US welcomes Malawi probe on Ministry of Heath abuse of funds: Kumpalume issues stern warning

Unites States through its Ambassador to Malawi, Virginia Palmer has welcomed the suspension of 63 people at the Ministry of Health (MoH) on suspicion that they embezzled funds from the Centre for Disease Control (CDC).

US Ambassador Virginia Palmer: Bold step to root out corruption in the civil service

US Ambassador Virginia Palmer: Bold step to root out corruption in the civil service

Kumpalume: Jobs on line

Kumpalume: Jobs on line

According to the ministry’s Principal Secretary Macphail Magwira, the 63 people have been sent on forced leave to pave the way for further investigations into millions of kwacha which are believed to be misappropriated.

Commenting on the development, the American Ambassador said “we are hopeful that the audit will identify those responsible and that they will be held fully accountable for the misuse of funds intended to improve the health of Malawian citizens.”

Palmer added: “ The audit will also exonerate those Ministry of Health officials fulfilling their important, life-saving duties with the integrity and commitment which have been the hallmark of Malawi’s public service.”

The American Ambassador said she commend the Minister of Health, Peter Kumpalume, the Chief Secretary George Mkondiwa and Principal Secretary Macphail Magwira “fr taking this bold step to root out corruption in the civil service.”

She stated: “ It is this kind of accountability that will make Public Sector Reform real and Malawi strong and prosperous.”

Jobs threatened

Meanwhile, Minister of Health Peter Kumpalume has warned the 63 civil servants sent on forced leave for abuse of allowances and fuel risk losing their jobs after a final audit report implicates them.

Kumpalume said this after the ministry sent the suspects, who include the director of human resources, the director of finance and chief accountant on forced leave on suspicion of abusing the allowance money and fuel meant for a project.

“They will be fired if they are implicated, that is what the law says,” said Kumpalume who confirmed 63 are on forced leave including drivers.

The minister said the 63 took allowances for trips they never undertook and some people not entitled to the allowances were given, money which was for CDC project, an American funded disease control project.

He could however not say how much was signed off, saying officials from the National Audit office are investigating the matter and the money involved would be known after their report is out.

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23 thoughts on “US welcomes Malawi probe on Ministry of Heath abuse of funds: Kumpalume issues stern warning”

  1. Jimmy Chinthuli says:

    Please go and investigate at the Nutrition Dept how Pensulo Phiri Director of Nutrition and his concubines are eating Project Monies up to the extent of taking a copy typist being a Project Secretary leaving experienced 4 Secretaries. He is referred as OS at the department and is untouchable. Investigate him with Surprise Independent Audits.

  2. Tonde says:

    Am surprised people are against those with MBBS some are even mentioning names of those with MBBS yet the head of human resource is not an MBBS holder so it the director of finance ir may be the drivers have MBBS? Hihihihihihihi

  3. Denguzman says:

    I dont think if Kumpalume and his PS hv not eaten any tambala, let us wait and see. Koma zina ukamva kambanga mwala koma nammaboma a matipatewa all leaders are corrupt.

  4. Abdul al barghadi says:

    come to Mzimba north DHO,,,,see the fuel being misappropriated,,,.

  5. kangandiwamba says:

    Aaash zinthu sizilibwino,Amalawi tidzasintha liti can’t you imagine the scam,swindling monies through dubious in the name of fuel allowance and other ill will.please Mr president sack whosoever found gulty of this and stay paranoid with any public officers,are vulgar and lack compassion to work with.Anthu kunjaku akumati ndinu president wopepera coz you talk much but less action, For you Kumpalume bravo to this and don’t spare Kasungu DHO also require audit.Conniving drugs there with guards has become order of the day,people are suffering due to such abuse of office,enquire them…..

  6. Georges says:

    I would like to request the minister to investigate the DHOs offices in the districts on the usage of funding. U will be shocked that DHOs and their teams give each other up to 15 nights and yet they do not go to the field. Theft in broad day light. Hospitals have shortages of fuel for ambulances of patients, drug shortage and food shortages. However they are never short of allowances. Allowances whereby these guys don’t go to the field. They just share. Almost all the young DHOs literary fail to manage their health facilities. Dr. Kumpalulume and donors and all Malawians would you read the research report written by Prof. Wiseman Chijere Chirwa on what is happening in DHOs and you will cry for our beloved country rot in our health facility. You will be angry and will take action. We need action and more action.

  7. Namlomo says:

    Ku balaka kuli nurse wa mwamuna minyaliwa sanathe 5 years koma has built a house and has cars smagulitsa mankgwala kwa Ma private hospitals. Watch out

  8. patrick says:

    A nduna kumeneko nde kubwera! More fire. I believe the would have been CDC geters ayamba aganiza kawiri b4
    involving themselves in this wicked scum.

  9. Mapwevupwevu says:

    Ma PS akumeneku zikuwakhuza. They should also be sent packing adzikalima nandolo!

  10. Alfred Minjo says:

    Good move the Minister of Health. Again, we hear lots of stories for CHSU, please investigate Deputy Director for TB with his Office Superitendent and see what these Dudes have been doing….ndangodutsamo ine!

    1. Denguzman says:

      Man, ukulimbana ndi anthu oti zawo zinayera kale coz nkhaniyi sindiyaku NTP koma ngati zili nsanje ukagwere uko.

  11. guta says:

    MOH departments do not have good managers except at HQ itself, koma kwinaku zero, CHSU, districts mbola zokha zokha, MBBS degree is just a first degree and can not necessarilly make one a good manager, look into this

  12. Chingwe cha mbuzi says:

    Dr Kumpalume ndi pachanya. Keep it up young man. Clear the mess at the Ministry of Health and we will celebrate with you.

  13. zomwezo says:

    Beware of kumpalume the man is a professional experience in the medics. He is not a medic turned politician who may have hd his fare share. Waponda mwala uyu.

  14. Well done Hon Minister, this kind of action has been missing in Malawi. I have written a number of comments about lack of leadership who can hold those who fail duties accountable. We need just 10 of Kumpalume leadership in this country that would make a hell lot of difference. Most ministers just talk to press and take no action which is silly to say the least. Hon you win my support and do not change tune but finish the job by sacking all those who are found guilty. Please do not spare ‘mwana wa chemwali’ in all this.

  15. blackberry says:

    these people are innocent
    until proved gilty by a court of law. bwana kumpalume please ease down

  16. Sake Chilling says:

    All Ministers should follow suit in their respective ministries- that is if they have guts (for a more non- offensive word).

  17. haward says:

    Ma pharmacist mukuwasiiranji, amapanga connive ndi ma guard mankhwala akutha ndi amenewa moti simukudziwa zowoona

  18. Koma says:

    Inu a Simulemba, you are very right. I really agree with you.

  19. simulemba says:

    Where was the controlling officer in all this. There are 3 PSs Magwira, Mwansambo and Chimwemwe Banda. How then could Magwira exonerate homself from the mess. If indeed the PSs did not know i.e. they never approved the payments then indeed its theft. Chimbwandira cannot head any unit division or department. I am sure there is more to this.

  20. Norman Chilewani says:

    Well done. Investigate them and the truth will come out.

  21. Munyalika says:

    pitami ku malata subsidy mukaone mmene a DPP akubera ndalama uwl be surprised after that go to ministry of local government kuli nyasi zokhazokha its not the end there alot more


    Good move bwana kumpalume. keep it up. Investigate also those who steal drugs from our hospitals

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