University of Malawi staff to strike, demand salary hike

University of Malawi Workers Union have threatened to strike, demanding pay rise.strike placard

Unima support staff, through the University Workers Trade Union (UWTU), are demanding not less than 45 percent or up to 75 percent salary increment the 25 percent being offered by the government.

It is also understood that academic members of staff will embark on industrial action demanding better salaries and working conditions.

The issues go back to four years ago when the UNIMA Council endorsed a report by Enerst and Young who recommended that staff salaries in the university should be adjusted by 200% to bring them closer to what prevails in other similar institutions in the region and to take care of a revised salary structure.

The staff got only 60% with the promise that the remaining 40% would be implemented incrementally in due course.

The academic freedom saga that lasted 8 months in 2011 overshadowed the salary issues but the recent massive devaluation of the kwacha and the attendant high cost of living has rekindled it.

The university staff  want salary adjustment following the general increases awarded to the civil service and other institutions.

More chaos in the academic calendar is expected, unless the salary issues are timely resolved.

The labour dispute  has rocked several institutions in the country of late with staff at  Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) have given the government a seven-day ultimatum to review their working conditions or risk an indefinite strike like the current Judiciary strike which has shut down the courts in the country.

ACB employees are unhappy about an alleged breach of contract by the bureau’s director general in enforcing the terms and conditions of service.

“As a dispute of right, our preference was to go to court for litigation but since the courts are almost non-functional, we have no choice but to commence a strike as a way of enforcing our right under the contract,” the notice said.

ACB employees’ contracts provide that their salaries shall be revised by the bureau any time there is a raise in the remuneration of civil service and an increase in the cost of living.

Meanwhile, Malawi Congress for Trade Union (MCTU) said it expects President Peter Mutharika to come up with measures to end the labour dispute that has rocked several institutions in the country.

MCTU President Chauluka Muwake said the Head of State  should show statesmanship and leadership in coming out with measures to end the disputes through peaceful means and collective bargaining.

“The government should meet with leaders of the institutions over the labour dispute to seek resolution of the matter immediately,” he said.

He said Malawi cannot afford to stay without operations of institutions like the courts, universities and the Anti-Corruption Bureau among others.

Muwake therefore appealed to all trade unions in the country to preserve the culture of unionism and support the bargaining process of fellow workers in their quest for social justice.


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63 thoughts on “University of Malawi staff to strike, demand salary hike”

  1. jjmalambo says:

    Most of the pple at the university offoce at the management level inluding the vice chancellor and the university registrar , Mr Malunga are crooks, The government gave 30 percent to to entire members of staff in the university but these crooks have stollen the money please give them the differeerence otherwise you are going to dig that money from your pockets. Mr President remove these crooks they simply want to turnish your image, they are thieves. Please summon them and ask where they have kerpt that 16 percent they stollen from members of staff. Enough is enough!!!!!!!

  2. No comment. (Ndilibe lawyer)

  3. Mute Gama says:

    To Enerst and Young: When you made the 200% proposal by comparing with other universities in the region, did you take into account the sizes of the economies of those countries?

  4. kwa phelewera kwathu says:

    Apm woyyeeeeeeesss.NAC Gate wooyeeeeeeeeess.zibwebwetani ife pano tili ku casino tikupanga zina ndalama inu muli pa nyasa kumangolalata mutadya mango anu osapsa.Boma ilooooooooo..ayamba kale ayamba kaleeee njenje kunjenjemera.asafuna atuluke mziko muno.komanso musatuluke mwa ulemu wanu mutulutse ndalama yokwana 60 000mutipatse kuti chiphatso chanu chituluke.

  5. XXX says:

    nawo akuba ali pa sitaraka

  6. nyama says:

    zalowa macheza zowonelana eti?

  7. Onasiwelo says:

    Its very stupid and pathetic to say those asking for salary increments are oppositions that is being stupid at its best, the dpp party promised its suppers that when it gets into power they shall increase the salaries by 50% on average. They said to civil servants of course have they done that? Now tell me what is the difference among these people asking for salary increment and civil servants, they all get their funding from the same account#1, we the parties are making stupid promised during campaign all they think is to go into power without thinking the out come after that. People are waiting for the stupid promises the dpp and apm promised the them, if any thing these are dpp suppers asking what they were promised. This is the begging wait for more, idiots.

