Synod hits at quota system Malawi university selection

CCAP Synod of Livingstonia, the vocal voice on social and political matters, has hit at government for continuing with the University of Malawi quota selection system, saying it has left out deserving candidates from the colleges especially those from north Malawi.

Rev Nyondo: Quota system is bad

Rev Nyondo: Quota system is bad

Livingstonia Synod moderator Reverend Levi Nyondo said this on Tuesday during the funeral ceremony of chief Malanda of Nkhata Bay.

“This system has left out intelligent deserving students and taken on board lazy dull students. This is grossly unfair, that is not how the government should run the affairs of the University of Malawi,” said the seemingly angry Nyondo.

The quota system, which the Malawian government refers to as Equitable Access to University Education, requires higher education institutions to admit students based on where they come from. It is aimed at discouraging a trend under the merit system that saw people from the north entering higher education in greater numbers than students from the south.

Nyondo said students should not be admitted to the public university because of the regions they come from but rather on merit.

Former president Bingu wa Mutharika introduced the quota system to ensure that all districts in the country provided students to the public university after noticing that students from the north, usually hard working and bright, were dominating the University of Malawi selection.

Nyondo said the selection should be based on merit, regardless of one’s region of origin.

Presidential advisor Symon Vuwa Kaunda, who was at the funeral pledged he would deliver the message to President Peter Mutharika.

He however said the government ensures equity in the selection of students to the University of Malawi.

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60 thoughts on “Synod hits at quota system Malawi university selection”

  1. billy says:

    ZiKUGWILIZANA bwanji ndi MALIRO zimenezi atumbuka kupanda nzeru pa MALIRO

  2. billy says:

    Am not for BINGU but rev nyondo niwamaboza ATUMBUKA KUCHOKERA KALE akhala akubera ana ao mayeso atumbuka amanama kuti ndi anzeru pamene anawo amawauzira mayeso komanso akapita kogwira ntchito sikubakwakenso Anyondo ndionama

  3. Jane says:

    Which unit Ndovi?? Livingstonia failed to unit with sister synods on religious issues and your message is always SEPARATION, the Synod for the ‘blind flock’ it has never been guided by the Holy Spirit.
    Ndovi is another GABBAGE not worthy a reverend, hyena in a sheeps…

  4. Kunena Mosapsyatila says:

    Firstly I beg to differ with the cooked & spiced figures presented by number 24. If you can go to MANEB data base and look at the Education Division that has a top/number one overall average performance over the years, you will definitely have NED at the apex.

    As per Plato’s observation, he emphasised that education is for the “elite”. By elite, he did not mean the rich or the majority ethnic group in a particular location rather those who have the stamina in intallegestia to deal with equations and all sorts of academic challenges making them to excel above the undeserving ones. This is the fact that people such as Mr. Michael Usi/Manganya, PK, and other enlightened southerners have come to accept and embrace. Mr Usi is not an ordinary comedian but is one of us who went through the corridors of a university. He knows the importance of having deserving students in universities and has learnt with all sorts of students from all the regions of this country and knows their capabilities.

    Because of not swallowing the truth, coupled by flared tempers, just as some of you are showing by abusive & substandard comments, Mutharika’s govt removed Tikuferanji from airing on MBC. Why remove the programme? search yourself!!

    Merit is the system used to select students into universities in many countries across the globe. Scholarships in Masters and Doctorates offered by Universities in advanced countries are obtained via merit. Quota system is backdoor criteria that is encouraging lazy & undeserving students into public universities, the majority of which do not finish their degree programmes because they get withdrawn on academic grounds (amaweedidwa), why? because they are academically challenged. No wonder Malawian universities have lost the excellent academic reputation they used to have in Africa and indeed in the world.

    Merit is the same criteria that God will use to allow people in His Kingdom. Thus God will embrace people according to their works and not the amount of money they have or which region of the world they came from. There is no quota system in the language of our creator so where are you getting these other things. Laziness is sin and that is what our govt is encouraging. No wonder among her neighbours, tiny Malawi is the most regressing country.


  5. Cathbert Kaonja says:

    hey Nyondo is the general Secretary and not the moderator. thank you

  6. jm says:

    Livingstonia synod is just one of those Tumbuka structures, meant to advance the tumbuka ideologies, in the name of the church. This is the church that chased all girls from Ekwendeni Sec, who were coming from other regions to replace them with those from the North. This synod is not fit to speak on national issues, but rather issues in the north, about northernors, for the northernors. Remember, the public universities are not for northernors but for the Country Malawi. Do not confuse Livingstonia College for Luanar, Unima, MUST or even Mzuni. These are not Northern colleges but National Colleges. Do not expect Northernors to dominate national Universities as they do at ur Livingstonia college /TTC kaya technical college not sure what I can call it. Malawi is for Malawians not a certain sector of pipo with selfish ideologies like ur church and ur pipo.

