We are a nation in distress – Malawi News columnist

We are surely a nation in distress. As a good neighbor, we join our good brothers and  sisters in Zambia in mourning their departed head of state, Michael Chilufya Sata.  I, for one, will miss Sata for his informality, openness and courage.

Inflation quickening

Inflation quickening

In 2013 during the African Union Summit President Sata stayed in the same hotel wing with his Malawian counterpart Dr Joyce Banda. The two Presidents’ suites were actually directly opposite each other.
 In the morning when Sata got out of his room he saw a number of us in the corridor and noisy as he was he stopped and asked where we were from. When we told him we were from Malawi he left his security detail and went straight for the door of the Malawian President’s suite, all the while shouting ‘A Ngwazi muli bwanji?’ He was unstoppable. Of course much to the discomfort of his security personnel who would have liked to be pre warned of the detour. He was ushered into President Banda’s room and had a good seven-minute chat with her before proceeding on his early morning errands. That is how informal and courageous Sata was. May his soul rest in eternal peace.
But we have other distressing problems. Cashgate: which has resulted in donors withholding their budget support, and now the delay in executing the Farm Input subsidy Programme (Fisp) and Farm Input Loan Programme (Filp).  As you read this article less than 15 percent of the fertilizer for the targeted beneficiaries throughout the country have been delivered. Coupon distribution has not started.
The Minister of Agriculture and Water Development is on record as saying the country has to wait for 45 days since last week before the whole programme can roll out in full force. It is as if the whole country has just woken up from a slumber.
As a country we can rightly or wrongly blame this on budget constraints which have inevitably and invariably resulted in delays in funding and contracting for Fisp and Filp.
But my gut feeling is that government cannot blame everything on budget constraints. Granted donors contribute 40 percent of the budget support but even then during the past four years not all that funding has come through.
As a matter of fact, between 2010 and 2012 we lost K92 billion, according to an audit report. Thanks to the German government who have given K9 billion for a private firm to conduct a forensic audit on the report so that we know how that money went down the drain.
So we cannot blame all the mess we are in now on donors withholding funding this year. It is all about planning or lack of it.
Admitted the budget was approved in September but what was government doing while waiting for the full budget? I thought we had a provisional budget.
 If government had prioritized Fisp and considered that the rainy season will not wait for us we would have factored at the minimum 60 percent of the Fisp budget in the provisional budget. After all donors started withholding their budget support in September 2013 before they disbursed most of the 2013/14 funding.  So budget constraints is not a new phenomenon. It has always been there.
I have privileged information to the effect that contracts for fertilizer are just being signed now while seed contracts have not yet been signed. I am told that seed companies are also being owed a billion kwacha from last year’s Fisp. Yet by now farmers ought to have received seed in readiness for planting.
Meanwhile I can guarantee that the planting  rains will wait for nobody. Fears being expressed by agriculture officials that the 2014/15 programme may be the worst ever need not be underestimated.
Little if any seems to have taken taken place on the agriculture front since elections. All we hear and read in the media are arrests and activities in the courts. It is as if we have all just become spectators of the Anti-Corruption Bureau and the Courts arresting and trying looters of our taxes. Yet we have had a cabinet in place since June to give policy direction to the various ministries.
On the economic front it is as if we also forgot that after selling the tobacco, the Kwacha would begin to slip again. As I am writing this article today I note that the Malawi Kwacha is selling at 520 units to the dollar, a slip of 20 percent from the closure of the tobacco auction floors.
From my little knowledge of the agriculture cycle, you cannot reverse losses owing to late planting which is due to late procurement and delivery of seed and fertilizers to the small holder farmers.
And with food contributing 50 percent to the consumer price index, poor harvests which are a certainty in the 2014/15 growing season, I can also guarantee that in the coming year inflation will shoot over 27.3 percent.  This trend is likely to heighten poverty levels in the country.
This is where I expect our usually vociferous Civil Society to come in the fore and start raising alarms. Or should we say they all stopped thinking after the May 20 tripartite elections.
  • The article was first was first published in Malawi News.
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20 thoughts on “We are a nation in distress – Malawi News columnist”

  1. Vavlov says:

    Subsidies are not a sustainable strategy to dealing with food security. For how long will Malawians dependent on donations of agric inputs? Government should find alternative solutions.

  2. Alinane Chisinga says:

    To all Malawians that was big lesson to all of us ,let’s not do the same mistake like brothers n sisters .

  3. nkunthamasese says:

    Go to Japan subsidy of Agric. inputs is there. ‘if japan did it why can’t malawi did it too.’

  4. Steve Kamkwalala says:

    Does Steve have any moral ground to say anything? Where was he when his mother and her children were cashgating and messing this country up. He was busy eating with the devil.

  5. wangalusa says:

    One former leader of state said,” a Malawi kuiwala msanga.” we’re to prove him right now. After all we had gone through in time of Bingu, people had the nerve to vote dpp into power again. Thats the stupidity of voting along tribal lines and for been obsessed with being ruled by exiled returnees. Wake up malawi. You don’t need a professor or a Dr to rule you- another obsession in Malawi. While I support education, I still balieve that sound leadership is innate.

  6. Man to man says:

    I wonder if this fertiliser subsidy has benefited Malawi as a nation. Targetted people have developed such subconciousness of over dependence. Research needs to be conducted to see ways of improving its effectiveness. But as a nation we are really in trouble…

  7. Moses says:

    Feeling sorry for ordinary Malawians

  8. Blessed Banda says:

    Steve is back. There are some people who should not b hired by politicians because they lose their track in profession. Steve is like a civil advocate, but when hes was hired to be a press officer, he lost his track. Its good that he is back into writing articles full of facts. Whatever happens in this growing season is indeed a concern of all of us. Whether we are DPP, MCP, PP or UDF we need food on the table every day throughout the year unless we are fasting. Fasting not because you have nothing to eat but because our belief compels us to do so for a spiritual renewal. Food should available, else the misery next year will be more than this year (God forbid).

