MCP unrepentant, says Bisnowaty deserved slurs for insulting Kamuzu

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) publicist Jessie Kabwila says Lilongwe Central MP David Bisnowaty deserved the racist slurs and disparagement in parliament because he insulted former head of state Kamuzu Banda, an indication that the party, infamous for its brutality, is failing to shake off its dark past.

Kabwila:  Bisnowaty insulted Kamuzu

Kabwila: Bisnowaty insulted Father and Founder Kamuzu

Kabwila said Bisnowaty had no moral courage to insult Kamuzu.

However, according to Hansard records, Bisnowaty did not insult Kamuzu. He only said that during the one party state, there were food shortages but people were afraid to say it out in fear of the one party system of government.

“Honourable Bisnowaty attacked the father and founder of the nation, how do you expect the MCP to react? When someone insults your parents, you react. We have been in parliament for a long time we have never reacted like that,” said Kabwila.

Kabwila said a Malawian cannot go to Palestine and tell Palestinians what to do.

However Rumphi east MP Kamlepo Kalua said racism is not tolerated in multiparty democracy.

Kalua said the MCP legislators contravened Chapter 20 of the Republican Constitution.

Bisnowaty himself condemned the attack on his race and asked parliament to remove the racist remarks from Hansard.

Speaker of the National Assembly Richard Msowoya, who is also MCP vice president also condemned the racist slurs and ordered his staff to delete them from the Hansard.

MCP president Lazarus Chakwera, who is also leader of opposition, is on Monday expected to condemn the racist attacks but it remains to e seen if the party will apologise to Bisnowaty.

Kamuzu Banda ruled Malawi with iron fist until 1994 when he was dislodged from power by Bakili Muluzi at the dawn of multiparty democracy in 1994.

He is accused of killing his opponents and critics such as Aaron Gadama, Dick Matenje, Twaibu Sangala and David Chiwanga, mercilessly abducted and threw in jail hundreds more including Orton Chirwa and his wife Vera and thousands more fled Malawi including Jack Mapanje.

Kamuzu used the secret police Special Branch, the MCP military wing, the Malawi Young Pioneers or the notorious MCP youth wing to terrorise and silence people during the dictatorship.

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akukonde akukonde Osaopa
akukonde akukonde Osaopa

where is Kabwila`s third name?


Say Wat u want but don’t insult other religious coz Islamic minz peace so don’t talk shit coz u don’t know Wat it minz to be called a Muslim so u fuck off

Kabwila should not be allowed to make a public apology because she is defying the Malawi Constitution with impunity. She is not above the Law and he must be taken to task for the bad behavior which if left unchecked can lead into terrorism on our soil. From this example he I capable of blowing herself up in a suicide vest just because she thinks someone has insulted Kamuzu. She belongs to the overzealous group of people or fanatics who can carry out heinous acts against innocent people. The Government should show seriousness in this matter and take her to… Read more »
Cheyo Nyondo
The problem of people like Kabwila is willful failure to acknowledge truth . If Kamuzu was Father of the Malawi nation then he was a wicked father indeed. Many Malawians were butchered. Many were imprisoned without trial. Many more simply disappeared. Others went into exile. Bisonowaty expressed a political and governance truth. This did not sit well with those who love darkness. The other truth is that Kamuzu was not the Founder of the nation. He joined the liberation struggle last and then on invitation from Henry Masauko Chipembere, Kanyama Chiume and Dunduzu Chisiza He had Chipembere murdered by poison… Read more »
I think Dr Kabwira looks at the elements of truth. The truth is that this white man wanted confusions and make foolish Malawians to focus their attention on the past. The past has gone and will never come again. The past can not solve our problems.This guy is looking for cheap apologies and recognition through provocation to gain cheap sympathy from some foolish Malawians.He knews that there are votes of sympathy in Malawi from from foolish voters.He also known MP never repeat in the city of LL. So he wants to use sympathy mode of vote strategy.Never offer him any… Read more »
brave nyanyaluwa
Bisnowaty ndi muyuda and its a fact. Bambo ake adabwera kuno kudzagwira ntchito ngati kutheba ndi kamuzu yemwe akumunena iyeyo. I believe without the father coming to alawi he Bisnowaty would not be where he is. Adya ndalama zamisonkho ya amalawi nthawi yaitali awa. Bambo ake adadzaphunzitsa a MYP ngani zoyenda pachingwe, ndi zina zomwe sindinganene. Uyu ndi mulendo ndipo zimenezi zoma votera anthu obwera ngati awa ndiye uchitsiru. Malamulo athu tisinthe pankhani ya mzika za dziko lino. Bisnowaty has got dual citizenship. if someone says no be my guest. Kwawo nkhondo ikavuta amapita kukamenya nawo nkhondo kumenyere dziko lake… Read more »

A Jessie akuti chani?condemning Kamuzu’s brutalities doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a crime.People are just saying the facts. Why is it that MCP is behaving like Boko haram or al Qaeda that if some societies condemn Islam they think you have insulted Muhammad and they start browing bombs.MCP is not different from Al Qaeda, Boko haram.


kodi ananena kuti chani. What is a racist slur. Osamangonama ayi. What did they say all the said was he doesnt know what he is talking about he is a foreigner. And that is A FACT. A MALAWI ALWAYS DIVIDED DEFENDING MZUNGU. PEPANI.


Apa nkhani yatha opepesa Ochakwera,kabwila muzimumvetsa siziyenda penapake


If Malawi’s politics is to ever wake up and grow up towards maturity, then the House must be bold enough to call for the MP to issue a public apology. She talks about a head of the family being insulted, and yet forgets that MP’s are themselves Role Models to our youth! If she cannot apologise, how can you expect our youth to behave?
MCP must face up to this maturity and demand the honourable lady apologise, or be bold enough to call for her resignation!

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