Victor Mbewe dies: Malawi ex central bank governor, UDF member

Former Governor of Reserve Bank of Malawi, Victor Mbewe, who was  Economic planning director of United Democratic Front (UDF) has died, the UDF spokesman has confirmed.

Victor Mbewe: Dies -..Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Victor Mbewe: Dies -..Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Mbewe, who was also chairperson of Dorvic Hotel in Blantyre, passed on at SDA Hospital, UDF spokesman Ken Ndanga confirmed to Nyasa Times.

“I regret to confirm that indeed Honourable Victor Mbewe has passed on,” Ndanga said.

“He will be very much missed,” he said.

Mbewe, a commercial banker almost throughout his career, also formerly worked as Managing Director of Standard Bank.

He has also served  in the board of National Insurance Company (Nico) and chairman of the board of directors for state-owned Malawi Savings Bank (MSB).

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39 thoughts on “Victor Mbewe dies: Malawi ex central bank governor, UDF member”

  1. ninja says:

    the great master mbewe,,,,,,,i always adored your life style,,,,may your soul rest in eternal peace

  2. TT says:

    George, please educate us: what do they say what happened before we were born? Coz if it’s true we should all be in a position to agree since we all should have experienced it! The fact that there are different religions with different claims should be enough for any human with half the brains of a chimpanzee to conclude that All religions are man made, all gods (including this one who impregnated a carpenters wife without his (Joseph) consent is fake, made up imaginary etc.

  3. Phi mike says:

    Victor was a gentleman. I shall always remember our long chat in his RBM office. RIP

  4. Kate says:

    Yes am with you shaudu, he was my daddy’s boss @ commercial bank. My dad also died last month. RIP VIctor



  6. Rest in peace it seems that the Mr Mbewe was a gentleman cos we didn’t hear a lot of negativities about him


    May his soul RIP

  8. shaudu says:

    RIP boss anali munthu wabwino nkuluyu kwa anthu omwe agwira naye ntchito atha kundivomeleza am not a udf surpoter but I like him

  9. musisipala says:

    Ulibwino wadyapo pumani ndichuma. Mmanda

  10. yohane Khofi says:

    Pepani a kubanja la Ambewe. I came to know this man when he dubious sold DWS textiles to Mapeto using his powers as CEO of Stanvic Bank with backing by UDF gurus. Nthawi yakwana RIP

  11. He was a true son of Mighty UDF,you will be missed

  12. john banda says:


  13. KULYOLYOPERA says:


  14. George phiri says:

    TT, religion explains what happens before you are born. Your argument shows that you know nothing about religion. You dont have to be religious but you need to read so that you make informed choices. I have had chats with so many non-believers who at the end of the day come to realise that their choices were based on mere emotions. When we say religion we mean christianity, hinduisim, judaisim, islam, budhaisim, Illuminati, masonic, Druids etc. mipingo yonseyi will explain to u what you need to know. Osamangoti fwefwe apa.

  15. mphatso says:

    you said honourable?who is honourable if i may ask?its not the person but rather the position one holds that is honourable hence the tittle when you are holding that office.RIP Victor Mbewe

  16. Malawianmom says:

    A madwala kodi? Nanga Ana osamutengela kulu ku South Africa,for better medical care.
    Rp Victor.

  17. UDF yamala nadi. Prominent people going. Watch out Peter Muthalika as you are in the same zone. Whetheq you still billions, that is how we end. From living in a mansion to a graveyard or human waste dump.

  18. musekanji palibe kanu says:

    you have left a massive structure by the name of Dovic hotel

  19. Alfred Minjo says:

    I don’t understand some of these questions, quote “was he sick?” From the article, we are told that he died at SDA Hospital, what more do we want to know? Maybe funso likanakhala lakuti “what has he died of?” Please folks don’t ask stupid and sarcastic questions here, ndi malirotu awa, zipongwe bwanji!!!. MHSRIEP

  20. TT says:

    Gerald, death is death, the end! It’s very surprising that religion is so sure about where we go next, as if there is evidence for the claims it makes, but it (religion) is very very ignorant about things before birth, why? Why is it that something ( pre birth) remains a mystery to us, yet all of us alive today have passed through it?

  21. Charombanthu says:


  22. Gerald says:

    yes.sad that hes gone.but this should give evry one here a food for thought.we are next on the line.have you made it right with your maker? what everyone needs to know here is that Life one day is going to come to an end,but the good news is that the soul lives on.You need to think very seriously about that because once you die and enter the after life you cant change your destination.You have to think now about where to spend eternity and you have two choices.’HEAVEN OR HELL’

    Receive Christ Jesus as your saviour today inorder to be sure of not losing your soul and going to hell when death way or another we will all die some day.that the appointment noone shall miss.

  23. Chinena says:

    Koma enafe tilimba ngati akupita amene angakwanitse kugula mankhwala? RIP bwana wanga ku Standard Bank

  24. Happy Eduardo says:

    MSB is no longer state-owned inu a Nyasa Times. Do you guys have editors? Please don’t send raw news to the public.

  25. Bololo says:

    RIP Victor. Though you did not have a generous giving hand to your employees you will be missed.

  26. Sure says:

    Was he sick?

  27. MaiMai says:

    Oh so suddenly! Has he been sick? RIP?

  28. Therere says:

    RIP my former CEO at Commercial and Standard Banks

  29. Proof Read says:

    This is sad

  30. chindazi says:

    RIP …..Victor

  31. WOYEEEE says:


  32. MCP????? says:

    RIP Victor!

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