Suspect on remand in Malawi police cell commits suicide

A suspect who was answering charges of trafficking 89 bags of indian hemp was on Thursday found dead in a police cell in Salima after he allegedly committed suicide by stabbing himself with an object in the stomach and chest.

Salima police spokesman Gift Chitowe identified the deceased suspect as Alex Juma.

Chitowe said the 27 year suspect was transferred from Nkhotakota Police Station after he constantly harassed and caused havoc among other suspects, saying he beat some of the suspects remanded with him at Nkhotakota Police station.

“We suspected he had a mental illness probably due to depression so we decided to transfer him to Salima Police Station where he was put in isolation cell,” said Chitowe.

Juma, who hailed from Mataka Village in Chief Likoswe village in Chiradzulu was arrested on December 7, 2015. Chitowe said a postmortem showed Juma died of severe bleeding.

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29 thoughts on “Suspect on remand in Malawi police cell commits suicide”

  1. wakulu says:

    aaaaaaaaaaaa basi ndaganiza bwino ambuye andikhululukire, kma apolisi machende azibambo anu nonse mwanva, anyani inu ntchito kupha anthu? munthu sanaziphe ekha uyu panyapanu nonse, bullshit munthu wazipha ndekuti chani ? za ziiii fooolish! people!!!!!!, if you say he stabbed himself twice on the chest and abdomen explain the swollen head then,he banged himself against the wall????????? nyelo zanu, afiti inu… ndichi mp chakutumanicho

  2. wakulu says:

    i also don`t believe the guy stubbed himself to death…..ilili ndi boza a MP ndani kaya uko mukuziwapo kanthu apa. Mulungu azakugwilani ntchito ndinu opusa kwambili together ndiapolisi anuwo,who are you to order the killing of your fellow being. akuona zonse jahjah siku lachilungamo lizafika

  3. John says:

    Kodi anthu inu mukulimbana ndi apolisi chifukwa chani? Munthu wadzipha yekha.Amene akuona kuti alakwitsa apite akawamange osamangotokota.

  4. My Nephew says:

    Boniface Alexander Juma was my nephew. It saddens me that reporters are posting stories in the different media houses without first getting any information from the suspect’s/victim’s family first. This young man was my family and here is the order of events leading to his death. You make your own conclusions:
    About three weeks ago suspect was working as a minibus conductor for MP Solomon from Thyolo
    Suspect came home to his wife on or about the 17th of November and told his wife he had stopped work. He said he would rather die a poor man than conduct himself in things that would shame his family. He did not elaborate.
    A week ago, Police from Bangwe came at suspects house in the wee hours of dawn, grabbed him and told him he was wanted for questioning regarding Chamba that he was suspected to have been trafficking from Nkhotakota to Blantyre. It was alleged he had fled the scene when the minibus he was conductor that was ferrying the chamba was caught at a road block in Salima a few days earlier. Apparently, this was the same minibus he had stopped working for three weeks earlier.
    Suspects phones, his wife’s phones were all confiscated by the police at the same time he was being grabbed.
    Suspect’s wife left early for Bangwe Police and upon getting there, she was told her husband was being transferred to Salima for a statement. Curiously, he was not being transferred by Police Vehicle but by MP Solomoni’s car. Wife gets back her phone from Police
    A day later, suspect an informant calls suspect’s wife that she should rush to Salima Police Station because her husband had been seriously beaten by Police. Within an hour, informant calls wife again that suspect was being transferred to Kamuzu Central Hospital in Lilongwe. Suspect’s wife calls suspects sister who resides in Lilongwe. Sister rushes to Central Hospital but there is no Boniface Juma. Upon inquiring, a healthy worker tells suspect’s sister that yes the suspect was brought to the hospital but already deceased. The worker explains that suspect a ruptured stomach with intestines protruding, swollen head and many other injuries.
    3 am Friday I get called that my nephew has died in Police custody. Am not home so I have to organize everything by remote. Deceased sister gets about 15000 Kwacha from MP through Police to help at funeral. Police bring body to the village and they are refused to leave it.
    We demand another post mortem. Police damp body at Queens Hospital and there is heavy presence of riot police with Chimbaula at Bangwe Police and Montfort Police near my home village.
    My village elders panic at the sight of the heavy police and order those pushing for the post mortem to come back home with the body for burial.
    I know he did not commit suicide. This much I know. You make your own conclusions.

  5. Moses Makoko says:

    ingonenani kuti mwamupanga tintin chifukwa amakuvutitsani, simple!

  6. Fraction says:

    Can someone really have the strength to stab oneself twice in these two very sensitive and painful areas CHEST AND ABDOMEN?

  7. Boyi says:

    Man Dema: A Polisi ndi aFalisi. Mutu ngati Fisi. Ganja yomweyi mpaka kuphera munthu. Ine ndinangowafunsa, ngati juli madolo, bwanji osamumanga Namalenga, yemwe wagwetsa mvula kuti chamba chimele. A Polisi ndi Afalisi

  8. Kumamvetsa says:

    Ours is the most reformed police force. It’s not police service as they claim. It’s a terrible organization lacking basic skills in investigation& interrogation.

