TB Joshua supporters warn citics about perils of critizing ‘Man of God’

On Sunday September 28, 2014 TB Joshua released his Sunday message concerning the incidents at the SCOAN. The post has since generated over 11,000 comments from Facebook users, many of them in his support.

Prophet TB Joshua: Famous for prophesying many global events including the death of Bingu wa Mutharika

Prophet TB Joshua: Famous for prophesying many global events including the death of Bingu wa Mutharika

One of the top rated comments was one from Maxwell Okataihi Abu Yusuf giving a warning to TB Joshua’s critics, saying:“Father is a father any day. Those who arrested him in NDLEA in the early days of SCOAN are now history. Blasphemers beware! Go through his track records. He looks gentle, kind-hearted and ready to forgive, yet he is not to be toyed with.

“When Major Humza al-Mustapha, the then cso to the late Gen. Sani Abacha, came to him while they were on the throne, he prophesied that he saw him spending 14 years in jail with his uniform.

He was almost ordering him to be shot. Alas, what happened? Shortly Abacha died and he was put into jail for 14 years, according to the word of the prophet. How many prophets would have had the guts to give such a fearless prophecy? When Major al-Mustafa was released recently, his first place of call was the SCOAN. He being a muslim, not withstanding, went there to apologize for doubting his words.

Prophet TB Joshua is not that type of a man to be slapped and go free. I have never seen him in the mood he was in today. If he could warn his wife to be careful about what she discuses with people on this mater, then brethren, it’s not a joke. The martyrs and those affected mean a lot to him. No one should joke with him on this. Let us all be in prayer for the family of the martyrs and those affected. In cash and in kindness, let us do something for them. This is the only thing that can make our prophet to be happy in this trying moment. Emmanuel!”

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60 thoughts on “TB Joshua supporters warn citics about perils of critizing ‘Man of God’”

  1. Chikoko says:

    Learned men who make comments on this post, i must express my thought that let people make their comments without threats. If something wrong happens let people question without being threatened. Lets criticize just like we do with priests with thier womanizing. We must criticize tb joshua for his negligence in building a house that was substandard. If he is responsible we shall not fear to criticize him just becoz he is a man of God. After all he is a human being like any of us who can make mistake. So what, he is definately responsible for the death of these people. We shall criticize him in as far as these people died. This is not an error when we shall be threatened by religious authorities.

  2. Manyazi ndi Malawi says:

    AS I Already said. The mark of A cult is blind worship. Dumb, Sorry poor Africans brainwashed by a money hungry, deceptive person who claims to see the future like Nostradamus. All his so called prophecies are about doom and destruction not making life easy for the already poor people.
    Secondly no offense to anyone about this man is no prophet of God. This is broad day light fuckery and people are taking it. and paying for it. Sorry but Yesu ananena za aneneri onyenga. Religion is the mother of all oppression . Lets not get deceived . Follow God not man.

  3. Back Bencher says:

    Mmmmmmh @ Jessy well spoken. Its now ur Turn @ Mache. Pliz take the floor and defend him.

  4. fkr says:

    Man of god or man of money? You decide. Don’t think it takes much sense to know the truth

  5. Servant of The Creator says:

    How did this servant and creation of The One True God miss this one important prophesy of the building collapsing? coz God Alone is All-Knowing and All-powerful,whatever Mr Joshua does is permitted by The Creator just as whatever the Devil and his friends,you and I do is permitted by The Master,Allaah.But we have a choice to do good or do bad,obey the Creator or obey the creation!!!

  6. KHOLOBOWA says:


  7. Kaotic Mind says:

    Never like TBJ anyways, the nigga only prophecies bout tragedy, he thinks he’s a man of God when God doesn’t advertise himself… Even the blind could see the devil working in him

  8. jj says:

    A trickster in the prophet

  9. Haward chapotera says:

    Only God knows

  10. Gaba says:

    Joshua yor bolls

  11. nkunthamasese says:

    Jesus Christ went through trials and God allowed this to happen. And so is our Prophet T B Joshua. Judas Escariot caused Jesus’s sufferings but he ended hanging himself. If it’s the work of the devil’s servant, God will not let him go free like that. He will face the wrath of God.

