Tuntufye Radio starts broadcasting: Karonga Diocese’s Catholic station

Tuntufye Radio Station that belongs to Karonga Diocese of the Catholic Church in Malawi has hit the airwaves, Bishop Martin Mtumbuka has confirmed.

Bishop Mtumuka: Tuntufye Radio on air

Bishop Mtumuka: Tuntufye Radio on air

The radio station adds the number of Catholic Media Houses which are Radio Maria in Mangochi Diocese, Radio Alinafe of Lilongwe Archdiocese and Tigabane Radio of Mzuzu Diocese.There is also Luntha Television and Montfort Media in Balaka.

Responding to a questionnaire, Bishop Mtumbuka said he is deeply pleased that the diocese has now reached a stage of establishing the radio station.

“As a Diocese we are deeply pleased that we have reached this stage of establishing the Radio Station. Of course what we have started doing today is no more than signal-testing. We will continue doing so for some time because we are yet to install the big transmitters which are due to arrive in the country within the next two weeks. But reaching this far is very gratifying indeed and we are very grateful to all those who have support us,” said Bishop Mtumbuka.

Bishop Mtumbuka who is also the Chairperson for Social Communications Commission at the Episcopal Conference of Malawi said there is still  lot of work had to be done to install the big transmitters.

“The transmitter we are using now is very small – it can fit in a briefcase. But thanks to advances in technology, with it we are able to reach around 50,000 within and around Karonga Township,”he said.

According to Bishop Mtumbuka, the Diocese of Karonga has 6 parishes but with only 16 priests and that the terrain in some of the parishes is extremely difficult in terms of movement of both goods and people.

“Furthermore, we are the only Diocese in Malawi that has large areas where no priest has been to since the Church was born. These are places where there is no road, no school, no hospital, no Church e. Against this background it was very clear to me from the very beginning of the existence of the Diocese that a radio station would be the most effective means of reaching out to the people within the Diocese with the Good News of Salvation and development which is part of Salvation”.

Bishop Mtumbuka said Tumbuka, Kya Ngonde, Chindali and English will be the mail languages when broadcasting its programs.

The radio station has financially been supported by Church in Need, Missio Aachen and the Archdiocese of Cologne. Radio Tigabane has also given a lot of technical assistance for the establishment of the radio station.

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15 thoughts on “Tuntufye Radio starts broadcasting: Karonga Diocese’s Catholic station”

  1. Firekiza says:

    Twapalisha nkhani watupa radio.

  2. Jando says:

    The dioceses are based on federalism structure where each bishop has autonomous power delegated from the central authority of the pope.
    Likewise each governor in a province would have autonomous power delegated from the central authority of the president

  3. Sabasaba says:

    Congratulation to Karonga Diocese . Keep it up !!!

  4. Well done Church. When God says yes who can say no. Mwendaghamwe Kyala abatule nanuswe tuntufye Kyala pafinunu ifi atupele. Tuntufye means Praise or Kulambila in Chichewa.

  5. Joel says:

    Congratulations to the Diocese of Karonga and its Bishop Martin Mtumbuka for the new Radio station! “……. we will go to them….”. Yes, reach out my brother….But explane what ‘Tunufye’ means..

    1. mwenendope ngangasyungu says:

      tuntufye means “praise”

  6. vindere says:

    Zakuwawanitu.We Northerners are always proud of our languages unlike you Southerners. You Speak Chichewa as your mother language intead of Yao,Lomwe and Sena and i don’t get it. Are you that much ashamed of your mother laguages tha you despise it that much.Shame on you.Foolish people.

  7. Yobe boo says:

    Bravo Bishop Mtumbuka, you are a pioneer and a blessing to this newly born Diocese

    1. kadamanja says:

      Really, in Malawi this is the only Bishop that he is trying his best on xstianity. i salute you Bishop Mtumbuka. you are after helping people and developing the area. si ena awa odyera anthu osauka ndikumabeleka ana muma parish. God bless you.

  8. chatonda says:

    Please make sure you use the radio for missionery work and not Federation or sessession. Your motive guys is very much questionable. Stop getting funding from J…for your federation as Livimngstonia is doing. Shame on those who are not honest with themselves and the nation as God will judge them openly.

  9. Mfunjo says:

    What does Tuntufye mean in Chichewa or lomwe.

    1. Malambwe says:

      The name is in ngonde which means tiyamike

  10. Mfunjo says:

    Keep it up giving us choice to radios

  11. Chimangeni mapiko says:

    This is radio for feuderalism. I knew it. If it not Mtumbuka then it Zuza. I knew it. All prayers will in Tumbuka as if Lomwes are not found in Nyikaland. Selfishness basi.

    1. Tsamah says:

      No need of voicing out stupidity here. We r all Malawians regardless ov our various differences. It’s high tym that we stopped segregating one’s tribe or region. Whether Chewa, Lomwe, Yao, Tumbuka, Tonga & what have u, we r all Malawians. Let’s just base our comments on the radio issue ‘Tuntufye’.

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