Times TV honours Brian Banda with best show host award

Private owned Times Television has honoured its presenter Brian Banda with an award of best show host for the station.

Brian Banda receives an award from Chikadya (Left), Times Group CEO

Brian Banda receives an award from Chikadya (Left), Times Group CEO

Banda, former host of Capital FM Straight Talk interview programme, presents a flagship interview program on Times TV on every Saturday.

He is known for his style of no hold-barred questions with his booming voice.

Commenting on the award, Banda posted on his Facebook page on Monday: “I would like to thank God for finding me suitable for his work. This afternoon I received an award as the Best Show Host for Times Television from the CEO Mr Leornard Chikadya at the end of the year gala.”

Banda added: “ I thank my wife Linda Kanjo my mate and advisor, The Camera Crew and the entire team for the support rendered.

“To Mr Chikadya for trusting in me when all seemed lost, Stanely Onjezani Kenani for the guidance and support, Peter Makossah (of Nyasa Times) for encouraging me all the year through, my colleagues at work for the support.”

The presenter worked at State House press officer during former president Joyce Banda reign but reverted to media work after his contract was terminated when Banda lost elections last May.

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23 thoughts on “Times TV honours Brian Banda with best show host award”

  1. kodi chill amalezeretsa eti?

  2. Rodriguas says:

    Chidya is about to fire you, man. He is just unpredictable. Watch your steps.

  3. Tang'atang'a says:

    Pena koma umabweza moto bwanji? Chilungamo ndi chilungamo. Azikana okha kuyankha mafunso.

  4. Mpinganjira says:

    I do not miss Brian Banda’s show Times Exclusive. He has matured in his questioning and presentation. Brian and Times Tv is the hope of Malawi’s journalism.

    To CEO ChiKadya, look after this young man and nurture him. Pay him well so that he doesn’t get poached by CNN or BBC.

    The likes of Brian have propelled the station to be where it is today. A good media house is as good as it’s personnel.

    Congratulations Brian Banda and keep it up Times Television.

  5. levelheaded says:

    That’s Malawi, one is awarded when he is always against the government.
    Anyway you are entitled to your opinion guys. To me my favourite journalist is Bayana Chunga, the guy is smart,composed and intelligent. Brian is nothing to Bayana.

  6. Boyd Lucky says:

    Brian, you have all it takes to be an interactive journalist on TV.Keep it up!

  7. TELEMU WAGWA PHiiiiiiiiiiii says:

    Brian Banda is the first and last lnteligent journalist Malawi will never produce again.Government lets not be jealousy with him.Big up good things are coming tomorrow you will enjoy worry not these people are going 2019

  8. Nthala says:

    Congratulations Brian Banda, Malawi’s Tim Sebastian. All the best for 2016!

  9. opportunist says:

    U deserve the award. I always enjoy your show

  10. Andrew Chiwaya. says:

    Big up Brian, proud of your work. Good wine needs no bush.

  11. Mpinjipinji says:

    The very best in this land of Malawi. Brian you deserve BBC
    Congrats Mr and keep it up☆☆☆☆☆

  12. Gideon says:

    Awa ndi a chikulire madala. Keet it up Brian!!

  13. Mlomwe says:

    Brian deserve best than that if i were Peter Mthalika i could have buy Him a car and house.NOT SO MR PRESIDENT?

  14. kwalewera Zinyemba says:


  15. ben phiri says:

    the best presenter on the land (Malawi)

  16. Gwede says:

    Song, your comment is misplaced. This is a Times Tv issue not Zodiak. Don’t steal the shine from Times Television. Zodiak TV is a failure.

  17. Nabanda says:

    THE MOST CONCERNED: Who put Gerald Viola in trouble??? its not Brian, its Gerald himself amazitengela zinthu pena Gerald, hiyaaa! Congrats Brian Banda, I too enjoy your shows, they are issue-based.

  18. matokoso says:

    Amalawi learn to call a spade by its name.Brayan deserve it.

  19. Bertha Chisale says:

    You see there is life after State House Brian. Koma mumasimbwatu ndi amayi aja mukuchita za Cashgate izi. Nanga mumafuna kudzipha chifukwa chani Amayi ataluza zisankho? Mwaona lero mukuwina ma award. Well done and keep it up!

  20. Owen says:

    Thank you CEO Chikadya for recognising this talent. This is coomendable. Brian Banda is a talented journalist and Host. He has raised the bar of the station.

    Congratulations Brian Banda and your team. We will not be e surprised to see you on CNN or BBC one day.

  21. The Most Concerned says:

    Is he awarded for putting Gerald Viola in trouble? NONSENSE….!!!!

  22. SONG says:

    Very strong presenter in Malawi. Keep it up, you don’t even fear who you are hosting. This is brilliant. We had Pillirani Phiri from Zodiak Station but was gone and now next we have Tereza Temweka Ndanga another character who is no nosense if it comes to questioning. Keep it up Tereza please.

  23. urunji says:


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