VP Chilima tells opposition to stop finger pointing on Malawi economic malaise

Vice president Saulos Chilima has asked opposition leaders in Malawi to stop finger pointing on the economic problems the country is going through but instead find solutions.

Chilima: Bring up solutions

Chilima: Bring up solutions

Chilima said this Saturday in Zomba during the commemoration of 50 years since the birth of Chilema Ecumenical Centre, a pastoral centre jointly owned by the Anglican and CCAP.

“This finger pointing must stop. We must all work together to find solutions affecting our people,” said Chilima.

His comments come barely days after President Peter Mutharika cancelled his trip to India where he was supposed to attend a high level India Africa summit, citing economic reasons.

The cancellation of the trip came after weeks of fierce criticism from the opposition Malawi Congress Party and Civil Society Organisation leaders who say the President is insensitive to the harsh economic situation in Malawi following his decision to chartering a presidential jet on his foreign trips costing the tax payer a whopping K300m a trip in some cases.

But Chilima, who did not name the opposition leaders, challenged them to bring their economic solutions on the table than making mere political rhetoric.

He said pointing political fingers at Mutharika will not yield anything for the people of Malawi than anxiety.

Chilima’s view was shared by head of Anglican Church in Malawi Vita Malasa who said it was the responsibility of everyone to work with the government to find solutions to problems facing Malawi.

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Generally a china Mutharika ndi anthu a nkhanza, zoona VP ndi VP basi kumangomutuma “a chimwene kwagwa maliro ena, mukandiimirenso” koma ku SADC ndi ku AU, ndizipita ndekha, zikomo kwambiri! zikomo kwambiri!


Mwana akalilira nyanga ya nsatsi musemele Kuti imufotele yekha. Munakakamiza kuLowa boma ndiye ndilimenelo likukwaneni as aaaaaaaah musova

Apa zayang’ana ku dazibomu. O chilima be objective and stop burying your head in sand. DPP is lies and you seem to join the bandwagon. There is no truth and genuineness in the small talk that you gave here as far as DPP is concerned. The nepotism – will bring DPP down. You get people in positions that are busy and going to any length to applaud and support stupidity. People that think when you win elections – albeit ????? you have a licence to govt resources. They can not push the required agenda ( in this case since there… Read more »
Mirella K

Chilima, m’phwanga umaona ngati dziko ndi Airtel yeti, anthu azingoti ‘Yeah bwana, yes boss’….koma iweeee!


I don’t support DDP bt the VP is unique person with skills of leadership


A Chilima mumangoziwa kubela ma voti basi .Repent first then You can ask God to give you wisdom to run the government. Otherwise mufa ndi ma cardiac arrests

mulamu pelekani@gmail.com
Mr VP Chilima you too may be has tried to use your experience of airtel good business but failled. Do you tell Malawians that these gurus in DDP listen to advise? If it was that easy why Peter shoulted people who told him about huge number of people going o UN and how expensive it has costed Malawi. What advise d people or oppositio. Should give? Your government only listen to those who are in the party and wakumba. Or kunyengelela APM. You are a good young educated man come from business. I am sure you could do better than… Read more »
Captain Mediocrity
Number 60, which donors think they rigged the election? Osamangoyankhula without facts or evidence. If you were a journalist bwenzi nawenso ukuvutika ndima 5 mita okalipila in damages. Azungu amene mukuwakambawo nawonso anatulutsa report yawoyawo, it is on the net and was compiled by THE EU (EUROPEAN UNION) OBSERVER MISSION. KAWELENGE, MAKAMAKA IWEYO NUMBER 60. Malawians just talk without facts, za miseche basi!!! The call for them to come to the table and bring constructive ideas is actually a part of their job description; to debate and ensure that the policies serve us as Malawians in the best way possible.… Read more »
Aubrey Yemweuja

I concur with Mr Chilima, most critics in Malawi are perfectionists when it comes to disparaging others but they do not suggest ways of curbing the problems. Its high time since Malawians started playing dirty politics, and it is not too afternoon for us to wake up from our slumber. Let us wake up and arrest the sickness tangling our nation…..

Yohane patrick super

Ine monga mmodzi wa DPP ndikut zinthuzi zinakhota kalekale ndiye kut muziongole inu a Mutharika ndiolemekezeka a Chilima muthyola, mmalo mwake zisiyeni nansongole nd tirigu zikulire limodzi tidzaona kholola, bola ufulu tiri nawo.

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