We’ll make Malawi ungovernable: MCP demands electoral reforms  or ‘Muthariks must resign’

Main opposition Malawi Congress Party has threatend to the country “ungovernable” if the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) government fails to bring an Electoral Reforms Bill in Parliament next month.

Menyani: MCP for electoral law reforms

Menyani: MCP for electoral law reforms

African Union (AU) Election Observation Mission Report for 2014 elections specifically recommended, among other things, the review of the current electoral system to ensure that the country’s President is elected by popular vote.

The mission also called for the amendment of the electoral  laws  to  further  strengthen  Malawi Electiral Commission’s powers to  monitor internal party democracy saying; “for instance, the post-election standoff over the results would perhaps have been avoided if a second round of the vote would have been necessitated under a 50%+1 electoral system.”

But President Peter Mutharika is on record urging the electoral body to resist the temptation to push for changes as a response to sectoral complaints “s as opposed to a real and genuine national concern.”

MCP, however, has demanded government to bring to parliament an Electoral Reforms Bill next month, threatening  to make the country “ungovernable” in a peaceful way if the Mutharika administration frustrates the electoral reforms.

“We are demanding that government should bring to Parliament all relevant electoral reforsm Bills and if government is not ready, the President must resign or we will call for civil disobedience,” MCP spokesman Alekeni Menyani is quoted in The Nation newspaper of Friday as saying.

Menyani also said MEC should relocate  its headquarters to the capital Lilongwe and that  MEC officials at constituency polling centres to announce the results of their constituency to the whole nation live from the same centres where they are counted and signed for by all parties in the presence of observers to do away with the errors and manipulations that creep into the tally sheets as they travel long distances to reach the national tally centre.

He said the electoral reforms, including a 50-plus-one electoral system of electing a President.

In the May 2014 Tripartite Elections, Mutharika won the presidential election with 36 percent of the votes cast while MCP’s Rev Lazarous Chakwera came second with 27 percent.

If Malawi had a 50-plus-one electoral system, there would have been a rerun of the presidential election after May 20 2014.

Chakwera is on record saying  that his party would table a private members’ bill if government fails to bring to Parliament an amendment to electoral laws .

Boniface Dulani (PhD), a political science lecturer at Chancellor College, a constituent college of the University of Malawi (Unima), noted that the electoral reforms have delayed and expressed the hope that “all the parties including the ruling party, would support the reforms.”

Minister of Information and Communication, Malison Ndau said the electoral reforms were being handled by Malawi Law Commission and hinted that no Bill has been drafted or   that parliament will deliberate the matter in November.

In their 2014  post-election reviews, various stakeholders, including MEC, Malawi Electoral Support Network (Mesn), National Initiative for Civic Education (Nice) Trust and Public Affairs Committee (PAC) recommended electoral reforms.

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23 thoughts on “We’ll make Malawi ungovernable: MCP demands electoral reforms  or ‘Muthariks must resign’”

  1. MCP die hard supporter says:

    Malawi crocodile party you are being haunted by the spirits of Jehovah’s witness. Remember there is oral and written history. You have to know that oral history is very dangerous because it is passed from one generation to another. Written history books can be banned or many people cannot have access or dont know how to read
    You fools you think we have forgotten what you did to us for 30 years. I tell my grandchildren beginning from the age of one year
    You are being haunted by the spirits of Aron Gadama Dick Matenje David Chiwanga Tuwaibu Ssngala and many more. Wait and see before 2019 many of you will go naked
    Even if Peter is dead today and Dpp is gone you crocodile party forget that you will rule this country..
    I pray and fast that God should not allow this party to bounce again Agalu mbuzi nfiti inu.

  2. be humane says:

    a Menyani should fight for a bill on electoral reform first. koma bill siyinayambidwe and he wants it in parliament next month? Him as a law maker should be the first to understand the process of legal reform. Chonchi these are the people whom we want to entrust with government business in 2019?

  3. Bingu says:

    Pan “be humaine ” we need this bill in parliament Peter akutitenga ngati akapolo nthawi ya utsamunda inatha kale kale koma tikukhala movutika kuposa Kamuzu Era chonsecho we are in a demon government uyuyu sapita patali am going to bewitch him he is going to die before chrismas mark my words am consulting expert herbalist on how to deal with Chaponda , Mussa , Nankhumwa and Friends they must all die to save the nation from peril

  4. Abeat Minthu says:

    Kondi mbulu zilemba chichewa and always criticis opposition who are just opposive the government for good of US and country Come from. These mbulizi are ignorance and are the ones who vote for wrong leaders. Abili are poor like me but dont what is right and wrong. Malawians need education in civil rights. Its not president who is wrong but followers. They know he goes They also go.

  5. Abeat Minthu says:

    I can not imagine Malawi being ruled by DDP/APM 2019 and over how it will look like. Dont Malawians not want for a new young energic man with vision to run the nation? Napo azingongo since independence. NO Wonder Malawi is so poor.

  6. Mapwevupwevu says:

    Ine olo atandithira dumu mkamwa sindingavotere MCP!

