Teen wife accused of cheating beaten severely, Malawi Police arrest hubby

Malawi Police has arrested John Yasini in Mchinji after he battered his 18 year old wife whom he suspected of cheating and inflicted her with grieveous bodly harm and she is battling for her life at the district hospital.

Woman show her wounds

Woman show her wounds

The woman Linda Phulani was severely beaten by Yasini with chains and steel rods sustaining deep cuts on her buttocks and her back at Kumbuyo village, Tembwe in traditional authority (TA) Mlonyeni in the district.

A visit to Mchinji hospital by Malawi News Agency (MANA) found the woman crying in pain due to deep and shocking wounds on her body.

Hospital officials said Linda lost a lot of blood and will need blood transfusion and an operation on the wounds.

Linda could not talk to Mana but in a police statement seen by Mana, the victim said she was beaten by her husband when she went to see her friend in the same neighborhood without her husband’s consent.

The statement further states that since she got married in January this year, her husband did not allow her to visit friends and on Thursday, April 16th Linda went to visit a neighbour, when she came back the husband accused her of going out with other men and beat her with a chain and a steel rod.

Linda’s father Willy Phulani told Mana that the family has been receiving reports of his daughter’s troubled marriage and they sent relatives to check on her, but she assured them that she was fine.

“Our daughter eloped with the man without our consent and we have been hearing reports that she was in an abusive marriage,” he said.

The suspect Yasini who is in police custody at Mchinji Police told Mana that he has been hearing rumours about his wife’s infidelity and on Thursday he found his wife undressed at their home at Tembwe in T/A Mlonyeni and suspected she was with another man.

“I am a good person and have never committed any crime in my life I did not intend to harm my wife; it is the work of the devil. I wish her well, in fact am the one who took her to a local clinic in our area when I saw her injuries,” narrated a shabby looking Saini.

Mchinji police Public Relations Officer said Yasini will be charged with unlawful wounding and is expected to appear before the court this week.

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115 thoughts on “Teen wife accused of cheating beaten severely, Malawi Police arrest hubby”

  1. Davie Mapwelemwe says:

    Bambo ameneyu ndiye kuti mulandu womwe wapezeka nawo ndi wa unlawful wounding

  2. golo says:

    At first glance this is horrific beating but on a deeper thinking there is no smoke without fire……the man cannot just beat her for its own sake.Maybe this man could be right that his wife was busy prostituting around probably for money.Many marriages which are founded on shaky grounds do not survive because of poverty like this one. If you do not have money as a husband you are subjected to ridicule and nagging by a wife and this too abuse though not physical is more damaging because it is psychological.So lets not judge by the surface…lets put more flesh into this beating.

  3. mpwalamwanda says:

    pakufunika ma deliverance kwa bambo ameneyu chifukwa akuoneka kuti ntchito ya mkazi sakuidziwa , ali ndi ziwanda ameneyo

  4. kate says:

    Vuto ndi Boma povomereza marriage age to be 18. Kodi munthu wa 18yrs angakhale mature nkukhala pa Banja? an 18yr old girl is just like a baby. still wonderling with life up to until 21yr or above ndipamene amayamba kukhala ndi maganizo okhazikika. Shame on this DPP Govt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. kennedy says:

    Zomvetsa chisoni bwanji osangolekana .

  6. zaluma says:

    I want this boy dead or live to teach him a lesson he will never forget in hell. If the courts cannot do justice befitting the humiliation and pain inflicted on this young lady, I will take the law in my own hands and punish this shit to hell. 20 years Akwanu and Justice Nyirenda is not enough for this galu. If Angwazi was here, crocodiles could have done a good job. I envy days when our Kamuzu was alive.

  7. Achira ameneyo ndinkwatira ine akamadzatuluka ku ndende kuli ana awiri

  8. Mike siliya says:

    Its painfull, ndiye mabanja a lero amenewo. Kutheka this lady chifukwa chakusakhwima nzeru, umphawi wa mwamuna ndi kuziwona wokongola amapangadi za uhule. but bcoz of barbaric action of his hubby, sizinganveke. chilungamo ndi chakuti men also suffer in silence. Nkhaza kwa abambonso ndi zambiri but it goes un reported! Harlot!!

