Thyolo out of bounds for Winiko: Malawi courts grants injunction

Thyolo West parliamentarian Charles Mchacha has obtained a court injuction restraining comedian-turned-politician Bon Kalindo, who is also Mulanje South East parliamentarian, for visiting Thyolo district on claims that he is bringing confusion over commercial land.

Bon' Winiko' Kalindo:  Injunction

Bon’ Winiko’ Kalindo: Injunction

Mchacha confirmed in an interview that the court injunction has since been served to Kalindo.

“We had to resort to court. Kalindo is obstinate,” Mchacha said.

But Kalindo said he has not yet seen the injunction and down played it, saying he will not slow down his campaign.

Kalindo has been mobilizing the people of tea growing district of Thyolo to stand up against commercial land owners and occupy the land which he argues “rightfully belongs to them.”

According to Kalindo, people of Thyolo and Mulanje were robbed of their land by tea growers “and have been suffering in their own country to accommodate exploiters.”

Malawi’s tea industry, started by colonial masters in the 1800s, occupies thousands of hectares believed to have been grabbed from natives. The industry is also one of the most productive in the world.

In 2014, rose to 8.2 million kilograms, according to Global Tea Digest publisher Rajesh Gupta.

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56 thoughts on “Thyolo out of bounds for Winiko: Malawi courts grants injunction”

  1. Khumbuka says:

    Ambili omwe akuchita macomment apa si anthu akuMulanje Kapenanso KuThyolo. Pachichewa pali mau akuti Kutsutsa Galu mkukumba. Mmalo motukwana aKalindo kapena aMchacha, zikadakhalabwino kudziwa chomwe chilipo, kapena kudziwa mmene anzthu akuthyolo kapena kumulanje amakhalila.

    Ndizowona anthu mmadelawa alibe malo amankhala movutikanso, ndizowonanso dziko lathu limapeza phindi kuchokela kwa awa akuti ndi olanda malowa.

    Komano Mmalo mothamanga kumakangana ndikumaikilana malire amchacha aka nalankhula ndi aKalindo. ndikupanga commit Imene ikana panga kafukufuku wachilunga ndikupeza njila zoyenelera zothetsela mavuto ngati awa.

    Kwa ife amene kwathu ndi kuThyolo mbali ina sitingagwilizane ndi aMchacha komanso sithinga gwilizanenso ndi aKalindo akasankha kugwilitsa ntchito ndila zosakambilana ndi anzawo omwe angakhudzidwe directly munkhaniyi.

    Zofunika kuziunika:
    – Atakwanitsa kutenga malo adzpitiliza kugwilitsa ntchito komanso kupeleka phindu limene likupezeka kuchokela kumalowa.
    – Ngati KuSouth Africa pali migwirizano yomwe inapangidwa pakati pa macouncil yomwe imafotokoza zomwe eni malo angapindulepo, potsata izi sizingathandize.
    – Kodi malowa anatengedwa ngati awo nanga leasehold yake ndi ya zaka zotani
    – ndi mfundo zina zoetero.
    If we can not be spiritual enough to bare one another lets as be civil before one another.

  2. Lofesi Mchacha says:

    winiko go hard leave aside this idiot Mchacha. This is stupid he does not know history thus why even his own mother does not have a piece of land to settle on.

  3. tuvitwana says:


  4. Mr Kalindo I think the best way to do whatever you’re trying to back in Mulanje not in Thyolo cos you don’t come from Thyolo so don’t try to make problems in Thyolo. For some of us who have been previleged to travel across the boarders of our country & see how things are turning out after pursuing with this issue of land grabs. So if it’s fame just try other things not try to get that fame on the expense of the poor people of our beloved district of Thyolo.

  5. musolin says:

    Use WA chews kuno yayi…wanangwa imwe mukubabana ngati mbewa…

  6. mme says:

    winiko….keep fire burning…..ignore , neglet and forget the talks of those morons trying to demolize u , they dnt kno history….how a mzungu from england has 1oo0 hecters of tea , yet my agogo , a tru Malawian has a classroom land to share her 4 children!!!!

  7. Vin mongu says:

    kudos to mchacha, that is the way a good and sensible MP works. Winiko is an instrument of the DPP and he is transacting DPP business here. If he is not then DPP could have reprimanded him. This guy has a nerve and he dares to go to forment trouble in the heart of the president’s home village and yet APM is very quiet. This is serious business, maybe the overzealous Kudontoni could have been commenting on this and not courting CEOs to cash the party.

