Thyolo group petition Mutharika to control maize prices

Thyolo-based  Social and Economic Justice Association (SEJA) has written president Mutharika to show his powers by setting a maximum price of selling maize and maize flour on the local market.

Maize queues  at Admarc

Maize queues at Admarc

The call comes following the uncontrolable pricing of the commodity by vendors which has  become very scarce.

SEJA Chairperson Harry Mkuwa said Mutharika should act within a period of two days to serve the lives of Malawians who are going through tough times.

“We are expecting that the President must control the price of maize as other leaders did in the past, we think the president can manage being the head of state” said Mkuwa in an interview with a local radio.

Mkuwa also asked the president to order Admarc bosses to make sure that maize is being distributed to all admarc depots.

President Mutharika and the Ministry of Agriculture have been claiming that the government has enough food to feed the nation.

However, the government went on to buy maize from neighbouring Zambia a development that gave most Malawians a benefit of doubt on whether it is true that there is maize at maize silos.

Meanwhile, a 50KG bag of maize is being sold at K5,500 at Admarc depots while privete traders are selling the same bag of maize at between K14,000 and K19,000.

Social and Economic Justice Association ironically operates from Thyolo district which happens to be the home of President Mutharika.

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27 thoughts on “Thyolo group petition Mutharika to control maize prices”

  1. Sailota says:

    The best is to ask your govt to flood ADMARC markets with maize and ask your honourable members not to steal the maize. Otherwise, nyoooo! Gods time is the best. Ali nafe cholinga. Atcheya amati 2019 wooooooh!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Mike bele says:

    sorry, the CEO is not available, try again. Do you mean the lomwe belt is feeling the pinch just as other areas? heartless leaders. They said they had procured enough maize, I think it’s all stscked at ndata.

  3. Cha says:


  4. Stain Chimbalangondo says:

    I totally agree with the decision made by my fellow country men coz it appears the HE is not much concerned with the high fluctuation of the maize prizes. Does it mean that the HE is not aware of the current prices by the traders? could I ask those who are close to him to give update on the staple commodity otherwise the trust which people had on the mighty party is slowly diminishing.

  5. wakajera says:

    The Thyolo group should be applauded for their concerns on Maize. I support them and surely, Maize should be scrapped off the list of commercial crops. It is life for Malawians whether in the city or villages. It is a must have commodity as such we play with Malawians livelihood if we continue with the current trend. Mr President, please come to our rescue.

  6. Chiye Nang'omba says:

    lack of good leadership!! Awa kuba kupha nde ndikwayo Issa ali kuti? Mulungu amulange ngati kulu wake uja!!!

  7. Sailota says:

    Very sad indeed, kumagona ndi njala chimanga chili pansalu…… Mwatopenga? Ndinanena ine chimanga mukuvotelachi muzachilira! I am happy akufa ndi njala ambiri anavotera chimanga. Ndi ameneyo mpaka 2019 wooo!!

  8. hisbola says:

    Alomwe silly pipo, very dull kumangovota ati wakwathu basi MUDYA MAVOTI AGARU INU

  9. Chimwemwe Kamadona says:

    Kodi njala amabweretsa ndi atsongoleri kapena ulesi wanthu. Panopa ena anagulitsa makuponi mmalo mogula fetereza oti athire mbeu zawo, ndiye njala ingathe bwanji?

  10. Kaya says:

    This is a sick and idiotic president that Malawi has. What can he and his failed government say? Nothing because they have nothing to offer. What can chicken brains of this government bring to the table? Nothing because they are empty headed. I wonder why the so called president is really referred to as Professor. He has never in one bit convinced me he is a Prof. He acts like a village idiot!!! Lol!

  11. Apresident amati boma lilindi chimanga chambiri . Nanga chimangacho chilikut?

  12. ben says:

    Chimanga alibe. kwacha akugwa kwambira, zinthu zikukwera Boma dzukani, mukudikhira chani anthu wayamba ku afa

  13. Kodi mungapindulenji ngati mungatukwane mtsogoleri wadziko chifukwa cha mavuto anjala chikhalirenicho njala ndiyongodutsa?

  14. mwanafyale says:

    This shows the weakness of the president,ali phe sakuyankhulapo china chilichonse

  15. Bwana Pulezidenti amva ndipo achitapo kanthu,njala ndiyongodutsa sikuti enanu mupezelepo mwayi olankhula zamtudzu;ndi Pulezidenti wa dziko la Malawi osati wa Alhomwe okha.

  16. Bupe says:

    Ministry of Agriculture is a greater liar with its APES surveys!

  17. Mchepa says:

    Apa ndiye zilibwino mugonera mango omwewo ife kuno ku Mzokoto mbwe tikuti waka Nyachihana aphikani nsima tidye mitanda itatu itatu aliyense inu zimwani zi tea zanu zopanda sugar ana oipa inu pamodzi ndimbuyanu

  18. Man of God says:

    That is the professor you overwhelmingly voted for, and take it or not, but worse is still to come. Fasten your belts.

  19. Goodfall Gondwe says:

    Probably now people in Thyolo can agree with the rest of the country that Peter Mutharika is not the solution to our problems.

    Next time please let us go to the polls with a sober mind and elect good leaders. Look now, from Nsanje to Chitipa, Thyolo to Machinga, we are all suffering in the same way as if our country has no president.

    Let’s try Chilima osati aChaponda.

  20. Wow Wow says:

    Please Malawians, never treat your brothers and sisters this way by charging maize exorbitantly. God is seeing all this and one day you will face His wrath. Mark my words!

  21. satopa says:

    SEJA has got it wrong.. the issue is not controlling prices …we live in a world where prices are controlled by supply and demand factors…Ask APM to make available the maize he says is in our ADMARC depots

  22. Lead Farmer says:

    Do you khow how expensive it is to grow maize you Lhomwes? Just tell the President to suspend the useless Malata and cement subsidy and channel the money to subsidize maize prices otherwise even with the current market prices maize is not an attractive crop to grow. Secondly learn to have smaller families as some of these problems are of your own making with very hig
    high birth rates in the Lhomweland

  23. MABELU says:




  24. Chinombonombo says:

    Ana amchiuno mwake ayambano kuvomereza kuti tate waoyo ndi kamba obisala mchigoba chake kkkk!

  25. Just thinking loud says:

    Kodi ndimayesa ndi boma loyima palokha?
    Za ku Malawi zisakukhuzeni kkkkk
    Mukamufunse pulezidenti wanu wa ku United States of Thylo ndi Mulanje kkkkk

  26. henry chitalo says:

    This is sad and the president should act immediately

  27. wa MCP says:

    njala yafikanso ku Thyolo??? ndimaganizatu anzathu a DPP sumuvutika nawo. president ndi wakwanu uyu musadandaule. sangalole kuti omuvotera afe ndi njala.

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