  7. vavlov says:

    The quota system is symptomatic of inferiority of the initiators of this barbaric system. Don’t blame Nyondo, he was airing his frustrations in the presence of members of the ruling party. It is ironical to note that in fact illiteracy continues unabated in some of the districts being favoured under the quota system. The problem people from many of the favoured districts breed like rats!!!! By 2050, Malawi’s population will be 50m, imagine what will happen then. Livingstonia Synod has a university, please develop it to accommodate disadvantaged students. You should fund-raise for this cause, I guarantee, there are many well wishers, who would support any endeavour to support discriminated students from the northern Malawi. Don’t waste time pleading with nepotistic people

  8. Charombanthu says:

    Quota system stinks and I nauseate each time I hear about this useless way of selecting students into public universities. What is the point in having exams if the lazy ones will be rewarded anyway through this unfair system? I have seen students with 30 points being selected into universities leaving those with 15 points just bacause they were the highest in thier districts. And you call that equitable, fair? My foot! Remove exams and just pick candidates into these universities then from each district. No wonder education standards are continually declining. The so called graduates nowadays are not even able to articulate themselves during interviews. Sick nation….

    1. Kenkkk says:

      Totally agree with you. They should just remove exams, why keep them if they play no part on merit selection of students?

      You dpp thugs, just remove the exams and chose the students according to where they come from. Just say 50 students from each district should go to university and no exams required.

      Then because you have more districts, you will dominate the corridors of the university and it will make you dpp thugs happy.

  9. nanga says:

    Let Quota System stay FOR EVER. Thanks President Peter Mutharika for continuing with the Quota System because it is helping with providing equal access to public university to all tribes and regions. For a long time, only one tribe and region was accessing university education and anadzadzana ma udindo akulu akulu a boma, they are leaders in CSOs, international organisations and businesses. Nyondo`s argument is weak and he always shows total ignorance of principles of equality in the modern world.

  10. Kenkkk says:

    We are all Malawians, so quota should go.

  11. Mwapheranjiru says:

    Imwe a Nyondo, umbili wakula. Equitqble Access, ndi pfundo ya World Bank, imene Malawi ikusatira. Musawasokonedze a Malawi ai. Pfundo iyi, imapatsa mwayi ophunzira a ku sekondale khumi a nzeru opambana bwino m’boma liri lonse m’Malawi kusankhidwa kupita ma university a boma. Sangotsankha wamba ai. Kachiwiri amasankha moyenera ndi kuchula kwa anthu mu boma liri lonse. Nanga bvuto lanu liri pati ngati inu abusa munthu wa Mulungu? M’mayesa baibulo limaphunzitsa kugawana zinthu mwachilungamo? A Nyondo, ndinu m’busa wachisokonedzo. Mufuna ana anzanu asapite nawo ku university, koma nokha basi ndi kubera kwanu mayeso! Mungobwebweta za quota, koma quota m’maimvetsa bwino. Pitani ku UNIMA, MZUNI, LUANAR ndi MUST kuti mukamvetse m’mene amatsankhira ophunzira a ku university. Gawani mau a Mulungu mu synod yanu kuti a khrisitu apulumuke, musachedwe ndi za m’dziko, simukalowa ku mwamba ata, ata.

  12. golosso says:

    Tumbukas are useless creatures. Why do use funeral gathering for selfish issues? You did something very terrible during the funeral in which Jappie Mhango was in attendance as minister of information. Now you are at it again at a funeral when Vuwa was in attendance plus other government officials.

    After all you have your university where only mbwenumbwenu are its students. No single citizens from south or central has ever said anything about it. Why are you selfish. What types of creatures are you? You want everything to belong to you Tumbukas.

    Nyondo is very foolish. You will die miserably as what happened to late Zuza.You will follow him. This is the world. We cant be disorderd by one being like you.That is the reason why you just make noise when you are in north. You can not do it here in south. Machende ako, garu iwe.

    Quota system is here to stay. At least each and every district in south and central is able to produce its own doctors and DCs. Imagine ten and even over that were selected from every district in south and central. What a big deal? Bravo maphiya bravo Vuwa Kaunda.At least district like Phalombe, Neno, Dowa, Salima is producing graduates from UNIMA. Nditomva kukoma bwanji. APM dont comment to this useless idea, after all why saying it at the funeral. Did the dead person hang himself because he was not selected to UNIMA after scooping 6 points in MSCE.