    It really does not rain, we are complaining of forex shortages and yet we want to attack one of the major forex fortresses in Malawi. Next time we will hear that tea bushes are on fire while DPP leaders sit on such fiery issue. Failed state indeed!!

  8. Kodi che Kalindowa akufuna chani. I think he is strategising for something else ngati che Kapito ku Bt water bod. Lero si a Board chair.

  9. chinkombaleza gumanyundo gowa says:

    Winiko ndikuuze mchichewa kuti umve. Iwe uMP siukukhala. iwe ndi wa masewero basi. U MP siwamaseweratu. Koma uli ndi nzeru iwe. Anthu onse ali mBlantyre ndi kwao? Iwe ukamakhala mBlantyre umawona ngati anthu ali m’menemo onse ndi kwawo. Iwe ungalime minda yoti anthu utha kuwalipira.? ungathe kulima zothat kugulitsa kunja iwe? Pita ku Zimbabwe Kwa Mugabe ukazitha zimenezo osati kuno Chita manyazi wooooooo!.

  10. Munyalika says:

    ife malo kutaps kutaya zanuzo pitani ku mozambiqui akhakhala inu

  11. Kokotowa says:

    Akufuna malo olima apite ku mpoto kwa atumbuka! Kuli idle land yambiri kwabasi!

  12. Proff. Centvinnie says:

    Bongozozo iz now talking, u mean there is idle land, did you consult the owners if they have future plans for expansion to increase production and have more Malawians get employed. This would also increase rate of forex through export of the produce once expansion is done.

  13. Nyepeliwa says:

    Hatimufuna winiko kuno ku thyolo tizatomuswanga akayelekeza kubwelanso,mutu alibiii kupandanga zeru

  14. Mac William Shumba says:

    kalindo he is where to go because his behavior

  15. Adamson says:

    Winiko kkkk koma alomwefe nde tikalanda tea estate tizilima tea or chimanga coz nthaka ija inaguga kale.Mr Winiko. Kkkkk no wonder u had an old merc registered as Winiko one ndinu azikhulupiriro…

  16. I wonder whether Kalindo thinks properly. You dont go to another area before seeing any tangible results in his own area. Secondly, Kalindo could have asked other MPs in the district to see if they buy his idea. Kalindo, life as an MP is not full of dramma. Its real please.

  17. Mbukavu says:

    Any idle land should be released to natives There are no two ways about it

  18. Patrick Mamela says:

    These Estates have rob the land but they also create job oppotunities so let them stay like that stop being stupid WINIKO.

  19. zizwe says:

    I would not shade a tear for these whites .the store our land and it’s time we got it back .we Also need to grab shop in Blantyre and limbe

  20. Mphwache wa Bingu says:

    I think Winiko is suffering from ‘comedy hangover’. That is why I have been advocating for BSc as a minimum qualification for an MP. A well qualified MP would easily understand national issues and fight a good fight other than throwing blows blindly. Please Winiko consult fellow MPs or friends who are a bit learned

    1. Zidura Ntengo Undigwere says:

      Don’t kid yourself Mphwache. Advanced education is not necessarily the gateway to smart politics in our country. Some of the nonsense that is discussed by Malawian politicians originate from some of the most educated ones (read: Kabwila-kapasula); and some of the most effective politicians have the “average” education (read: Akweni Kaliati).
      Generally, governance and specifically, corruption, are currently our greatest enemies! Asaa!

  21. jesus is lord says:

    Here we go again ganging up behind this joke of a man Winiko land grabbing crap what do the people of thyolo intend to do with these estates once occupied can they run them? no at best s few will grow the same old maize on this land and or sell it to some big Kahuna from the city. Zimbabwe tried this land stuff and the country is not richer today. The problem with Malawians is that they feel they have been robbed at all times the whites were robbing us, Kamuzu was robbing us, bakili,bingu,joyce and now peter all robbers waterboard, escom, macra, banks, all robbers hell even our own relatives all robbers but try driving from nsanje to chitipa look at all the idle land in the country you would be shocked as to why someone would want to disturb a perfectly established estate all in the name of they have no land. If you really want something from the land charge higher fees per hector of land for these estates to pay if not then develop the rest of the idle land don’t try to always grab finished products that’s why we are an importing nation rather than an exporting one we have no desire to make use of idle lands but we prefer to crowd up in the city of Lilongwe blantyre or Mzuzu until there is no space to park or even sell your kawunjika. When we all have failed we then point fingers at those that are successful and use all our energy to grab what they have worked hard for all in the name of these lands were grabbed in the 1800s stupid. Malawi has too much land sitting idle we need not act like savages and if we are really going to start listening to people like Winiko then we are all doomed so its a good thing that some one has decided to bar this freak from the district it will do the people of thyolo a lot of good not having this fool around spreading his foul ideas.

