Undule: On APM call for resignation, jet and need for dialogue

So much is being debated on the current situation in Malawi. We are witnessing so many commentator sand analysts talking on this and that. Of course that is Malawi a country where everybody will say something on anything.



We hear remarks from opposition political parties mostly Malawi Congress Party and NGOs that President Peter Mutharika and his Democratic Progressive Party have failed and should go. What see missing is lack of taking up the responsibility that the opposition have a role to play in rebuilding of our nation. But we hear the opposite“YOU SHOULD GO AND I COME IN” tone all the time.

Surely everybody will agree the nation is struggling economically with many other problems, but we need a better way of addressing them and honestly not calling for the President to go. Why not seek an audience with the President as Leader of Opposition to present magic proposals if any? My appeal to the opposition is let them be objective and push for genuine constructive engagement, let them move away from prophecies of doom, Malawi need stability for development.

When it comes to the issue of Jet I wonder whether we want our President to jump on Kabaza to international meetings or squeeze in other flights and wait for hours on transits. He is our President, with honour and privileges, come on bretheren, what about those security, protocols issues involved in the movements of every President? Do we want ours to be exposed,with this in mind that by the way we never asked him to stand as our President,let him listen and do as we say.

Honestly the President will not govern properly by acting on every of our voices and concerns. That will definitely make him go crazy. But at the same time let APM have a solid team of Ministers, Principal Secretaries, Advisers who are ready to sacrifice with him. If they fail him let them be offloaded as in this current crisis APM needs copilots, hostesses, stewards conductors, mechanics, spanner boys and not just sleeping passengers.

Back on the Jet issue first let us look at the previous Jet auctioning, and interestinglyit is the same Malawians who forced it to be sold. My view is the nation must have its own Jet to avoid more expenses because whether we like it or not we will keep on spending more unless we have one.

On some NGOs call for mass demonstrations, sure I don’t dispute demonstrations are a constitutional right but must be last resort. We should avoid comparison to the 20th July 2011 demos which were unique.The terrain has changed with new factors and opportunities for open engagement than confrontation.

The nation must support dialogue framework with lessons from the 20th July demos.We must avoid moving in circles by addressing issues as a United Nation . Give dialogue a chance because even if we hire Obama he will never change anything because we lack a national common purpose, vision and unity.

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46 thoughts on “Undule: On APM call for resignation, jet and need for dialogue”

  1. Kanyimbi says:

    If the president stay mute, we complain, when he talks, we also complain. Typical of Malawians.

  2. nyapapi says:

    Now I am confused reading what Undule has pasted here and considering who Undule is

  3. nabanda says:

    bravo undule, we want men who see the importance of unity. thumbs-up

  4. ften samuel says:

    A undule izi ndiye zopusa

  5. Rodgers Banda says:

    Msowoya it is you who need education. Mtharika has never listenef to opposition. We can’t stay in this mess till 2019. It’s too much to bear. Don’t support rubbish.

  6. Winston Msowoya says:

    Let me inform Mr.Clement that Botswana is not a member of G7 nations,but it’s economic performance is excellent and consistent in the whole of Africa,while Malawi is at the bottom of the poorest nations of our planet.The mentality you have equals to a boy of 5 years.Pls wake up and avoid partisan way of thinking.Peter Muthalika is leading our country to a desastrous conclusion that not far from now,you will regret.Do not live in a cocoon of self deception,sorry for you and please get educated.

  7. Since Undule Mwakasungula became a born again his thinking, talking , understanding,seeing have become so different. i think then because he was always with this guy Mathanyula he was not a normal person but now Mwakasungula is upright man. I always follow you whatever articles you are writing i can miss from reading, what you have written here its what every person is supposed to say or think. the MCP is talking all the nonses because it is think time has come for it take over the reign but that is not how it is supposed to happen. malawi is our country lets all of us love it. i voted Dr. Chakwera during the election but i can not be happy if he becomes a president through digging a pit for his friend to fall in that is satanism. why dont we help the president with whatever philosophies we are thinking can work for the economy of the country? think twice Dr. L.C we love you and you are respected being a man of God…..lead by example.