  13. jj says:

    Atumbuka, noice poanda stats wont help u. U make noice based on romours, yet u talk on policy matters. Y not be silent and deserve some little respect which u don’t even deserve. Shut up!

  14. Dengulanga says:

    Call me old fashioned. When I was growing up some forty years ago, it was merit that ruled. I believe that for our society to go ahead, we should promote competition so that the best wins. When I did O level, a guy from a very poor village in Mangochi got six points. We had no qualms with him because the guy was good and even after he went through his tertiary education, the guy continues to do well. Since he is my friend, I still continue to consult him, though I am from the Center because that’s how people develop and learn.

    The sort of arguments being advanced on this page leave a lot to be desired. If Malawi is to go ahead, we must learn to attack and debate an idea rather than attack a person. Lots of venom ,probably emanating from things unconnected to the debate at hand,is meted out incoherently without logical and thoughtful underpinning-just to evidence the shallowness to which our education systems have sunk.

    My appeal to all is for us as a country to debate issues and not personalities. Zimayambitsa ndeu and the mark of a civilized society is being able to differ on ideas and still remain cohesive and probably friends.

  15. Jabu says:

    No wonder Livingstonia synod is the most blind synod, led by a pack of EMPTY reverends

  16. Apao Kugola says:


    Poor quality education at university level is not only because of the quota system. Ask MANEB how students qualify with an MSCE. Those of us who are above 30 years of age and got a 4 in Mathematics in the 1990s, today the same score turns into a grade of 1. So when the university gets such students, who even fail simple calculations or those who can’t write a meaningful one paged essay, it is very wrong to blame the university. The university at most is getting dead students; it is in fact the same university that people on this forum are blaming that is resulscitating poorly baked Secondary School levaers into meaningful something. During our secondary school days, some of us, used to read a lot: we had books from the Pacesetters Series, Mills and Boon; James Hardley Chase; those written by Robert Ludrum and many others in addition to literature books (Things Fall Apart, Dairy of Anne Frank, Shakespear’s Books like Harmlet, Julius Caesor; The Merchant of Venice; Juliet and Romeo and many more). Ask today’s student as to how many books he/she might have ready during secondary school life; all they will tell you is to do with modern intenet technology. And instead of benefiting from the modern technology, most students have been made worse by it.

    Much as the Fearless Samurai doesn’t approve of any quota system, the arguments that most northerners advance especially insinuating that the system is affecting students from the north and that students from the north are more intelligent than those from other regions is not true. It’s more of political gimmick than the reality on the ground. If the Northern Region produced the best students then all awards offered byBanks to best performing students annually in the universities in Malawi would have been dominated by students from the north. The fact is that there are equally good and bad students from the north just like those from the other two major regions of the country.

    But the whole cry is based on nepotism. For starters, crookedness in education by the northern region started when Kanyama Chiume was Minister of Education in the Kamuzu Government (Read your History). The guy had conived with teachers in the north to tell their students both at secondary and primary levels to use a black pen for writing exams. That time, most teachers in the country were from the north (thanks to Livingstonia Mission’s early eduaction establishments). So, during marking, the scripts with black ink were favoured. It took some time before the malpractice was discovered. Some time later after discovering this type of mass cheating (Northgate Exam Scam) in the early 1980s the Ministry of Education had ordered that all students should use black pens in exams. I still remember when I was told to buy a black pen for use in my Standard 5 Examinations without explaining why the blue pen was not accepted.

    Nevertheless, the malpractice has not stopped. In some universities, students from the north generally perform very well in courses that are taught by a good number of lecturers from the Northern Region; they fail pathetically in courses taught by lecturers from other regions of the country even when the latter group of lecturers is enviably considered the best lecturers on campuses. In addition, when it comes to recruitment of postgraduate students, you will see that Departments Headed by members of staff from the Northern Region select more students from the north while all other Departments Headed by those from other regions spread out the selection to include all deserving potential applicants. The same applies when the Departments need extra support by recruiting partme staff. And even during assessment of postgraduate students, if the student from the north has not prepared adequately for his/he MSc/MA defense, the Department Headed by a member of staff from the north, will ask for a deferrement in order to let the northern postgraduate student re-do the academic while. And yet the same Head who originates from the north doesn’t care if a postgraduate student from Central or Southern comes to his/her defense session ill-prepared. They say the former student might want to pursue PhD so, a poor grade would affect his/her chances. Does the latter student from the Central or Southern Region want to end his/her acdemic journey with a Masters degree? Why does the Head of Departm,ent who is the son/daughter of the Northern Region behave that way? Your guess is as bad as mine.
    It is only when a noisy and brave hearted member of staff from either the Central or Southern Region joins such nepotistic Departments that selection of students to postgraduate programs and management of their academic programs tends to balance — (By the way, I am writing from Ground Zero with statistics under my desk).

