US envoy urges Malawi to drop charges for gay couple

The United States of America government through its embassy in Lilongwe has urged the Malawi authorities to immediately and unconditionally release two Malawian men, Cuthbert Kulemela, 19, and Kelvin Gonani, 39, who were arrested Lilongwe.

US Ambassador Virginia Palmer: Free the gay couple

US Ambassador Virginia Palmer: Free the gay couple

The two men were arrested on suspicion that they were having “gay sex” act in their bedroom and charged with homosexual related offence that carries a maximum of 14 years in prison with hard labour.

The arrest comes amid a growing local and international campaign for Malawi to “go easy” on gays and lesbians.

US ambassador to Malawi, Virginia Palmer, has said she is “deeply concerned” with the arrest of teenager and his partner.

In a statement posted on her Facebook page, the US ambassador described the arrest as unlawful.

The couple was arrested in Lilongwe on December 7 and charged with sodomy which is in violation of section 153 of the Penal Code.

The two were also subjected to a medical examination without their consent.

However, the American Embassy has strongly reminded the Malawi Government of its policy to not arrest people who are engaged in consensual same-sex activity.

“I urge the Malawi government to make good on its international human rights obligations, drop the charges, and resolve this unfortunate incident as quickly as possible,” reads part of the statement.

Legal experts argue that the laws under which gays are charged were archaic and unconstitutional.

The Centre for the Development of People (Cedep) which fight for the rights of homosexuals and other minorities calling for decriminalising homosexuals.

Cedep director Gift Trapence said the arrest of the two men solely for their real or perceived sexual orientation “amounts to discrimination” and it is in violation of their rights to freedom of conscience, expression, and privacy. “

He said laws criminalizing homosexuality and gender identity criminalize the legitimate exercise of these human rights, which are protected in treaties ratified by Malawi, including the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights.

He called for their immediate and unconditional release of the gay couple.

The two men have since be freed on bail.

Cedep also criticized the Malawian authorities for subjecting the two men to forcible anal medical examinations to establish if they had had sex so that they could be charged with sodomy.

The group said such forcible anal examinations, without the men’s consent, contravene the absolute prohibition of torture and other cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment or punishment.

The group says studies show that because of homophobic legislation, gays and lesbians are driven underground making them hard to reach with information that could protect them from HIV/Aids.

Nyasa Times understands there is a network of high-profile people who are involved homosexual acts but afraid to come out in the open due to homophobic legislation.

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72 thoughts on “US envoy urges Malawi to drop charges for gay couple”

  1. Why? That’s why people see that it’s better to turn the East now cos these Americans aaaa

  2. Johnston says:

    You are an ambassador of demons not America. America was created by God do not use it to intimidate people in Africa. Woman you are so demonic in your ideas. Go to hell with your aid if you do not recognise that we are the children of God. The blood of Jesus should be on you day and night to torment all those demons till you repent … you will realise that Jesus reigns in your life more than Obama who sent you… Hellish ideas made the land of Sodom and Gomorrah not to be sown for any business it was so cursed that nothing could grow. May God impoverish the evil banks of America and enrich our beautiful land of Malawi. May he turn the tables of evil men and promote the innocent Malawians who are suffering poverty at the expense of the evil angels. Jesus reign today that the Jezebels may know that you are the same yesterday, today and forever.

  3. pwefu says:

    All organizations supporting gayism, hambly stop existing in Malawi, go to America, otherwise mob justice wil take its course. We will burn your offices guys. America with immediate effect, stop mingling in our affairs as we have never mingled in yours. We run our nation respecting the laws we have, not Your laws as Malawi is not America. I salute my president for upholding our good laws.

  4. Proud Malawian says:

    When will the West stop bullying Malawians? Malawians we need to wake up and recognise that not everything that comes from the West is gospel. We say that we are independent but are we? The West should meddling in our affairs all in the name of goodwill and human rights. Wake up from your slumber, Malawi. We may be independent by name but not in the mindset.