  9. blessings says:

    Iwant to know judgement in this case

  10. aheli moto says:

    no no no this is barbaric. iam inquisitive to know the judgement. the confession in this man is what characterises most abusive people. they abuse, confess and abuse again. yausiru. no we should not tolerate such acts. i he cant change unless he is helped proffessionally- counselling

  11. mlomwe2 says:


  12. Dr. Woyikonda says:

    Journo take another photo that should be looking at us. I want to see what did this beast do to her front view. The beast must have done something to what the woman used for her prostitution. You people learns when they see,touch and do.

  13. J.C says:

    Iam interested to know the judgment of this case

  14. I’m stayig just metres away from kumbuyo and this lion has brougt shame in the village,a lot is happening here,almost everyday young lazy men are cought stealing maize in gardens,but no stiffer punishment are given by police, justice has paved way 4 kwacha,

  15. MUBARAK says:

    mmmmmmmmm but why men?

  16. isaac says:

    People are dying of xenophobia here back home you are also beating your wife like that that’s attempted murder

  17. Emmanuel says:

    i cant believe this is happening im malawi if so then why should we blame xenophobia in RSA? Nanga zikusiyana pati?

  18. Wezzie mumba says:

    Only God knows where this earth is taking us to….every day we hear different cases… Oh! Lord have mercy on us.

  19. Yahudah says:

    Hoshea 4:6
    My people perish for lack of knowledge, because you have rejected knowledge I reject you for being a priest to Me. Since you have forgotten The Torah of your father YAH, I also forget your children.

  20. madalitso says:

    she posed for a jorno to take this photo for publication purpose am sure. so whats wrong then? mind court case files are public goods!!

  21. Acton Chavinda says:

    That’s very bad

  22. Muyande says:

    I just hope,there was no damage done to the “Front” of the lady!

  23. emmanuel says:


  24. This person z more like a beast,he deserves punishment.

  25. angoni says:

    mumva a ma khothi pa malawi, alandira 3 years IHL. mxi

  26. Wailing Soul says:

    Please Nyasatimes. This article needs a forewarning or disclaimer of the
    graphic picture

  27. Davis says:

    Nothing to say zangondipatsa mantha

  28. mahara says:

    this kind of behaviour is the work of satanic worshippers and this animal called yasin should be given life sentence or even death sentence coz this is half killing.i dont think our dear daughter is sitting now.

  29. Maria says:

    Azibambo ena nzeru mulibe…kungokhapo mwamuna basi..pothera nzeruzo basi kumenya mkazi!! zaziiii..Kudzikaikilatu kumeneku.

  30. Maria says:

    Azibambo ena nzeru mulibe…kungokhapo mwamuna basi..pothera nzeruzo basi kumenya mkazi!! zaziiii..

  31. shaaaa! says:

    nde zatha bwanji ndi ma dokotala aja aku mafupa department, amangogona ndi odwala omwe,zukukutherani bwanji.

    Pa chipatalanso pano pali mbiri zoipa kobasi

  32. kampangomulamba says:

    Why Nacked while Yasin was not around ???? Komaso kumawonetsetsa chemwa chapangitsa Yasin kuti ataero

  33. Chikopa says:

    Okulu okulu kodi koma mayiwa akutha kupita kuchimbudzi? Mwamuna woyipa kwambiri!

  34. malume says:

    very stupid indeed iwe yasini you are so demonic, a boma do something chisilu cha munthu you have no power to judge only God him self..

  35. nazimbiri says:

    mipando yokhalira aliyense iyi. Abambo ndi Amayi amene mumadya kasinthasintha mtauni muno,muzidziwa kuti la 40 likakwana ndi zimenezi ndithu.

    Inu mukadya mkukazisiya komwe mwakazitenga,enanso amadzanyamula mkukapitiliza kukadya zomwezo mumadyamo inu zija.EDZI NDI NKHANZA SIIZATHA PA MALAWI.Sorry ngozieeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  36. Malitili says:

    koma satana mgalu mpaka kumuwononga chonchi.iwe mwini mkazi unamuganizira bwanji mzakoyo iwe ndiwe chimbalangondo eti kumangonamizira kupempera uli mfiti yotheratu ukufunika ulape ndithu !!