    For thehe record, this disease of nepotism is not only in the majority of northerners. The Lhomwes in general have become even more tribalistic and nepotistic than the northerners. In a country whose people suffer from such a malady, it is only wise for the government to put a measure to control the situation, how bad the measure might be. in the interim it is fine if its purpose is to correct eduactional and economic inbalances caused by greedy and nepotistic tribes. Probably, what the nation of Malawi should strive to achieve is to lobby for more and adequate resources for education sector (Not clapping hands when education budget is trimmed). In so doing, more and better schools would be constructed across all levels of education system in Malawi. Intelligent and fully qualified teachers should also be employed so that the nationa can achieve FULL EDUCATION (where those who are willing and able and actively looking for a space to pursue education in a noble way, at a chosen level of eduaction from Primary to Tertiary, must be allowed to do so without compromising the quality of eduaction. We have the power if only we loved Malawi more than our current level.

    Mbite! Naruta! Nayenda Byanga! Itte kimasu!!

    The Fearless Samurai

  17. politicofoolishness says:

    Nonsense! Nonsense! Nonsense! Quota system yaku Malawi’ko has got nothing to do with equity. Tisamanamizanepo apa. Unless winawake just wants to distort the meaning of equity for his or her own selfish reasons. It’s just encouraging mediocrity and nepotism.
    The essence behind equity is that some people are competing with others from a vantage position therefore let the playing field be levelled. Are those quota system proponents surely believe that a student from Kameme in Chitipa really has any added advantage over his/her counterpart in Nkando Mulanje? What advantage? Some people still use koloboyi to get those 15 18points. The only difference is that one had worked harder or is naturally gifted than the other.
    But chala cha Mulungu??? Enafe atikhomelera nthawi ya Kamuzu koma ayi ndithu.
    Ka DZIKO AKO NKOTEMBELEREDWA. In my view Northern Region should have been ku Zambia, anzanthu aku Eastern Province ku Zambia samanyozedwa chonchi, that’s why Edgar Lungu ndi president panopo. For as long as Northern Region is part of Malawi forget about any meaningful development other political rhetoric. That’s why we are the poorest nation on the plate because some people in the 21st century still have the grandiose delusion that only their region has got capable people to lead the country.

  18. Kespon says:

    Un Religious man how do you think that way.Its not that people from the north are intelligent but the fact is that those that were selecting the names were favouring the northerners becoz the majority of those were from north Learn to think outside the box Pastor.

  19. heather says:

    Mmmmmm tikapezana kolemba masap konko. Chomwe ndimaďziwa golide ndi golide ngakhaĺe atamponya mmatope amadziwikabe. masamba ndi masamba ngakhale mutawatçhula kazina kachizungu samasintha aku palirani konko mutipeza osiyidwafe.

  20. Ze Roberto says:

    Quota system is bad based on the ASSUMPTION that the testing and grading system is bias free. Unfortunately the system is rigged. In that case quota system becomes justifiable a decision. We saw and still see how some teachers favour students deemed from their home origin. This is even manifested in workplaces when it comes to appointments. Evidence is there that some teachers mark and give grades to candidates based on the names suggesting one’s region of origin. When Dr H Kamuzu Banda declared that teachers should go and teach in their district/region of origin it was after noting the systematic cheating/injustice that was taking place. This is truth that will always haunt the perpetrators. I therefore don’t think Quota system is entirely bad.

  21. Prophet Field Marshal Ten Stars General says:

    Looking at the comments here; Northerners, you can now start strategizing how to leave Nyasaland and join Mangufuli Land or Bemba land. the NAZI started like this, later it was Jewish hollow cast. Northerners, can’t you see its better to be under Tanganyika than Nyasaland. I can foretell, that in few years, Northerners will vote whether they should remain Malawians, or have their own country and or choose between Zambia and Tanzania. After that Northerners will built a big wall from Lake Malawi to Zambia through Jenda. (The partition of Malawi). Nthawi imeneyo kumpoto kwa Malawi kuzakhala ku Nkhota kota ndi Kasungu and odusa pa Jenda azizafunika passport. Ndipo nthawi imeneyo Alomwe ndi akumpoto sazanyozanaso.

