Financial constraints delay diplomats on recall to return – Malawi govt

Malawi’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation has clarified on reports that some diplomats on recall are resisting to return to Malawi using all sorts of excuses, saying “financial constraints” are the main reason why most Malawian diplomats on recall have not yet returned to Malawi.

Minister of Foreign Affairs George Chaponda; All diplomats in recall will return home , no resistance

Minister of Foreign Affairs George Chaponda; All diplomats in recall will return home , no resistance

It was reported that some diplomats, particularly outgoing Malawi High Commissioner Bernard Sande in London, United Kingdom, was using his claim of financial refunds as a condition for his return.

Nyasa Times now understands that government has refunded Sande and he is now heading back home to be replaced by Kenny Kingdom Mphonda.

The Ministry said Sande’s pressure for his return eased when his replacement Dr Hetherwick Ntaba withdrew his posting to London.

“It must be added that Mr. Sande is still at post with full knowledge and blessing of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Lilongwe.

“As regards [High Commissioner]  Sande’s refunds, the issue has been blown out of proportion. In the first instance, outstanding claims are not unique to him, as there are a number of returning diplomats who have unpaid claims.

“Secondly, the Ministry has always treated the claims as tangential to the return to Malawi of the diplomats concerned. At the same time, and so far as the Ministry is concerned, the High Commissioner has never used his outstanding claim as a condition for his return to Malawi. “

The ministry said the K15 million claim which was reported is “by far exaggerated. “

The ministry stressed that “financial constraints are the main reason why most Malawian diplomats on recall have not yet returned to Malawi.”

“Government is funding these recalls in phases, depending on the availability of funds at any one time,” the statement added.

In the case of returning Ambassadors and High Commissioners, priority has so far been accorded to those at Missions whose replacements are ready to take up their appointments, the Ministry added.

According the statement, all diplomats on recall will return to Malawi at an appropriate time.

“The Ministry is in full control of the exercise. Measures are in place for diplomats not to defy any recall once funds for re-location to Malawi are available,” reads the statement.






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Koma yaaaaaa! Bwanji nkhani iyi simunatokote ngati muja munatokotera yoyamba ija ya ma recalls. Typical of Malawians!


Ndalama zipezeka bwanji? Poti zonse akuonongera misonkhano yokalemba pakhoma mu ka cell kopanda ntchito, ndi madyelero ku civo.
Za zi

If the Gvt is ready to fund these recall why force the programme to go on? Do you mean that the new Deplomates will perform better than the old ones? This money you are wasting here could have beem put to better use than this. How do you expect Donors to give you money to be wasted on these stupid squables? You CSO’s where are you? These guys are messing up the tranquility of our beautiful country. They seem not to understand that they are in power and they are doing this to be felt that they are there. We… Read more »

Kaithazi, apa ndindi waonetselatu kuti uli ndi zifukwa ndi Bernard Sande. Now I pretty sure that you are the one who authored the the first statement that HE Sande is refusing to return home. Shame on you.


If the recalls are so costly to an extent that we are struggling to manage them, why do them in the first places? Are we so nepotistic that we dont want to see non Lomwes in missions at all costs? Shame on us.

We have floods in Nsanje to worry us instead of wasting money to victimise non Lomwes


But you have money for SPY machine ???? Ok


Who made decisions that cannot be implemented now

evangelist L Mhango

Kaithazi, u are stupid as the words stupid itself. Ntchewe


Kkkkkiiii @ Maximus, your point is great but don’t forget that our shameful government can sometimes run for 6 months without paying teachers and yet find money to colour traditional celebrations. But my concern is also on how low would our government bend to order a foreign government to bundle their own holder of a brown passport in such a humiliating manner for a claim of accruals.


Point of correction on Kaithazi comment. Not Mrs Msungama but Mrs Emmie Mkangama.

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