Uladi says Mutharika’s speech boring: Chihana calls it empty in content

People’s Party acting president who is also leader in parliament, Uladi Mussa called State of the Nation Address (Sona) of President Peter Mutharika s being empty in content that still failed to chart where his administration is heading.

Uladi: Borin, boring speech by Mutharika

Uladi: Borin, boring speech by Mutharika

Mussa said State of the Nation address could safely be described as boring.

He said President Mutharika failed to give a solution to another very pressing concern—poverty alleviation—because not a single line is mentioned how to solve the worsening poverty all over the country.

“This speech is empty, there’s literally nothing new from it, whatever he has talked here is what he has said before.

” We expected him to touch on issues to do with albino killings and abductions on what his government is doing to end the  practices, we expected him to tell us where are we on issues to do with sane sex marriage which his government suspended the laws, is it still like that or he has changed tune or what’s his stand now ? All that  is missing in this address.

“He was busy repeating issues like Phalombe hospital which we have been debating and funding for years. in general I don’t see anything sense which is new in this address,” said Mussa.

President Mutharika, said Mussa, should reduce the gap between the haves and have nots, saying his government should expedite job creation, poverty mitigating measures and improve the economy.

Mutharika admitted in his speech that Malawi has been reeling in a number of economic woes.

Alliance For Democracy (AFORD) president, Enock Chakufwa Chihana wondered what was it that Muntharika was trying to say in the House, saying his address was a familiar script and all Mutharika can offer is more of the same.

Chihana said he feels Mutharika wasn’t prepared yet to come and address the nation as his speech missed a number of important areas which Malawians are looking answers to him.

He also accused Mutharika of making his delivery of the state of nation address in a dallow manner forcing MPs to fall fast asleep led by Leader of the House, George Chaponda , who apparently also snored as Mutharika made his speech.

“It was simply empty rhetoric address,” said Chihana.

“Malawi n is under severe stress as a result of the numerous pressing challenges the country is facing including lack of good leadership,” he added.

He accused Mutharika of being a major contributor to what’s ailing the country.

Malawi is  battling under the burdens of unemployment, crime, power cuts, poor health care, collapsing  education system and weakening kwacha.

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12 thoughts on “Uladi says Mutharika’s speech boring: Chihana calls it empty in content”

  1. cymru says:

    It is rare in Malawi to hear opposition applauding any state of the nation address in parliament by the president. Malawi is swallowed in deep jealous such that it is very difficult to develop as focus is on unimportant issues. As far as one is not in the ruling elite and is not benefiting it is had to hear positive words from people on the other side.This is not to say the opposition should not critique the address but caution must be exercised to exactly point where things should have been taken on board.

  2. akuntinji anamuwona says:

    To me Uladi and Chihana seems to be confused on clear and honest address. They should not shift there shortfalls on Mutharika. Please fix your house, then you will know what is in nation address.

  3. maluza says:

    Rather better than PP

  4. manyeta says:

    I think ma professor ndi ma DR tawawona bwanji tiyese kudzavotelako Munthu wamba mwina dzikoli likufunika Mbuli

  5. Some Malawians they were born like that to feel jealous all the time because they never progress.Even though if you give them food to eat at your house,if they finish that food,they will just leave the plates there then go on their way without thanking.My question to those of you feeling jealous to the Malawi Head of State is that “what do you expect from the president to make for you apart from development projects?

  6. CHIKOKOTO says:


  7. laston says:

    please a pp president don’t hesitate be strong enough so that we are out of thi mess. we are tired.

  8. Hide says:

    Kwinaku ndikungomuda president wangayo mukunena kuti palibe chimodzi olo cha mzeru wayankhula mmmmm nsanje

  9. MZAKWACHA, says:

    HON.CHIHANA&ULADI,WHAT GOOD CAN PETER QOATA SYSTEM TELL MALAWIANS.HE SAID WHAT HE KNOWS BEST,ACCORDING TO HIS EMPTY HEAD.ASK HIS MINISTERS,MP’S,THEY WILL SAY THE SPEACH WAS GOOD.THE BEST IS JUST TO FORCE HIM STEP DOWN OR WE KEEP CRYING TILL 2019.MALAWI PRESIDENT IS USELESS,EDUCATED SAVEGE.JB,IS,WAS&WILL BE BETTER BY FAR.NGATI AKUMUKANIKA MKAZI,WHAT MORE MALAWI?NDIZIMENEZO.SIT DOWN WITH MCP AND MALAWIANS KICK HIM OUT.Amene akwiya,aniyimbile,i dont fear.Kunali ngwazi ankati wamuyaya,ankatumbwa,ali kuti?Peter manyi uyo pali chani?He is&will be the worst president in the world.Upulofesa wake uli pati?Dogs can also be profesaz at biting.Unless qoata system asiye,Asazapite kumpoto.Republic of malawi north(RMN).Very soon,we will get independence from the torcharing,fierce DPP.I cry for malawi except thoyo and mulanje.Ngati wa dpp wakwiya,call me,Mzakwacha Nixon-Pretoria.+27724922299 or+27731440799.Ndikuwuze chimozi chimozi.Yeo.

    1. akuntinji anamuwona says:

      Inuso mukuwoneka kuti mwadzadza ndi zimu watsakho. Chomwe mulicho sungapite patsogolo. Si nzeru kunyoza pamene inu palibe chomwe muthandiza Malawi. If we can search you properly, you will realise you don’t deserve even to comment on this line.

    2. Adzonzi says:

      Sometimes you what type of people we are, the way we comment just demonstrates our emptiness in the head. If the country is to develop, we need to start at household level. If I may ask you Mzakwacha, what development can you point that you have contributed to your family?

  10. Dantata says:

    Improve your grammar please author. what is ‘dallow’?

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