  22. Musatisokosere Mwamva says:

    Mtundu uwu wa anganyawu siuzatheka. I ever said here at Nyasatimes, some time ago, that at a certain college of education in the South we had some lecturers from the Nord who could reveal exams to their own kind, usually an evening before a paper was taken. Some could go to the extent of giving a student a paper to the reprographics for photocopying. The aim was to leak exams. When one was quizzed one time, he said a Jew will remain a Jew and blood is thicker than water. What did he mean if this was not nepotism deep-rooted? Thank God some relocated to another university in the Nord. Mukakafunsa ku Chanco, you will also meet worst scenarios where nepotism has ever been at the centre when it comes to grooming undergraduates for possible positions of associate lecturer. The talk about the Mzuzu corner is equally true. You will appreciate it if you have been to university corridors several decades ago.

  23. Nzika says:

    University selection, Tumbukas wants Quota system out…. Merit should prevail… and when President make appointments based on Merit…. you say NO! he should appoint from other regions too….. whats your position kwenikweni…. and why is that the so called Intelligent northers perform average when they enrol with ACCA, CIM, CIMA…etc, nzeruzo zili made specifically for UNIMA?? If you know Mzuzu Corner and you also know that Malawi Lectures mark basing on personal relationship(if they care about where u come from), then you will surely not be party to a myth that Northerners are better than others in class. I think Abusa next time bring statistical backing…. that will carry water.

  24. Taweni says:

    This is a topic which is likely to divide Malawi. This is one point why some went for federalism.

    Let us divide Malawi in regions and settle the score by asking people return to their region of origin as Kamuzu started doing so.

    My view is that quota system is painful.

  25. LUHA says:

    Guys,u have spoken even those that claim to have taken part in university selection have enlightened some of us. Look now, what baffles some of us is why govt does not want to do away with quota. Remember Bingu said u northerners are too many with post graduate qualifications and to balance that lets have quota. Honestly, some of us feel the system significantly compromises quality. Scientifically, quota is about quantity and not quality.

  26. Pastor Nyondo says:

    Its only Livingstonia Synod always complaining. Why not Nkhoma or Blantyre Synods? Why bring up that issue at funeral function? Bwinotu bwinotu! Simudzawina nazo zimenezi.

  27. Kanonono Siyalimba says:

    One thing interesting about Malawi is that people are very intelligent but very inward looking. Instead of discussing the issue at hand, they will end up discussing personalities basing on the speaker’s area of origin. This is unfortunate indeed and probably, it explains why this is the poorest country by GDP per capita in the world.

    In my view, everyone who scores up to 36 points has what it takes to go to university. What this means therefore is that massive investments are required in this particular sector and it is everybody’s job to put the government to task. While university education is almost part of basic schooling in Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya, it is still regarded as for very few blessed ones in Malawi and people will foam to make sure that they put their arguments forward. Very discouraging!

  28. john says:

    All those who attack northerners for the comment made by one person, truly shows that these people are myopic, dull, stupid etc. They don’t know the meaning of the word selection. it is not only northerners are victimized by this quota system.

  29. yohan p says:

    Problem with northerners amafuna zabwino zonse zikhale zawo. they have dominated in all NGO and are making sure anthu ama region ena asamawalembe ntchito. check with the following organisations: Action Aid, PSI malawi, solar aid, concern universal , world vision, dae yang university. Mabwana kumeneko are strategically employing fellow northerners. it’s not true to say that anthu ama region ena ndi mbuli when you are not giving them opportunity

  30. Patrick Phiri says:

    What is surprising is that during PP rule when Kachale, a northerner, was VP, the same quota system was used to select students to university, but this tribalistic Livingstonia Synod said nothing then. Now because the president and his vice are not northerners, they bark like rabid dog. Fotseki!!!

  31. duduchena says:

    Fearless 24
    Well argued as a leaned person but you forgot that assuming the guys with 17 points are 30 on the same program and out of the 30 they are coming from different districts. Obviously quota has to come it play and one of the student will be left out more especially if they need a specific number of students in that particular course. The other thing is if he/she is pushed in the second choice for selection remember that the he/her second choice is the first choice for others who are also many in that particular course and if he/she qualifies they will have to quota everyone in that particular course until the kid is left out. Notice this FEARLESS… what i normally see is students being selected in the courses which they did not choose again this is something that is leading to poor education because when they go to university they fail and are weeded in the end. Now its not about just going to university its about going to university and pursueing your dream courses wholeheartedly.