  5. john banda says:

    arrest them in Malawi for its unlawful and release them in USA where its lawful

  6. Malawian Patriot says:

    If this issue is about morality then we as a Nation of Malawi were hypocrites. How many people are doing immoral things in Malawi on a daily basis and are not reprimanded? Jesus said let who has no sin cast the first stone. It applies here. How any people are sleeping around with other peoples’ spouses and are free as of now? I believe that it is wrong in a civilised society for the Police to arrest people in the privacy of their homes unless public safety was at risk. The moral issues are neither here or there. It does not mean that the society has to agree with homosexuality but it can only condemn people who have wronged the society. Where is public safety issue here when two consenting adults were in the privacy of their home. It is also illegal to subject people to examinations without the consents of the courts. Umodzi Party believes that people have a right to remain silent and do nothing until their lawyer is present and the Police have told them their rights in cases of criminal nature. The present case shows how far behind we are with regards to legal issues. our Police should also be professional and they should know their limits. If this issue was done in public, then Umodzi Party would have been the first to throw stones at the gay couples. As the case stands, the Police need to apologise to the gay couple and our government should let then go without any charge so that they can have a merry christmas during this festive season. I am afraid if we do not do this our nation will be a laughing stalk and we will not be taken seriously by the world at large.

  7. Happy Eduardo says:

    On this issue I can tell you Westerners that Malawi will unite and fight you to the end and till the last man drops. Some of us may not like our president but on this issue we shall back him to the end. We can all accept to die with our poverty rather than accepting Ungodly acts in our land. I hope this is clear. You can read for yourself how angry Malawians are with the remarks by the US Ambassador. And to you APM, don’t ever, ever try to release the two male dogs that were having sex in Area 25.

  8. chinkombaleza gumanyundo gowa says:

    Mind you we have our on cultural practices. so don’t force us to do things we don’t want.

  9. obama, m says:

    Virgin Palmer if your mother decided not to allow your father’s shaft to penetrate her, would you have seen this world.What it means here is that you would have not born since your mother’s eggs would not have met your father’s sperms? Then what are you talking about? If you have become weak minded homo with your life to the extent that you do allow same sex mariage and even dog-human bestality then just make yourself disappear.Our elders of africa like Comrade Mugabe do tell us that gay people are worse than dogs. Then you Vagina, what are you talking about? That is rubbish.How many elders should the sons and daughters of Africa listen to? The peace you see in Malawi has been earned from different bases our culture. And you want to break away our culture that have held us together. You are lucky that our no nonsense man,bingu, you would be declared persona nagrata by now. Next time we will use african magic and you will go back to usa in no time.

  10. Goddiea says:

    How can it be unlawful ? In Malawi its lawful but in USA that is unlawful. Mind u the us ambassador, this is Malawi and not USA. We have our own laws! How can u tell Malawi as a country to release offenders unconditionaly and immediately ? Is that wat u were told not to respect other country’s laws in undertaking ur duties? Go naked in our streets and see if our police want arrest you then u will know we have our own laws

  11. Chibale Chatha says:

    We are not run by USA pliz. Respect our system. We don’t want this kind of life style here in Malawi. Period.

  12. Mtundu Wanga says:

    In their bedroom? Who saw them? Apolisi mmalo moti muzigwira abanda akuzunza anthu basi kumataya nthawi ndi za ziii! Mxiii!

  13. TSAMBALIKWA says:

    Mine its just an advise to the gay couple to come and seek for asylum here in South africa, Because the Malawi government doesn’t know what to do on the gay issues, Last time they said no gays will be arrested so what’s this now? Inetu ndiye wanga okondedwa Syabonga ndinampeza kale kuno ku Theba, Very soon will bounce back to Nyasaland with my sweet love Syabonga a Xhosa from Eastern cape, Malaw government just come and make explain your views on gay issue once and for all.

