VP Chilima tells opposition to stop finger pointing on Malawi economic malaise

Vice president Saulos Chilima has asked opposition leaders in Malawi to stop finger pointing on the economic problems the country is going through but instead find solutions.

Chilima: Bring up solutions

Chilima: Bring up solutions

Chilima said this Saturday in Zomba during the commemoration of 50 years since the birth of Chilema Ecumenical Centre, a pastoral centre jointly owned by the Anglican and CCAP.

“This finger pointing must stop. We must all work together to find solutions affecting our people,” said Chilima.

His comments come barely days after President Peter Mutharika cancelled his trip to India where he was supposed to attend a high level India Africa summit, citing economic reasons.

The cancellation of the trip came after weeks of fierce criticism from the opposition Malawi Congress Party and Civil Society Organisation leaders who say the President is insensitive to the harsh economic situation in Malawi following his decision to chartering a presidential jet on his foreign trips costing the tax payer a whopping K300m a trip in some cases.

But Chilima, who did not name the opposition leaders, challenged them to bring their economic solutions on the table than making mere political rhetoric.

He said pointing political fingers at Mutharika will not yield anything for the people of Malawi than anxiety.

Chilima’s view was shared by head of Anglican Church in Malawi Vita Malasa who said it was the responsibility of everyone to work with the government to find solutions to problems facing Malawi.

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80 thoughts on “VP Chilima tells opposition to stop finger pointing on Malawi economic malaise”

  1. KARU UNITED says:

    Generally a china Mutharika ndi anthu a nkhanza, zoona VP ndi VP basi kumangomutuma “a chimwene kwagwa maliro ena, mukandiimirenso” koma ku SADC ndi ku AU, ndizipita ndekha, zikomo kwambiri! zikomo kwambiri!

  2. atros says:

    Mwana akalilira nyanga ya nsatsi musemele Kuti imufotele yekha. Munakakamiza kuLowa boma ndiye ndilimenelo likukwaneni as aaaaaaaah musova

  3. Saiziyakana says:

    Apa zayang’ana ku dazibomu. O chilima be objective and stop burying your head in sand. DPP is lies and you seem to join the bandwagon. There is no truth and genuineness in the small talk that you gave here as far as DPP is concerned.
    The nepotism – will bring DPP down. You get people in positions that are busy and going to any length to applaud and support stupidity. People that think when you win elections – albeit ????? you have a licence to govt resources. They can not push the required agenda ( in this case since there is none but plunder) may be they are able to push the plunder agenda a little too far.
    Look at what MBC employees are engaged in – hate – hate and misinformation. How can we Malawians collectively operate with the stupidity at MBC??. The wankers at MBC are too glaring for you and your boss to ignore and tolerate.
    Look at the mismanagement at MEC – you smile at that then say let us find solution. Are you and your boss really ok?
    What agenda are you driving for the opposition to assist? Plunder?
    As long as donors do not give aid – (I remember DPP saying ma donors are the problem and Malawi does not need them) there is very little money to steal and DPP with its plunder agenda goes ahead to steal even the little – you are not going to be able to hide no matter the lies you spread.
    Just feel sorry for Malawians and start implementing broad based economic development programmes and things will get better for DPP and Malawians – propaganda and lies will not work this time. Tell your DPP thick heads that nepotism and lies does not develop a country – you will be lying to and among yourselves. Go run and deliver the message or resign for the opposition to correct the mess. Mind you – you are paid for mooting and implementing a solution to the economic malaise and you can not shift that responsibility.

  4. Mirella K says:

    Chilima, m’phwanga umaona ngati dziko ndi Airtel yeti, anthu azingoti ‘Yeah bwana, yes boss’….koma iweeee!

  5. fyolo says:

    I don’t support DDP bt the VP is unique person with skills of leadership

  6. vilili says:

    A Chilima mumangoziwa kubela ma voti basi .Repent first then You can ask God to give you wisdom to run the government. Otherwise mufa ndi ma cardiac arrests

  7. Mr VP Chilima you too may be has tried to use your experience of airtel good business but failled. Do you tell Malawians that these gurus in DDP listen to advise? If it was that easy why Peter shoulted people who told him about huge number of people going o UN and how expensive it has costed Malawi. What advise d people or oppositio. Should give? Your government only listen to those who are in the party and wakumba. Or kunyengelela APM. You are a good young educated man come from business. I am sure you could do better than APM. Peter he has to please his loyalities. People who was there for his brother. It is not about politics but kutandizana. I wish there was what you say VP. Your bosse does not like critics. He hit back on people who criticize him for good. Listen to idiots.

