ‘Joke of the Week’. How can they surrender themselves? Put the list of culprits on notice board.period. Mind u include the MwK92billion-You have the names. Pliz wake up!

  18. Anthuwo mukuwadziwa koma mukulephera kungowatchula maina ao chifukwa chani,mukufuna muzingoononga nthawi,atchuleni anthuo osati kuononga ndalama ndikuyendetsa zakafukufuku uku mukuwadziwa ai. Tatopaso ndikumva nkhani zokhazokhazi

  19. Think Tank says:

    Gotcha! Mr Minister, this was after a very good meal downed with finest wine. It is the time when people lose senses savouring the delicances. As someone said,who can rush to his/her end? The only known “some” people known who is outside is JB. Are you refering to her? Then you must be loco upstairs. Publish the list. JB will come. Arrest those who are readily in the country. You campaign slogan was “if you want to know people who stole money, vote dpp”. Then you added by August we would know. You have the list. This is October.

  20. It is true , “send a thief to catch a thief”. Mbala zikudziwana! Koma nkhani ya Cashgage ikundikumbutsa bukhu la Atambwali Sametana. Kumapeto kwake Saguza ndi Paguza Akumana!

  21. Kikikiki says:

    WA? This is pure joke from these plebs, right? Sheer stupidity at rampage. Can you imagine if this cashgate from bingu 90 billion stealing then previous government 20 billion stolen ; if it was one of the western country affected, what would be the reaction from citizenry? Its a shame from these morons.. Kaya!

  22. moya says:

    Hon Minister you have made my day you are a great comedian osangoatchula alikunjawo bwanji kuti azibwera mukuaopa chani. Osangopanga announce mayina pa on radio and TV if you are indeed serious of saving tax payers money. Simutha bwino anduna mukuchulutsa chibwana kikikiki

  23. Vavlov says:

    Malawi has too many thieves; how can the country develop like this? So many people are siphoning government funds while hospitals have no medicine, the country has terrible roads, and poverty is rife. Many poor and illiterate Malawians are being detained in RSA for illegally entering the country to earn a living. Their own country cant assist these poor people because senior government officials and politicians are siphoning government financial resources. 50 year after independence, Malawi is poorer than 30 years ago. No hope for a better Malawi. These thieves should be shot to demonstrate to others that stealing public funds is a very serious offence, more especially as people are dying in hospitals due to lack of medicine. Courts should have no mercy on these thieves.

  24. Quota system says:

    Innocent till proven guilty. Does that invite K92 billion cashgaters too ? Is there amnesty ?

  25. chiperoni2 says:

    No body will take you seriously until u include those involved in 92 bmk.

  26. exewl says:

    Well put youngman Nankhumwa. APM should lead by example by handing himself in as one of the beneficiaries of cashgate. The cashgate masters are now serving in government!

  27. amao says:

    Koma abale, mpaka Bwana Bling Bling Chioko!!! Oh no. Malawi was really rotten.

  28. chams j says:

    Let justice be done. Unless this mess is cleaned up we are going to gain back donors confidence. But one thing which I don’t understand is why lawyers who are also implicated in the cashgate are representing clients also implicated in the same cashgate scandal. This doesn’t need one to be an expert at law to understand. It doesn’t make sense. What picture are we portraying out there. What about the credibility of the MAlawi LAw Society which is giving such lawyers a go ahead?

  29. king says:

    why can’t you just release the names of those involved coz you have the report

  30. mona says:

    List ili kuti mukatchula list yo adzipeleka okha honourable minister you are a fool and incompetent shame on you

  31. MPHULITSI says:

    Tiyeni tidzipeleke mowolowa manja nanga si mowolowa mmanja mmomo tinatuta

  32. Akilly 2 says:

    This is unthekable ine ndikufuna cruser kaya MP 2057 izandipeze pakhomo pa amayi ndikuonerera DSTV Channel 0 apo biii sindingazipereke, asaa kupepetulidwa chani??? Ntchito ya The State ndi cha????

  33. lietome says:

    Innocent people are getting arrested why? because these people want to look tough and look as if they’re helping the country but in reality peoples lives are at stake. Do they care? no. Mankind is evil just like God said. They just want to annouce kuti ‘ah the people who have stolen are all arrested chan chani’ Proud to be Malawian? haha. Could i say more? ah

  34. phantom says:

    chilungamo chiwoneke ndithu

  35. Sapitwa kakulanye says:

    I don’t understand the whole issue of cashgate. You mean the presidency at that time with all state secret, intelligence and security services at disposal couldn’t know? What about the Reserve Bank where account number one is managed? Can a ministry draw money directly from that account? Ministry of Finance, what are the procedures to access money from account one? To me I guess many high profile figures in government then and Reserve Bank have decided to lie even God knows this. But I have the conviction that that is a temporary escape. Please, come out and tell the nation all the meetings you had to drain Malawi its limited resources. Tell us whose idea it was and for what reasons. Look mother Malawi is crying for the sufferings caused by cashgate. Doesn’t it ring a bell? Please, let somebody in that inner circle narrate everything so that the money is recovered. Our courts and lawyers, analyze how can one have billions or millions a mere clerk or economist. What economic or business or investment activity can raise that money in a month under small and medium enterprises? We are not serious. Many Malawians are suffering.