    1. Chimbuto says:

      Ubulutu nde umenewo! Anthu andale sangapange nkhanza zotelu ngakhale muntima atafuna olo kukudula ziwalo. Amangokupolamisa nakulowa kumboyo nakuuza kuti Aku ulula kwa amai akunyumba zomwe zakuchitikila akupanga zopusa 😉

  7. be humane says:

    Will make this country ungovernable? MCP???? So you need a Bill in parliament that is not ye drafted?? MCP Moto tsopano employing politics of ignorance at its worst

  8. tom says:

    Mcp we can vote for you if you can give us power Tikugona usiku yonse opanda magetsi, pa Kamuzu, bakili,Abingu, A joycee sina ona nthawi choncho ndaki msopano magetsie ku mtima 21 hours in day,

  9. Bibo says:

    You two fools,namely Kachipapa and Alfred Minjo,you think Malawians from other regions can keep on being ruled by idiots from the south who ascend to power through stolen votes but end up stealing from the people they are supposed to serve and worst still marginalize them?

    Malawi is where it is today because of a wrong electoral system that lets a candidate with support from one region become president and thereafter act carelessly by aligning himself with fellow tribesmen while disregarding citizen equality and national unity.A president of such an electoral system has continuously promoted tribalism, theft of public funds,discrimination in public appointments,lack of accountability in presidential trips and engagements,and uneven distribution of development projects.

    There has been an awful trend in executive arrogance as if people are accountable to the president – the president is supposed to be accountable to people especially in a democracy and is obligated to serve the people who pay him through their taxes.Peter Mutharika has grown wings together with his Mulhakho group and needs not be given another chance to govern noble people from other regions. It is very disturbing to note the stubbornness of most southerners who support a president who is failing to do what he was put in office for,that is to perform and serve, and lead people to prosperity.Wakhithu syndrome is pushing Malawi to the extremity of troubles because the country has fools that entertain mediocrity out of their leader.

    Yes, MEC has to act positively on electoral reforms before 2019 elections are around the corner . The country needs the 50+1 system and needs to elect a leader who will be accountable and acceptable to all people. We are tired of the crooked nature of past presidents and we are also tired of a disjointed electoral system that is always compromised by the courts and secret shady lip service by corrupt candidates. The 2014 presidential results reflect a compromised electoral process through tallying of results,transportating results,and a hasty court intervention which hoodwinked the majority electorate.

  10. Youna says:

    We desperately need this bill or else this country will still remain a failure in many ways. MCP is only demanding the necessary direction. Ndi mbuli zokha zomwe zatseka maso on this issue.

  11. Ofuna chisokonezo ndi okana ma reform, dpp knows very well with 50 + 1 voting system ikhoza kuuponda

  12. mavuto says:

    Ine ndimanena kawikawiri kuti olo atandithira dumu mkamwa sindingavotere MCP. Chili ndi bad record mu History ya md’ziko muno komanso atsogoleri ake amakhala ngati tatu wawo ndi mmodzi anthu ankhanza..eish…..APM Woyeeeeeeeee. Towonesana 2019

  13. Parallel Market says:


    Your image as a party is already bad among malawians, sadly, you go on tarnishing the already tarnished image by uttering such irresponsible remarks. Haaa! what an irresponsible spokesman!!!!

    1. chenkumbi says:

      Even if the law says %50+1, DPP will win come 2019. MCP, PP, and aford , you should forget

  14. let us read. says:

    Reforms in MEC should happen, why resisting???

    Ngati kukhodza Mayetso a school amafuna 50% going upwards per subject,
    so what about the president of the nation?? Should we give him 37% then we recommend him that he has done well then he can read us?
    The answer is big noo!!!!!!!!!!! Am not in favour of any part in politics but the reality is that we need 50+1% .

  15. Pension Nenereko says:

    A Kachipapa ntchulani chipani chabwino timafuna tichidziwe kuti mwina nkujoina!!!!! Change does come only through revolution because majority of human beings are fools and do not think about tomorrow.

  16. Msampha says:

    MCP,it is common knowledge to all Malawians that you are a regional party.You lack support in the other regions.Why can’t you try to talk to young Muluzi so that you should form a coalition.A combination of central and eastern region would be strong enough to defeat the DDP.Please MCP don’t cause chaos in this country.

  17. MCP ili ni mantha nzedi. Akunena izi chifukwa choti APM watsindika kuti adzaima 2019. Shame on lazarus chatsika. Munthu wa mantha nzedi. Fear will knock you down sir.

  18. Independent Diplomat says:

    They know that they have nothing to lose. They will never have a chance to rule !!!

  19. kachipapa says:

    MCP ndi chipani choipa. Fisi ndi fisi samasintha. No wonder i can prophesise here that MCP will never rule Malawi.

    1. Mwenelupemphe says:

      Malawi needs MCP more than MCP needs to rule malawi, denying mcp to rule this country is satanic / killing of malawians , who can be happy with what is happening in the country? Dont expect this to change if dpp will rig elections again in 2019…….. Nobody needs dpp in this country expect alomwe.

  20. Alfred Minjo says:

    Ofuna kuyambitsa chisokonezo m’dziko muno, chonde mangani. I thought they were saying MCP is a reformed party? So why this kind of statement this time around??? Mangani basi!

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