  37. nyavizwazwa says:

    Any way the shabby man seems not be fitting the good looking young woman that is why he is jelousy beyond recognition. It shows he eloped the young woman through spell.

    The graphers you were to photo the shabby man also than only phtowing the buttocks of a young lady. This is marriage xenophibia . And this Yasini man is a son to Zwelithini Zulu becoz his acts are alike with this of the RSAs.

    A man with caucias has to think twice before acting and reverse the doing to his own.

    Sahem on Yasini.

  38. Kholes says:

    Amangidwe Kapeyo Ndinyelezakezo

  39. amina says:

    Sarah if this gal was your sister were you going to accept her nakedness to be public as it is? Shame on you. You dont deserve a motherly status. Gender Activist pliz assist. I’m ashamed of looking at this photo twice.

  40. Hagar the Horrible says:

    To my fellow men, a woman should be loved, not harmed. This is unacceptable.

  41. Vinjeru says:

    This is pathetic. How can one do such a thing to a fellow human being. She is a human being despite the sins she committed. I don’t think she deserves such punishment!!!!! My other wory is that there seem to be no dignity in the picture posted in this case. It looks so demeaning and disrespectful. Surely if its was Muluzi with such wounds you wouldn’t have shown it this way. Malawians lest respect ourselves. This woman is a mother – did you really need to show her buttocks!!! What lesson are we learning from here – there is no lesson at all – this is chipongwe and display of lack of professional wisdom on those who decided to display this picture. You cant use a picture to draw mercy from the public. Malawian are intelligent enough to understand a story with with a more respectful picture. Put yourself in her shoes. I feel in Malawi there is too much respect for certain people and not others – SHAME!! Where is the so called BOTHO guys!!!!!

  42. maternity incharge says:

    I hope informed consent was obtained from this woman to have these pictures exposed to the public. i am afraid, technology is overtaking rights of the vulnerable individuals like such women. I hope Doctors are aware that the wounds have to undergo debridement in theatre.

  43. Jessie Sagawa says:

    not fair….bola kungosiyana

  44. anachibwe says:

    The devil at his work. If you were suspecting her you would have just left her and marry another wife than the way you have acted. You deserve a stiffer punishment than grievous harm.

  45. syamboza says:

    mka hule aka madala ake akana kutikanangothawa kukakwatiwa without his concert ndizimenezo mmbale sunati you are just 18 utafikile 40??????????????????????????

  46. pwt says:

    mkaziyu ndi huledi. iyeyu adakamulowera mwamuna makolo ake osadziwa, amva zoti mwamuna ngwankhanza iyeyu adanena kuti akukhala bwino lomwe. tsono nkumati ma restriction analipo chifukwa ninji? adamuona kuti ngwazake mkaziyu and siboza kuti kuti adamupezelera but we always judge based on the ending result, chasitsa zaye mchiyani kuti njovu ithyoke mnyanga? what will you if you found your wife in such snario? point at him, yes, but… have you heard the statement of a man?

  47. Issa Kabudula says:

    Suspect is a person who is being judged based on rumour (kungoganizila) there is no truth in suspicion. Mr Yasini out of nsanje u have caused the lady’s body to look bad, and the same will happen after it cures (zimphyela) will be there for ever and her beauty has been reduced.

    For the above statement, this man even if he has remorse now – he deserve jail even if its a 5 month’s it can send some message to other stupid individuals. Nsanje kumpanjila munthu wachizimayi is a waste of time – am telling all the boys and men to be. Take great care for ur wife, show her that you care regardless of economical problems, don’t follow her/show that you suspecting her or talk any word of suspecting or a show of jealous – she will behave own her own – the time you will show that you are too restrict, brother you will be in water cause she will have it on your bed with wamakala just to show how angry she is. We don’t beat a woman with a chain, use your own God given gun to whip the woman, and the result will be love one way………hope many of you will take this advice, its free and very important.