  8. Pichi says:

    Ine as a tax payer demand restructuring basi. No way out some of these should go.

  9. wakumalawi says:

    Trueth be told MoG and UNIMA agreed on 30%, some greedy people removed 16% for some UNIMA golden jubilee function to be done in 2015 and gave the stuff 14% and a bunch of lies…its really simple give them the 16% thy ll b ok…but someone somewhere akufuna luphaka 16% oooooo ziwavuta

  10. victim Chamkhuni Lwazazi says:

    Ladies and gentlemen, it’s true that survival has become tough, but if so it is what about a poor person in the village or a jobless fellow? Strike should be the last, last, last resort. Wherever you withdraw your services the ones who suffer are your own relatives, friends, children, the poor, those you pray with, villagers, name them. Please let’s excise endurance, where will the government get the money?

  11. zafika pamwana akana phala

  12. Dick says:


  13. alidele says:

    this just shows ignorance of matters at hand, you cannot just wake up and claim 70%,,,,,, sure wanganya tiyeni tighaghanile boma lithu,,,,

  14. Mkalapwaga says:

    Running a gafament is a serious biziness oh! yes!

  15. YOUNG P says:


  16. Dreamliner says:

    Looks like an employer in Malawi is completely powerless in asserting authority over pay issues. Absurd pay hike demands should be accompanied by restructuring. Nanga mpakana ti ma court clerk making themselves more important than nurses and clinicians

  17. namarokoro says:

    Are these the people who are teaching our children? Where in the world have you heard somebody receiving an increase of 70%. I thought you as teachers would be in a better position to understand the impact of the 70% inrease to the economy. But no you are all vindere. 25% is a generous increase for goodness sake. If you are not satisfied with your salary change jobs do not distort the labour market with your ridiculous demands. DPP stand your ground ndi a PP amenewa!!!

    1. pambuyo patsogolo says:

      It’s support staff on strike, not lecturers. of course lecturers are also demanding a 45 percent pay hike. it’s negotiable.

  18. Mwaziziwa Banda says:

    osamangonyoza guyz kuyendetsa boma ndi kovuta kwambiri ,munthuyu amatha kwambiri

  19. peter says:

    Koma chaka chake ndichino. Ku malawi zirikoriko.

  20. A country in a Quagmire, heading towards Catastrophic scenario. If leaders are devils arctects the results are always devils harvest. God is in control only if we turn to him and shun/shame the devil. What kind of human rights are marriage of man to man? Chaos and chaos. Interlectuals are destroying our country through spiritual subjective poverty. Jesus is POWER!!

  21. rational says:

    all these are parastatals whose salaries higher than those in the civil service? are they striking because government has increased salaries of civil servants who could not even afford a decent house? or why are civil servants not striking? my take: these are bunch of frustrated employees who always think they deserve more money than their civil service counterparts. APM should not bow down. Squeeze them until their opposition colours become visible.

  22. me says:

    this ones also want money.
    no stryke -fired and put another people who need to work,people who not even have a job.
    all this people is crazy now

  23. Mbobulee says:

    The gift of evil is death!!!! we can manifest this with this regime!!!! You lobed the victory from the would be winner of 20 may elections. Its time to leap what you sow!!!!


  25. Nawaoo says:

    Cashgate, vote rigging that’s the outcome cry my beloved Malawi.

  26. GONAMKULAWE says:

    Tiye naoni akatenga za NAC

  27. Kika Kanawe says:

    The country going agog as if there is no leadership.When will the promises of reducing the prices of commodities be fulfilled?Where are cheap iron sheets?Where are our leaders?After all where are the jobs for the youth?Please consider increasing perks for everyone ,Malawians have suffered for a long time.Malawians do not deserve these hardships.I am crying for my beloved country,MalawI!