  8. Captain Mediocrity says:

    Number 60, which donors think they rigged the election? Osamangoyankhula without facts or evidence. If you were a journalist bwenzi nawenso ukuvutika ndima 5 mita okalipila in damages. Azungu amene mukuwakambawo nawonso anatulutsa report yawoyawo, it is on the net and was compiled by THE EU (EUROPEAN UNION) OBSERVER MISSION. KAWELENGE, MAKAMAKA IWEYO NUMBER 60. Malawians just talk without facts, za miseche basi!!!

    The call for them to come to the table and bring constructive ideas is actually a part of their job description; to debate and ensure that the policies serve us as Malawians in the best way possible. This view you have of parties and the loyalty you so brazenly show on this site is the reason why when any party comes into power, we create little gods of their leaders. Wake up and see that these political battles don’t benefit the rest of us who are not in these over glorified club houses you call political parties.

  9. Aubrey Yemweuja says:

    I concur with Mr Chilima, most critics in Malawi are perfectionists when it comes to disparaging others but they do not suggest ways of curbing the problems. Its high time since Malawians started playing dirty politics, and it is not too afternoon for us to wake up from our slumber. Let us wake up and arrest the sickness tangling our nation…..

  10. Yohane patrick super says:

    Ine monga mmodzi wa DPP ndikut zinthuzi zinakhota kalekale ndiye kut muziongole inu a Mutharika ndiolemekezeka a Chilima muthyola, mmalo mwake zisiyeni nansongole nd tirigu zikulire limodzi tidzaona kholola, bola ufulu tiri nawo.

  11. akusipikana says:

    Surprise surprise surprise! A VP kani mulipo? Inu mudzingolimbikira mmidzi momwemo basi. Nanga a bwana anu amakuwerengerani ngati? Ask your president/boss to send you on a learning mission like Zambia mukawonere zomwe anzanu akuchita to develop their country. Let the opposition criticize Kay that can help a little bit to put some sense into your heads. Dziko lakulakani kulamulira. Tikulira njala matenda, imfa, zinthu kukwela mitengo. Mwazi wa anthu uli pamutu panu. You rigged the election to make people suffer. What a shame. Please God help us.

  12. Honeycomb Chidyauzu says:

    What more solutions do you need. They advise you not to travel with the whole village to the UNGA and you start banging tables blagging that you were already a millionaire when you bacame president. Intelligent people take advice but we don’t see this in the DPP
    admistration. You might be the only intelligent one.

  13. innocent says:

    chakwera zoona kusiya ntchito ya mulungu kuthangila ntchito ya ziko,ayi sunayambe bwino mwana wa kwathu sorry very much.

  14. sikusinja says:

    I thought when people try to bring solutions you start banging tables. How many times have people suggested the subsidy is a drain on resources. Its a political too and not a national development tool. Now you have Malata and cement subsidy? Why not subsidise the malata companies and cement manufafturers. In turn, these companies will boost productivity, create employment and people can buy their own malata and cement at affordable prices. But we have a poor government that knows nothing about job wealth creation and job creation. Just political rhetoric.

  15. Therere says:

    campaign ended in 2014, now let us focus on developing our nation,

  16. Patrick Phiri says:

    We have people with good advice; the likes of Henry Kachaje, DD Phiri and many more. Govt needs to be open and ask for genuine advise and not political advice.

  17. zuma says:

    what is this mr deputy prez ? I dont recall to having a govt of nation unity …so why dont you juz anounce you are incapaciteted and overwhelmed and there and only then we can have fresh heads to help us. #pleaseStepDown

  18. MLOMWE says:

    If you want the opposition to bring solutions then you and your boss must resign for the positions and let them in.Kikikikikiki BOMA LAKUKANIKANI A CHILIMA ZINAZI KUMAVOMEREZA

  19. Eye Witness says:

    White people use logic and intelligence in sorting out issues..but Malawians lack logic and intelligence when sorting issues. Number one issue is; Donors Will hardly support us fully because logically and intellectually DPP chased UK ambassador to Malawi, Number two;DPP Shot dead protesters; Number three DPP Rigged Elections rendering it illegitimate. To poor Malawians we thought we changed government but to an intelligent person like the White people operate, we changed nothing but bringing in the haters of Democracy which is DPP.Azungu angopitiliza pomwe anasiyira ndi Malemu Bingu because this is the same DPP.