  12. kk says:

    I dont understand why some think TB Joshua is a true Prophet. I just dont understand it. Banned from Cameroun in 2012, RSA is planning the same. He cant abide his own country’s laws, his prophecy clips are all lies and come after the even. only prophesizes about tragedy. why did he denied rescurers immediate access to his collapsed building, why did they stop pple from visiting their injured relatives in hospital? Follow blindly and perish

  13. Thoko says:

    Isaiah 8;20,,if they speak not according to law or testimony there is no truth in them

  14. MACHE AKE says:


    1. Jesse says:

      @ Mache Ake,

      Tell me besides Elisha the prophet anything happened to anyone when they exposed false prophets ?

      Mache, Where is the evidence that God is a horrible nasty piece of work that is in the business of murdering out people for the sake that people expose false prophets.

      So let’s look what TB Joshua has being lying. So there is no penalty for lying then Mache ? That is no sin ?

      Ok here we go, let’s take some prophecies. Let’s look what he said on 15th of March 2014 that we would see the MH370 any time from now, as well a wing, as well debris. Did that happen ? No ! Ok what do we see next, Boko Haram, from last year 2013 he said we won’t hear anything from them again, is it true ? Was it not so that the Nigerian military claimed Mr Shekau was dead ? Again wrong. Now about the 270 kidnapped girls that would be released very soon according to your false prophet. Did we see that too ? And what about the Ebola and the “anointed water” in Sierra Leone, This morning is was confirm that every hour 5 people will be infected in Sierra Leone. Was it not so Mr Mache that Mr TB Joshua sent 4000 “anointed water bottles” through the government to Sierra Leone ?

      Well I can go on so about it again and again. Please inform yourself further at http://www.tbjoshuawatch.wordpress.com where we uncover more of his trickery what he is been doing. Should he not be punished for that ? Mr Mache you are TB Joshua fanatic and have no clue what really is going on. On top of that you speak curses out over all the people of the world, what makes that you, Mr Mache ? Right, a charismatic witchcraft practitioner. And since you never do any sin yourself, can I now call you outright a hypocrite and a liar. Thank you.

  15. Sage Buddha says:

    Ladies and Gentlemen

    I do not know what is wrong with Malawians. Why are we so gullible. Why do we just support or follow anything? is it because our brains are too small or what? Let us love one another and live just and moral lives and forget about worshiping these so call prophets.

    Spiritual life is lived not by following or worshiping god only but also by living life that does not harm other people.

    If you follow these five precepts namely: Refraining from killing living beings, refraining from stealing or not taking which does not belong to u, refraining from taking intoxicants, Refraining from lying and Refraining from sexual misconduct.

    if you follow these precepts and follow the local law, am sure you shall be living a good life and even if you do not worship, you shall have salvation not from god but from yourself.

    A certain sage in the far east said that even God (gods) need salvation too.

  16. Mutu Umodzi says:

    Tuberculosis Joshua my ass!

  17. shaundra says:

    even during the time of my Lord Jesus Christ, when he was being crucified, some said why cant he save himself if he was able to save others. Enanu you are acting the same way as these people. Careful of what u are saying,God has already warned us, touch not my annointed.

  18. KENT says:

    All you people, I think you don’t have anything to say, well, to you who claim that TB Joshua is a Devil, may the Lord God forgive you because Jesus himself directed us not to judge so where do you take that power of judging people like TB Joshua? Let God himself take that responsibility for that and can you show us what God is doing in you to the needy?

  19. John Chilembwe says:

    Defending the truth with threats is Boko Harami-SH. Christianity is based on two tuths 1.Love your neighbour 2.Mzako akakupanda tsaya limodzi,mpatse kwinako.
    Threats is really anti christian.

  20. robert says:

    Jesus prayed for those who crucified him,father forgive them for they don’t know wht they r doing.whtever pple say abt the son of man will be forgiven but whtever bad is said abt th holy spirit ll never be forgiven.don’t joke with things of GOD for HE doesn’t tolerate that.

