Tay Grin says Chipapapa video has cost him K5.5mil

Malawian hip-hop artists Tay Grin  says he has spent a whopping K5.5 million (about US$7,500) on the production of the ‘Chipapapa’ music video.

Tay Grin (right) with 2Baba and crew during the shoot. Photo – Tay Grin

Tay Grin (right) with 2Baba and crew during the shoot. Photo – Tay Grin

He features in Chipapapa song Nigeria’s music legend 2Baba aka 2Face.

In a statement, Tay Grin said  he flew to South Africa a week ago to meet 2Baba and proceeded to the shooting of the video in the gold mining town of Nigel in Gauteng Province.

Tay Grin and his Nigerian counterpart have been working with South Africa’s innovative production company Pilot Films on the video, directed by legendary director Bruce Patterson who has created noteworthy music videos for big South African artists such as Teargas, KO, Donald and Mi Casa, just to name but a few.

According to the rapper,  it is time for Malawi to claim its spot on the African music scene and compete with the best of the best on the continent and overseas.

“Our colleagues have set levels and the music industry has become a serious business not something we should keep doing for fun. Malawi must move with time and follow the trends.

“Our friends are making major investments and that’s why we have seen the music and showbiz industries boom in all these countries that we now look up to, right here in Africa. Hence we need to do the same and spare no cost,” reads a statement sent to Nyasa Times.

He adds: “We need to get ourselves emphatically fit to play in this major league with our counterparts, that way we will make all these big moves together.”


The shooting of Chipapapa video in South Africa-Photo credit @Tay Grin.

The making of “Chipapapa” video has got so much hype on social media as fans and other Malawian public figures in the industry seem to be impatiently waiting for the next big thing from Malawi in collaboration with Nigeria.

Nyau King  triggered the hype  when  he decided to post on his official Facebook and Twitter pages about how the making of the video progressed.

“I can’t keep it in anymore; let me share some of the beautiful moments during the #CHIPAPAPA video shoot. I can’t wait for you guys to see it. #2016GOALS #MALAWINIGERIA #CHIPAPAPA @official2baba,” posted Tay Girn.

Tip rapper Piksy tweeted: “Chipapapa Video will be fire. Good work @Tay_Grin“.

“Chipapapa” video features a variety of super models and Soweto’s finest dancers. Styling was done by South Africa’s Maestro Holdings and Lilongwe’s deputy mayor Kwame Bandawe also makes a cameo in the video.

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22 thoughts on “Tay Grin says Chipapapa video has cost him K5.5mil”

  1. A Malawi umbuli. Shooting a music video costs a lot of money than recording a song. Think of fees for the collaboration, flight tickets accommodation.For example.It cost $200,000 to do a collaboration with NiC Minaj. MK5.5 mukuti yachulukayo is a mare R137,000. Please don’t think like chickens mukutichitsa manyazi ndi nyasi mukulembazi. Any way big up Tay Grin. We are behind you I hope other artist wil follow.

  2. dee kay says:

    So 5.5 million what? ZA cashgate mukunyadiranso? Mukathandizenso kuba ma vote ena adzapatsani cheke china. Paja ndinu munaitana Ligomeka kukakuthandizani kuba, pano mwapanga hire company ya kunja.

  3. Dausi Bonongwe says:

    nsanje ai mfanayu wadza ndi lumo lakutwa

  4. TRUTH says:


  5. download says:

    ndiye……titani ife …….mabi basi

  6. chikumbutso Gundo says:

    man do you want to tell me kuti 2FACE amadaliranso nthumba mwanu? anyway mwina mudzatenga nawo award.

  7. Bodza says:

    Kunena zoona, who shoots Videos for 5 Meta? kuuza ana chani.

  8. Big up T. Grin. Umatichotsa manyazi makamaka ife anthu wofuna za boo !!!!! takunyadila. Ife kuno ku SA we will fully support you.

  9. Fula says:

    Mwationjeza man… 5.5 million nkhani yake??
    inde ndalamazo ndizanu koma ka video kanuko kangokoma kwa mwezi umozi bas.. bola ikanakhala film bwezi tikuonebe mpakana kale kwambili. Nyimbo yakupangisani phuma kwambili, mwayimva kukoma.

  10. Big up grin i salute

    1. anto says:

      Big up to u and the song and the patriotism,,,,,i only wonder why u dont sponser very promising stars like Home Grown and Street fame,,,,put those niggas videos on ChO,,MTV and they will help in the big dream u have

  11. Wadiyusufu mchinji says:

    Gud tay-grin, osati kungotenga phone ya TECNO ndikuwauza agogo ako kuti akujambuleni ati vdo yoti anthu akaionere kkkkkkkkk manjenje mkati………

  12. Nyau says:

    Koma awa Matama. Zaziiiii

  13. Malawi says:

    Tay Grin umatha koma Matama how can you just book Ron Cz , Chipie Khonje ,Bensam or Vj ice koma kutionetsa umbuli pamene Malawi imatha kujambula chosecho Dj sley udamupatsa K15,000.Poor thinking capability a Malawi kuzikonda

  14. victor kandiado says:

    you are our touch bearer tay grin.a music video is rated by the money spent to achieve the desired feat,its the same this in movies.You have done your part its our part to support what you did and put our nations flag on an african urban musical map.

    Good job

  15. big up 2 u tay,atleast the shame over malawian artist haz bin cast, artists lets put malawi on map more as piksy and tay haz started 4 us

  16. Aubrey says:

    That’s good, we will burn and share it like nobody’s business, we don’t give it a damn, whether you spent MK5.5m or not, tiigawana bax.

  17. wing banda says:

    umakwana grin! dzulo tinavina zedi nyimbo imeneyi ku disco~kasungu TTC

  18. wing banda says:

    umakwana grin! dzulo tinayivina zedi nyimbo yimeneyi ku disco~kasungu TTC

  19. wing banda says:

    umakwana grin! dzulo tinayivina zedi nyimbo yimeneyi ku [email protected] TTC

  20. wing banda says:

    umakwana, dzulo tinayivina zedi ku disco nyimbo [email protected] ttc

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