Teachers Union of Malawi doubt Mutharika’s offer: Ultimatum still on

Teachers Union of Malawi (TUM) says the verbal pledge by President Peter Mutharika to resolve teachers’ grievances cannot be taken seriously on face value and maintained its ultimatum to Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MoEST) to address their concerns until May 9 2016 or face a nationwide strike.

Kalekeni: Teachers will strike on May 9

Kalekeni: Teachers will strike on May 9

President Mutharika said he has delegated a “high powered” team to resolve the stand over.

But TUM leadership takes Mutharika’s verbal pledge with a pinch of a salt.

TUM secretary general Denis Kalekeni said if government fails to  resolve the matter , “ teachers in public service shall hold an industrial action in form of a sit-in from Monday 9th May 2016.”

Among the outstanding grievances, TUM cites issues of promotion and salary adjustments of teachers, failure by MoEST to pay leave grants to public secondary school teachers for the 2015/16 financial year expiring on June 30 and delayed payment of salary arrears for primary school teachers.

TUM also accuses the government of threatening to withdraw promotions of some primary school teachers who were promoted on understanding that they would take up rural school positions.

“The ministry says it wants to withdraw the promotions because they had not gone to the schools where they were posted yet the government has not given them transport. Let the government provide transport,” TUM president Chauluka Muwake said.

He also claimed some secondary school teachers have not yet received leave grants.

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22 thoughts on “Teachers Union of Malawi doubt Mutharika’s offer: Ultimatum still on”

  1. ZAKUNJIRA says:


  2. noel says:

    no turning back. we really need ourarrears

  3. uncle b says:

    oh yes tiyen nazon

  4. LUHANA says:

    Govt, did you know that most of your teachers are perpetually on strike? Our children complain about not being taught most of the time as most of the teachers tell pupils ” ndarama zake ziti kuti tilimbike” please , institute serious supervision of teachers and will see that what they r getting is more than enough compared to how much they teach. They proudly say” imavuta polowa” . We were taught by disciplined teachers who rated their career highly not these out of frustration teachers. A message to rabbis; if u r tired, leave . look, pvt schools r doing better than public schools though most of them offer lower salaries.

  5. Anadimba says:

    Leave grant simunalandirebe? Koma mukuziwa kuti chaka cha boma chikatha suchita claim? Ndiye busy kuphunzitsa? Ndamvanso kuti enanu funding munalandira mpaka january basi? Koma uno may.he he e de muisova.

  6. Sekulu says:

    Uh-huh! Is it the same Tum or a difference one.

    Akungofuna awafumbatitse ma envelope a khaki kapena?

    Why did the tell the Govt to be ready for untold misery when they down their tools. Do you really have to tell your spouse you are going to suffer when you are calling enough is enough?

    As a long serving teacher with good memories of Tum’s disposition in such situations, I very much doubt it will yield to anything. Possibly if it was Tum of the Benjamin Ndalamas. Mark my words



    WA LO


  8. gvh mwachibanda says:

    teaching as a professional has many challenges.the main cause being lack of political will..rise up teachers.. fight back..its high time..we will help you..asakuopsezeni!!!!!..anyone amene akuletsa..afele nao limodzi…mwavutika tym yaitali..anakadziwa m’mene kuphunzitsa kumavutila..sakanamakakupangan treat this way…they are there coz of a teacher..akuyankhula motumbwa.kudelera mphunzitsi..but their wish is to have quality education ..how!!???…this govt has failed us..its time.. they change for the better..remember.. tkuyamba mayeso aboma pompano..this can have effects

  9. Cecilia says:

    they should learn to say ze truth.Teachers are not slaves.They are there becoz of a teacher.Asaiwale zimenezo.Tools down come monday9May



  11. Kanyimbi says:

    Theft of public resources is too much in Malawi

  12. boma lilibe ndalama . Angokupatsaniko promotion inuyo basi

  13. gaga mudiwa says:

    komatu nonse muziziwa kuti aliyense akufuna malipilo ambili kuyambila onse andale ndi ogwira ntchito za boma . ndipo sipazafika poti ndalama zatikwana. enanu mukulankula mosonyeza kuti ndinu andale. don’t turn this to be political but aneed for acivil servant. koma tiziwe kuti boma limavutikanso kupeza ndalama

    koma chomwe ndi nganana ndi choti madandaulo enawo ndi omveka ngati kulandila promotion kuti akatumikile kwina koma osapasidwa transport is not fair. other department are able to transport their staff why the ministrey of education not doing so.MADEMO inu ntchito yanu ndichiyani. leave grant cant be an issue pliz. someone isnot doing his work within the service.

  14. zebulon says:

    Thanks to TUM for sticking to their guns! It is the only way out (tools down)

  15. Roberto Carlos says:

    Let the teachers get their money. Aphunzitsi musaiwale kuti ndinu nomwe munasokoneza mavoti chifukwa chonamizidwa ndi omwewa akukanika kukupatsani malipirowa. Tulani pansi choko ndipo osalora kugwira ntchito mpaka zanu mulandire basi!

  16. peterchembezi says:

    we must learn to be patriotich for our country,we lack critical thinking.

  17. Jelbin Mk says:

    There has never been a failed state in Malawi as the status the counry is currently in under this so called professor in the name of Peter muntharika who failed to steer ashore the ministry when academic freedom was under threat.

  18. laston says:

    I really support them, go ahead may be they can have abig lesson for just wastting malawians time not developing the counry, very shame.

  19. Watereka says:

    Tipumeko kubwila chalk while the future of our students is being destroyed……..#APM don’t take teachers for a ride pliz anzanu ankayesesa

  20. Mwanangwa says:

    The blame falls on the Minister of Finance. In the last budget he withdrew MKB5.00 and transferred it to the State House justified as the ministry does not need this money now. parliament questioned heavily because they thought that ministers would feast on it through the state house.


    i strongly question the budgetary process which fails to capture such arrears and the whole minister of education, his PS, his accountant failed to factor in such huge amounts.

    Do not forget that the president failed to resolve the impasse when he was minister of education, is he capable now?

    CAUTION TO TUM: if you drop down your tools you will get your money, if somebody says anything other than dropping down your tools call him a traitor.

  21. Ze Roberto says:

    When some of these things happen I fail to understand that; 1) we have a full time head of state, 2) We have a full time line minister, 3) we have full time PS, 4) we have full time directors, 5) we have full time heads of departments , 6) we have full time heads of education divisions etc . All these folks enjoying hefty packages month in month out, year in and year out and yet failing to address basic issues like this one. If a country is of such low profile, can we then think of say, launching a rocket or coming up with a bullet train. I think we are so so so dull as a nation . Our only area of expertise is corruption and stealing from public coffers . A country of baboons!

  22. AUSTINN says:

    Amasuleni. Zawo zikuyenda ife nkumangovutika. Ana awo akuphunzila masukula akunja ife athu momwemu. Apaneni afisi amenewa.

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