  8. Andrew Fatch says:

    For the first time i have seen people opposing objectively this is the spirit malawians should all take bravo Mwakasungula.Let these people who r despising u to think again and pray to GOD that grace of the Lord be upon them.

  9. George phiri says:

    Anthu a yakumbuyo amaganiza mopereweradi ndaona. Mwakasungula does not understand anything I guess. People are asking the President to be prudent. If there is enough money lets eat meat but if not then vegetables will do. You dont go to sleep when your house is on fire. Nkhani mwayankha akulu ndiya jet yokha what about the huge audiance which attended UNAGA? Mwakasungula should repent otherwise!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. hst says:

    Kodi Undule uyu ndiye uti? Ndi yemwe uja? Za lembedwa apa ndiye zanzeru. You do not set your house on fire and expect things to improve. This government seems confused and incompetent and what they need is constructive options, not forcing them out. That will create far more problems. Opposition, please stick with your constructive criticism, Malawians will vote them out for you if they do not take constructive advice. I am sure with this arrogance and incompetence, they will find it impossible to rig the vote again. So pathetic these people have a short memory.

  11. Clement says:

    I salute you Mr mwakasungura, this is a very nice piece of advise to those who are patriotic but those thinking they are they are plus power hungry can’t take this advise. The economic problems are all over the world except G7 countries. Please, don’t drive our president crazy. Even Zambia there are in economic problems never hear people asking for resignation of their president even South Africa rand not doing good. So don’t take the president for granted because he knows our problems and is working to overcome this economic problems.

  12. Angoni apaphata says:

    Ku UN konko Blair travelled pa commercial flight. Koma ife ochita charter kumakamupempha

  13. Ife tiyankhula chimalawi aliyense amve basi.Zinthu zavuta ndipo mavutowa ndifeyo tonse m’dzikomuno.Palibe wotsala mwina mwai uli kwaiwo sii okhazikika munomu.Koma tiyeni tiphunzirepo kanthu unkhutukumve siwabwino makamaka uko kumwera/pakatipa mukutivulaza enafe osalakwa ndithu.Komabe kuno ku mpoto nanunso ndinu munalimbikira multiparty kodi mwaona chipongwe chikuchitika?Mulungu akukuyankhulani muphunzirepo kanthu tiyeni zinthu zizichitika mwa nthawi yache komanso mwachikonzedwe cha Mulungu.APM polowa muboma ukudziwa zimene unachita mboni ndi Mulungu wako osati ineyo angakhale ena onse.Zosatira zachisankho chanu mavuto anapezeka mukanakhala ana olemekeza Mulungu wakumwamba wokhulupirira ine sure mukananena chilungamo.Mphatso yoti Yehova dzanja lake wachotsapo ndimavuto ndiye valani zilimbe mudasankha nokha.Ine ndimamukhulupirira Mulungu ndipo iye akakupatsa mphatso yache ndithu salephera Yesu Khristu umva kukoma ndipo uyamika kumwamba.Enanunso chiphunzitso tenganipo kanthu chinthu ngati sichako musiyire amene Mulungu amukonzera zinthu zizikomera dziko lonse.Inde muli ndi mphamvu, sukulu, makhobidi, chitetedzo koma mudziyang’anabe kwa Wamkulu wotiposa tonse kuphatikiza mphawife amene ali Yehova.Sagudwa ngati azitumiki ake mumipingo kapena anthu wamba woti bola uli ndi dola kapena mphamvu.Zavuta ndithu tirape anthu osayiwala kuti anthu amasala ndikupempherera dzikoli pazisankho, ndiyo enanu mukamalowetsa madulira samalani chonde.Zikomo.

  14. johnM says:

    I think what Mr Mwakasangula has written here is rubbish. Why should the opposition seek an audience with the president to demand that he should prudently? Isn’t this commonsense? What is wrong with the citizens at large demanding accountability? Looking at the response by the president on the people’s demand for accountability, I do not think that he would agree with an audience with the opposition anyway. This is Africa after all, where do you see the opposition and the ruling party discussing issues amicably in Africa?