    1. bongozozo says:

      Jesus is Lord, we are talking about idle land here and not the already well established estates. Those who own Satemwa, Comfoz, Naming’omba, Lujeri, Mnchima will surely continue using the already cultivated land. They will continue employing fellow Malawians and giving us the scares forex. Go to Thyolo and Mulanje…you will see vast unused lands. This is the land we want these owners of estates to voluntarily relinguish to locals surrounding them.

  22. koma sakudziwa kuti ndi dziko losauka lino and kuli bwino kumapanga zotukula dziko koma osati maganizo ogonawo

  23. zagwa zatha says:

    All my support to Kalindo. Continue the good work you have started. I know many people will discurage you. God should protect you chifukwa enawa ayamba kukupangila chiwembu.

  24. Chabecheker says:

    If we fail to properly manage a quota of an acre how can we manage an hectare;

  25. Khongoni Boy says:

    Stupid Lhomwe Are Stupid

  26. short wamtali says:

    A Mchacha analankhula kuti Kalindo is “obstinate”…..koma olembanu liwu linachokeradi pakamwa pawo ili kapena mwangowalembera? Tikanamva kuti adziluma. Kaya zamindazo musova.

  27. Kavitusi says:

    Usilu basi iwe uwapasa chochita galu

  28. Teketeke says:

    Ask Mugabe what he has achieved after grabbing farm land from the ‘whites’ and gave it to natives! It’s a total waste, no jobs for blacks and a blow on the economy.
    You may chase the estate owners and give the land to blacks but what shall they do? Just settle, build villages and eke gardens on small scale. What does Malawi achieve? A bad name on the international scene.
    I come from Mulanje and it’s beautiful as it is! If anything, ask the whites to consider increasing social responsibility.
    Tell Winiko that this is a bad play.

  29. Mchacha is agitating for a ministerial post but alas my foot.Look,no matter what it it have been long overdue that these white thieves forcibly snatched the most productive land and went ahead to use our forefathers as ploughing oxens free of charge from 1914-1963.Nevertheless workers under dangerous circumstances are paid peanuts whilst the white settlers are living haven on earth-our forefathers die in pain and they say we have no right in no of the productive land SLAVERY CONTINUES!!!If they withdrawn their meagre called donations due to mismanagement they groomed and consequently paying homage to the culprit for over 6 months now,Thyolo and Mulanje bonafides,why not claiming back our stolen inheritance?BRAVO PLO BRAVO KALINDO BRAVO WELL MEANING MALAWIANS-MALAWI FOR MALAWIANS FOR THOSE AT HOME AND ABROAD!!!

  30. WAKUKHONJEN says:

    Iwenso gabu uli ndi mchachb?Ufuna kuti anthu azisaukabe kusowa chakudya cholinga azipempha kwainu pogulisa mavoti awo?Ndimayesa iwe ndi mchacha wakoyo ukanaima limozi nji ndi kalindoyo komanso muti fweeefwee! zipolowe zichitika mukampanimu ukuziziwa? Uwafunse anchima ndi naming’omba.Chala changa uchiziwa 2019.Iwe maimilila ndani?

  31. losco says:

    Keep it up Kalindo!!You are a true patriot of the suffering Malawians in these 2 districts.Disregard the actions taken by ap

  32. PHODO says:


  33. Kandakhute chinyetenyete says:

    Mchacha wasowa zochita eti??Iwe ndiye kwanu zinakukanika mpaka anthu ena anathawa mmudzi wanu chifukwa chamaboza ako.

  34. Kenkkk says:

    Some issues are cross border, they go beyond one district into another or beyond one constituent into another, etc. This seems to be one of them. So the two mps or districts need to work and campaign together on this matter rather than in isolation unless one camp doesn’t believe in the campaign cause of the matter.

    So kanindo should have first consulted his fellow mp or mps in the area and discussed the matter to have a United front. We don’t know whether he did consult or not and met resistance or not and decided to take it himself!!