  14. felix muloleni says:

    Malawi is not a Satanist country like the USA and we cannot accept the Americans to run our country .our economy is in shambles because of the aid which the Americans stopped so we can’t listen to them as we got nothing to lose.Our country Malawi is a God fearing country we therefore cannot accept this gay practice as is never happed in real life of God.Americans please leave us alone to run our nation.

  15. rumphi says:

    Not in Malawi. That is a criminal offence so let the law of the land take it’s course.

  16. Billy says:

    Now our poor old Peter Mutharika will have no leg to stand on once the “mighty” USA has squeezed his balls to a pulp! Just like they did to his late brother on Tiwonge and Monjeza. He can make all the noises he wants but at the end he is just as toothless as he actually is when he speaks.

  17. Chamba says:

    The ambassador position is legally flawed. There may be international laws that are contrary to laws of malawi. But at the moment it is not unlawful to arrest someone for gay sex in malawi. Until the law changes, this arrest is lawful. International law does not supersede national laws. If malawi is breaching international laws then international community can and should say something, but it is wrong to describe what happened in malawi by these arrests as being unlawful. Clearly, Malawian law makers have not seen it necessary to change the laws and this is their freedom to do as they have the power to do. Until recently, There were many states in the USA that had laws against gay marriages, and when someone was refused to marry it was not unlawful because the laws prohibited same sex marriages. It would have been wrong for us to condemn the USA for refusing gay marriages because it is an internal matter. The same applies to malawi. Let the USA wait for changes in the law before condemning malawi.
    Otherwise, the law enforcement officers in malawi are duty bound to enforce the law as it stands.



  19. Kandapako says:

    “I dont take deadlines…..” “why are people pressurising my administration…” said Peter Mutharika. Tionetu apa ngati simugonja!

  20. The Most Concerned says:

    Why did the Police arrest these guys in the first place? U shud have let the people man-handle these culprits by Stoning them to death, period! We dnt have a place, not even a prison 4 these Idiots in Malawi…!

  21. Mzozo kununkha says:

    Nyasa times publish the names we want to know those high profiled demons. Mob justice will take its cause if the police releases them…… Tizingowotcha tikagwira…… burn them wipe them out of this country.

  22. Independent Diplomat says:

    kkkkkkkkkkkkk These guys are sick and evil !!!! Satanic so to say.

  23. zimkambani says:

    Are we still a sovereign state? Have our MP’s passed new laws already? For how long are we going to dance to the tune of American? The law seems to be aggressive only on the poor. Malawians wake up and get to your status as a Sovereign state or else you are still under colonial rule.

  24. MO says:

    Virginia Virginia do u remember what your mum went through for you to be alive?have you ever gave birth?

  25. John Chintengo says:

    This is nonsense. You cant tell us on what to do. We are Malawians nd you’re American, therefore don’t take us as unlearned people.

  26. insider says:

    Nyasatimes, I wish you had also reported how this ambassador has been bashed on Facebook for her comments. Not that I support homophobic views but for once I was proud to see malawians tell a donor off. I liked the way people asserted their sovereignty on Facebook. Palmer surely didn’t see this one coming, chamuluma chakuda. And you embassy boys who translate for Palmer, please make sure you get chamuluma chakuda right.

  27. Mzozo kununkha says:

    If this is the reason why you are holding the monies please have them with you. its better to have a moral Malawi with what we have than having your bloody money in the name of gay rights….. to hell with your rubbish.

    on the onset I knew it you sent them for your own ego….. a waist of time mind you America is not Malawi and Malawi is not America…… I would rather ask the police to shoot them or just hang these useless and senseless creatures.

