World Bank denies dictating Malawi on financial matters

The World Bank office in Malawi has rejected accusations by some Civil Society Organisation (CSOs) that the institution was dictating Malawi on financial matters.

President Mutharika poses with the World Bank Directors and few Malawans participants at Kamuzu Palace in Lilongwe-Pic. by Abel Ikiloni

President Mutharika poses with the World Bank Directors and few Malawans participants at Kamuzu Palace in Lilongwe-Pic. by Abel Ikiloni

World Bank

World Bank

Human rights campaigner Billy Mayaya together with Bright Kampaundi and Fryson Chodzi of Forum For National Development, during a news conference  over the weekend questioning the World Bank and International Monitory Fund (IMF)’s real interests on the controversial sale of Malawi Savings Bank (MSB) saying neo-colonialism tendencies to a sovereign state like Malawi were not welcomed.

But World Bank Communications officer, Zeria Banda for Malawi’s Office, trashed the allegations as misplaced.

She explained that the World Bank’s role on countries was advisory for fiscal discipline.

“The bank is here to give fiscal discipline direction towards countries economic growth,” said Banda.

“So, it’s up to individual countries to take such advices or not. Our institution has never dictated the Malawi government on this matter only giving the positive direction that the interests of poor Malawians must addressed,” she added.

The bank denied having any special interests on the sale of MSB calling the activists comments as “smearing” to score their hidden agenda.

“World Banks is a reputable organisation which must be respected and appreciated on the role it playing for the development of this country”, said Banda

The activists are calling on President Peter Mutharika to completely cancel and not suspend the sale of the bank in accordance with the wishes of the people of Malawi by recapitalising the MSB with required MK5 billion.

They also want the President to initiate an audit of the entire process of the dubious sale of the bank including a probe into individuals and institutions involved.

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11 thoughts on “World Bank denies dictating Malawi on financial matters”

  1. kanyimbi says:

    Why are these people interested in Malawi when they stopped helping Malawi? What exactly do you want from Malawi? Why dictating us what to do? Can we dictate what you should do in London, Paris etc? Leave us alone.

  2. Masoambeta says:

    Do not worry about Zeria Banda. Did you know that Zeria Banda is a Zimbabwean??? Possibly not.
    I will reveal some day.

  3. Mzake wa Schiff says:

    Ndiye mzunguyo simungamukwanitse ntchito ya ndalama.Africa was meant to produce law materials for the west.Even education has not helped Africans.African educated people are so backward in issues of economy in comparisons to the uneducated street mzungu.Africans are just contented with papers obtained from the mzungu but much has not changed in their continent.Ife yathu inali yokwana yomwe ija ya barter aystem yosinthana nandolo ndi khobwe.They are just playing mind games with Africans knowing how Africans are.Chuma amadziwa mkada ndichonkhwima kwa sing’anga basi.He doesn’t know of any economical bits.Uwapeza anthu Ali ndi mapepala koma nyanga zili thoo ma ofesimu.Tiziti sukulu inawathandiza anthu amenewa?

  4. omvetsera says:

    hehede…. world bank vs civil society. kukanganilana banki. ndikanakhala kuti ndili ndi ndalama ku msb ndikanangochotsako zangazo basi pangotsala dzina lokha. a cso ali ndi account kumeneko kapena/ NDIKUPEMPHERA KUTI LIMAFIKA FRIDAY ONSE AMENE ALI NDI NDALAMA KU NSB AKACHOTSEKO. ATSALE MA ACCOUNT A CSO, ZIPANI NDI NGONGOLE YA MULI . KUKAKAMILA NTUNDA OPANDA MADZI BASI CHOFUNA KUTCHUKA.

  5. gawa says:

    World Bank and I.m.f. IF your role is to advise on financial management then you must accept that you hv failed because countries are becoming more poorer because of following ur pieces of advice. This is a clear indication that your thinking can not help Africa. Leave Africa alone, Africans are better placed to solve our problems. Please LEAVE.

  6. katapwito says:

    Can u dig deeper Mr maso ambeta you sim 2knw much better

  7. Historian wamkulu says:

    Masoambeta i like your detailed writing of things.You argue with facts when writing things which is not common with most commentators who like putting trash without being analytical and critical in their arguments.This will ring a bell to them about the Rothschild,Rockerfellers and the Barclays bank that were born from the sugar plantations from Jamaica where our slave brothers toiled for nothing.You will be surprised as to how some of these institutions came into existence and how the struggling third worlds are abused by them.

  8. ujeni says:

    Mind you Zeria Banda you can work for World Bank but still be ignorant because you have chosen to be in a state of inferior. World Bank dont help to develop any third world country that is not their objective. Profits profits profits from loan given out. Capitalism rings a bell Zeria? African woman learn.

  9. Masoambeta says:

    World Bank is an organisation that is owned by industry cowboys whose interest is to advance personal interests of the wealthy and rich men.
    World Bank is not a bank but an organisation which is run by the puppets of Rotschilds, Rockerfeller, Warburg and Schiff families. The idea under World Bank is connect and control wealth of these families through manipulating and bankrupting nations around the globe. These people will deny facts even if you expose them. At the end of the day MSB will be sold because Mutharika is just a small guy in the game plan.
    In case you did not know, Malawi does not even own that reserve bank. Dig deeper and you will find companies like Leasing and Finance, MPICO, Lincoln Investments and more others being owned by personal friends of the Rotschilds dynasty. Mbabzi Estates owns National Bank of Malawi. The owner of Mbabzi Estates is a super rich family connected to the British elite ruling family of the Faulkners. You’re dealing with an interconnection of superich blood lines.

  10. Mfwti FC Coach says:

    Civil society guys you can do more than what you have done. Dig into the interest of World bank and IMF in the sale of MSB until you learn the truth. Dig deeper and deeper, men of civil societies. This is good move. Head on with these money lenders.

  11. Balamanthu says:

    These civil society members dont take time to read what the respective developmental institutions do in our country.I remember one bamusi talking trash during privitization of MTL which exhibited complete lack of knowledge and not having done any research about what he was talking about.When people form or belong to civil society, ask them what school they have done and whether even in a week they read news papers-worse still what international bodies do in Malawi.Umbuli tho!!!!Mwayesa podyera ndalama!

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