    Mchacha’s position seems that of uncertainty. Is he against kanindo because he was not consulted or he is just against the issues raised by kanindo?

    Just to digress, the name kanindo reminded me of the famous popular Kenyan dance music of yesterday years from the Luos of Kenya. Yes good old days!!!

  35. ujeni says:

    What sort of people chose this mini bus call boy to be their MP?

  36. chaiwone wawo says:

    Choose to dismiss and ignore Kalindo at your own risk and insensitivity. He has an issue. the tide is rising and sooner or later this issue will come out so strongly. No doubt the whites took advantage of our ignorance and powerlessness in the pre – independence era and snatched or dobiously bought the land. Everyone ca see the hardships the mulanje and Thyolo people are facing due to this. A solution must be found. Someone has initiated the move and its a shame that some malawians are going against him. Its possible the mchachas have been paid off by the white land grabbers. All i can say is that supress it or not, the zimbabwe scenario will come to malawi, it may not be today but surely it will.

  37. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Does he debate constructively when he is parliament? Looks he is a liability.

    A Chambuyanu anagulitsa malo, lero mukuti malo ndianu. Amene analoleza zungu kukha pamenepo ndiye anakuberani.

    Mukaphe njoka zoti mukadyere lero bwanji?

  38. Wachimalawi says:

    I think i can see where he is coming from about the land, what we need is goverment setting reasonable minmum wages for people working in these places, malawians are not gaining much and mostly paid peanuts while mzungu is making a killing. We need better treatment for malawians working in these places.

  39. Du says:

    Winiko has something in his strong mind beyond the understanding of these coloniz
    ed weak minded Malawians. You have our support Hon Kalindo.

  40. Wamisala osagenda says:

    Dpp woyeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  41. Nyani wa ku Mwananyani says:

    Mchacha is just wrong to seek a travel ban for Winiko. And a competent court issued the travel injunction? Really? Where is the god-given right of travel, in this democracy? MP Winiko is not doing, or advocating for anything illegal!

  42. Think Tank says:

    i support Kalindo. These estates occupy vast lands while the mlakhos compete with animals in mountains for land.

  43. Okwiya says:

    Its a welcome idea but people must be civic educated on advantages and disadvanges of the so called land grabbing finally legal experts must be engaged 2 know its legal implications

  44. bongozozo says:

    Kalindo must instantly bewitch Mchacha. This is supposed to be a movement for all the Lomwes, Ngulus, Yaos and Mang’anjas whose land was taken by the White people. I do understand Kalindos argument. All he’s saying is for the idle land to be given back to the natives. He isn’t saying fields with tea, macademia, tung should be grabbed and redistributed. These fields will remain in the hands of the owners. Forex earnings will still come.

    1. special advisor says:

      Follow your history. This land was vacant and not in use when settlers were given the rights to use it. Most of the people that live there now migrated incrementally, attracted by the booming industry. Further to that, if Kalindo is a revolutionally agent, inspired by Julius Malema, he is digging his own downfall in politics. He will be used, then he will be abandoned. That will be the end.

  45. Atati says:

    Winoko, learn from Zimbabwe a black person can’t manage those land please see SA the whites are the ones driving the economy and you as a black you need to work not manage those farms,please learn from your neighbors

    1. Wachimalawi says:

      Shame on you, just because zimbabwe was brought down by the western sanctions doesn’t make a black man useless. It’s this kind of attitude that makes youngsters believe they are second class citizens, white man is not superior he is just greedy and selfish.

  46. jijo soko says:

    Uyu sukulu sinamuthandize amangoonotseratu ubulutu wake this is the sign of failure in his political career

  47. MATIYA says:


  48. Mphwiyo says:

    Kalindo ndi dolo ngati ife

  49. Ababa Thamangiwa. says:

    stupid Kalindo neds to understand that he is no more than a failed commedian

  50. Charger cha mutu waung'ono says:

    Kaya zanu zimenezo angulu ndi alomwe,muthana nokha

  51. wagwanayo says:

    Azungu anatenga too much land. The solution is that those estates should be sold to black malawians so that the Forex earned from sale of the estates is not externalised as is currently the case. Occupying the land and to start growing maize for nsima on that land will not bring any economic benefits.

    1. special advisor says:

      They took the land and made good use of it. How much wealth, apart from malnourished children, do Malawians, the so called nzika, produce? We need to consider other enterprises, apart from baby making! We multiply a lot, and end up with too many people that are not even good enough labour. Think about this seriously.

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