TNM pumps K15m for Bullets CAF Comoros trip: ‘Always with you’

Despite Big Bullets rejecting  TNM’s offer to run an SMS promotion to enable the club raise funds for their CAF Champions League campaign, the mobile phone service providers have pumped K15 million ($33 333) rescue package to the Malawi champions.

TNM 'always with you' champions Bullets -Photo by Jeromy Kadewere

TNM ‘always with you’ champions Bullets -Photo by Jeromy Kadewere

TNM, sponsors of the flagship Super League, announced during the prize presentation ceremony in December last year that they would assist Bullets in their CAF campaign.

Bullets chairperson Kondie Msungama said they had slashed their budget to K15 million  for the first leg preliminary encounter against Fomboni Club in Comoros Islands slated for February 14.

This then means TNM sponsorship covers all the expenses for the Comoros trip.

“We can confidently say that our trip is on and grateful to TNM,” said Msungama.

Apart from the K15 million, TNM has also donated two sets of uniforms worth K1 160 000 ($ 3 555) to the Bullets. The uniforms are for away and home games.

TNM chief commercial Officer Dan Makata said to ensure financial viability of the Bullets Champions’ League project, the mobile operator has launched an SMS promotion to raise funds from its customers.

“As a proud and patriotic Malawian service provider, we are giving Big Bullets an advance of K15 million to be recovered from the revenue we’ll generate through the SMS promotion. Further, we are donating two sets of uniform as a part of our corporate social responsibility,” Makata said.

Makata said with a customer base of more than K2.5 million($5 555), TNM estimates to raise K30 million ($66 666) from the promotion, which will run for eight weeks.

Customers are requested to send their SMS to the code 2015 and each SMS costs K50, of which K40 goes to the club.

He said lucky customers stand a chance of winning up to K2 million ($4 444) in cash prizes and airtime worth K100 000 during fortnight draws. One lucky customer will win K1 million during the grand draw.

“We urge all TNM customers to participate in the promotion to assist the Bullets’ cause while at the same time standing a chance of winning big cash and airtime,” he said.

The Bullets need some $400 000 to fulfill all their Caf engagements.

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56 thoughts on “TNM pumps K15m for Bullets CAF Comoros trip: ‘Always with you’”

  1. Wanga ndi yemweyo says:

    That’s the spirit boys! I have no doubt that whatever transpires in that foreign land, you are going to do us pride. You have already shown us your resolve to go forward against all odds, I don’t see what else can obstruct you now. It is not for nothing that you are called BULLETS. That is why I will always be a bullet. Go Bullets go!

  2. Mulhako says:

    Neba-all the best koma Fisher alimbaa ndi achinyamata achisozerawaa?Aisovaaa…..

  3. nyika boys says:

    Zi Walter Nyamilandu zilipo?

  4. Achimidzimidzi says:

    You don’t cross the river by just watching, you go into the waters. At least BB knows what it takes to big competitions.

    I doubt whether BB executive are still practicing Christians. They could tell lies , non stop all day long.

    TNM Always with you. That’s why you came up with funeral benefit, so that death can separate.


  5. Taweni says:

    Nobody gave this outfit any chance for this trip. Congratulations ‘Peoples’ team.


  6. bbsupporter says:

    Iwe mkuta madzi ndiwe chitsiru wamva? Kape wa noma iwe kagwere finye,gologolo.

  7. shareef says:

    Kumeneko ndiye kulikonda nziko TNM woyeee

  8. chakhalira says:

    Thanks Kondie Msungama for being brave and thanks TNM for being so good to help.

    Koma ndikuti, ma sapota a BB tiyeni tisinthe kuganiza. We need to take part in supporting our Team not by making too much noise, because that noise will not take us anywhere. We need MONEY. Kondie akabwera, tiyeni tikhale pansi tipereke kangachepe. Amene sangathe MK1,000.00 agwire ganyu apeze MK100.00. Phokoso lopanda pake ayi! Usapota wa phokoso ngwa 1984 tili ku Bayafula!!!!

    We need money for our Team!!!!!!!!!

  9. ahoy says:

    Slashed from k30m to k15m. Usova

  10. Matey U .Mopiya says:

    Kondi Msungama and you executive please give us s break down of the following,
    a. 25 million gift from JB
    b. 8 million super league
    c. 7 million sapota mapeto

  11. Matey U .Mopiya says:

    Next time plan osati Za last minute it just shows you don’t plan kungofuna kuponda ngati m’mene munapondera za Atcheya mu 2004 m’mpaka kugula ma Benz compressor !

  12. Noel Yohane says:

    Kumeneko ndiye kubwera may God bless TNM and the peoples team Amen.

  13. robertson says:

    Good news for the cash but sad to see Daglass not improving and still admitted at TO

  14. ujeni says:

    Is this the way to ran a football club, begging from Jan to Dec just like African governments. It is a Malawi desease. No manyazi comfortable being fools from Africa

  15. Ngozo says:


  16. True patriot says:

    Ndiye Yahwe ameneyo.He makes a way where there seem to be no way.You will never walk alone.

  17. osakwiya Phiri says:

    Let us thank God for the news if ma bankers wish bb well

  18. nelson says:

    A neighbour ili hot mwaiona mukuyenera kutimva

  19. nelson says:

    TNM go deeeeeper

  20. Chabecheker says:

    How much dividend does tnm pay its shareholders per annum considering the amounts splashed on a soccer team? The previous year the minimum i recall is about K500.00 per shareholder; was this a mistake by tnm or not. Can tnm be accoutable during the next agm

  21. Hardson says:

    Big up TNM!!! we love you; thus the reason most of Bullets supporters are your customers umboni ndi wachikhalire.