    Comparing the old system and the currently one they had a well education mathematical calculations put in place thru entrance examination that students could follow. If you would see a person having a greater chance with higher points going to university were gels and it was reasonable. those who could doubt entrance would go and ask they were being shown how they scored entrance and why they belong to a course may be they didnt choose on their list. Now what do u have to explain why a kid who qualifies for science course but is left out or for someone who qualified for business courses but is bushed to science something they never dreamt of that on this one i have a leaving example and the student has vowed no going to university. The student applied for business courses but she been selected for science course yet she doesnt want science and on top of that her grades are consistent in all the subject.

    This quota system is not something to smile you fail to smile when you, your brother, sister, daughter, grandchildren are quotared regardless of u being a northerner, southerner or from central that the only time you will understand this animal quota system. FEARLESS might have explained well but he has not explained everything. The are so many sinarios that can tek place in selecting students to university but trust me what he might have said its just a tip of an ice berg.

    Another thing please attack the issue dont attack people for that show how weak you are when u rush into using bad words on people.

  32. j says:

    the real issue is for Malawi to expand places in higher education by building MORE universities and secondary schools. Everyone who passes MSCE should be able to pursue a college education if they wish to do so. This requires massive new investments in the sector. Time to start. One should look up speeches delivered by the former Chancellor of UNIMA in around 1990-1992 (when non-residential students were first introduced) when he kept stating that a Malawian student has demonstrated that if given an opportunity, he can succeed. However, brick and mortar is proving to be the limitation!!

  33. duduchena says:


  34. Nena-yoboya-khuluma-speak says:

    Good people most of your statements are those which shows that we can work together to develop our nation. Seeing someone complaining is what we value most as something that will put us on top. A nation cannot develop if we always say bad words and look at each other as people from different countries.

    All you say is attack the person not the issue. Just because he said something about quota then you attack the person not the issue its a lame way of looking at things. There is a need for us all to collaborate in doing things.

    About quota system, if one complains doesnt mean he wants it for himself Nyondo is a leader in society he will speak for everyone even for those from other districts. Trust me you can back up this quota system just because you think u are a notherner or southerner but one day when it happens in your on house you will realise the bad part of this. If its not u it could be ur sista, brother, cousin, son, daughter or grand children. To be left with good points its not a joke. What Nyondo might be saying can sound reginalism but be sure that quota doesnt mean everyone from the south and central is going to university in Malawi.

    Lets scruitinise the system very well and see if its done to harm people or to improve quality education. otherwise the rate of students being weeded is increasing every year because of a number of reasons but the most of it the can stand the heat in the kitchen.

  35. Apao Kugola says:

    Fellow gallopers on nyasatimes,

    I beg to differ with VYOTO (11). The guy started very well but digressed after being driven by nepotism – a pure character of most northerners. I have attended two selection sessions (2015 and 2016) by NCHE at Nkopola Lodge in Mangochi. Selection is based on MANEB data base which contains all candidates who apply for entry to public universities in Malawi. When you look at the distribution of MSCE scores by Malawian students, one quick observation is that NTCHEU district produces the best students in Malawi. The largest number of students who score the best 15 points comes from NTCHEU. When you extend to 20 points MZIMBA district takes over. Population wise, Ntcheu district has about 4000 thousand people while Mzimba is approaching about 700 people. As for the rst of the districts there is no disfference whether somebody comes from Chipta or Mangochi or Dowa.

    In 2016 the poorest score selected into University ranged from 17 points for boys across all disctricts to 26 points for girls. Lilongwe disctrict had girls who went to university with the poorest grades. For boys it was the same across the country. In this case, NTCHEU suffered the most followed by MZIMBA. In the Northern Region, I repeat it is only Mzimba whose students perform well in MSCE atleast using the two NCHE selections to back my argument. While Mzimba has a huge population relative to that of Ntcheu, what they share in common is that the majority of the population of these two districts are NGONI by tribe. So, a politically motivated conclusion could be that the NGONI tribe is the one heavily marginalizedin as far as selection into public universities is concerned.

    What Rev Nyondo has been talking is crap without any statistical backing. Yes, some students with 17 points have been selected into public university leaving somebody with 12 or 13 points. Look at what happens: Most academic programs in public universities demand the potential candidates to have strong grades in sciences (Mathematics, Biology, Physical Science). In fact some programs at MUST and/or College of Medicine select candidates who scoop an aggregate of 4 points in the three named science subjects (meaning 1or 2 in Mathematics, 1 or 2 in Physical Science and 2 or 1 in Biology = 1 + 1 + 2 = 4). Even those Universities that are a bit lenient still need students who are strong in sciences. For instance you cannot get selected to LUANAR if you have poor grades in the said sciences. Only students with strong credits in the three science subjects are selected. Now under that scenario, try to consider the following two students who have a similar combination of subjects at MSCE:

    Student 1 scores: Biology = 1; Mathematics = 2; Physical Science = 2; English = 4; Geography = 4; History = 4; Life Skills = 5 and Social Studies = 4. Best 6 subjects (Biology = 1, Mathematics = 2, Physical Science = 2, English = 4, Geography = 4, History/or Social Studies = 4) produce = 17 points.