  20. amuna mizada says:

    Vomerezani kuti zakuvutani then mavuto onse azatha. Boma in malawi what they know is defending their mistakes or failures coz of mantha woluza nthawi ya election. Shame on malawi. Thats y we have been saying we neeed to change the ideas the govt has know the importance of the opposition.

  21. Teach me Teacher says:

    What a waste! Politics? Results based performance management yakanikatu apa! Are these people not paid to manage the economy? Is that not what made them get voted into the job? Protestant churches who have abandoned their prophetic calling like to bribe and prop up poloticians. It’s a pity. Tell us about ecumenism, what Chilema has achieved in 50 years and what your ultimate vision fot the next 50 yrars is.

  22. Malawi ndiwabwino ? says:

    Once everyone is quiet then the economy will impove. So stop finger pointing and noise we are scaring economy of the nation.

  23. Chemwali chimwene says:

    Maybe the vice president’s position is not needed in our government. Dr Chilima, what do you do to earn your salary and benefits? We need to cut on unnecessary spending, that will start with your position. The minister of external affairs can do your job, it is already happening.

  24. Mwethu says:

    Mr VP we have always looked up to you to bring a new dimension to the way politics is done in Malawi so I just say don’t lose your focus. We know you are being sidelined by the president on critical national matters that needs you to attend other than the same grouping people that the president favours but calm down, the presidency is yours come 2019.
    The whole Malawi knows you are a capable youngman, you showed your capabilities in the private sector and even heading the biggest mobile phone company in the country, you don’t need to speak trash about your opponents at all.
    Remember that the old man has no relation whom he can pass the button stick to, so most likely there will be a scramble among his fellow tribes men. You might wish to know that not all his tribesmen are happy with the nepotism and tribalism that is openly being practiced and also just a few individuals seem to have had a tight grip on HE, so when it comes to a natural successor you win hands down, just play your cards right and avoid antagonising the people of Malawi. Practice sober politics all the way. Already certain sections of the cabinet have high regard for your level headedness at that tender age so don’t disappoint them by going into dirty and mudslinging politics that you released at this function.
    You were a God chosen candidate because never in a thousand years did any Malawian or let alone opposition see it coming, so don’t disappoint God.
    All I can ask of you is to revamp your advisors, I don’t think taking in friends can help you, spread your choices and rope in seasoned politicians as well as businessmen as your advisors in that way you will gain a wealth of experience and surely they will advise you in the best possible way how to walk the political landscape.

  25. KALULU says:


  26. concerned citizen says:

    Thanx Dr. VP for inviting other ppl to bring suggestions of reconstructing Malawi. Some ppl with weak minds think that Malawi can be reconstructed by one person only.
    This has been seen by what our Parliament has done- buying expensive cars at time when Malawi is in economic travail.
    Bola a president akayenda amakatipezerako timakhobidi, koma enawa angoononga. Kodi a MCPwa (Speaker +Leader of Opposition) akadzalowa m’boma, adzalabadila mavuto a wanthu?

  27. i miss kamuzu says:

    i sometimes feel sorry for this young man. he’s so bright but so underutilised. his juniors are meeting presidents and prime ministers all over the world but all he attends are religious events, golf tournaments and football matches. please start networking now bwana. many look up to you.

    1. daniel phiri says:

      Iyeyo DPP samaidziwa? Anafuna yekha. In DPP’s pecking order he is lower than Chaponda (the de facto VP; as APM himself was during Bingu’s time), Mwanavenkha and Goodall. If APM had his way SKC would be riding MG 5, instead of MG 2. SKC was used like a political condom, now he is no longer required. This should be a cautionary tale to other young professionals: Never trust politicians, better stick to what you enjoy doing otherwise you will end up attending endless golf tournaments and church events!

