‘We care’: DPP chief whip counter argues PP counterpart

Chief whip for ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Henry Mussa stood on a point of order in parliament when opposition Peoples Party (PP) chief which said the opposition benches care and are the watchdog of the electorate while the DPP lawmakers did not care.

Mussa:  We care

Mussa: We care

Jooma: Only opposiiton MPs who care

Jooma: Only opposiiton MPs who care

The PP chief which said the opposition lawmakers are the ones that are more concerned with the welfare of Malawians in the country.

Jooma said: “We are all Members of Parliament in this country, yes, I think people out there, look out more from Members of Parliament sitting on the opposition side. They are the watchdogs of the ones that are ruling. So when we stand here and request for necessary more information, we are only doing that on behalf of our people. “

The PP chief whip said it was only opposition benches that was more interested in accountability as MPs on government benches “did not even bother” even if money approved by the House to be loaned from World Bank is obtained and misused, “for them, it does not matter, but for us, I think, we have to be more concerned.”

But Mussa rising on a point of order quashed Jooma.

“That is totally out of order and he should be ruled out and proceed to withdraw that statement. There are 193 Members of Parliament in here, representing Malawians from our respective constituencies. Therefore, it was totally unacceptable for the Member to single out the opposition as the ones who are more concerned with Malawians than the government side,” said Mussa.

Mussa said government members are more concerned with Malawians than opposition.

The First Deputy Speaker Esther Mcheka Chilenje sustained the point of order.

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Miss Dr Moo Tha Leeker. Ukuwafuna aMussa? Wauponda sista!!!!!!
Mussa is a very steady, seasoned and smart politician. You will not take away anything from him. Mungobvutika! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah!!!!!!
Uncle Mussa gwirani ntchito zisiyeni zitsiru zizibwebwetuka!!!!!!!

Zoziyamba Dala

Nonse a DPP mukubisala ku K92 billion bwanji simukulankhulapo ? mukuthawira foreinsic imene anapanga a PP muulamulira wa Joice Banda. Nanga yanu yamu 2005 mpaka 2012 yili pati ? who cares about it ? GTZ idapereka kale ndalama zoti mupange Audit manyazi akugwireni.

Alfred Minjo

@ Banet, a Mussa azimeta mashalubu chifukwa? Inuyo zimetani mashalubu anu ngati muli nao…..Give Mussa a BREAK please……….

Romeo Hastings Bandawe

Kodi Jooma wazindikira liti zimenezo? anene choncho lero bcz he is on the opposition side?


apo nkhupulika mwana wakwithu,thus why you there,tell them the truth! govt side,we call them Mr.Yes side!! should i kill you? Yes bwana.Stupid and Idiot,how can a whole person do things like a dog? ndale za ku Malawi alwayz after pleasing ka president


The truth always pains ! There are these glaring examples of the sale of MSB and the unwillingness to go into the root of the Mk92 billion Audit. Do these clearly demonstrate that the Government listens and cares for its citizens? The pp Chief whip had no reason to withdraw his feelings on the matter which is shared by many Malawians,if truth be told.


Amussa osachita manyazi kuti Peter anasankha Katsaila kukhala leader of house inu muli mu parliament momwemo?


Ruling party MPs if u really care why u didn’t want to tell ur president not to pay for toxic loans for mulli

Dr Moo Tha Leeker

Mussa licking the bwete of his secretary. What sensible issues can he raise?


Amusa muzimetako mashalubu

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