    I hardly understand you demons. You were born from a father and mother right? you are also married to your husbands and wives, true….. then why forcing others to do things you yourselves can not? hypocrites uh. believe you me you motives have been exposed and we individually know what is good or bad. unfortunately you end up using the illiterate to maneuver your goals then you damp them letter. aunt Tiwo and his friend is the set example.

    its true that you have a fat wallet just promote evil through the greedy Doctors, Lawyers, civil society organisations or even the high office. you threaten them to stop funding the government because of this rubbish but let me tell you this little is much When YAHWEH is in it than the FAT wallets from Satan…… once again to hell with your monies. you are not our creator so with or without you we will survive.

    could you please let alone the laws of this land stand out. we are a sovereign state and as such must be respected…

    finally tell your masters to switch of the HAARP machine in Alaska we need the rains here

  28. Malawian says:

    Virginia pls tell who ever told u to utter such notoriuos to our country! Leave Malawi 4 Malawians! this is not America and also tell Obama to devorce his wife and marry G W Bush or Blair so it can be a good xmpl 4 the whole world.U Americans are Devil worshipers so pls leave us alone We Worship only 1 God

  29. Gadabwali says:

    Dziko latha ili basi MULUNGU ali pafupi kudzaweludza.

  30. Ma says:

    Is keeping innocent people at GITMO gor years without charges not a violation of human rights? But homosex arrest where laws of a sovereign country are clear? ???? Double stds wint take you anywhere. ….TRY PUTIN IF YOU HAVE GATS!!!!

  31. they should obey our laws, just like we would obey USA laws when visiting there country

  32. nachithizi says:

    That’s nonsense, mind your own business you people, this is Malawi not Europe. haven’t you done enough to African countries? what do you want from Malawi? get off.

  33. Friend says:

    Honestly , who cares about GAY’s, do we not have more problems in this country, looming hunger, lack of medical facilities/drugs, black outs water shortages , collapsing school systems, the list can go on for long….. why are our police wasting time when there are real thieves carjacking , robbing and killing us. Malawi is a stupid and trivial country with no direction, priorities …. what we have in abundance is stupidity.

  34. George phiri says:

    Hehehe, yakumbuyo yavuta. Anthuwa mwati anakayezedwa kumbuyo?? Mavuto kwabasi. Ndili ine kungosiya zakumbuyozi

  35. Very Concerned says:

    Ku Bomako . Osalola zimenezi. If Malawi is a God fearing country , guided by authorised Holy Books, then don’t accept. Kodi abale anzanga vuto ndi chiani. A woman was created for mans ‘consumption’. What is the problem. Mulungu tu sakukondwera nazo zimene tikuchitazi. Zimenezi zitha kutibweresera mkwiyo woopsa kuchokera wa Ambuye . Taonani mvula sikuyenda bwino, mphepo zamkuntho zagwetsa nyumba zingati m Malawi muno since October, mphenzi zapha anthu angati over the past 1 month. Look at all these issues spiritually and not scientifically. Read Leviticus 18 v 22.

  36. brian says:

    This is total insanity from Virginia Palmer. Don’t you know that its a law in Malawi. I thought America stands for the rule of law?

  37. Hamu says:

    Go to America and F*ck your sister!!!!! And tell your husband to F*ck his brother!!! Go to hell America!!!

  38. True Malawian says:

    Of all the issues we have in Malawi you only have to comment on the unGodly acts supportiing the Gay and Lesbian society in Malawi? you better do a better and thorough research about Malawi you ugly looking man like white american lady.

    If she does’t have anything to comment about please,( much as I know that most white people are dull especially the ladies) it better to keep quiet and make no noise
    we have hunger here, your lame and unsound policies are making Malawians poorer and poorer, you(americans) have started wars all over the globe, Vietnam, Korea, Afganstan,Iraq, Syria, Libya, sierra Leonne, DRC, Angola, Nigeria and Syria.
    we are a GOD fearing nation not an american Fearing Nation

  39. barnaba sila says:

