Tanzania DC calls for joint development planning with Malawi

District Commissioner for Ileje District, in Tanzania, Rosemary Staki Senyamule has said Ileje and Chitipa Districts can easily attain socioeconomic growth if the two districts engage in joint planning and implementation of development programmes which intend to address similar challenges impinging on the people of the two sides.

Masebo: Potholes

Masebo: Promote development

She made the remarks Wednesday during New Year’s cerebrations held at Chitipa Secondary School Hall at Chitipa Boma.

Senyamule said the need to execute development projects jointly cannot be over emphasized because she observed that multiple challenges that frustrate socioeconomic growth of Ileje and Chitipa Districts are the same.

Ileje District, situated to the South East of Tanzania, is separated from Chitipa District by Songwe River, which also serves as an international boundary between Tanzania and Malawi.

Similar cultures and traditions, intermarriages and illegal and legal cross border trade are some of key issues that bond people of the two districts.

Absence of viable and sustainable markets and poor road network to link the two districts to economically established districts and towns are to a larger extent blamed for underdevelopment in the two districts.

Senyamule then coaxed planers in infrastructure development projects from the two districts to go to the drawing board to plan for the construction of Mpemba-Isongole (Ileje side) and Mbirima -Chitipa Road, to link the two districts to Tanzara Railway Line and a high way to towns of Mbeya in Tanzania and Lusaka in Zambia and beyond.

“Once this road is constructed, Ileje and Chitipa Districts will open up and this will help to boost the economic growth of the two border and isolated districts,” said the focused lady DC.

She said the road project can easily be financed by World Bank, IMF and other donors affiliated to the development of African countries, through the Regional Window.

Said Senyamule, “Resources from Regional Window are used to support projects jointly implemented by two countries as long as it is evident the projects intend to serve the interests of people of the two countries.”

Her counterpart, Chitipa District Commissioner, Grace Zione Chirwa hailed the cordial relationship flourishing between the two districts which she said has to be promoted for the continued benefit of people of the two sides.

Chirwa said people of the two districts are one, going by their cultures and traditions and other aspects of life adding that no element have the potential to put them apart.

“Let me urge the people of the two districts to continue living together as people from one family. Let us not be betrayed by international boundary imposed to us by colonial maters for their administrative and political purposes,” said Chirwa.

Chirwa was, however, non committal to suggestions by Senyamule to engage technocrats of the two districts to start planning for the construction of the road which runs from Mpemba to Chitipa because the council hands are tied up on the matter.

She said decisions and plans to implement high class infrastructure projects rests in the hands of National Road Authority (NRA) which takes orders from central government.

Earlier,  Malawi Presidential Advisor on youth affairs, Nick Aladini Masebo asked people of the two districts to take advantage of their cordial relationship to promote develop in their respective areas.

Masebo, a former MP for Chitipa North Constituency, situated right at the boundary with Tanzania, observed that much as people of the two districts are committed to work and business, most of the areas are seriously underdeveloped.-Mana

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Bololo Wachitumbuka

What? Be unit with TZ? Forsake u TANZANIANS GO to hell. U can not manage to steal our resources, we wil boom on u idiots. Mwxiii


Here we go… Tanzania must take the entire northern region, Mozambique should go for the entire southern region and some parts of central region, then Zambia should invade central districts. The sharing of Malawi has began. Our neighbours are taking advantage of our internal disunity and regionalism.

I like the lady’s idea. I hope instead of just sayi g blablabla, national roads authority, bla bla bla, cengal government, the Chitipa DC should engage tne Chitipa MPs in a round table discussions and look at her counterpart’s suggestion. Let them formulate an argument which can then be presented to the Malawk Parliament. Let the country c how such a project will benefit the people of Chitipa, Rumphi and beyond. Besides akuti world bank suppirts such things. our DC has the same mediocrity problem thats plaquing many other malawians. Ms. Grace, gendena, tulumani mu malawi, kawoneni zitukuko za mayiko… Read more »
Let’s support good initiatives. Let’s not talk like people without heads. This Tanzanian DC has a vision that can help uplift lives people living in these districts and later on Nationally. Why should blank minds continue to detour development? We to look into the suggestions offered by tz dc and go around it. We don’t have to block development initiatives as if we that may see the two districts flourish. Is it jealous like quota system. Then provide alternatives if you can. I know of very poor relationship between mozambique and malawi; that’s not healthy. We don’t have to live… Read more »

next year ndiku ileje this is an annual event agalu inu.udani Wa tz ndi capital hill life sumatikhudza.sitinayambe lero izi


bidoha and dadaboma, you are stupid!

Chatola Chinjoka

U southerner don’t comment silly comments here evrybdy, of dis side of Malawi z supporting the, move kaya ndiza mafuta kaya za nyanja za ife kuno so shut up you foolz, bravo Chitipa and Ilenje

Political Analyst

Tanzania is many times bigger than Malawi,Apart from having several ports on Indian ocean coast, it has more lakes than Malawi including Lake Tanganyika which is bigger than the Lake Nyasa itself.Yet surprisingly their red eyes are jealously fixing on our small country,small lake,small natural resources etc. What snakes in the reeds!Asatipusitse DC ameneyo.Akagwere kwa ambwiyake konko.Kudelera ndiye kwakula basi.Zoti anthufe ndi amodzi awona lero?Kwagwanji?Tilemekezane.Nanunso a Masebo ndi abale anuwo ku Chitipako mwayambanji?Mwawona mano agalu, nanunso muli mwee-e mwati galu akukusekelerani…mudzadzidzimuka mutalumidwa.Wamisala sapalana naye ubwenzi!!!


We need to revisit our relations with countries like Tanzania. These people are so kind to us but we don’t seem to reciprocate. Most of our kinsmen in Chitipa are supported by TZ, talk of Water, schools, business, name them.

jajaa@ yahoo.com

This TZ DC is wise unlike our chitipa DC. Malawi can benefit a lot from Tanzala railway route. This can easily connect us to DRC zambia and Tz.

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