Tanzania wants to benefit oil resourcess in Lake Malawi: ‘We want our fair share of the lake’

Tanzania says it is maintaining its  claim that it owns half of the eastern part of Lake Malawi and  it wants a share of the oil resources in the lake which they call Lake Nyasa.

President John Magufuli: Tanzania claim to half the Lake Nyasa known also as Lake Malawi and his country  wants share of Lake Malawi oil

For decades, Malawi and Tanzania have been at loggerheads over the lake’s boundaries.

While Malawi claims ownership of the entire lake citing a 1890 agreement between Britain and Germany, Tanzania insists that the northern side of Africa’s third largest freshwater lake falls within its territory.

“It is not a secret that Malawi has started exploring oil on the lake. In as far as we are concerned, we would also want to benefit from the same resources,” said Tanzania’s High Commissioner Victoria Mwakasege in quotes reported by the Weekend Nation newspaper.

He said the two neighbouring nations “need to find a solution to deal with these matters and the talks will give us a direction on the way forward on the matter.”

“Our position on the lake has never changed because we have always maintained that our common border is in the middle of that lake.

“The issue is that we always demarcate new districts and regions and, therefore, time and again we publish new maps to highlight those changes,” she said.

During his presidential campaign, Mutharika had said the border dispute with Tanzania – which revolves around the disputed lake – was not negotiable.

A grouping of former SADC heads of state and government, led by former Mozambique president Joaquim Chissano, is currently mediating the dispute at the request of both countries.

Mediation to resolve the dispute has been stalled since 2012, but will be revived this year.

The border dispute resurfaced after Lilongwe in 2011 awarded licences to drill for oil and gas on the northern part of the lake.

Tanzania has in the past demanded that Malawi should halt exploration activities to allow for a diplomatic solution.

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13 thoughts on “Tanzania wants to benefit oil resourcess in Lake Malawi: ‘We want our fair share of the lake’”

  1. mariam mhasibu says:

    shut up your dental formula you son of beach
    for your information you won’t benefit from lake Malawi. leave us alone.
    ur death is near coz ur day’s is expired already.

  2. john namadingo says:

    shut up your dental formula you son of beach
    for your information you won’t benefit from lake Malawi. leave us alone.
    ur death is near coz ur day’s is expired already.

  3. Mabusa says:

    Is Nyasa the former name of Tanzania how come Tanzania calls its lake with a name of another country? We know Malawi formerly was called Nyasaland and Tanzania was Tanganyika. Or just stop drill oil and gas from the lake to stop the lake issue moreover the oil and gas from lake Malawi will never benefit Malawi nationals but just few fatty bulls

  4. Phillip Banda says:

    Ayambaponso? zosatheka zimenezo.

  5. Simon Salambula says:

    This broad daylight thievery by Tanzania must stop. We cannot share any resources from our lake Malawi with you.
    We will not allow that to happen as long as we breathe.

  6. vibisi says:

    Iam ready to defend my country when duty calls summon me up

  7. Kandawe says:

    They call lake Malawi as lake Nyasa, and for sure they know that Malawi is formerly known as Nyasa which is now Malawi, so why are you saying lake Nyasa, Malawi must be shared half with you as if it is lake Tanganyika, leave us alone Magufuli

  8. misheck says:

    Poor Tanzania should it now an issue because of oil speculation where were you before

  9. ebuka says:

    Thats completely stupid, how can lake malawi become tanzanias lake? Infact it should be Malawi complaining because malawi border goes beyond mbeya

  10. Majete Banda says:

    I KEEP ON WONDERING WHY SHOULD PRESIDENT MAGUFULI and his Tanzanians insist part of Lake Malawi belongs to his country? Joachim and his negotiating team will not achieve anything beneficial to Malawi.Take my word.Britain and Germany are the two countries who know about the boundary.Ndikudabwa bwanji utsogoleri wa dziko lino afunse maiko a Britain ndi Germany athandize to settle this lake boundary dispute.Tasiyani oil exploration on the Lake please.Ngakhale boma la Malawi ndi chipani cha DPP akukakamila kuti oil exploration ichitike pa nyanja ya Lake Malawi Izi sizidzabweletsa ndalama ndi kutukula miyoyo ya aMalawi.

  11. Hokoyo says:

    Minister of foreign affairs Kusaila should take advantage of this and issue a strong statement to scoff off the Tanzanian stand on this. He should not keep quiet. These Tanzanians are taking advantage of government quietness to be issuing such baseless statements. Let government send a clear message to Tanzania that it does not own part of the lake. In fact, Malawi should not even negotiate anything with Tanzania. How do you negotiate your property with someone else?Malawi needs to be tough with Tanzania. Cas closed.

  12. Hlabezulu Ngonoonda says:

    Victoria Mwakasege, please note that Malawi will barter our oil with gas Tanzania is extracting from the Indian Ocean or any product thereof. Lake Malawi belongs to Malawi and this is in line with the Heligoland Treaty of 1890. Your countrymen and women should not dictate to Malawi what to do with its property, Lake Malawi. No treaty shifted the shoreline boundary to the middle of the lake. The treaty is very neat on that. Ask the British Government. Hamba, Mwakasege!!

  13. Abn says:

    Stop your nonsense wena Magufuli;that’s not gonna happen. This is Lake Malawi not Lake Tanzania Malawi!!!

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