  36. Achewa sopano tigawane basi bomali

  37. Piyo says:

    Kodi Yesu atangotulukila mkunena kuti nonse a ndale kgalni apa….yemwe akudziwa kuti manja ake sanasolole atole mwala na genda Mphwiyo. Am sure bwalo lingayele.

  38. timangidwa basi naga nkutani?

  39. Piyo says:

    In general it means all cashgaters from Bingu time too akazipeleke. Zimvere mumtolo.

  40. Weniweni Balakasa says:

    malhkopa angochoka pa panel alibe mfundo zasagwira mtima.

  41. kukukuki says:

    Kodi nane ndikazipereke wina wake ndinamugwirira ntchito pamunda wake koma anandipasa MK5000 ntchito ya MK600.

  42. dopababi shopa says:

    Thieves handing themselves to police or ACB? Malawian thieves? Is it possible? The answer is NO. Do your work by chasing the listed suspects in forisic report. The process requires huge sum of money.
    It shall take another 5yrs to recover the money and investments.
    Nanu munthu kulandila K40,000 pamwezi nkuma sunga millions of kwacha apanga bwanji?

  43. Fwetseke says:

    A nyasa nanunso mukumakokomeza zinthu mukumati mukalemba nkhani iliyonse ya cgate kumapeto simukulephera kukamba za 92 billion. Kodi bwanji ngati zili zoona abiti analephera kumanga munthu olo mmodzi okhuzidwa ndinkhaniyo. Ife tikuziwa za 20billion yomwe Anadya munthawi ya JB. Osamapanga divert attention ya anthu.

    1. chiperoni2 says:

      Zinali mbava zokhazokha. zimabisana. Amayi amapitiliza pomwe abambo analekezera koma zangovuta kuti chinawaphulikira ndikulephera kuchivundikira. mutati muonetsetse mmene amayi amayendera, ndalama zowonongeka pakanatha zaka 8 nowonso zikanakwana 90 biliyoni kapena kuposa apa. Tivutika ndife anthu wamba. mwaona a chair atenga mwana wawo kuti aziyandikire kuti akatha APM kupakula nawo adzapakulenso.

  44. KUKHALA says:


  45. Joice Banda says:

    Ine ndiye sindingachite kuzipereka mudzandipeza nokha..ku zomba..inu mumati ndalama ndizingoziyang`ana chamba eti

  46. osita osadebe says:

    N u too u r 1 of them so why cnt u get arest ur self

  47. Nyapapi says:

    Just publish the report we will bring all the thieves you won’t have enough cells to hold them!

  48. Nyangwani says:

    The minister is a joker. How can suspects surrender themselves voluntarily? If u know them, just arrest them.

  49. Zoona a nduna says:

    In the same spirit let all those who know that they are implicated in the 92 billion fraud surrender themselves to avoid wasting audit time and money saved can be put to other uses .

  50. Failed state says:

    Mwati Nankhumwa ndi gulu lake Ali ndi nzelu? Zoona zimenezi kapena anakhuta ntonjani? Ai,lengezani mwina kenako mubeletse pempho lanuli.

  51. ujeni says:

    Thieves break into a grocery shop steal goods, police investigate and know the names and whereabouts of the thieves, then go on radio and appeal for anyone who stole goods in the grocery shop to hand themsrlves in? foolish.

  52. GANJA MAN says:

    Just releaze the names Mr minster, kuti adziulule okha ilo nde m’bodza. Lengezani maina, yemwe wasakhidwa adzipita ku Maula Prison Secondary School basi.

  53. mbuje says:

    MFUNDOLESS ndiyetu ayambe a Pitala kenako Patilisha kenako Guduwelo ndiye adzibwera enawa zoona munthu basi waka waka wakupolisi kapena ku ACB maina alikuti ? Apatseni anthu ma warrant of arrest kapena mukuopa?

  54. Kabwiro says:

    It’s no longer cashgate but lawyergate.

  55. Fiyabwayson says:

    DEMETI!!! BUT. . . seriously??? Buradufulu zako minisitala of chanchan kaya!!

