VP’s wife Chilima give new moms festive cheer at Bwaila Hospital

Malawi Vice President’s wife, Mary Chilima, on Tuesday gave an early  Christmass treat to new maternity wing patients at Bwaila Hospital in Lilongwe where she went to cheer up the sick and also donated assorted items.

VP’s wife cheers the sick

VP’s wife cheers the sick

Madam Chilima carries a new born baby during her visit at Bwaila Maternity Wing in Lilongwe-Pic. by Abel Ikiloni

Madam Chilima carries a new born baby during her visit at Bwaila Maternity Wing in Lilongwe-Pic. by Abel Ikiloni

Chilima shared a hamper to patients containing soap, biscuits, Sobo and sugar, among other items.

“As we celebrate the birth of  Jesus Christ, its very important that we also consider those who will not have time to be with their families due  to some problems,” said Mrs Chilima.

“As you know this is Christmas time, we thought of celebrating it with the sick, hence the donation,” she added.

Mrs Chilima said emphasized the need for Malawians to have a giving heart.

Lilongwe District Health Officer Dr Mwawi Mwale hailed Mrs Chilima for the donation, saying they were “very grateful.”

Mwale said: “There are a lot of facilities she could have visited but we are very happy that she selected Bwaila Hospital. Some patients have had a feeling to spend Christmas with their families but due to some problems
they have failed and that’s when they need someone to put a smile on their faces.

“This donation does not excites patients only but also health workers because they will be working with happy people.”

Bwaila maternity wing is supposed to accommodate 250 patients, but due to high demand, it has up to 400.

The maternity registers up to 50 births per day, 1,400 to 1,600 per month, and 16,000 to 18, 000 per year.

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25 thoughts on “VP’s wife Chilima give new moms festive cheer at Bwaila Hospital”

  1. fedo life says:

    good beggings madam

  2. SIBONDA says:

    ma ma ma ma uyu mkazi wokongola, Chilima adasankha zenizeni. Osati zina zija, ndiye ayi

  3. matchonisa says:

    asakuphunzitse kuba uyu timati Nyamaseko uyu. Ife a NAC sitikumufunanso ata.

  4. Mboni Za Yehova says:

    Good deeds indeed. Koma it is very clear that it was a photoshoot for you. Kunyamula mwana and not connecting with the mother but posing for the camera. SAD. Next time dont care so much about the camera try to be more genuine. Zikuonelka kuti Saulos had political ambitions from the age of 5 than APM. Saulos knew and therefore in hhis choice of a wife he also chose carefully. someone befitting a first lady. While APM his ambitions developed because his brother pushed him towards that. And choice of a First Lady also shows. Very rushed and not suitable.

  5. chembuye says:

    a chilombo, nurse ameneyo anali wanga kale kale. i think ndinamupasapo mimba. koma ndayiwala! kaya sachotse kaya!!

  6. kumeneko ndiye kubwera amai mupitilize.

  7. Phil Domue Chilipanonchaine says:

    Bola ngati zisali za “Well Wishers’

  8. OGO!! says:

    Good deeds Mary!! Well done and keep it up. The looks deserves for you to be the ideal First Lady osati zinazija. Muziwapatsako ma tips amai ena aja mavalidwe or muziwagailako zovala za ku shop kwanu zija. Keep well

  9. charles says:

    Welldone Madam VP , this shows you are for the people

  10. Nchobwi says:

    Mail Chilima! thanks for the initiative. Continue planning your own activities, and not following the president and first lady everywhere like a puppet. Actually you do not have to attend every event by the president. Do like the previous VP wives by not following the president everywhere.

  11. Mayi a Priscilla says:

    It makes me very sad when high profile people use less fortunate people to promote their own images . It is so obvious in the pictures above that Mary Chilima is more concerned about her own image than about the genuine welfare of the people she is cheering . Politicians or spouses need to show a little more ingenuity when trying to build their own images .

  12. ganimunthu says:

    This is great and after all you are like that from time before you became the second lady. Great work and keep it up

  13. Martha chafewa says:

    Happy 4 u madam

  14. chilombo says:

    Koma chilima anasankha kuposa president.Nurse alipambaliyo naye wangothinitsilatu.

  15. Greencardless Malawian says:

    The one and only good thing about DPHIPHI – Mary Chilima



  17. Good stuff madam chilima

  18. Futureisbright says:

    Wow, we will have a very beautiful first lady in the future!!!!! May God bless you and your family !!!

  19. Rooy says:

    Za zii kufuna kutchuka??mugule malata anthu nyumba zagwazi usilu et

  20. Umbuli says:

    Can you teach Gertrude Mathanyula Maseko some class???

  21. ZAMADALA says:

    go and cheer the sick at kch why being so sellective ???

  22. happy says:

    Madam Chilima, why can’t you connect with the people you are cheering? This is not about posing for a picture but cheering the sick. I wish you could connect with the people and show them some love and hope.

  23. cbk says:

    mary go ahead,za beam zaozo asiile zisakukhuze.aba koma akukana chinthu chili mmanja.mbili yako isaipe ndi amenewa.

    1. ziliko says:

      Kodi anaba?

  24. chefourpence says:

    Mai Chilima ‘I feel you!’

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