    Student 2: Biology = 4, Mathematics = 4, Physical Science = 3, English = 2, Geography = 1, History = 2 Life Skills = 1 and Social Studies = 1. Best 6 subjects (Geography = 1; Life Skills = 1; Social Studies = 1; English = 2; Geography = 2 and Physical Science = 3) producing 10 STRONG points.

    If both students choose Agricultural Economics or Agribusiness Management under Faculty of Development Studies; or Irrigation Engineering or Agriculture under Faculty of Agriculture; or Aquaculture or Environmental Science under Faculty of Natural Resources at LUANAR, student number 1 with 17 points will be selected, leaving out the one with 10 points. The same would apply if the students decied to apply for a science-related program in the Unima’s Polytechnic, Chanco or College of Mediciene. In fact both sctudents cannot qualify for College of Medicine neither can they even sneeze any program at MUST. They are too weak for any program in the two institutions based on the competitive space available at those institutions. Probably, MZUNI can take both of them. But if they don’t choose any program at MZUNI and indicated that they do not want to be redirected, their chance of getting to public university will only be at the indicated LUANAR.

    So, the education I wanted to share with all crazy and stupid narrow minded nepotiostic people of the North is that (1) they should guide their children to study competitive science courses; and (2) they should get adequate advice from the public universities on the choice of programs; they should not look at 10 points only but the combination of scores that make an aggregate of 10 points. I hope I have given you guys including the nepostic Rev NYONDO enough enough FREE advice. Next time before, you make fools of yourselves in public mudzatifunse ise tile ready kumparirani ivyo vikuyenerera.

    Stop talking nonsense in public. There is NO TRIBE AND NO REGION WITH A MONOPOLY OF INTELLIGENCE in Malawi.


    The Fearless samurai.

    1. Kanthu Ako says:

      If what you are saying is true, then why Kukakamila Quota system.

  36. Minyondo says:

    Wakhunyu uyu nyondo. DPP 2024 Boooooma!

    Kodi atumbuka simudziwa kuti ndinu opanda nzeru ndipo munkasankhidwa chifukwa chokokeredwa kapenanso chifukwa chowonera mayeso coz MANEB could not afford to supervise schools in your dead north? Have you forgotten of the Mzuzu corner at Chanco and Poly where tumbuka lectrurers used to give examination papers to northern students to discuss?

    Even in employment circles, don’t you know that tumbukas are recruited only on favouritism? Go and rot in hell nyondo.

  37. ochewa says:

    selecting lazy dull students and in ten years time the education standards drops down and the very some people who support qouta system now start crying that education standard has gone down…..crazy malawians c with no visions

  38. Zisakuwaweni says:

    I now agree that this species is as mouldy as kalongonda. These guys speak as if the rest of Malawi is illiterate. They speak as if all teachers are from the Thengereland. If you ask some of us, teachers, we will tell you that this ego of saying the Yankees are the most intelligent is just a myth. We are struggling with rocky heads that come from Jenda and beyond northwards. Musatinamizepo apa. Kungoti these guys are feeling it bitter when they now swallow the bad recipe they have been making over ages. If an independent research is done, which region and tribe will be found to be regionalistic and nepotistic? If the answer is not going to be the Yankeeland, then that research findings can best be discarded as being false. Tithokoze freedom of expression imene masiko ano yawamasula anganyawa ndikuwaika poyera kuwadziwitsa kuti amakonderana bad. Pa company kaya pa school bwana asakhale Yankee, muona onse from the toilet cleaner ndi operekera tea ali bwekbweka kuyowoya. Tapitani pa Mzuni mukaone maina a ma lecturer. Takwerani pang’ono mufike pa Unilia pa mtundapo mukaone maina a ma lecturer.

  39. Makanja says:

    The truth is that when people CRY out, God listens. Northerners have CRIED and God will almost certainly ANSWER them.
    God’s solution is timeless; it is just; it is impartial. But, let them be sincere and humble before God. God searches that which lies hidden in our hearts. In their prayers let them thank God for singling them out for exceptional intelligence.