  28. Tili Chenene says:

    To finish studies at the University of Malawi is another grace

  29. Zumara says:

    It’s all about seeing if the new manager can increase your salary or not!

  30. Mr.Bambo says:

    Hahahahahaha DPP woyeeeeeee,ai ndithu Boma la Peter Muthalika liri pa mavuto oopsya.

  31. calister muthalika says:

    Don’t blame cashgate. Is it not Peter who vowed to jump start the economy if voted in power. We wait to see his promise.

  32. vindere says:

    This country is on a time bomb and is expected to explode any time if things keep on going the way they are going.

  33. Uhudi says:

    To be honest Civil Servants needs good package on salaries, government must do something on this.

  34. Hebrews says:

    Kodi agalu inu mumalimbikira kubera mavoti! Mavoti ake ati? Kodi ndi mayesa aliyense anawina kwawo. Kodi population ya kumpoto kapena pakati ingafanane ndi ya ku mwera? Umbuli bwanji? Kodi akubvutika ndi ndani? President ndi ndinu zake zones zili myaaaaaaa koma agalu inu munazolowera zotoleza ndi kupempha kapena zolandiratu ndi amene mukubvutika! Muyisove ndinu. Pangani ma Strikewo tiwone abvutike ndi ndani?

  35. finye says:

    the culture of materialism and consumerism at its worst. why should Malawians seek to define thier being by what they have not what they are? you went to college yet you possess no knowledge. know that its not money that should matter more in life but living the life to fullness.

  36. Salima says:

    Anthu ogwira ntchito mu Boma osapanga chithu chimodzi bwa.Siyani ntchito mubwere ku Private Sectors muzazionere ngati timasangalala,inu mumayamba kuyanika mphale kudyetsa mbuzi ndi nkhuku kumapita ku ntchito koma mukufuna ndalama za nkhaninkhani

  37. Lineman says:

    next is ESCOM.
    akufuna apange strike yovuta kwambiri.

  38. zosaneneka says:

    kwinaku nkuzikonda basi. Devaluation yapha aliyense pa malawi. The rest of the civil servants accepted their increased salaries, iwowa atani?? Akufuna mpaka ndalama ifike million pa mwezi?? Ngati aona kut ndalama sikukwana, asiye enafe ntchito tilibe….akayambe kuli million ko basi….mxiiiieeewwww. Tizikhalila izi ife??

  39. Nkhombokombo says:

    We are yet to see the mother of chaoses. Just sitting phwii! in the offices won’t solve this out-burst. Guys, you promised better living in your campaign slogans, where is it! It is “strikes” now, very soon there will be “strokes”. Watch out!

  40. Mwenecho says:

    ikodza yopha ipha

  41. Nsanje says:

    Inu zinduna ndi ma MP munaziwonjezera nokha ma percentage akulu,panalibe oletsa u also said cost of living has gine up.Ndiye anzanuwo cost of living silikuwapeza?????Give them the same kuti iwonso amve ntchito kukoma.Minayamba ndinu.

  42. acn says:

    Peter is a stooge. Can’t rule Malawi!

  43. PEFECO says:

    it is another saga why can’t u just leave de country in de hands of able people, APM & CHILIMA u r all thieves.

  44. Alfred Munduwabo says:

    All this is because of vote rigging , this has nothing to do with cash gate. Peter was so desparet to rule Malawi at any cost , this time Malawians are removing him at every cost.
    At first it started with federation , but that was going to be a wrong process , the best and fast way is to bring the nation down with strikes which Peter has always failed to handle even his elder late brother failed to handle strikes.

    The only person who never failed to handled strikes was JB. During Kamuzu’s 30 years rule nobody would dare to go on strike.
    We will enjoy the leadership of this Ngulu people or Southern Region leaders if they ever thought Malawians were that stupid to an extent of handing over leadership to family members and Bakili Muluzi supported any leadership which came in from the South. The best formula of bringing down these leader is what is now taking place . LONG LIVE MALAWIANS

  45. khesha says:

    Kodi nanga a police yanu mupanga liti mukulandira ma change eni eni koma muli pheeeeeee ngati mukumetedwa nthawi yabwino yoti nanu zanu ziyende ndi imeneyi osati kudalira kusololola

  46. Likoma Economist says:

    Wait a minute. Someone muststop this madness. At this rate, soon the whole country will stand still. The consequences are obvious.
    This is the time we need a leader to stand up and reassure the nation. This is the time Moses should asusure the nation that he will lead them to Canan. This the time…
    But alas, we have no leader. Oh is he snoring?