  21. hiltler says:

    Joshua ndi satana weni weni analandanso mkazi wa m’busa mzake ameneyo.take care followers you’ll be the next to be sacrificed.

  22. Abel Kadzakumanja-Dwangwa says:

    1 Chronicles 16:22 the Bible says touch not mine anointed and do my Prophets no harm. This is the word of God and don’t play with God. If you don’t know anything it is advisable to remain silent. mind you this is not politics and if you fight an anointed Man of God be assured that you are fighting with God Himself. Be assured that any idle word that you speak you shall give an account on the day of judgment for by your word you shall be justified and by your word you shall be condemned.

  23. opportunist says:

    TB Joshua is real man of God. May those who lost their lives found internal peace and i believe one day the truth shallow be known of what caused the collapsing of guest house

  24. DHILU says:

    ngakhale satana amapanga zina mwa ntchito zomwe Mulungu amagwira… akanakhala weniweni sizikanachitika zimenezi… ali ndi mphamvu za pansi panyanja…. ngati Babylon anagwa kuli bwanji Devil wa pansi pa nyanjayu….pamenepa nzoti magazi a anthu amene anafa aja aperekedwa nsembe. zipatso zake ndi ndizomwe zikumupangitsa kunena kuti akuona kuchedwa kupita kumaiko komwe anthu aja anachokera……. wapeza chuma chambiri pa mwazi umene uja…… iye akudziwa zomwe akupanga….
    Wina iwe nde uziti “TB JOSHUA is my MENTOR” Udzamva nkhwangwa ili mmutu……mudzafa imfa yowawa fanzi…..
    Tikaonana komweko!!!11

  25. nkhedu says:

    kodi mpira wa assernol ndi galatasalay watha bwanji?

  26. theba says:

    Real people died, fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, uncles, bread winners. Should i say more. Todate they are failing to the bodies of the loved ones to give them digified funeral. All this sucker can do is to come out and threaten people. The point is Joshua, fcked up big time and should take responsibility.

  27. Nyapapi says:

    Adzimuwopsyeza mkazache yemweyo ndi mabulutu enanu! Nthakati wachabechabe mutu ngati nalikukuti!

    Wayaluka basi!

  28. Wizeman Paul says:


  29. Zambulo says:

    I am looking forward to the very end of this guy. Musatiopsyeze wawa. Chipembedzo sinkhondo.

  30. zazi. Brasphame ukapange munthu wodyansima ndindiwo?..Ambuye atithandize

  31. xander says:


  32. sello Mvuyane says:

    Satana ndi ochenjeretsaaa opusa akuwezani sure be careful , and Yesu khristu ndi Mbuye ofatsa mwana wa Mulungu atilere ndiyee, mudziopa Mulungu osati munthu thats all i can say, ali ndi makutu amve

  33. OKAMBANJE says:

    i have full respect of all men of GOD though that does not warrant somebody to threaten me with GOD my father. hey people remember the Bible says call no one father TB is not your father

  34. zikomo says:

    Amen to that. Dont touch the anointed one of God and do His prophet no harm. Prophet T B Joshua is a Man of God.

  35. Titi agheri says:

    No useless things to a man of God instead lets asked him to help as get connected to our living God for our on salvation. May God for give us our sins

  36. lutan fya says:

    we cant defend God HIM is so powerful to be defended by people, God defends us. Let Tb joshua be critised even Jesus was critised. God will judge

  37. Believer in Christ says:

    People, follow the Saviour Jesus Christ not a fellow human being like Joshua. Read your bibles carefully on your own and discover the deep truths of the word of God. T.B Joshua can best be described as a Soothsayer of some sort and not a Prophet of the Living God. Does God send him to foretell disasters only ? Is that all God is there for ? The bible says that in the ancient times God spoke through prophets but in these days he speaks through His Word, and now you can read all that God has spoken about anything up to the end of times from the bible. We do not need prophets today because there is nothing that God has not yet said that we need to know.

