Why are Malawi teachers treated like cow dung?

For just one reason, Sheikh Jean-Philippe LePoisson, SC(RTD), Mzee Native Authority Mandela, Abiti Joyce Befu, MG 66, and I, the Mohashoi, are here in Cashgate City, the city the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) built and proudly called the Capital City of the Federal Republic of Malawi, our fatherland; our motherland.



We are here to marshal the energies of all sensible CBOs, non-governmental individuals (NGIs) such as Billy wa Muyaya, Gift Two Pence, Billy’s Band, and Timothy Cloud, relevant UN departments, and all representatives of foreign countries present here in father Malawi to join us in protesting the denigration or ‘cow-dungification’ of primary school and Early Childhood Development (ECD) teachers. On Monday next week, we will march to the Ministry of Education headquarters at Capital Hill and meet the minister, deputy the minister and directors directly concerned with primary school and ECD education.

Take note that we will not apply for permission to march because no law in this federal republic stops anyone or any group of individuals from marching. Inform the Police? The police and others will not be required because we are ready to defend ourselves and we don’t have money to pay people whose daylight job is to protect us, anyway.

To prepare the ministry of education for the day of reckoning, we ask the following questions in advance:

  1. The President of Malawi, Moya Professor Dr Peter Arthur (Arthur Peter?) Mutharika, says we ordinary Malawians should work hard, be patriotic and have integrity (umunthu). Primary school teachers work extremely hard and are so patriotic that they even organise pro bono extra learning sessions for students who don’t do well (umunthu praxis). Why then is that these committed civil servants, already miserly paid, are not salaried on time?
  2. Some primary school teachers, particularly those who went through two year teacher training college education and upgraded themselves to diploma and degree (bachelor and master’s) levels so that they teach in secondary school and beyond, are told to go and do University of Certificate Education (UCE) studies first. What is in the one-year UCE that the two-year TTC Education does not provide? Are TTC graduates not the most qualified teachers?
  3. Does Secondary school teaching require special methodology or the policy is meant to continue the ‘cow-dungification’ of primary school teachers?
  4. The Malawi Public/Civil Service Regulations (MPSR) are very clear. A civil servant with an approved college diploma or degree is supposed to occupy a professional grade (PO and above). Why is it that teachers who upgrade themselves to diploma or degree level are being asked to be interviewed to be considered for relocation to new salary scales? Have the MPSR been changed so that teachers are treated like farm animals?
  5. A primary school teacher who reaches the mandatory retirement age is immediately removed from the payroll. However, why is the same teacher not paid his or her gratuity and pension immediately? There are retired primary school teachers who have not been paid their gratuity for five years after being retired. Why? Why are teachers treated like cow dung? Which laws is the ministry of education using?

See you at Capital Hill next Monday! The Teachers Union of Malawi (TUMA) is free to organise a counter demonstration. We will meet in the streets, as the great Moya Ngwazi Bingu wa Mutharika used to challenge.

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23 thoughts on “Why are Malawi teachers treated like cow dung?”

  1. ntivo timo says:

    mukufuna akupaseni chibanzi kutimufase.

    go on but make your hidden agenda is complitely hamless to your environment.

  2. wanyengozose says:

    TUM is dead and toothless cant even fight for teachers who completed their training a year ago and they are just staying.Will they not forget the skills they learnt at their respective TTCs? And you call yourself TUM.

  3. Franklin says:

    Peter ndi chitsilu

  4. levelheaded says:

    Why do people underate Malawi to most sadc countries? We Malawians are better off than most of these countries don’t you know. Only that many countries choose on what to report to the world, Malawians we don’t. Travel fellow Malawians and you will appreciate that we are not that offtrack. Our poverty is much on the paper than in real situation.

    I red that article which was saying about government plans of introducing tollgates but most comments showed that most Malawians have not crossed borders. How can you dought it when countries without good roads like Zimbabwe and Mozambique are doing it? Go to those countries and see their roads you will appreciate what Malawi has so far achieved. You can not go round these countries on tarmark roads. You will end up on dusty roads with some as long as 800km.

  5. levelheaded says:

    Zeleza Manda why is it taking too long for you to cope up with the present times? We are going through public service reforms don’t you know? For how long are we going to sustain this stupid tendency of not interviewing those that have upgraded their qualifications? The automatic recruitment was good in those days where people were getting degrees from university of Malawi only. Nowadays one can attain a degree overnight from these veranda colleges and you expect them to be promoted without interviews and expect them to be competent really?Are we going to achieve these reforms with people of your type still existing?

    That’s the problem of writing for print media(news papers) because you don’t get any feedbag from readers. This is online news where you will get facts from commentors.

  6. nyamayasauka says:

    tulo tum anzanu aku health amapanga zinthu zooneka koma inu muli phwiiiii. Kungopatsidwa komata kakuti kanaduka kale inu mwati ndikagula sealtape pakamwa tsaaaaa kupusa……

  7. mkalapwanasyo says:

    A teacher is well known by teaching a person something he or she doesn’t know. Maybe the Leaders have deliberately forgoten that they cameout from your hands.Being good teachers, show them that you are the corner stone of this Nation.

  8. Sinapondamtota Mbirithire Masiyafumbi says:

    Munkachemereratu inu ma teacher lero bwanji……….who is better between Joyce and Peter?

  9. The Ambassador says:

    To be honest, its only Malawi among SADC countries that does not really value education .
    Those countries which education is considered as priority, they firstly take care of Teachers before anything.

  10. chimanyisko says:

    If ur gud teachers teach this gvt a gud lesson

  11. Munyasa says:

    Tum stupid union thats y anzanu they make things happen koma inu u still be there becoz kupusa ena akulephera kulembedwa tchito koma mukulephera kuwamenyera nkhondo stupid teachers

  12. Sinapondamtota Mbirithire Masiyafumbi says:

    “If you want to be rich join NGOs said Mutharika” so why are you complaining kapena simumva chizungu eti” just leave an join where u think there is green pasture.

  13. Sinapondamtota Mbirithire Masiyafumbi says:

    Why did u joined civil service? look what is happening very bad indeed.

  14. wayunda says:

    Mukumangopanga zimahead counting kaya TSC cholinga chomangoti pondeleza ndikutiwophyeza tiwonetsana pa Monday.

  15. commenter says:

    The teachers have spoken!!!! i like this

  16. Woyera Kamasula says:

    Desparate MCP tries this trick and that. After having been failed by cashgated CSOs of Abiti Ntila. Koma simunati mulira pyooooooooooooooooooooo.

  17. victor mphadzula says:

    we spent 2years at the ttc hoping to be employed but what a waste of time,now its about 1 and half years cant find a job anywhere and these pple palibe chomwe akukamba and some are at training school as we speak nawonso akudikira kulembedwa ntchito

  18. Stevie Lu says:

    I graduated last year in July but am yet to deploy I can’t remember any skill I acquired.whom Does TUM represent,can’t they do what NOM is doing.

  19. anadimba says:

    koma mdalayutu zamuvuta?iwe Chilima public service reform imeneyo?lero date ndi chani? Salarytu tikuifuna .wamva?omwe alandira pensionwo apatseni zawo.

  20. leonard says:

    In support of you guys go ahead .you are treated like animals show them that human beings

  21. SONG says:

    Mbendera must answer these teachers. Teachers please also present it to Mbendera, he is the one who messed up things and provide Malawians a masacre now it is.

  22. Pure Nkhonde says:

    God’s time is the best. Wait, He hears our cries & will fight for us.

  23. ndagwada says:

    signs of Mbendera tears. more to come anga ndimaso

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