      However, not all is lost. SKC can still turn things around by sticking to his principles, instead of parroting the average DPP “leader”. He can turn the tables on his being sidelined by being the lone voice of reason in DPP – it will pay off in the end. Even in the days of Kamuzu we had a minister who refused to join the band wagon. He was a lecturer from Chancoll. While other MCP ministers would castigate the opposition with gusto, this gentleman would simply ask people to plant more trees!. When MCP was kicked out in 1994, he quietly went back to Chancoll to continue lecturing…

  28. Sapitwa says:

    Some people think that the solution to economic bail out is by speeding the cashgate cases, and prosecute all not selectively. They think this could have been completed by now and Donors could have resumed Aid. To me this is not a quick win solution to who ever would be a President today. It is a long process period.

    For some of us, the best solution to this country would be:
    1. We must all admit that a Government is broke.
    2.Then Government should tighten its budget and not allow any unnecessary spending: taking people to UN, buying Cars to people that have already cars, unnecessary meetings at the Lake Malawi etc.
    3. Speed up the process to check if those people on the payroll are indeed government employees. This can quickly be done? Some people have reached retirement age but still working. Offload them.
    4. Get your spending right .

    Mr VP, these are issues we that most of us Citizens know that you are failing us.

    1. a sapitwa imeneyo argument? koma opposition yanu munakhwimila eti? VP akuti ino sinthawi yolozana chala koma kuti tonse titengepo mbali potukula dziko lino. a sapitwa ur claim ndi red herring fallacy,don’t divate issues here. ..ungamve?

  29. James kotoki says:

    Did the DPP work with PP?

  30. Nya says:

    In other words what you are saying means MCP Ilowe boma ipeleke ma solution inu zakukanikani patukani

  31. Eugene says:

    Akuti find solutions, mmesa ndinu government? You were elected to do a job. If you are unable then STEP DOWN! This is the problem with stealing an election iyaa!!

  32. CONGO MAFIA says:

    What is 50 years of the birth of Chilema ecumenical centre has to do with politics? No wonder Malawi is at the bottom of the table on world classification. How the whole vip is not happy at the opposition to speak of rconomical malaise? Do you expect them to clap hands for you when a single Panadol tablet is missing at major hospital while the president is gavalanting the globe with tax payers money. You must beout of your senses.

  33. Mawa says:

    The problem of listening to NIB spying detail. You seem to lack any meaningful facts to warrant your outburst. Please be sober and play your politics like an educated man. Please do not allow NIB to inflate you with hatred,….

  34. Mathanyula says:

    The only difference is that you are paid by our t ax payers money to find solutions. That is your job to do that. All we are doing is our God given right to hold our leaders accountable. Please tell your boss to stop throwing tantrums and banging tables like a two year old. That performance was NOT called for especially from a head of state. We are the electrolate and we demand respect!!!! We are not going to do your job. If you cut me your pay check then we can talk.

  35. Dambudzo Mwasanya says:

    I thought you said you had all the solutions for Malawi’s problems with your mtchona friend tearing a green card on the podium.Malawians are waiting for your sweet coated promises otherwise mulimva kuwawa dziko la Malawi.Amalawi atopa ndi kunamidzidwa.They are feeling the pangs of poverty by a few greedy politicians who are just there for self enrichment.

  36. Haya says:

    Bwana Chilima. What we are saying is that yoour govt must listen. It does not help to talk of such am issue at an irrelevant event like the one you attended. You needed to concentrate your speech on how gby will work with the church in upflifibg economic status of us all. People need money in their pockets..that’s the economic principles we need. The opposition has all along offered solutions both in parliament and outside. Please stop taking advantage of Malawians most of whom cannot read and write. Mwapulika bwana?

  37. Watcher 30 says:

    Chilima you lied with your friend Pitala that you would be the solution to the economy for the impoverished Malawi.You did what what you could do to get into that position.Work on the problems and find the solutions before the anger of Malawians blows up.Does Dpp listen to the opposition?You have found that the situation has reached the uncontrollable level and you are looking for solutions and wisdom from the opposition.Muisova simunati.You think running govt is endless Mapwevupwevu.Muonenge vimwekumweku.

  38. chadzunda says:

    Saulo!saulo! why are you contradicting yourself in the same speech?At one point you say “wa pa kaliyala sapalasa”meaning the opposition and CSOs should have no say in govt activities then you say the opposition should bring in solutions to our economic woes. Which is which now Saulo? Just concentrate on strategising on how you can become relevant to DPP because currently we can see from far that you are being treated like an outcast in DPP.

  39. fitsoni says:

    Vacant minds. Banana republic. Political wankers.