    You Americans, don’t you see that God is judging you for promoting evil in the world when you you were supposed to act as light world for the world? You are where you are today because of your predecessors who were God fearing. Your constitution and currency was based on the Bible. Today you have taken the Bible from your schools. In 2015 you have shown open defiance to God by decriminalizing homosexuality. Mark my words. THIS IS THE BEGINNING OF MAJOR CATASTROPHIES IN YOUR COUNTRY. YOU WILL EXPERIENCE TROUBLE RANGING FROM SCARCITY, TERRORISM, FAMINE AND DEATH BECAUSE OF YOUR ARROGANCE TO GOD AND MANKIND. As Malawians and the rest of Africa we are still God fearing, we cannot condone homosexuality. Yes, we are poor materially, but we are not poor spiritually. We are not as blind as you are, HYPOCRITES! FOOLISH GALATIANS! Have you forgotten that the affluence that is making you mad today came for the Lord Jehovah! Why are you quickly biting the finger that feeds in such a manner. Mark my words, from 2016 onwards you will experience untold miseries unless you repent and acknowledge the Lord Jesus Christ again

  40. Moni says:

    That’s the media for you, it’s always biased to please the white man and his despicable conduct. We have laws and they should be respected regardless of who have broken them. Malawians don’t want this filthy conduct in their country, but this article didn’t include what Malawians wants, but what people who survive through gay money says. GET IT INTO YOUR HEADS THAT, WE MALAWIANS DON’T WANT THESE DEVILS TO CORRUPT OUR CHILDREN. IT’S AGAINST OUR CULTURE, TO HELL WITH THEIR SO CALLED HUMAN RIGHTS!!!!

  41. tchama says:

    arrest of gays unlawful ???????????????????? koma abale tilidi muukapolo ndiumphawi wathuwu eti?????

  42. The Liberals says:

    The supreme law is clear , stop the double dealing people ….state has to deal with state matters , the bedroom matters are moral issues , left to morality

  43. Kamwendo says:

    Stupid whites. They come to us with a bible which tells us how to live a good life. 100years down the line, they bring the homosexual thing thinking that we will just be following their stupidity. Go to hell.

  44. Khwethemu says:

    Za zii. Wasowa zolemba? They shud be punished. Nawenso ndi gay

  45. Yaya kumudzi says:


  46. Fair Malawi says:

    This woman is insane. Malawi has a constitution and America or it’s representative is never supreme to this constitution. Never insult us just because we are poor. We are ok in our poverty. You Western people have deliberately created our poverty the same way you have created ISIS. Why do you always think of helping us where we don’t need your assistance. Ask us if you want to help and we will tell you our real problems. I wish if Bingu was alive. He could have sent you packing last evening.

  47. Kanyimbi says:

    Go to hell with your advice and your money.

  48. M'malawi says:

    indeed they should be released unconditionally. no point arresting pple for consensual sex. ngati anthu awiriwo agwirizana why should it bother the state or anyone? aMalawi let’s be serious. Why are we wasting resources on trivial things? Instead of using our taxes to fight real crime, we are preoccupied with people’s private lives. Shame!

  49. Mwanangwa says:

    We should not be dictated to for the second time. We do not ask the British to change their culture, as such let them leave us alone to determine the wrongs we perceive. I have a strong love for the Queen for who she is and her life. But I have reproach for her: Christian values have fallen out of her hands. The saddest i feel for the British Mother. We thus cannot allow to be colonialized for the second time. I beg to move

  50. Mphwiyo says:

    Holly Ghost Fireeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!! !! !

  51. steve says:

    Umphawi uwu siwabwino. Anthu adziko lina azitiwuza zochita ?Kuno ndi ku Malawi osati USA.

  52. Mphwiyo says:

    God will judge everyone according to what he/she did on this sinful earth.

  53. Sikono mukamwa says:

    39 years and 19 years?? Yho yho yho

  54. muzgawacharo says:

    Stupid American convoy

  55. Alfred Minjo says:

    Who is Palmer by the way to forcibly intervene on Malawian cultural affairs?? Iphani zitsiruzo. Nyamanso zimaganizako. Dziko lapita iri.

