UDF holds youth leadership training

The  United  Democratic  Front  (UDF)  on Wednesday held a leadership  training  workshop  for  its  youth  wing  where  participants  were  drilled  aspects of  politics  as a way  of  redifining  their role in the party.

UDF participants to youth leadership training

UDF youth undergoing leadership training

The  training  workshop which was  attended by 50 youths drew  participants  from  the  main stream  structure of the  party  and it’s affiliate  youth  organisations.

Opening  the  workshop  which  was  a first  of its kind  to be organised by  a party,  Secretary  General  Kandi Padambo  urged  the  participants to take  trainings  seriously  because  they are  aimed  at  making  the youth  in the  party  more  responsible  and prepare  them  for future  leadership  roles in the party.

” This  training  workshop is one of the ambitious  initiatives  which the  party is  introducing  inline  with the  new  thinking  that  our UDF  party president  Atupele Muluzi is championing  and  you use  take  it  seriously,” said  Padambo.

He said  the  training  was tailor  made  to  make the  youth  understand  the  ideology of the  UDF  as a party  and  equip them with skills  on how they can  handle  various  tasks  in the  party.

Padambo  said  UDF  will  not  only  wait  for  trainings  of organised  institutions  outside  the party but will use party  resources   to  conduct  such  training  based on the  needs of the party.

On his  part,  UDF deputy  National Director of Youth   and  legislator for  Machinga  Central  Constituency,  Shaibu Kaliati  thanked  the leadership  of the party for  supporting  the  initiative  with  resources,  saying  it demonstrate  how  serious  it is  in an effort to  build  a  responsible  and formidable  youth  wing of the  party.

He was  particularly  happy to  note  that  the party  extended the  invitation  for the training to affiliate youth  groups  so that  they too  benefits  from the  training.

The training  covered  areas  such  as  conflict  management,   the  importance of  scientific based  campaign  strategies,  and   understanding party  ideology.



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7 thoughts on “UDF holds youth leadership training”

  1. mwamose says:

    kodi udf mukadali ndi maloto obweleranso m’boma
    .chipani mesa munamwera mkala bongo, tulo only soldier still standing .enanu ndinu adpp

  2. Banda says:

    Is UDF still existing?

  3. Ana Achepa says:

    Chipani koma chimenechi, osati kumangowagwiritsira nchito achinyamata molakwika zikwanje mmanja iyayi. Amalawi nonse tiyeni tipange support UDF kuti 2019 ibwelele m’boma kuti tizaone zokomazinjanso; kuti chuma chizakhale kwa anthu osati ku state house komanso kuti ufulu wathu wachibadwidwe uzalemekezedwe. Nthawi ya UDF timakhala ndi ndalama ife koma lelo hoooooo! dziko tinagulitsa kwamanchona.

  4. Solicitors says:

    1 MAJOR 1 Phd




  5. gologoza says:

    Laughable case of tailor who does not get tired trying to make a garment from torn curtains. And for the youth attending this conference I say UDF leadership can not be trusted. They are just trying to mend faces but they are not serious with politics. So this party will continue to underperform as time passes because people do not trust it. It is led by a greedy young man who is not prepared to listen to dissenting views within the party. Atupele has soiled the hope citizens had in the youth of this country. The centre-right-politics that the UDF practices has not helped the party but consume its membership and parliamentary representation to the extent that the one might UDF is merely puppet of the DPP. UDF should have learned from AFORD that the moment it changed its position in politics it shrinked to death.

  6. This is a very good and recommendable initiative, the youth need to be told and trained on how to conduct themselves in a proper and beneficial manner and not just be used to ax their fellow Malawians, UDF is really showing maturity and is truly showing that it is a democratic party. Am sure given opportunity UDF is going to change political atmosphere in the country and people will regain it’s lost theme of ‘dziko la mkaka ndi uchi’. However, my plea is such programs should continue so that the youth from other regions should also benefit the same. Long live UDF long live Atupele Muluzi.

  7. zangaphe says:

    thus very good move. roll out this to the grass root

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