  56. APM says:

    Ndidikireni kaye dibiseko ndalama zina pang’ono ndizazipeze pobwera.
    Mwina ndiziponye mchimbuzi?
    Kapena ndikazisiye kwa mayi?
    Koma ayi, Kwa ankolo bola.
    But may be nobody knows.
    Therefore I will not surrender myself.

  57. Paul J.C.Mwafulirwa. says:

    Well said but then if it is a question of saving money,why can’t we extend the invitation( of handing themselves in) to those involved in the over Mk92 billion plus cashgate where a whooping Mk9.6 billion will be used to probe further from 2005 to 2012. On the other hand, it is only a man without correct mental ability who will walk to a police station like a tourist to hand himself in without knowing whether he is on the so called list.

  58. Kwado Nguyen says:

    Mention names first then people will start responding to the call.

  59. Think Tank says:

    I believe that ACB has its own public relations officer. Why is this guy speaking and issuing statements instead of ACB. And then you talk of ACB independence. Leave ACB alone and let it handle these cases without your foolish politicising of the process!

  60. eaton says:

    Close in for ALL Government funds plunders. Its My Tax and I feel HURT.

  61. Mbanga says:

    Minister, could you please also inform the nation about Dr. Muluzi’s case? Otherwise this is smelling like government interference in ACB.

  62. Ndine yemwe uja says:

    sikuti ziphula kanthu ataaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  63. Vienna says:

    Tawatchulani mayina, nanga adziwa bwanji mwna palibepo akangodziponya okha?

  64. Think Tank says:

    Indeed,why should they surrender when you have the list. Some of them dont even know they are wanted. You have talked of some who are outside the country! Spell it out.

  65. eye eye says:


  66. Kaka says:

    What a joke,!

  67. unedyo says:

    where is the forensic audit name list???????????????? why hiding it???? fokofu

  68. Think Tank says:

    Nankhumwa is himself wasting time. Just mention their names and get them arrested. If the audit report has names why don’t you get them all? Do no waste our time reading such a useless story.

  69. maxwell M says:

    Kwatsalila inu oweruza!

  70. Tengupenya says:

    Hon Minister, that is a brave call, but it lacks credibility and seriousness. If you expect culprits to voluntarily come out, you have to dangle some carrot to them. You see the law enforcement has concentrated only on the criminal aspect of the conduct of the suspects. We citizens want much more. We want full recovery of the loot and its fruits for the benefit of the citizens. Thus the money must go back to the state and its government and the linked property must be confiscated by the government. There should be no benefit left to the looters, thieves or fraudsters. They must have all funds and proceeds forfeited to the state.

    The criminal charges without full recovery will not fully serve the public interest.

    What carrot can you dangle? The state should sue for full recovery and allow bargain for a reduced custodial sentence for the criminal offences PLUS community work of cleaning our streets, public toilets, public hospitals, public schools and the government offices. A work bureau of cash-gate convicts should be formed so that half the time of the convicts should be on community work for the period of their sentences.

    Law enforcement must also prefer standard charges like theft by public servant in cases where it was a civil servant that stole. Or at least include the same.

    The call may be seen as interfering with the law enforcement in some quarters.

    1. No carrot says:

      Nonsense, no carrot, maximum jail terms plus recovery of the lost monies but no silly thing as carrot or community work. I suspect you are one of the cashgate thieve, bastard!

    2. APM says:

      i dont agree. the citizens will not benefit, but it will benefit the nankhumwas the gondwes and the like. its like taking meat from a cat giving it to a lion. mark my word.

  71. Ndizosatheka zomwe mukunena,ngati mukuwaziwa onse kawatengeni.kuzipeleka ndi chinthu chobvutilapo,pangani zofunika nkhito yanu .chetechete sausa nyama koma suyosuyo,muziziwa zomwezo.

  72. TRUCK says:

    That’s a good message to the Cashgaters some were show off with stolen money by buying expensive cars and shinning in Weddings or Zinkhoswe now your days are numbered you will go to jail like it or not people who got brains shine with the money which they have work for most people will learn a big lesson for Cashgate.

  73. Mbwiye Wapata says:

    koma ziliko…what about Pitala and the House he bought at a huge discount…its commendable that you are making arrests but given the Malawi political landscape where some of the people who are in power now were also in PP …..why is it that those jumped ship and are now in DPP are not being arrested?? bodzatu inu ili….you are protecting each other.Nonsenu ndi anthu akuba basi….kukanakhala kuti MCP or PP inawina chisankho…lero lino bwenzi inu muli mndende and none of these people being arrested now could have been touched.