  56. Tengupenya says:

    It is the law which must be respected! That is the rule of laws.

  57. Mtumbuka2 says:

    Koma mpakana kumtumbo

  58. DZIKANYANGA says:

    Ndiyetu lamulo la ku Malawi limenero lokhomelela osauka iwo mkumapanga, chitsazo ndi gate in cash akumanga ana akuluakulu Ali duuuuu.

  59. Pat says:

    Hands off Malawi laws you devils. Malawi is much more prosperous than you because they still have the human, Godly form in them, while you are busy worshipping the devil. Just wait because soon we’ll see who is greater

  60. Thanduxolo says:

    Iwe mayi uzitenge bwinobwino zinthuzi! Musatilankhulitse pa khundu. A Trapence ndi ntchito yawo imene amapezera ndalama zapamatako! Bethuna!

  61. Hansou says:

    Putting one’s dick in another man’s asshole is international human rights???

  62. Cheyo the real northerner says:

    You are all stupid, Trapence and Viginia. Iam a police officer and I will keep on arresting your bastard. Very stupid once again.

  63. mapwevupwevu says:

    Tell this stupid woman that in Malawi we do not interfere with the due process of the courts! Mxiii

  64. ManGanya says:

    Malawi is not Gay…. komweko Kubota USA zimenezo. Go kill each other with guns and police brutality.

  65. Koma says:


  66. Alfred Chimenya says:

    This is Malawi and not America may you excuse us please let them rot in jail

  67. mavuto says:

    Nkhani za ma guy ndiye nambala wani kusiya zinthu zofunikira. America is really Mark of the beast. Tizawona tsiku la chiweruzo. God is watching you fools. Who do you think you are?

  68. mavuto says:

    Anthu a Ku America mwayambanso za nthawi ya Bingu vuto lanu ndi chani? Ife sitimalowerera za mmene mumachitira zinthu kwanuko. Kodi mumatiwona kusaukaku. Tapitani ku North Korea, ku China tiwone ngati mukachita fwee. Chithandizo simukutipatsa chonsecho tikamapanga zathu muli gw’ee ng’wee ng’wee usawi chichi. Ndakutoperani…

  69. Chikopa says:

    Kodi aduntuwa (thumbwefu) akuti chani? We are in Malawi where pornography, gay and whatever filth practices are prohibited by Public Demand. Basopu! We can declare you persona non-grata.

  70. Ochewa says:

    What you do in you’re country shouldn’t affect Malawi we have our own constitution and you have yours! Please don’t force us to do what we don’t want to do!

  71. bingu says:

    Did you just say the arrest is unlawful? Which laws are you talking about here? Malawian or American? Would you for once allow us to interpret the law the way we framed it. Know that our laws have a religious connotation to help uphold the morality in our society. This is why our children have better moral behaviors than American children.

  72. The Analyst says:

    From the word go, we knew we had a very big problem in this woman called Palmer. The woman is so commonplace, you wonder she is here for an ambassador.

    Describing the arrest as unlawful is the highest degree of display of lack of understanding of otherwise simple issues and appreciation of existence of a diverse spectrum of cultures hence galaxy of laws. Which laws are you talking about Palmer? The US’ or Malawi’s? Coz as far as we are concerned it is lawful to slap such agents of the devil in guise of men, with a 14-year jail term hence the arrest is lawful.
    Its high time the U.S. learnt to appreciate that it is through diversity that the world is an interesting place to live in. Thus it should learn to respect other countries’ sovereignty, particularly of poor countries. We may be poor but we are not stupid!

    Malawi has a culture whereupon its laws are drawn and you Palmer and your U.S. have a culture n laws also. Thus it is unheard of and uncalled for; for you to just come from the bush and say release them immediately and unconditionally. What are you? You think you are bigger than Malawi? Until the devil takes hold of Malawi through such people as you Palmer, these devilish acts remain unlawful in Malawi. And we are sorry!

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