    Oh no he is not snoring. He is embarraed. He is hiding from mob justice. I heard he was caught with his wife stealing mangoes at NACGATE Farm.

  47. Bazuka says:

    Our country is going through perilious times. This is a result of reckless behaviour of Apa Pali Mavuto- APM. K370 million wasted within six months through useless things such as a trip to UN with a 68 people costed K300 million & now NACGATE 70 million. Malawians are watching all this thus why we can’t accept Peter cheating us that he doesn’t have money. Where is he getting all these money to waste? Kuvota mopanda nzeru zokolora zake ndimenezi. Apa Palidi Mavuto, APM, WOYEE! Boma ilooooo!

  48. opportunist says:

    Chaos in the country

  49. Likoma Economist says:

    Wait a minute. Someone muststop this madness. At this rate, soon the whole country will stand still. The consequences are obvious.
    This is the time we need a leader to stand up and reassure the nation. This is the time Moses should asusure the nation that he will lead them to Canan. This the time…
    But alas, we have no leader. Oh is he snoring?

  50. tenson mkumbwa says:

    APM @ pressure.kaya.

  51. Patriot says:

    Judiciary staff on Strike
    Judges on Strike
    ACB staff on strike
    University staff on strike
    Teachers on strike
    Well, the whole country on strike

    (I can see cardiac arrest as he drinks more of Shivas in order to forget Malawi’s problem.)

    Why are all these people on strike?

    APM and his bunch of incompetent MP’s and Ministers want us to believe that Malawi has no money yet him and his wife are lavishing our taxes anyhow (K6million from each Ministry to launch bungwe losesa mmisewu ya ku Lilongwe City. Peter is also dishing out money to journalists, CSO’s leaders, Kapito… And he is also dishing out Minibus that cost K20 million/each…).

    Gouvernment HAS money.

  52. pyepye says:

    Mphembedzutsokonombwe you must be stupid. Don’t link the issue of strike with cashgate. Amalume akowo a Nyapapialamula mobvutika. Ngati munabera limodzi ma voti muisova posachedwapa. JB zimayenda bwanji? If it is cashgate ,NYAPAPI is there as a key suspect. Don’t forget 92billion saga. He will be caught and beheaded soon if not AGWA PA MPANDO NGATI WESTER TOM. Agalu akuba awa a DEASEL, PETROL PALIBE.

  53. Moya says:

    This is the effect of no donors money it causes civil unrest then the people turn against their government….watch malawi closely.

  54. kavindere kaiyah says:

    Thats what happens when you are led by a chimpaze

  55. ANGA KHWESI says:

    MAYO0 00000 !!! MAYO000000!!! MAYO0000000 !!! MAYO00000 !!



  56. The Patriot says:

    Mvula ikakuona litsilo siikata!!! Musovenge!! Bola mai ujatu!!

    1. wa ku nkhoma says:

      patriot amayi aja sadzalamuliraso ndi mbava yoopsa

  57. o says:

    Kodi have recently selected students enrolled at the university yet? or angofikira izi. So it is another case of a 4 year course lasting 6 years. HA HA HA!

    1. amalume says:

      I miss Kamuzu zotere kunalibe. Why did he die?

  58. Chief says:

    Kubera mavoti ngati mungathe kulamula agalu inu.Musova opanda kakileta. Monkeys.

    1. mbwenu says:

      Iwe ndiye muthu ombwambwana zedi, anakubera iwe uli kuti???????

  59. Mphembedzutsokonombwe says:

    Our country is going amok! These are the results of Cashgate. Yet to see a lot of chaos!

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