    Another danger of the FISP programme is that it has not been able to build capacity for farmers to be buying their own fertilizer since 2005. After running the programme for more than a decade, peole still wait for the cheap heavly subsidised fertiliser of which the consequences are what we are about to experience. Some companies have arranged for teir employees to get fertilizer on loan which will be deducted from salaries at source. This is good, however those that are employed in Malawi are very few compared to 85% engaged solely in subsistence farming for livelihood. This is the strata of our population that is very vulnarable to crisi of any magnitude no matter how small it may seem to be.

  9. Kanyimbi says:

    Mavuto ndiye alipodi. Ndalama zambiri zomwe tikulandira zikungothera misonkho. Kodi bwanji tax exemption simapelekedwa kwa anthu wamba? Munthu yemweyo apeleke PAYE, yemweyo VAT ya magetsi, madzi, Sugar, mchere, soap, Nyumbanso zakwera mitengo chifukwa a MHC akutolera ground rates mwakathithi. zonsezi zikethera pa ife. Kwinakunso boma likufuna ngongole ya FILP iperekedwe mwansanga. Kodi ndalamazo titenga kuti? Chonde Boma tithandizeni.

  10. chatonda says:

    Pepani a Malawi. But things can change with good political will. The subsidy program can benefit many people if properly managed. There is no point giving subsidies for life. Some should be graduating and then move to those that have not benefited before. Be proactive please.

  11. Kanthu Ako! says:

    Always looking for someone to blame.

    Had the budget priotised fertilizer subsidy we would have been saying “akufuna abe ndalama”

    Why are we so hell bent on being given for nothing? If we are not asking europeans, we are asking out own government for hand outs.

    This nation is full of idiots. By now we should have been free of fertilikzer subsidy, but when we put money aside for it, it all getrs stolen or given to people who can do without it.

    This country needs to go through a disaster of epic proportion in order to wake up.

  12. tsetsefly says:

    This lousy choice is ours. We had an opportunity to choose people of integrity and hardworking but we blew it. So there gona be weeping and wailing all the way. And talking about being spectators of ACB, I can confirm to you that ACB is a master of selective justice. There are some powers above that are controlling it hence I question its independence and credibility. As long as the appointing authority is the state president do not expect total justice.

    So because it has become extremely challenging to cashgate again it will be difficult to see govt priorities being set right. The reason is about old habits dying hard.

  13. lead by example says:

    we are yet to see the best president he claimed to be.

  14. Lockitup says:

    Simple economics ( 101).Just lock up Malawian kwacha as does Belizian dollar against US dollar and every thing will be okay. Presently, you are being played by European mind set!!!!!

  15. Mdzukuru says:

    The Civil society is nowhere to be seen – lol they have no words.

  16. Patriot says:

    Lack of vision. Olo symbol yawo imatisonyeza chimanga folo.
    Cry my beloved malawians, chaka ma mawa kuli njala yoopsya.
    Chimanga folo sichizatikwana.
    Amalilira boma koma the truth of the matter is this gouvernment is the most uncompetent gouvernment I have ever seen. Kwacha depreciated to more than 120% since June 1, 2014.
    Amvekere professor, really?

  17. Chikopa says:

    Ndizowona koma mwawonesa mbali

  18. TheMask says:

    We are just coming from elections where many government resources were used for campaign, you have just said the government owes over a billion to Seed companies, in other ways this government found empty coffers.we were hit by cashgate, no funding from donors .Therefore, the problem is not planning but government has no resources. Lets just be ready for tough times ahead of us this is beyond government. about 40% of national budget was always for fertilizer and seed subsidy. Self reliance we should but it comes with a price. Many will die, only the strong will survive. it comes with a price. God bless malawi.

  19. Alfred Munduwabo says:

    I remember very well the time when there were some delays in announcing the presidential results by then APM only had only 27% of all the votes counted while other parties were were following him by near 20% , APM told the nation that he should be sworn in as a head of the country and delaying to swear him as the president of Malawi ment that Malawi was piling a lot of problems which were created by JB.

    When the results were announced at midnight APM was rushed to be sworn in as the president of our poor nation at the High Court, the President who faked and had appointed himself to be one of the Christian of Blantyre CCAP Synod church member forgot even to use a bible during the swearing in ceremony .

    After he was sworn in as a new head of state in his speech he told all the Malawians that Malawi as a nation was in a mess economically and he was going in the government to make sure that Malawi gets back to where his brother had left it economically and he added by saying that new embassies were to be opened in Russia , Brazil and many funny useless countries which most donor countries knew that it was a sort of a challenge to our main long time donors like American , UK just to mention a few of them.

    Since his time of swearing in seremony our head of state has completely done nothing new to Malawi to what he was promising , everything is at standstill and Malawi is moving on a reverse gear , worse to it the nation is slowly forgetting that a head of state is in the country , the country is full of economical problems than the time he came into power , domestic problems are piling up and he brought in his useless advisers.

    Malawians wished AMP learned from his late brother who complained of his wrong tribal adivisers during the time when things went out of hand , worse on his side he picked the same people who made his dear brother to loose his dear life because all what he was being adivised was childish , the country was being run like a tea estate , forgetting that Malawi had mountains , lakes, rivers , different tribes and we can name so many things which Malawi has but the late brother was blindfolded by his tribesmen not knowing all the nasty things which were happening in the country.


  20. MKWAPU says:

    KANTHU AKO!!!!!

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