    They are paid to intimidate people. Zigawenga zili kuno ku Mangochi zanyanya abale.

  9. SOOTHSAYER! says:


  10. Hansou says:

    I smell murder! Probably deceased threatened to become a snitch because those he does business with abandoned him

  11. Wandiputa Dala says:

    Bodza ili Chitowe…munthuyu munakamtenga ku bangwe kut akayankhe mlandu oti minibus yomwe nthawi zambiri iye amakhala conductor yagwidwa ndi chamba. Iye sanagwire ntchto kwa 2wks kma inu ngakhale anakuuzani izi u kept whipping hm 2 death nde muziti wapanga suicide? Siinu munathamangitsidwa kokasiya mtembo kumudz kwawo anthu atalusa kt mum’bweze wamomoyo coz inu munamtenga wamoyo komanxo momkakamiza chonsecho anakuuzani kt sanagwire ntchto wk yonse mpakana munakasiya ku Queens? Zitsiru inu mumayikirana kumbuyo kwabaxi.

  12. Koma says:


  13. Ghadhaffi says:

    Simlandu wakanthu umenewu woti mpaka munthu commiting suicide. 89 bags! Shaaaa! Kudzipha wafoira ameneyo,basi walemeresa migwanya.Mulandu wa ndalama zambiri conci sitmaudandaula,its jst 120 days basi tabwerako,koma ukanakhala oba nkhunda ndiye eeeeh! Kudzipha mpacimake. And u senior migwanya y u allowed him entering the den with a weapon? Aaaah mabodza basi,munampatsa ndinu weaponiyo ncolinga mulemelerepo. Iiiiih kaya ine zanga zabandu/kabanza/nadyanji/shapa kpna kt sakalamento ndimakhitira nazo.

  14. TSAMBALIKWA says:

    Why did the police arrested someone who was mentally disturbed? They couldve take him to Zomba mental hospital for treatment first, That’s totally unproffesitional police officers of Nyasaland.

  15. Benford says:

    Chamba is not a big crime more over Government will legalise it soon, office in charge of Salima Police explain to the nation why we loose the life? and must be arrested soon.We want respose as soon as possible.

  16. Moya Jombajomba says:

    it is a big lie, where did the object come from? mudzalangidwa apolice a dpp inu chinyengo too much mpaka kupha coz ananyamula industrial hemp. we know the reason, inunso mwabapo mathumba ena

  17. Kumamvetsa says:

    The behavior of our police is terrible. Akuzunza anthu ongoganilizidwa chabe ku Mangochi kuno nde kwanyanya. Anthu akumenyedwa ndikuvulazidwa ndi majombo.
    The second in command is extremely corrupt NDA anyamata make APA Mgoza

  18. saintly says:

    Sharp objects in police cell? It’s standard practice to search every person before entering police cell. Where did the deceased find a sharp object that is alleged to have been used in taking his own life? This is suspicious! This case required an inquiry. May his soul rest in peace.

  19. Mwakoza nokha inu athu akupha apolice inu mituyanu

  20. vinyakwa says:

    he could have smoked I full bag of ganja .I believe the figure he was sent to traffic should be 90 .hence he outdone one full bag himself nkana amangoshosha ndewu mfana ameneyi .Hemp is a dangerous domestic animal .it can bite the owner if not handled properly

  21. Mhango says:

    No no!whether mentally ill or not there are elements of negligence on the part of police.the crime he was suspected of is serious.sanaphe munthu.non custodial sentence was waiting.why killing him.Please responsible Offices must face the law to deter other police from doing this nasty,barbaric acts.Authority please do something we are talking of life here not chamba.

    1. Okhudzidwa says:

      Hey! Osamangokhala ndi negative pa police nthawi zonse, kondani police yanu. Chabwino, mukadzaberedwa mudzapite kukapanga report ku MDF.

  22. Kumawapha dala ok!! Muzinama kuti azipha okha?

  23. Imeneyo ndiyemphamvu yachambayo!

  24. zeni_zeni says:

    The warden is responsible because he allowed the suspect to get into the cell with those things which he used to kill himself

  25. he says:

    I suspect he was beaten to death

  26. redeemed says:

    I’m not convinced that he indeed committed suicide. Any way this isn’t an isolated incident, even during apartheid struggle, many freedom fighters were reported to have committed suicide while held in cells. Any way let God the only supreme and faithful judge grant the appropriate judgement.

  27. Chigawaneni says:

    Watopa nawo moyo ameneyo. Anzake pano akuvutika kumwa mankhwala kuti akhale ndi moyo. Mental disorder yachiyani? Mpaka 89 bags ya chamba!

  28. The Analyst says:

    “We choose our joys and sorrows long before we experience them.” – Khalil Gibran (Lebanese Poet)

    Its sad you chose drug trafficking for your joy which in reality, is sorrow in disguise. However . . .

    “There has never been a slave who did not choose . . . . Their choice may be between slavery and death, but the choice is always there.” – Tyrion Lannister (Game of Thrones)

    Its just sad also that you chose death . . . However, I don’t blame you. After all . . .

    “Death may be the greatest of all human blessings.” – Socrates (Greek Philosopher)

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