  22. Born Politician says:

    koma a bata bullets ndimakape eti?

  23. Songo says:

    Thanks to TNM, however all living supporters like me we can do a little for the team through the account opened with NBS Bank, this team can never lack if we can do something. Why feeling thirsty in the abundance of water. Go Bullets go and say thanks to God.

  24. Ernest says:

    Long at last! Thanks Mr Limbani Nsapato and the entire Tnm Management

  25. Henz says:

    But let us know about the airtel deal. Asakhomelele a TNM pliz.

  26. Shimoshimo says:

    All the best maule. Go there to win not lose or draw so that when they come here we should beat them as well to boost the morale.

  27. mmalawi weniweni says:

    Neba ukumva bwanji kunyung’unya mthupimo

  28. GOGO says:

    Ndithokoze a TNM pazimene akuchita potukula masewera ampira mziko muno maka manegement yawo

  29. kape says:

    Manyazi bwaa , pepa neba

  30. Ngambwe says:

    Zikutheka Maule wishing u all the best, timamva nanu kukoma

  31. Moses says:

    It is possible to participate in CAF championship, TNM indeed u stay with your customers. BB please try your best to do pride TNM, ALWAYS WITH U.

  32. Kika Kanawe says:

    Where are the prophets of doom now?If God is for BB who can be against it?The best is yet to come.Bravo TNM!Up!Up!BB

  33. prinquo says:

    pajatu musaiwale kondi wakunamizani kokwana mudikire kaye pang’ono

  34. a chakhalira chomwe munga dziwe. masapota diode ali ochita bwino original angathe kupeza k1000 mwanenao mukathila ndemanga muziyamba mwaganiza kaye mudzango yalukapo nokha manyazio adzagwela inu

  35. Hahahaha ulendo uja watheka zamuwawa adzilume pamatako.

  36. Chief Zion says:

    Av lost z paper where I wrote z acct no for my team n plz Kondi n all those who know it plz text me bcoz nanenso ndikufuna ndichitepo kanthu

  37. chomphimbila says:

    Amayakha chofunika ndi good results

  38. Thanx TNM, ulendo ulipo. Maule moto kuti buuuu!!!

  39. Kanyimbi says:

    Well done TNM.

  40. chakhalira says:

    Ndinamva Kondie akulankhulana ndi Brian wa Times amanena kuti ma Sapota ( Supporters) a Bullets ali 5,000,000 ( That is why it is called ” The Peoples Team”! Are these real supporters? Are they living supporters?

    How I wish Kondie a ka bwera tidzawonane. Simple Arithmetic, if all these are living supporters and contributed only MK1,000.00, they would make MK5,000,000,000.00 (MK5 Billion). Why then are they crying for sponsorship? Shame!!!!!!!! Shame.

  41. Timvane Tembo says:

    Good show TNM, koma aMalawi ena sindidziwa kuti maganizo awo ngotani. what is your problem? Atsogoleri a mantha safunika koma kulimba mtima zinthu zimatheka. Tadandaula kwa nthawi yayitali kuti nchifukwa chiani ma team akuno kwathu sachita nawo mipikisano. Koma zatengera atsogoleri a bullets kulimba mtima. Nanuso atsogoleri a matimu ena limbani mtima nzotheka. No wonder our national Team is a big shame because our teams do not participate in these competetions. The fruits of 2004 were seen in 2010.
    TNM woyeee, maule woyeeee.

  42. Bola tisamvenso kuti nzonama paja aCHEYA anakuphuzisani booza kwambiri a BB.

  43. Nyangabira says:

    Tnm alwayz with us.

  44. Mailos says:

    Mukondera a TNM basi ngakhale ma referee amakondera bullets munawagula kale. Muli mmadzi takwera airtel basi ife a Noma

  45. ineyo says:

    kondimsungama usiye kunya mwano mmanyuzi like how you embarassed tnma couple of weeks ago…

  46. Mendulo says:

    I wish to thank TNM from the bottom of my heart for helping Bullets. You are a true Malawian company so you have done well in order that the country should not be embarassed. Keep it up

  47. Peter Benga says:

    TNM is indeed a soccer loving network as well as a caring one.congrats

  48. Piche Yakiti says:

    wa TNM wwe tukutogolera soni kwabasi. TNM woyeeee

  49. Murray says:

    thanx TNM…. Viva Maule

  50. mulungu akuona says:

    odii..ukooooooo……bullets idutsekoooooooo………..!!!

  51. Amuna ngunda ngunda,wakumalowa . says:

    Koma chonde inu a BB ,ndalamazotu zioneke bwinobwino, chifukwatu ntchito ilipo ,komaso lero mapuleya anyanyala, mawa Jimy zakazaka wanyanyala , zulo sankhani wanyanyala, zana, pwete pwete pwete,zimenezo zimatigwesa ulesi, zitheretu , wampira apite ku mpira, wandale apiteso kundale , wakuba ,go to hell .

  52. MKUTA MADZI says:

    very disappointing , tisokoseledwa bwanji! zikadadakanika ndithu

  53. mathola says:

    mwanyanayo makape mumat mutan zatheka wautali basi neighbour

  54. Chimbirazowa says:

    Musakatichitiseko manyazi kumeneko mwanva ma Palestinian.

  55. Wanex banda says:

    Gud coming tnm

  56. noel ngwira says:

    The deed has been done!!

Comments are closed.

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