    1. powder says:

      what if this cld be aman mudakalongolola zonsezi? azibambo akuzunzidwanso nobody talks, here u r shouting at your voice. ask the woman ngati samakwanitsidwa amaleka kungochoka pakhomopo? if this cld be done kokaba mukadatinji? apa amabanso moyo wamwamuna wake. you mean zinali bwino kukatenga edzi kupatsira mwamuna wake? which is which? tamayankhulani moona mbali zonse.

  48. Dziko says:

    Only corporal punishment can make this vampire realize its behavior to be nasty and antsocial.

  49. titi says:

    Chili kuti chikondi chapa abale,p/s God help us

  50. Nachisale says:

    Koma abale!, Kusowa uzimutu uku!

  51. asakatuluke ameneyo awononga miyoyo ya anthu enaaaa eeee akuluakulu, tizikambirana osamangofikira kugamula mlandu zinthu zisanakambidwe, nanga iwe akanakhala sisiter wako ukanatani? amateroooo?

  52. Mayombo says:

    Can the Police find out from this demonic possed hubby how and when satan brought the chains and iron rods for battering wife. Apa ndiye kumunamizira Satana! Fisi anakana msatsi. I urge the Devil to file up a lawsuit against Yasini. It appears that Yasini is in this case satan himself in human skin.

  53. apundi says says:

    chirombo chadya thupi la mwana wa eni akechi mukadachijambula tichidziwe. akafere kundende konko. ana inu kusamva

  54. gama says:

    atembenuke tione

  55. Dziko says:

    The culprit which is a swone pig should live in custody not less than 15years. He intended to murder her. Why not just leave her alive?

  56. Akalowe basi ameneyo sakuyenera kupezeka

  57. Kangaroo-Court says:

    The photo z really shocking,n=bt i dont think the age z right.she may be 20s,kaya mwina poti zakudya.All in all the charges should be reviewed,this was killing guys.Aaaishhhhhh!Noooooooooooo!!!!

  58. Watereka says:

    Man amenewo adulidwe machende,wa boko haram ameneyu lack of life skills…osangomusiya mkaziyo bwanji? akazi onsewa

  59. Akatswiri says:

    This babalic, please send this case to the Chief Resident Magistrate it should not be handled by Mchinji First Grade Magistrate to avoid faveritism

  60. wati anakupangisa nsatana? Usayiwale kumubwelesa ku court azakhale mboni.

  61. Tengupenya says:

    chindere chakulusya

  62. mwana wa mwini kulangidwiratu pansi pompano! amuna anzanga, tamaganizani atakhala mwana wanu uja zatere, mungamve bwanji? chilango siyirani yehova…chingakhale kuti dziko lalumala, lamera nunda!

  63. Blessings says:

    This is too bad.

  64. Mchinji boy says:

    yasin ayenera kukhala mjomba ameneyu.Amaloka azimayi akamapita kukagwira u Garden boy Ku Kujoweni kuyiwala kuti nayenso mzake ndimunthu mthupi mumatentha.Pano ndimmene Joweni yavuta azimayi apezeko mtendere.Mijomba nsanje yachonchi sibwino.Mkazi asakacheze kwa neighbour.

  65. Furius citizen says:

    If somebody had done that to my sister or my daughter i wouldn’t have wasted my time to go to police.He would get a heavy beating until his face turns to purple and finally chop off his dirty sick.That is evil doing to a woman.Even if the woman had cheated they are alot beautiful women out there looking for marriages than destroying the life of the claimed cheating woman.

  66. Garu Wa Garu says:

    Iwe number 24 bodza ngati pali ozuza akazi ndiye atumbuka. Mumati mwagula ndi malowolo. Chifukwa chiyani mumagulitsa akazi. Apapa ndiye mwamuna walakwadi. Komanso mudziwe izi. Azimai aku Malawi kukonda kudyetsa amuna makhwala a chikondi. Ndiye mwamuna amalusa ngati Galu.

  67. Nankungwi says:

    Pepani mai koma chimunthu mwakwatirachi nchinkhalamo. Chonde mukachila mucisiye olo chidzipembedza. Tsiku lins adzkuphani! Ichi sikwati ai. Ngati Mkazi akukuthawani bambo ndiye kuti ziripo izo mukulephera!

