TNM reverse tariffs hike after Consumers Association of Malawi protest

One of the country’s mobile service provider, Telecoms Networks Malawi (TNM) has been forced to postpone its intended 14 percent tarrifs hike after the Consumers Association of Malawi (Cama) intervened.

TNM boss Swart: Hike suspended

TNM boss Swart: Hike suspended

Kapito: Protested the hike

Kapito: Protested the hike

On Thursday in an sms alerts from the mobile service provider to its customers TNM says “prepaid tariffs for voice and sms will remain unchanged until further notice.”

The hike was going to be effective March 4 2015.

TNM tariff hike came at a time when the kwacha is appreciating, fuel prices are falling and inflation is expected to fall further.

The company on Monday  had issued a statement informing its customers that it has hiked its tariffs due to the expenditure for investment in infrastructure for telecommunication and the operational costs to support the network.

TNM added that the cost of utilities, goods and services has significantly increased in Malawi during the past year and thus eroded the returns for telecommunication operators.

However, Cama branded the tariffs hike as daylight robbery, arguing the increment wasn’t justifiable as consumers were expecting the company to drop its tariffs due to the economic gains Malawi has recorded.

In a letter addressed to TNM Chief Executive Officer and the Director General of the Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority (Macra), Cama’s Executive Director, John Kapito dismissed the reasons the mobile service provider cited justifying the tariffs increase.

“The reasons given for the increase are purely to maximize on your profits which we find unethical and morally wrong considering the fact that Consumers in Malawi continue complaining about the poor services
that your mobile network provides,” said Kapito in the letter dated 2nd March, 2015 which Nyasa Times has a copy.

He said consumers in Malawi have been complaining about the continued high tariffs, which do not match with the services that they get.

Kapito added: “While we do appreciate that your existence on the market is dependent on the profits you make, it is an insult to the Consumers for you to assume that you can only make such huge profits through unjustifiable tariffs while providing poor services. An increase in tariffs alone does not contribute to increased profits for your organization.”

He then called on the mobile service provider should manage and control inefficiencies which are rampant within its systems such as “useless, endless and annoying” promotions to ensure consumers are not struggling to access the high cost of services and products.

“We are, therefore, requesting and demanding you to find other sources on which you can improve your profitability other than the proposed tariff increase. It is not our intention to use threats but to work with you in order to ensure that Consumer Protection and satisfaction is one of your core values, and if you decide to proceed with your intended tariff increases CAMA will have no choice but to seek legal redress and continuously mobilize consumers to stop using
your services,” added Kapito.

Cama boss Kapito said consumers in Malawi have been complaining about the continued high tariffs, which do not match with the services that they get.

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33 thoughts on “TNM reverse tariffs hike after Consumers Association of Malawi protest”

  1. John says:

    I have already scaled down the use of mu TNM number. TNM ndi mbava. Kumangokhalira hallo, hallo, hallo, koma anthu osamvana mpaka chifoni kuduka and yet ma units apita. This is daylight robbery.

    I am not proudly Airtel and MTL.

  2. Natchinkha says:

    well done TNM .

  3. zizzie says:


  4. zizzie says:

    John Kapito thank you very much for your for the sake of love your .protect your country nation and do indeed as a real MALAWI CONTINUE AND MAY GOD BLESS YOU ABUNDANTLY.

  5. chidumayo says:

    Can you also discuss with min bus association of Malawi, since fuel prices dropped bus fare have never been revised. This is another day light theft. Can you do something on this.

  6. mavuto says:

    kapito & cama u indeed deserve respect u represent people where is other regional ngos & its leaders like chrr & mtambo, cedep, manelera, d ngoma, kwataine, god bless j kapito & cama

  7. chefourpence says:

    Kapito! You are the man! Why can’t these thieves save for investment? Should we pay for that? Why not issue more shares on the Stock Market? Well done Kapito. We also need a strike on mini bus operators. We are being swindled!

  8. Guley says:

    Aopa threats za mobilising consumers against them. hehe Tikanayisiyadi

  9. Behold I come Quickly says:

    Mr Kapito can u also pin down the airtel , they also over charge us especially on subscription for blackberry services.

  10. lamya gunda says:

    Poor service no youtube videos on tnm haaaaa why

  11. Mzungu says:

    As much as this is appreciated. I wonder where this board was/is when airtel also does the same? If you call this daylight Robery I wonder how you will classify airtel tariffs. Look into it please.

  12. I owz gv much respct to mr kapito….,,he has a heart wch knws no fear……ulemu wanu bwana

  13. tambwali says:

    biiig uuup Bwana Kapito!! gud job! One day please try and run for President! you would have my vote certainly!!

  14. g phiri says:

    But Airtel increased its tariff silently the only sin mtl did was to announce it public malawians if the tariffs are incleased how u know? that is what Airtel, tnm,mtl,access .etc do all the time but tnm made a mistake by doing it openly in a transparent manner prove me wrong? ???.

  15. these ho's aint loyal says:

    big man kapito, one of the very few malawians with brain activity

  16. ğyu says:

    Kapito ndi dhilu — we love u. These mobile operators are milking us dry bcoz they know we can’t survive without Internet but neither can they survive without customers

  17. True patriot says:

    Thank you Lord for the gift of John Kapito.Bravo tnm for listening to consumers’ call.God bless Malawi.

  18. dokotala says:

    kumeneko nde kutibera,bwanji ngati atopa osangosamuka akachite zopusazo kwina?kutiona a malawi kusadziwa ndalama kapena chani?

  19. mshadada says:

    the highest tarrifs in africa for the poorest country in the world. do you people have any conscience at all? theres is a special room in hell for you folks. extra hot malasha

  20. Misuku boyz says:

    Bravo Kapito, ndakupatsani uLife CEO of CAMA, Keep it up.

  21. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Thank you Mr Kapito and Cama.

    Did Mr Kapito use a’spying machine’ to note the over pricing and that the quality is poor?

    Abwana Kapito, sugar nso akhale mtengo umdzi basi. Dwangwa is supplying to the north and Central regions while illovo south.Zimbe ndi udzu ongomera, I don’t crashing costs a lot.

  22. Proff. Ngangabulawayo says:

    I knew J. Kapito sometime back, he was my classmate at primary school. Very intelligent guy though he was the youngest in class. I knew he would be a strong man in future. These are some of the fruits to the citizens of Malawi. Bravo Kapito, keep it up!!!

  23. hastings says:

    Bring VODA

  24. Mphongo Zidana says:

    Mr. Kapito mwagwira ntchito yotamandika. Pitilizani kugwira ntchito yotele.

  25. Zain says:

    We just need another network provider in Malawi, like Vodacom and MTN, but not Celcom please. Tired of the existing network providers

  26. aphiri says:

    Lets give credit where its due. Kapito is doing a commendable job. Keep it up

  27. Chamahungwa Qoma says:

    What these idiots need is competition.

    Let Macra approve as many service providers in the telecoms sector to bring about sanity.

    Airtel and TNM are in league to defraud Malawians simply because of the monopoly they enjoy.

    Bravo Mr. Kapito.

  28. che bint says:

    bravo kapito.keep it up.enafetu zinatiopsa.eeh mpaka Forteen percent

  29. Gift Mahamba says:

    Bravo Mr John Kapito and CAMA!

  30. Alfred Munduwabo says:

    They know very well that people would for other options.

  31. Bravo mr kapito malawi needs people like u a big hand to u

  32. “KAPITO, YOU WON”.Keep on fighting for malawians!!!

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