  40. Kamuna says:

    A chilima wy u promise without fulfiling? Salary for c. Servants are like for labourers? Dont forget that parents send their children to school to benefit since Malawi is devlping mation where there is high dependence of parents $ relatives. Pamene inu masalary mumaziikira ulere. Muziwe kut udindo wanu umadarira anthu wamba kut utetezeke, ndi vote lathu. For instance, HSAs in ministry of health play a very big role to eradicate Polio, TB ,measles, malnutrition through imunisations and health talks. They also conduct alot of health activities like f.p, c.c.m, v.c.t, water hygiene $ sanitation promotions. You cant recognise this carder? Only urselves to eat $ fatten with ur children, its devilish. 2019 sipatali ayi. Sure c. Servamts cant reach even K100,000. Bola JB Wathu, amatimverako chison. Zachokera kut izi. Ayi chizaziwe nchipande poomola, 2019. Talira ife koma. Tikulephera ndi kulipira rent. But up there ynu seat in ur arm chairs waiting reports from a hungry worker. Thus satanism. Please Dr. Chilima reform shud not punish junior workers. To you all politicians!!!.

  41. Bwantasa says:

    Your party was voted into power to offer solutions…people are criticizing the fact that you dont have any solution…palibeponso zopemphana likasa apa..ndinu anzeru muli ndi ma phd ..a cyprus mu chipani mwanunso alipo

  42. Zakeyo says:

    You are in power, sir! Find solutions and the opposition will provide checks and balances to make those solutions effective!! Simple!! If you can’t find solutions, move out and leave the driving seat to the opposition!!

  43. Weatherwise says:

    So should the DPP stop wasting our time pointing fingers at cashgate because by now they should have found a way out! The responsibility to find solutions primarily lies with government and not the opposition

  44. fitsoni says:

    If the opposition brings their solutions to the table then they will be doing your job Chilima for which u r being paid lavishly to do. You and DPP will then need to resign and make way for the new ideas guys. Not so memba?

  45. amuna mizada says:

    How can one contribute/assist someone who is not open or disclose his or her problem. First of all every party has its own manifestal and the party in government always have the chance to benefit other party’s ideas. The problem in our country is we are still practicing childish politics than other countries in Africa. Malawi after 5 yrs you can’t really point out chitukuko chenicheni this is so due to lack of vision of our leaders than they dont want to learn / implement what they see in other countries and they want is to eat money’s and doing politics / campaigning for next election instead of ruling or doing their campaign by implementing whatever they have been promising to their pple. A malawi tiyeni tisiye ndale zonyoza amene anali pampando kale / kudelera zipani zotsutsa. Nthawi ino ndiyachitukuko osati ndale or campaign. What is needed to solve out problems is first to accept that you are in problem and the government doesn’t want to accept and want others to contribute what.? Shame on you guys. . If you accept that zativuta immediately the solution is ther ndithu. Olakwa ndifeyo pokukuikani m’boma. Chidzaona mchipande poomola.

  46. william says:

    Its not rensposability of the opposition to create economy of malawi is not there time yet! The time of campen is over chilimba and his budy must just work hard to to change things around to what they promis ppl of this country, that they will be no hunger if they vote for them on power. Stop denying the truth if u see that the plan doesn’t work go back to ppl tell them that u have failed them that’s it!

  47. pel says:

    It is actually his party that always points figures at PP instead of taking responsibility. Or Chilima is telling us that he doesn’t listen to MBC to notice the shameful propaganda promoted by the state? 1.5yrs and you are still blaming JB, what a shame!

  48. Mayi says:

    Oposition or inene zolakwika za boma, a boma samamva. A boma amadelera osutsa too much.

  49. mtumbuka weniweni says:

    Exactly mr vice president.

  50. peter says:

    Chilima should have told his camp to start listening. A lot of Malawians of good will have been advising this government but it does not take opposing views. The best cases are MSB saga, NAC gate, unwillingness to deal with k577bn, even during last budget session they were very arrogant. To me it is unfair to ignore all these advice and start telling people that the opposition always finger point government. Kimanso this is what DPP was doing when JB was struggling with economy.