    This is cruelty beyond imagination! Nobody! nobody! has any right to subject this degree of siffring to anybody! nobody!

    Leave this beast when you recover. There are many men in Malawi who will love and cherish your love and live peacefully with you!

    The picture in informative . As gruesome as it is, people need to see how crude some criminals are! this man is a crude criminal no matter waht he says!

  68. Chris says:

    HE FOUND HER AT HOME UNDRESSED: where should be undressing? I thought this is her home? How do you walk in your house and find your wife naked then you suspect she had another man? Have we as married man never walked and find your wife naked? This guy is an abusive person and he deserve life imprisonment. This was an intention to kill someone and if he says it was the work of the devel it’s true he is the devel and he does not belong in the society. May God be with this lady and wishing her a fast recovery!! #saynototeenagermarriges #saynotoabuse

  69. gonthoka says:

    Ndiye magiya udzasintha bwanji ndimumene wachitiramu

  70. tchedwa says:

    Police, please amend charge sheet from grievous harm to attempted murder!

  71. omawe says:

    Shaa! koma nkhanza zilipo kunja kuno.

  72. nyapankhwesa says:


  73. Zangaphe says:

    Koma abale mpaka mwana wa eni chonchi?Osangolekana wina moyo wina moyo bwanji?Shame.You deserve life imprisonment

  74. Kinyentu says:

    The photo is shocking but its necessary to show the dangers of teenage and abusive marriages happenings the gal is 18 u have indicated the evil hubby’s age,the bastard should serve life imprisonment.

  75. Reasonable Man says:

    unyongedwa galu iwe. upita ku ndende ndipo ife tikuchindira mkazi wakoyo. u were only suspecting it but now ife tizisandutsa reality.

  76. pent says:

    This is very wicked. However, if I was asked whether the photo should be posted here or not I would obviously choose no because you trying to traumatise her even more. Pliz Nyasatimes be African

  77. Chimwamowa says:

    Koma Guyz Kunena Zoona Jaketi Saotchela Nkhwani Sapisila Mkazi Ali Ndimatako Uyu Akangochira Ndilinayenaye.

  78. Vaanwyk ku Mzuzu says:

    Mkaziyo, Linda, atchule dzina la neba yemwe anapitako. osangoti anapita kwa neba ayi. Azimayi masiku ano anyanya kuzembela amuna awo.

    Komanso zomwe wachita mamunazi nkulajkwa bola akanango musiya mwana waeni. Amangidwe mamunayo

  79. kk says:

    Very wicked husband. This is not love but hatred

  80. Ngiyakufisela ntcheu says:

    Nyasatimes, while I completely disapprove of what the husband, I think this photo shouldn’t be posted here. She has already suffered and been traumatized at the hands of husband, why should Nyasatimes continue to traumatize her by putting the photo here. In fact, this is not the first time. I remember in the near past when someone was battling for his life at Mzuzu Hospital after his genitalia was cut by one barbaric Village headman in Edingeni. You went ahead and showed us the genitalia when the owner was alive, in essence munamuvulatu munthuyo. Please, lets be ethical

  81. chaiwone wawo says:

    was this photo necessary for this page?

  82. Sheeee! Kodi amuna akumchinji tawonani chinkazi chamatakooo!chikatuluka tengani chikhale chanu mfitiyi yukalowa basi.ife amuna kuno kutchoro tamusirira hee!

  83. Tipatseni mwamunayo nafe timupange wapanga mkazi wakezo

  84. Kenneth says:

    Zachamba z dvl ndye kut chan?
    U mn wat?
    Shoot to kl iyambkra pa iwe kut ena atengerepo phunziro

  85. Kondwa says:

    mkulu ameneyu ndi chiwaya!!! Viwaya…

  86. Namu! says:

    How can he maul someone like this? She married a hyna, beast ndithu. ” I am a good person and I never commited any crime…..” He does not even need to explain about his good works. This can not be the first crime he has done. With all these wounds he has caused to her, am sure if he was a human being he was going to pause himself with only one wound or cry” mukundipweka”. Ndi mfiti ameneyi yodya anthu chigawenga cheni cheni. What a scene!

