T/A Bvumbwe laid to rest at emotional funeral ceremony

Traditional Authority (T/A) Bvumbwe was on Saturday laid to rest Bvumbwe at his Makungwa headquarters in Thyolo in an emotional burial ceremony.

T/A Bvumbe: Laid to rest

T/A Bvumbe: Laid to rest

Inkosi ya Makosi Gomani V in his tribute said T/A Bvumbwe was “very courageous, fearless” and worked so hard to develop the area.

Bvumbwe died on Wednesday at Blantyre Adventist Hospital in Blantyre after spending two days at Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital (QECH).

Born Christopher Bvumbwe on June 3 1978, the youthful Maseko Ngoni chief was installed on June 1 2001 by former president Bakili Muluzi.

Inkosi Gomani appealed the bereaved family to avoid chieftaincy wrangles as they await another installation.

The call was also echoed by Minister of Local Government and Rural Development Kondwani Nankhumwa .

“My ministry is facing a lot of challenges due to an increase in cases of chieftaincy wrangles. We are failing to install a number of chiefs due to court injunctions, I am pleading with you people to avoid this,” said Nankhumwa.

The youthful chief is survived by a wife and two children.<

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30 thoughts on “T/A Bvumbwe laid to rest at emotional funeral ceremony”

  1. Kamuzu Banda says:

    Amfumu awa anafa chifukwa chokonda zinziri ndi bibida. Full stop

  2. zaya ku nkhongo says:

    # Aubrey Norman, sizikanatheka kulemba mu chilankhulo chanu?

  3. Emraan says:

    Nyasa Times pls establish the cause of his death. R.I.P Mr T/A

  4. ochewa says:

    I will remember him when openly defied president directive. Otsalanu asamangu sapota boma pa zilizose. Uyu amakana pa zoyipa zomwe boma lufuna lipange. Agalu inu asasokoneza anthu anga i quot.

  5. Bizy says:

    But we still dont know wht killed him????…. Awutse muntendere!

  6. Junk says:

    Green Muheya!Where is the emotion from your story?

  7. The Prison monger says:

    Nyasatimes, why reportingas if you are in a rush??? The article is no complete, what is the problem??

    At least you could have done your homework before publishing this article online. We readers are left we un answered questions after reading this. One will ask questions like what made the funeral ceremony emmotional, malemuwa amadwala chani to die at such a tender age, adwala for how long nanga ndimatenda anji amene awasiriza?

  8. Lord Denning Chatsika says:

    Died so young RIP

  9. A good advisor is lost indeed. May the succesor be of the same courageous heart for a continued development jbecause Bvumbe area is the bread basket for Blantyre city and rulal. Rest in Peace the fearless king!

  10. mapwiya says:

    too soon or too late nobody will remain forever rip amfumu

  11. Joel Maganizo says:

    Very poor article devoid of important deatils. We need to know the circumstances surrounding his death. Was he sick? Did he get involved in an RTA?

    Green Muheya where did you get your journalism qualifications from, assuming you have any?

  12. chifwede says:

    Poor article by a Nyasatimes Sub Editor. Very brief and full of opinion. Dont tell me of the late Chief’s courage, Show me his courage.

    You call the burial emotional. How emotional was it? Dont tell me. Show me. Mr Muheya, you are writing for somebody who did not attend the burial. Use the right words. If they were emotions help us share in them.

    Let us sympathize with the bereaved family. Let us share the pain in their loss. This can only happen when the reporter takes time to come up with the right words in his copy


  13. chimutu says:

    how emotional was the funeral ceremony?. from the writers content i cant find any paragraph justifying the topic. plz musisankha ma topic ogwirizana ndi nkhani yomwe mukulemba..if ur not a journalist with creativity plz consult or stop journalism.

  14. dull professor UK chapter says:

    Nyasatimes again failing to investigate the cause of death of the deceised.But you know what Nyasatimes,establishing and telling the cause of death is a Standard Practice worldwide,it is in no way discriminatory or offensive,infact it helps in putting a closure in the peoples minds including relatives and loved ones.

  15. APM Sangathe says:

    Kachasu kwambiri chalo

  16. Dongoliya says:

    Courageous and fearless indeed. If you don’t believe ask your orange neighours or their fugitive so called ma. Abwino sakhalitsadi padziko. I’m crying for my beloved chief

  17. Mwama Du says:

    Chepetsani kulezera achinyamata dziko likudalira inu. Peter akudziwa kuti Bvumbwe was somehow eeeee…… RIP

  18. Wapaphata says:

    Number 5 and 6 you are sick in the head..the bible says tizafa ndithu how it never explained. Why r u keen to know wafa ndi chani do want to eat his meat? Very stupid be working on your life. Why behaving as if this is BC era. Mind ur fucken business.

  19. Steve likaka says:

    RIP our beloved inkosi.

  20. Steve likaka says:

    Not good at all. But why this? RIP our T/A Bvumbwe. We will miss u alot.

  21. iweni chintokoma zolowere says:


  22. MCHEMO says:



  23. straight outta blantyre says:

    wafa ndi chani ? nyasa times can you please do your job? dont start an article that you cant finish. anywhere else in the world, amapanga a whole page munthuyo akakhala ofunikila

  24. Ine Wodelera Mutharika says:

    Ma report awanthu inu ogwetsa mphwayi bwanji. Too short too brief and too abrupt. Mumakhala ngati mukulemba nkhani zongocheza pa Facebook. Your articles are not meant for a serious audience, probably.

    The chief was taken to Queens and Adventist full stop: as as a reader I am interested to know why he went to hospital and the cause of his death. Was it a natural illness or after an accident, or was he attacked… etc.

    Also your report describes him as a courageous man. What did he do to his community: did he stand up against Mutharika’s dictatorship or what?

    Please Nyasa you have been around for quite a while now. Improve! Kapena amalawi dont learn and as such samachita improve?

  25. Aubrey Norman says:

    We lost our every important King and He was not only Aking but also Well Adviser he was not allowed any person to doing wrong things which is wrong to his people,Even President of any political Parties if they did wrong the King was coming with good Advise to the President.We missed Him as our Country’s Adviser May His Saul Rest In peace.

    1. straight outta blantyre says:

      amwene aubrey simutha chizungu. zolemba-lemba pa nyasatimes muleke please. tawerengani zimene mwalembazo

  26. Dr.prof.nyada says:

    A young brain lost…mom…gone too soon.

  27. anadimba says:

    kwake kwatha kwatsala kwa iwe ndi ndiine.poti palibe wanzeru ndi tsiku ili.

  28. greciun says:


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