  40. jax makawa says:

    this man is a so calle rev. quota system is very gud will never be abolished its for life whether u like or not.if not happy move out from malawi

  41. mphwache wa bingu says:

    This is biased reporting. It is not true that northerners are intelligent and hard working. The fact of the matter is that people of the northa are always tribalistic and regionalistc whether in church or at work. So tthey utilize every opportunity to favour fellow notherners. Its only by Grace that they are few in numbers and they always quarrel when they are together otherwise this country could have been on fire long time ago

  42. Ineyo says:

    Are the livingstonia crying babies have nothing else to rant about other than their boring old song of quota system? Give us a break, boring

  43. Gay Envoy says:


  44. Mwayi says:

    Useless Pastor Brags As If Its Only People From The North.Corrupt And Nepotistic Mind.

  45. Munthu wamkulu says:

    Ntchitoso zayamba quota system.Alomwe umbuli bwanji

  46. ME DEAL SYSTEM says:


  47. Mateyu says:


  48. VYOTO says:




  49. Chembe says:

    Iam 100% with Rev Nyondo’s outcry as long as government stops subsidizing 100% univesity education. Bear in mind these subsidies are citizens taxes and if the government thinks this is the way reach out to faithful tax payers so be it.

  50. Quota system says:

    You are failing to run UNILIA REV NYONDO, and seems you are possessed with a demon called quota system. U need deliverance. The author, I can prove you wrong that northeners are hardworking and bright. Go to UNILIA and find out who is doing better. Yoi mean kukokerana equals being bright. Quota system affects everyone in all districts.

  51. Sekulu says:

    I blame it all on our Legislatures from the North. 33 plus KK & KU North is not a mean number. Why don’t you team up and strategize how the North can come out of this quagmire.

    May we hear you call for rotating presidency, if indeed the university selection quota system is worth the reason it was instituted for.

    Alternatively,, keep agitating for a federal system of government.

  52. Gome says:

    I think we northners some how we are stupit, how can the whole empty reverend bring such an issue at a funeral, may be you dont know after Bingu died Joyce & Khumbo tried to end this but ALL lecturers stood & educated the 2 dull leaders that this is the best system as far as Malawi is development wise, so osamangobwebwetuka afisi inu mesa kodi muli ndi ka University kopanda mfunda

  53. Kenkkk says:

    You are talking to stones heavily entrenched in tribalism rather than looking at our selves as Malawians and striving for academic excellence rather than mediocrity. It is the only country in the world that places more emphasis on academic mediocrity rather academic excellence based on Merit.

    We are Malawians and our education is for the betterment of the whole country, so there is no need for quota. After all, the same northern region is the least developed in terms of public infrastructure developments despite producing the most people in terms of education. So strictly speaking the other two regions are the ones benefitting most from educated northerners who tend to work or relocate to the south or centre where the most work or economic activities have been deliberately placed. So there is no need for quota system.

    You can help those areas lagging behind in academic education but not at the expense of academic excellence. That is how it is done in other countries. They never take a mediocre student and leave behind the most academically gifted excellent students.

    So Rev nyondo just leave them, you are talking to educated foolish policy makers bent on entrenching tribalism for votes and with dpp God help us. After all it is Malawi that is suffering and no wonder even the international community have got wind of our higher education system and downgraded it to the lowest. And one of the factors for that is quota.

  54. Mbereka says:

    Think of reducing the size of districts. Vuwa cannot worry because Nkhata Bay has already done it – now we have Likoma and Nkhata Bay. Mzimba should have five districts, Karonga Rumphi and Chitipa two each. This cry will reduce.

  55. wezi says:

    U cant say they are taking lazy dull students!,,if some1 z selected that means he/she met the requirements..mukhaula simunati.
    infact they start with quota for a certain %,and then on merit..get it u ignorant northerner…

  56. malume says:

    if you try to remove your regionalism glasses you wll clearly see that this system has nothing to do with northerners who always think they’re only bright creatures here in malawi…i think some one needs to school Rev Nyondo that this system gives every body amean every deserved student across malawi an equal chance of entering into universty oky…if they are not intelligent why then they’re not weeded out once they enter into the universty ,should we say that lecturers there are also favoring them…no way….i think its high time you should build your own universties where you’ll be admiting ur so called wise,intelligent,deserving students

  57. Masamu says:

    Have a 2 tier selection system. Say there are 2000 vacant slots. The first 1000 should be on nationwide merit basis. The remaining 1000 on district/ region based merit selection. Ngati uli nzwanya surely you’ll make it in the first 1000. Otherwise fuck off!

  58. man P says:

    Pastor,why cant you enrol them to Univ of Livingstonia?,

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