  87. MAYO MAYO says:

    Results of teenage marriages without xool

    Musovenge anzathunu !!

  88. Aaaaaaa ine monga kholo leave him adzakudya ameneyu look tonse kukuonela shame, elopment january mmmm inali nthawi yakukusisita osati chonchi shiiiii

  89. papa ajasco says:


  90. rafa says:

    definately we have Zulus in our country…nanga chonchi

  91. Chayipa says:

    Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!Koma Achewa Kuputsa!Ngati Ndisanje Ndiye Nsanje Zo Ndiye Zakupezensani Mavuto.Ndiye Mmene Mulili Muchitolokosi Ife Tinyenga Akazi Anu.Mupaka Kumenya Mkazi Ndi Chisulu?Iwe Simwamuna Ayi.Zonsezi Amapanga Ndi Achewa Chifukwa Amakwatira Ulere.Kupusa Achewa.Ife Atumbuka Sitipanga Zimenezo

  92. mgawadere says:

    Simulomwe ameneyi koma yeah akulu chilango mumapeleka kutakata mponela one nanga nzanu azikhala bwanji pansi

  93. Ntambalika Butao says:

    so sad kumchinji

  94. mtoloboy says:

    Ameneyo amangidwe basi

  95. mtoloboy says:

    Anthu omenya akazi kodi mukanslipo? Zachikale zimenezo ameneyo amangidwe basi.

  96. SEXWELL says:


  97. Arthur wa symon chikaiko says:

    too baebaric

  98. KAMBUKU says:

    Typical indicators of social under-development.

  99. Kusavela says:

    I think chikwati apa palibe,mesa yasin wamangidwa mukatuluka muchipatala mayi tizakwatilane ndi ine ndakukondani chonde!

  100. Dzukulu wa anasawathi says:

    Yasini ndiwe mfiti ndipo sindikukayika.atankhala mlongo wako ungamve mwanji.

  101. munthu wabwino says:

    Will be charged with “unlawful wounding”. Do we have “lawful wounding” in our laws?

  102. Xenophbic says:

    A very big lesson. However the law in this land favours women, only if it were a man being victimised but in this case just know that the man is in trouble: police, cso’s, lawyers etc etc. i look forward to a day when men will be treated the same as women when battrted by their galurous women.

  103. NKHOMA WA A NKHOMA says:

    Iwe Yasini boma likakutapa, ine ndikwatira mkazi umafuna kuphayo. Iwe sudzakonzeka ndipo sudzamvanso. ZA CHAMBA ETI?

  104. Piche Yakiti says:

    Yasin munthu oipa kwabasi. Matako abwino ngati awa zoona kuwavulaza chomchi? Upite kwa TB Joshua Yasin wamva. You are possessed !

    My sister Linda am very sorry.

  105. NK says:


  106. Oh! says:

    The hubby is probably a South African.

  107. M says:


  108. matako m'mwamba says:

    Yasin ukamapita ku khothi umutenge satana kuti akakhale mboni yako.

  109. Gudubu says:

    Asilamu akazi akumakuchulukilani eti

  110. Angozo says:

    Kupha,kuphiphitha,kutibula,ekunyetsa,kukwapula,kulikha,kukon’gontha,kupamatha many names for these kind of punishments…punitive measures at work severe damage beyond repair….if its true sazayerekezaso chibwana cha cheating remember cheating does not pay rather the cheater is the one who pay thru punishment and beyond repair stiff punishments…..wina amvekere ndiye alhomwe ameneyo ndi kumwera kumeneko ukooooo ndi zanu zaumbwenumbwenuzo…i rest ma case

  111. Kau says:

    Must have married a xenophobic Zulu this teenager. Sorry my sister.

  112. mpumulo wabata gc says:

    I am the one who took her to hospital. bulshit

  113. Julie says:

    Ngati umamukaikira osangomusiya bwanji? Ili si banja, kodi chgololo amapanga munthu m’modzi? Mwamuna ameneyu amasuta chamba, sindikukaika. Banja lokwatirana Jan 2015, mwayamba kale kuthyolana matako? Palibepo za ukwati/ banja apa, zikomo ku mpando.

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