    Again on the jet, Mwakasangula is naive. The owners of the country, the people at large, are demanding that the Government should spend within its means. If that means that one should use Kabanza to travel to New York to attend the United Nations General Assembly, then so be it. It does not make sense to charter planes costing million of dollars and spending even more on allowances on useless people when at home, hospitals have no medicine, when primary schools have no school blocks and kids are learning in grass thatched structures or under trees, when millions have no decent housing.

    President Julius Nyerere use to travel economy class and he lamented when he noted that Joshua Nkomo, whom he was assisting with the liberation of their country, was traveling first class in the same flight. When the president of Kosovo visited Malawi, I remember he and his wife came using a commercial flight. At that time those were the only means for them to travel. Why do we insist on our presidents travel first class when we have no means of doing so? Our budgets run deficits year after year. If you Mr. Mwakasangula do not know, deficits are indications that you are spending beyond your means.

    These show off antics which our presidents are always doing does not impress anyone. Everybody in the world know for a fact that Malawi is poorest country in world and when they see us spend huge amount of money on luxuries, they laugh at us. Behind his back, the donors and other people are ridiculing the president and our Government. Its a high time we demand for our president to reflect on our current predicament rather than pretend to be what we are not.

  15. Jelbin mk says:

    Does mwakasungula follow the unfoldings of our country? Is he sane? Was he around when the opposition in parliament wanted MSB to be bailedvout? Amd what was the response from this arrogant government? Did the government recover our 6 billion that it used to bail out crooks such as Muli and friends? If the answer to all those wuestions is a single no then there is no need for dialog with such a stupid and arrogant government led by a very stupid president in the name of Peter Muntharika.

  16. Zoonazake says:

    A undule mwadziwa liti zimenezi? Kodi sudziwa kuti ruling and opposition amauzana zochita ku Parliament ndi chani chimene aboma amava, kuyambira Muluzi,bingu, JB kubwera awa adavako ziti? Onse ntchito nkuphwanya malamulo. Vuto ili ndi la MEC kulora ma suspect uima pa chisankho. Ine sindingaganize zoti undule amugula koma kuti sakhala kumalawi ngati amakhala ku Malawi konkuno ndiye kuti alibe zeru.

  17. levelheaded says:

    What a good writing from undule this time. Malawians being patriotic is not just a simple thing as you may think. Being patriotic is when you hear the ills of the British government from aljazeera rather than from BBC.patriotism encourages table discussion than publicising everything. Boma liri ngati banja. Ana okonda Makolo awo samati akagona ndi njala tsiku lomenelo koma basi Mawa nkhani mukayimvera kunsewu. Chimodzimodzi dziko limafunika zina kukhala za chisinsi. Kamuzu had a good relation with development partners though he had a bad record locally on human rights and governance because there was discipline on what to publish by the media. What you write you journalists is read much by the outside world than locally.

  18. Chindere says:

    This is a balanced article in the sense that justifications have been given to address problems the country is having. I also suggest that apart from the noise that people make we shld be mindful that we all own this country. By being democratic it means we all own decisions made by the president if they are made after balanced consultations.
    My appeal goes to party leaders, in govt and opposition, that they have to stick out their heads to provide alternative solutions. A podium is not a proper place to provide solutions or suggestions. The State palace has convenient auditorium where if properly organised with refreshments passing around can enable formation of decisions that will help the country to counter the current challenges. This is not the time for politicking but rather running the country. This is not the time to antigonise but rather to pick up pieces that can construct the nation.

  19. tsetsefly says:

    I think Malawians have the right to demand good performance from plot number 1. If some crazy citizens think Malawians will watch mediocre performance and fold arms then you will attest to the shock of your life. Much as I don’t like the scornful but i believe gvt needs to wakeup from its slumber and make people work. If the Chinese or Europeans were give this land in the 21st century they would turn it beyond recognition in 10 years. What is wrong with us? The answer is too much handclapping and boot licking which spoils our leaders to the extent that they feel they are some god on earth.

  20. BRAJOE says:

    The news was spread that APM is gay and few months ago you expressed your issues on Homosexuality. Do you want malawians to think that APM is digging your ass and swap his credit card between your balls. WATCH YOUR MOUTH.