  51. amuna mizada says:

    How can one contribute/assist someone who is not open or disclose his or her problem. First of all every party has its own manifestal and the party in government always have the chance to benefit other party’s ideas. The problem in our country is we are still practicing childish politics than other countries in Africa. Malawi after 5 yrs you can’t really point out chitukuko chenicheni this is so due to lack of vision of our leaders than they dont want to learn / implement what they see in other countries and they want is to eat money’s and doing politics / campaigning for next election instead of ruling or doing their campaign by implementing whatever they have been promising to their pple. A malawi tiyeni tisiye ndale zonyoza amene anali pampando kale / kudelera zipani zotsutsa. Nthawi ino ndiyachitukuko osati ndale or campaign.

  52. Chiwemi says:

    True bwana VP nabola John Tembo would suggest alternatives. Achakwera kwao ndi kulankhula chizungu cha amerikan accent koma solution olo imozi alibe.

  53. Telling the Truth says:

    I am surprised with what Chilima is saying. It is the duty of opposition parties to criticise the ruling political party when they are messing up the economy. Inu a Chilima ndi DPP yanu you said you have the solutions. Have you failed? Solutions are always proposed but you do not take them on board.

  54. DOBO says:

    When things are Ok, its the ruling Party which claim the responsibility but when things are not Ok, the responsibility is shifted to the people or opposition. The issues of over population is not new. The economic problems now has nothing to do with over population and responsibility have to be shared not only in bad times but also in good times .Let us thank God for both both bad and good things.When you claim all good things to be yours , claim also bad things when they come.

  55. Mbiri says:

    Koma zoona a Chilima mudziphatikabe kwa anthu awawa? Tinkayesa muli ndi plan koma zayamba kuophya! Mufera dyela angoni.

  56. chatonda says:

    You are very young to start messing up with your career bwana

  57. guguh says:

    But didn’t Chaponda from DPP point fingers at PP as the reason why there is no progress so far?? ” PP left a mess” is what he said.that was last week!!!!

    Infact SKC is pointing a finger by saying that.. He should have said “let’s bring our ideas on the table to see the best way we can move forward rather than blaming eachother regardless of which party you represent”

  58. M'Malawi Weniweni says:

    I find the argument that those who point out problems should bring solutions to government unreasonable. If opposition was to give its solution to government, two things will happen:
    (1) If will show that government has failed and relies of opposition for solutions;
    (2) Ruling party will perpetually stay in government as the opposition’s best solution would have been handed over.
    It is like asking your competition to solve your business problems

  59. Patriot says:

    So do you mr. Saulosi wasochera Sir.
    I hate DPP

  60. The Analyst says:

    A question or two for the VP

    When you, APM and the DPP were campaigning for that office, did you not tell us that you have the solutions to the economy’s quagmires? What is this you say now that come up with solutions? Are you admitting that you have failed? Or you want to tell us you were just cheating when you said you had the solutions? Cheating the whole nation? Do you know that this is treason? Ask Dausi, he will tell you.

    Mr VP, cant your eyes look at someone and know that that someone is sick? Does it mean that you are a doctor and can heal him/her? People can point out problems even if they don’t have solutions. And you are just showing a lack of appreciation here. How many times have people told you and your govt to start living the austerity you have forever preached, among many things? You have closed up your ears and chosen not to listen! And now you blame them?

    Okkkkk, you think that you will be in government and do nothing but tend to your beards and someone will come up with solutions to the ills of the economy? No! Now listen . . .

    “Change will not come if we wait for some other person . . . . We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.” – Barack Obama.

    You are the ones in govt, find solutions! Or open up your ears and take advice or just disappear! Simple!

  61. Chakwanuleka says:

    Some of these excuses are quite laughable. For instance what solutions does DPP expect to get when it secretely mobilises kinsmen to go to America and everyone gets to know about it becoz of leaked documentation. Mr. VP dont sound ad if the things your government is doing are done out of ignorance. You pretty know the correct way of doing things but choose to take the wrong path. More often than not, your government refuses to take advice from opposition. What did you say when the opposition punched holes on the budget. Until IMF said FISP is draining too much of the countrys resources, DPP was all over the place swearing that it cannot listen to anyone on FISP and Goodall Gondwe was on the forefront on this one.

  62. Kenkkk says:

    I agree finding economic solutions to our troubled economy is the duty of all Malawians but the dpp leadership are not listening when people point their mistakes.

    By the way the president cancelled the India meeting just because he is waiting for the more lucrative uk trip. He should cancel the uk trip as well because that would be even more expensive to tax payers than the India trip. Just wait and see.

    By the way why was the vp not sent to India? Chaponda, chaponda everywhere, why? Being greedy with allowances monopolisation?