  74. Max says:

    Anxiously waiting for the next on the list…

  75. ujeni says:

    Stupid silly, Malawi African government publish the names and stop this banana republic nonsense

  76. jj says:

    peter muntharika patsogolo kokadzipereka ku ACB

  77. Wawatu says:

    This is craziest request ever. Who shld hand themselves in?? Cashgaters?? Who r they?? Nobody can hand themselves in if they don’t know they are accused of a crime. Release the list of people up for arrests first then ask them to hand themselves in. Truly, common sense is not common.

  78. yuona says:

    Munthu oti mutu wake ukugwira sangadzipereke ngati palibepo warrant of arrest or chisamani. Is it difficult to summon them ? kapena mukuopa kuotcha manja? Becareful, this cashgate issue ndi mpeni wakuthwa konsekonse….. bwino mungadzilase nokha bwana!

  79. lufina says:

    Amangidwe…Achoke Achoke!

  80. wangalusa says:

    It’s so degrading to be caught reaping where you did not sow. Even when you’re not caught, your conscience haunts you. We are all sinners but stealing ,eeish! What is the requirement to have the sin of stealing to be forgiven?. Men of God, enlighten us on this. God bless.

  81. MIKE NDAU says:


  82. JJ says:

    surrender yourself first before u tel others to do so

  83. Potolani says:

    Zosatheka zimenezo. Ndiye ma PS onse alowatu!

  84. Sibongire says:

    Kkkkkkkkkkkkkk jokers!

  85. Mbanga says:

    Zachamba. Bwelani mudzatitenge nokha. Nanga Bingu ali ku mpumulo wa bata tikamtenga kapena akamva abwele yeahs.

  86. jongopiyo says:

    tulutsani kaye list nde munene zimenezo bwana minisitala otherwise it doesnt make sense

  87. baba oniwa says:

    izi ndiye nzeru tele panalibenso chifukwa choti amaodita atsopanowa amvutike ADPP-UDF angokadzipereka koma funso ndilakuti bwanji maina sakutuluka pamene anali kuopozishon anthuwa anavuta kwambiri -Mbava izipano ayambakale kuba kamoto wayamba kale kupeleka ndalama kwa bwana Peter

  88. mchindo wa satan says:

    Hehehe. Nankhumwa siuli serious. Hehehe. Who would rush to their end? Some are actually wishing they had fled the country the moment Baker Tilly was engaged.

  89. kuukukk says:

    Ntchito iyooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo,kwachaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa….kanthuakoooooooooooooooooooooo,koleskani mabuluku

  90. Concerned Malawian. says:

    Koma kumeneko!

  91. a mbewe says:

    a nakhumwa imeneyo ndi wishful. thinking. asakeni nokha ndi ntchito yanu……mungidziwabe kuti mawa timanga inu ndigulu lanu zija munaba ndi bingu….ndipo simuthawatu…….mudzaliranso

  92. I feel like Hon. Nankhumwa should come up in the open and say “the following people on this list should not waste the Government’s time, they must surrender either to Police or ACB”. Is it not vague just to say ” those invloved should surrender themselves”?

  93. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Mr Minister, are you a spokesperson for ACB, Police, or any NGO??

    You are scoring an own goal;

    You mean DPP leaders will hand over themselves for the K92b.. Maybe you are talking about this small amount of K20b.

    That statement doesnot make DPP govt a saint at all , only until when you return our K92b and the houses your masters bought corruptly…

  94. Eyal says:

    Good statement but two issues related to the same are missing. Position on the conclusion of Muluzi case and commitment to also persue the 92 Billion fraud.

  95. Blessed Banda says:

    Publish the list. Did you write them letters? It’s the duty of the Law inforcers to do their work they are paid for. Why worrying Honourable Kondwani Nankhumwa?

  96. loveness says:

    please can you release the list of names than we can go and surrender ourselves

  97. chekambewa says:

    Ya koma ndiye zilikotu thats why the poeple were saying we should fight for big fishes than fight accounts clerks.

  98. jumujum says:

    Bambo Kondwani Nankhumwa ndani angazipereke mung’anjo yo moto. Inu gwirani ntchito yanu aliyense amene anaba ndalama agwireni musazemberere anthuwo mukwadziwa.

  99. mboma says:

    How are u going to surrender also when that forensic audit from 2005 to 2012 find that u looted 150 billion????????? i dont think u will surrender yourself kondwani and your dpp mafias??????????????????????????? so now its time for PP guys to surrender but DPP guys also get ready to surrender soon after Price water house coopers finalise their forensic audit report!!!!!! i think that report will uncover some 150 billion malawi kwacha!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  100. Chrispine Salanje says:

    hahaha!dont fool us,the number one thief is dining with you and you are sending him to Zambia,why dont you arrest him,even your boss Mr Nankhumwa why dont you arrest him?

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