  21. BRAJOE says:

    This Undule is wiping his ass with big money from DPP that’s why he is behaving like that. All i see in APM face in evil. HE CANT CHANGE UNTIL HIS BROTHER COMES BACK TO LIFE.

  22. sikusinja says:

    Undule sometimes you talk sense sometimes you dont. The jet we sold was solution. In absence of that chartering is not best option. Ask yourself how did Bakili in 10 years travel. How did Bingu before buying jet travel.

  23. Honourable says:

    Engagement – the word seems very paratable. Come on ‘Patriotic’ Malawians be realistic – do u think engaging a whole State President is that easy? How many bookings has he got to honour? Which is easier for the president to invite his critics or for his critics to book him?

    Either can book the other but it’s easier if the bigman could extend the invitation. Some of us have tried in the past to book a state President to discuss with him, it’s not that easy.

    I recall JB inviting opposition leaders to discuss the lake Malawi issue. That’s the approach. State house should open up whenever they have challenges not just yelling and banging tables.

    “One who kills by the sword, dies by the sword” this seem to be the nature of the game in Malawi. How did the DPP as opposition behave? Did it engage JB and her PP? Did they not just shout, “achoke achoke?” Why should they ask to be engaged today? The measure you use on your friend will be used on you. Peter spoke as if he had the magic wand to transform the economy. How old is he in Government now? What are we seeing? If not the worse in the History of Malawi. And he keeps playing ‘holier than thou’ by using the JB and PP cashgate as the cause without any remorse nor mention of his late brother and DPP massive cashgate

    The victory of Peter was controversial. Had he allowed recount and emerged clean Chakwera and his MCP could have been silenced but he bull dozed into the State House leaving MCP bitter. And you expect MCP to offer solutions which will eventually caterput Peter and his DPP into success and eventually win him back the state house? This is Politics! And more especially African politics. Please talk realities and not fantancies!

    Ndangodusamo ine …..

  24. leoplant says:

    nw a undule inu ur talking sense osat Zija munkapanga nthawi ya Bingu …kumukokera uku ndi uku zosathandiza olo mpang’ono..nw that APM z my’ homie ‘ll ask his gd will kut akuthandizen kut zikoli tiyendese mokoma ndi mwangwirizano…bravo Mwakasungula

  25. buda says:

    The worst President Malawi has ever had is maphwevuphwevu.vuto LA Malawi kusamva analephera ministerial positions and u expect to head the country boma sitisintha ngati Malaya tiyeni Nazi.

  26. Attention Seeker says:

    Rus san you don’t have to complain about the media part because MBC is at it again with the man Philip Business. I believe Zodiak and others are simply trying to balance the debate and let Malawians judge for themselves which media outlet to trust.

  27. chivwamba says:

    We dont want ur stupid opinions. If you want to do za church Mr Undule do that. This is not your time. You have become blind indeed. How can u side with APM and DPP. When u were quiet people respected you. Leave thos to the current CSO leadership to lead suffering poor Malawians to do things. Retire peacefully wherever you are. Dont disturb us. These people have to go. The president lied period. Do you they get impeached if they do? Do you think you dialogue with them? They will accept dialogue with Robert Chasowa, Njauju shadows on the dialogue table? Undule wake up!!!!!!

  28. Stampycious says:

    Iwe Undule usatipusitse, wamva. Ife sitilora, we will stand up and fight for our rights, we cant sit bck while the country is being driven the wrong way. Peter is completely taking us to nowhere, he must quit now

  29. Titus scot says:

    Inu a Watchfuleyes, simudziwanso zomwe zimachitika ku UN nkumati anatenga anthu ambiri. Kaya mumafuna apite angati? Umbuli ndi kufa komwe, just go to Foreign Affairs akakuuzeni zomwe zimachitika during the UNGA. I salute Undule for his article. Indeed a Malawi timaoneka kuchuluka nzeru pa zinthu zomwe sitikuzidziwa. Everyone else that makes comments is called political analyst by our media. My foot! Anthu osakonda dziko lawo ngati aMalawi kuchititsa manyazi. Where have we thwon patriotism which Kamuzu used to teach us? Once APM goes and another one takes charge, you will also find fault with him ndiye tizingokhalira zomwezi maiko anzaathu akutukuka ife nkumaysalira, our own making. Poor Malawians!