  63. Gonelamoto says:

    Mr Chilima it’s nice you have joined real Malawian politics of stupid thinking and full of mediocrity. Malawian politicians only know how to destroy the little we have left and build nothing except lies. Malawians will only stop pointing fingers at the rulers the day they cease to be rulers. Good rulers know how to differentiate reasonable finger pointing worthy responding to and mundane finger pointing. Mr. VP you are the only sane person in DPP this far but you are now showing signs of sliding into the abyss of mediocrity. Dr. SKC help your party urgently look at how they are trying to turn purchase of vehicles by Parliament as a national issue. Parliament has spent within its budget lines and as allocated in the national budget of 2015/16. DPP, this could be an issue if this expenditure was outside the 2015/16 approved budget. I think DPP is lacking clever strategists. This strategy can’t trivialize the UN and jet chartering extravagance. It won’t sway Malawians attention to state extravagance in the midst of deepening poverty. By sending 5 cabinet ministers instead of the Vice President I don’t see how we are saving our meagre resources.

  64. kkk lero kufuna a opposition? Zithu zavutadi eti! Baba mdani sumauza chinsinsi. Mukufuna muwabeleso mzeru? Lero nyanga yansatsi anasema mbendera ija yayamba kufota etii

  65. Happening Boy says:

    Chilima, don’t join the foolish approach your boss uses. I thought you are smart. Firstly tell your government not to point figures at PP other than finding solutions to current situation. Opposition had given you several options which you have failed to take them on board, what else do you want them do.As an economist yourself, help your president.

  66. wo says:

    Chilimaaaaal mesa inu ku dpp mumati ndinu madolo pano mukufuna zelu ya ku oposition mmmmm. ndale samatelo kuti ife tikupatseni zelu kenako muziwoneka ngati mumatha. sorry just continue with your nonses and mess up or show malawians kuti mumatha. for us is not mere political rhetoric noooooo we have the solutions just resign and you will how capable we are.

  67. learnedmi says:

    MK300 million for chartered jet.
    MK300 million for Msowoya and Chakwera vehicles.
    Kupikisana kutafuna ndalama za misonkho.

  68. Achimidzimidzi says:

    I thought NIB is saying opposition parties and CSOz want to overthrow your government?
    Ndiye mudzangwira bwanji ntchito ndi ma rebels?

    Palowa njoka apa.

  69. Nyaphapi says:

    The problem is not lack of solutions, but rather lack of political will on the part of APM and DPP to implement them. In a situation like this you reduce your expenses and increase your revenue. On expense reduction, just to give a few examples, this government is reluctant to suspend senseless subsidies, reduce obscene executive allowances, or fire presidential advisers who are frankly just a waste of space. On increasing revenue, it is simply a question of Government investing in appropriate infrastructure to support businesses, principally through increased power generation even if it is through massive diesel generators.

    SKC himself has halved his VP convoy (although it is still excessive by European standards). Why can’t his boss do the same?

    There are many useful solutions that have been suggested by Malawians who love their country; the problem is that APM, SKC and their party are too arrogant to listen. They think that if they keep saying “bring forward solutions” the problem will go away on its own. It won’t, instead it will keep increasing…

  70. Few good men says:

    Palibe angakupatseni solutions musove nokha.

  71. Alex Likoswe says:

    Admitting that you have failed angoni





  73. Andrew says:

    The opposition hsnt done anything wrong bt ur dpp taking pple for granted, imagine patient kumagona ndi njala nzipatala mulibenso mankhwala. Apa mukuti ofuna kulemera apite ku private sector chonsecho zinthu zikukwela daily koma salary mukuti isakwele

  74. losco says:

    Can u expect any justice from someone running away from God’s work and start dirt game of politics? Let’s wait and see who will help you to ascend to presidency. I mean u Lazaro.

  75. Mangochi says:

    Instead of telling people about Christ u r campaigning

  76. Mangochi says:

    Zachamba basi

  77. Mangochi says:

    Kodi munapita campaign or what? You entered into the government through the back door do you think God can bless that?

  78. Malawiyano says:

    Saulos , don’t forget that your boss Peter was telling the nation to have him sworn in fast as a president so that he could sort out things which went wrong during JB’s two years presidential rule ,what is it that you are telling nation today ?

    Tell Malawians that you have failed completilly rather than keeping us waiting for the worst to happen.

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