    Jesus already knew about people who would perform wonders and miracles and He said that He will say to them, ” I don’t know you, workers of iniquity”.

    Listen people ! we do not need miracles and wonders. What we need is salvation which you can get only by believing in Jesus Christ and following Him. He has the authority to deal with you according to His will. Whether you live or die what is important is the destiny of your soul.

    Stay blessed of God.

    1. Back Bencher says:

      “Does God send him to
      foretell disasters only ?”..I like this sentence! My we can call him the 4th Isaiah, the most prophet of doom. I think the book of revelation warns us about these famous prophets…half baked brains should believe in him but not me. I believe in the teachings of Jesus christ through the doctrine of the Holy catholic.

  38. chechipapwiche says:

    You are now worshiping him?

  39. lufina says:

    Fuck that! typical of the cult. instilling fear in people including your own wife. Come Tuber Culosis Joshua you have failed. You are going down bwana

  40. Chegaranta says:

    I still believe these men of God do not take the place of God. If they have some other powers to kill people, let them do as they please, but I do not believe God allows us to revenge. Take the case of Jesus, He never said a word, yet He was sinless. Plz come in the open and do not take the place of God.

  41. FKS says:

    No matter what this is the great man of God. I respect him. He is very courageous, fearless, focused. He is not moved nor shaken. Critics watch out! Prophet pray for me [MALAWI]

  42. chiduma says:

    Surely, thy shall not touch the annointed one of God instead pray for him during this hard times he is passing through.

  43. conman says:

    Stupid. Only silly and half baked brainers can believe in this FRAUD called Tubercolosis Joshua.

  44. Angel says:

    God has given us a gift to lead us unto salvation. If the question is why did he not see the damage for his own visitors then we are missing the fact that God has purpose for everything, it may mean to draw his attention and make sure he remembers its a gift and God can hide it so that he continues to live in fear for the all knowing God. I will continue to respect the Prophet as a MAN OF GOD and I agree with this article. Emmanuel!

  45. truevoter says:

    Critics beware with men of God. They do not have to hear or know what you are talking about them to receive your sad stories. Beware beware beware!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Waa says:

    If he kill people who critisize him he can not be a man of God.

  47. OGGAOO says:

    What happened has happened, cant be reversed, very sad indeed. Let God be the judge and not man.

  48. my bible says:

    kkkk its difficult to defend a false prophet like Mr Joshua,especially now that people know and understand the bible which mr Joshua is against,be warned aswel that defending an anti-christ like mr Joshua is just equal to spreading anti-christ ideologies,nobody will burn in jail for questioning mr temitope joshua’s anti-christ doctrines,as for me and my Family,we have decided tofollow God through Jesus of Nazareth alone.keep on wasting your time with a croock,mr joshua,you mean more than 50 people dying t once? what a tragedy,God was trying to speak to us what joshua realy is,and if some joshua’s blind followers still cling to him then i feel sorry for them,tifunilanji umboni wina?

    1. my bible says:

      i meant to say nobody will burn in hell for questioning mr joshua’s false and anti-christ doctrines

  49. true man says:

    The msg is100% true. even when u comment nonses u are likely to reap from it. May God bless & kip him, may He make his face shine upon him & be gracious to him, may the Lord lift up His countenance upon him & give him peace. Emmanuel!

    1. FKS says:

      God with us

  50. kholobowa(nthochi wapathyolo) says:


  51. SIZOO says:

    To you who wrote this story, what do you want us to benefit? Can someone plz educate me?

    1. Mphwache wa Bingu says:

      We will benefit by truly knowing that TBJ is a fraudster

  52. Kaseka says:

    Emmanuel! Let us continue to pray for the Man of God for strength and those who have lost their loved ones in that tragic accident. It is very safe to pray for fellow believers. Father Thank you for the Grace upon the life our beloved prophet TB Joshua. Continue to use him in Jesus Name. I pray that you will give peace to the relatives of those that have lost their lives in the accident. Emmanuel!

  53. Odala Tili Odala says:

    Do we defend truth with threats?

    1. ma says:

      He should learn to follow building regulations.

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