    1. johnM says:

      We know what goes on at the United Nations more than you do yourself. My father worked there in the seventies. At the end of the day, the United Nations is all about eliminating conflicts in the world. At the moment the hottest issues affecting world peace are those to do with Palestine, and the Syrian conflict. You do not need Chief Kabudula and mai Kaliati for those issues. I don’t think those two I have mentioned even know where Syria is frankly speaking.

  30. ineyo says:

    Thumbs up undule. Akachoka ndiye alowa ndani? Ndipo ataloweyo will do magic to change things? Mulungu si mzathu. Amayika mfumu pamalo ndipo munthaei yoyikika azamuchotsa. Nthaei yanu sinafike. Mulungu sanakusankheni

  31. haward says:

    Undule mmene unkanena kuti you are a born again christian umatanthawuza zimenezi? Zomayikira kumbuyo boma lake limeneli, eeeeee ngati ndichoncho palibe chabwino kuno ku malawi. Moti simukuwona kuti ulamuliro tiri nawowu tikusauka nawo? Dziko lalowa pansi bcoz of anthu amenewa, vuto lake adangotengana mtundu wawo okha thats why zikukanika. Akhungu okha okha

  32. Malawiyano says:

    He is free to write as it pleases him. He is a born again which he needs to continue , if he wants to join politics he can do so , he can as well be AMP’s adviser. Undule spent his few years in Tanzania which he claims that he ran away from DR Banda rule and yet after he completed his from four at Nkhoma he followed his cousins together with Ollen Mwalubunju for farther enducation in Tanzania .

    Undule his own cousins did not trust him , they never offered him any scholarship for farther eduction as they did to the direct brothers ,what Undule did was to join the army as a refugee , Mwalubunju was lucky his same cousins offered him a scholarship for farther and better studies while Undule failed to make it because of family politics. I praise Undule because he is a fighter and he has made it on his own.

    There is a god reason for Undule Mwakasugula to follow God simply because it’s God how made him to achive what he is , the time the cousins were busy inviting their brothers from Malawi to Tanzania for free scholarships to leave jobs in Malawi to go for studies in Russia in a corrupt way these are the ones you hear that they are doctor Mwakasungulas and they are claiming to have ran away from Dr Banda dictatorship.

    The same behavior is what the Paramount Kyungu is doing by promoting his direct relations to GVH and demoting these who disagree whith him.

    This time Undule is financially finished and as a Tanzanian trained with a Swahili mentality he is fighting for his survival , the best he wants to do is to work with the government which can be offering him money. He goes where there is money that’s why he is praising APM. No proper direction .

  33. nyayo says:

    country men,MCP propaganda will not work.If they are wise or a solution to our problems why can’t they do community services to prove that they are worth it. they should use their salaries to solve some of the problems. Map has a good foundation in the central but they do nothing to improve the lives of their voters. Chame on you!

  34. JK says:

    Bwana Undule the bible has soften you indeed.. !! We all know how arrogant sitting presidents in Malawi tend to be.. !! Really you heard what he said? Is that wishing for dialog?!! And let’s be frank!! Did the president have to go to UN? Can you come up with a cost/benefit analysis on value he brought us from UN?!! So you saying he must travel out there using MK200mil for a plane charter!!! And yet there is no medicine in the hospitals?!! We must die because our president needs to attend the UN Assembly?!! I promise you he wasn’t going to be missed!! If anything the whites would have applauded him for sending a mere minister who would probably have cost the Nation in the region of MK10 mil to attend the assembly!!! So let’s show our intelligence here rather than mentioning your views just to show you exist!!!

  35. Chidzukulu says:

    A Undule mwasinthadi kani? Mwayambatu kukamba za nzeru. Zoona kupemphera nkokoma sizija mumkaumilira zija

  36. mfwethu says:

    Big up Mr UnduLe for such a constructive blog ! But I don’t think your dancing with us To this tune of poverty,its.all these pointing fingers don’t make sense to people who are sufferring what they want to see is change !so take your time pitanini Kuma midzi mukaone m,mene athu akuvutikila and then hear there side of the story !

  37. stain says:

    Undule you have seen light indeed, DPP will rule this country for long if the opposition continue with display of lack of vision

  38. Sapitwa says:

    Indeed one would have expected Chakwera to have Audiences with APM on issues affecting the country. He had an Audience with JB though we don’t know what they discussed. We thought opposition parties and governing parties should work together after all they all get salaries from the same government and they can not work in confrontation. We all have heard from APM that his door is open not to give him an ultimatum but discuss and reach consensus on issues critical to our country.

  39. baby says:

    Undule, u are really a born again christian.

  40. Yosefe Gambatula says:

    Ife tikufuna chuma anaba ndi achimwene ake abweze.He is becoming very showy with loot he inherited from his deceased brother.How could Bingu amass a collosal sum of 61 billion kwacha within a period of 8 years in a poor country like Malawi?Malawians lets wake up,these mutharikas and their greedy Lomwe cohorts are cleaning us of every penny while we are in total slumber.Its time we showed him an exit door before he messes everything.Mutharika should go.Umoyo walimba kwabasi pa Malawi.When will things improve in this country?

  41. Rus-san says:

    Dear Undule and Fellow Malawians,

    You have really shared wisdom to all of us. For every patriotic citizen this is what we are supposed to do.

    Thank you Mr Undule for discussing these issues which, am sure, most Malawians would want to do – but dont have chance; I know others will say “mwagulidwatua Undule”, but forge ahead.

    Honestly it appears all the CSOs and every Malawian want to be judges, policemen, parliament, courts etc. They judge every issue, twist it left and right. Why should these journalists (sorry to give examples: Zodiak and Nation News Paper) expose issues of national importance and security just for the sake of gaining morale and to be the best Newspaper, radio station or journalist? Betraying your own country at the expense of fame? Really? Lets learn to follow instituted arms of governement.

    Mr Undule, can you help the nation by writing another article explaining the role of CSOs/NGOs and maybe radio/TV stations or journalists. It seems these groups of pple are starting to engage themselves in active politics and proclaiming hatrated instead unifying the nation and contribute to development of the Nation.

    Again, write another article explaining the roles do Media Council of Malawi and MISA- MAlawi in monitoring Online News outlets, TV and radio stations. Why should these media allowed to publish false stories and in the end they dont even apologise?

    Undule, dont be worried if pple give bad comments because of this article. You have done what a good citizen is supposed to do for his country to develop.

    Finally, my humble plea to journalists (most importantly ZODIAK) and CSOs learn to be patriotic please and engage in dialogue as Undule has proposed, zikumatichititsa manyazi ife kuno kunja. Pple here abroad dont do what is hapening in Malawi – my lovely country what are you doing?

    All the best, and THANK YOU

  42. Disgruntled Citizen says:

    Debates have never worked with African presidents.Most of them become big headed when they are in seat.They become very arrogant.They only think of self enrichment while its citizens are becoming poorer and poorer and expects them to become blind patriots.Can a normal person answer its hungry citizens that he has millions of dosh stashed in his account?The oldman has outlived his use.He needs to go.Undule we respect your cheap opinion but we will not go with you this time.Malawians are very much angry with Pitala at the moment.If he doesn’t change his behaviour,awona vimwekumweku very soon.

  43. we fail happily says:

    Watchfuleyes you are stupid. Undule is spot on. Chakwera and CSOs mediocrity has no space in a democracy.

  44. we fail happily says:

    Undule you can marry my sister whether you have cows for dowry or not. You are speaking more courageously than ever before. Chakwera and his opposition csos must give us a break. They are being childish as Dr Mavuto Bamusi has alluded to.

  45. watchfuleyes says:

    You seem to be a bit of an idiot Undule! APM is absolute worst President of Malawi. It is time he goes, and he can take the bloated UN delegation with him into exile. Join them yourself.

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