Xenophobia: New apartheid order back in South Africa

Our brothers and sisters are being hacked, slaughtered, chased wildly and life is unbearable. The only crime they’re earning this victimisation is for being immigrants.xenophobia2(R)

This is a qualification that natives of South Africa, not Immigration officers, have used to brutalise migrants and the reality on the ground is shockingly inhumane.

As Malawians, let us collectively take a stand to show our anger. Yes, it’s possible. For starters, let us boycott South African business empires like SHOPRITE, GAME STORES, INTERCAPE et al.

They shouldn’t hate us and love us when it comes to reaping billions out of Malawi.

Ladies and gentlemen, the barbaric actions happening in South Africa illustrate that South Africans have no regard for the values of Ubuntu; they have turned into enemies of other Africans; they are detached from the Africans’ family; they hold no dignity for fellow Africans; they have defied international solidarity.

Shame on South Africans for causing this stone cold holocaust/genocide/xenophobia.

And the African Union, SADC, UN et al are just snoring and ignoring the status quo as if those being victimised in South Africa are aliens.

South Africans are committing grievous crimes against humanity and their government must be taken to task accordingly.

Being a foreigner isn’t an automatic death sentence, no, not at all. Shame!

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49 thoughts on “Xenophobia: New apartheid order back in South Africa”

  1. Kennedy says:

    So my fellow african! Do not solve or say something when you’re angry or two excited. Iam malawian leaving in south africa obvious am angry but let’s not pay evil for evil please, if these so-called leaders Zulu’s under the spirite of darkness may God turn them away from evil. The nation has now been tarnished which is devastating so us as well wishers for this country, i do not agree with zwelithin’s aggravated words together with zuma’s son they’ll regret tomorrow. By the way if there is any senseble high profile person in Anc please try to put guidance before this promising nation go into vain, may God forgive those criminals.

  2. cash gate says:

    I think Jacob Zuma made a mistake when he told South Africans that he will create more jobs by sending off foregners to their original countries once he took over the government. Mr. Zuma is failing to end the violence, its better he can withdraw the statement. African leaders must learn something from what is hapenning in RSA. They must promise only things that can afford to manage. shame on you mr presdent.

  3. Kodi kubwezela nkulakwa?

  4. awewoli says:

    In the wake of the recent mayhem meted out to fellow africans just by virture of being found in a foreign land(sa) is really disheartening.
    I say its a big shame on south africans for their actions.
    What do they expect to be done to their people in foreign lands?This should be the question they ask themselves for their ruthless n barbaric act.May all those who have a hand in the killing of our innocent bros n sists forever be with blood in their hands.Shame onto the south african government for it has really failed africa.

  5. Mahad says:

    Shame on south African government. The Zuma government had failed it basic duty to protect defenless immigrat who stood shoulder to shoulder in their struggle of freeing south African. it is shocking the level of incompetent the south African gogovernment.
    This level of brutality of burning people a live should not go unpunished and whole world should place saction south AAfrican government. The ICC MUST OPEN CRIMENAL INVESTIGATION THE ZOOL KING.
    The African union must expel south African and economic economically isolated. If African union failures to protect it citizens than the people must boycott and expel all South African from their countries.

  6. George Lihoma says:

    Nkosazana Dhlamini Zuma should step down at the African Union. She has failed the whole Africa except South Africa. How can she unite Africa when Africans in her own country are butchering and lynching each other, no ways. NGO’s and CSO’s ntchito ndi imeneyi. Lead us to oust her. Hahahahahahaaha!

  7. Gaza Diva says:

    How i wish dat we Malawians could wake up and chase the south Africans peacefuly & never allow any business from them. May GOD punish everyone who has taken part in killing our fellow Malawians & Africans.

  8. Steven says:

    This Is really sad and when are we going to unité as Africans

  9. zambian says:

    We undstand that not every one in southafrica is for violence but what we condem is the south african government’s failure to bring this violence to an end. Its a nation that has no security. We all read of violence in sa every day Not because there are smart criminals but there is a smack govrnmt.u dont byte a finger that feeds you.we are a market for their products.

  10. Ramsey Majiga says:

    Ingobwerani kumudzi basi mufela za eni

  11. kondwani sonjo says:

    matching is not not that enough, its just a symbol of weakness. we have south Africans living in our country. yes we know thy are innocent but what have our children committed to die like chickens, let start with. these we have here. today’s game is an eye to an eye. we don’t have to wait let’s revenge now so they also enjoy the juice our people are casing there.

    I hope if we can start xenifobing their ambassador that will be good start, angry youths are not only in South our brothers dying their are people paying us school fees home after their hard work. we can also be angry . I am angry

  12. Emmanuel Pagone says:

    South Africa will pay for it. Jacob’s, zwelithin and the gvt are to blame

  13. George Lihoma says:

    I have read all these comments before me. Many of them show that a lot of Malawians don’t really know South Africans neither do i. They speak remorse while act violent behind. Visionary foreigners knew RSA was going to the dogs the day Zuma took the Presidency because is a Zulu. Zulus are good people but they promote brutality in their culture. Zuma’s favourite song is ‘Leetha umushiini wami’ which is bring to me my weapon(to destroy WHO?). That is why Mandela + Mbeki secretly resented Zuma to the throne. Look what Julius Malema of EFF does to RSA parliament, look what Zuma’s son has initiated, look what King Goodwill Zwelithini said, remember Mangosuthu Buthelezi’s Inkatha. All are Zulus. South African government hasn’t done enough on combating xenophobia and schooling Zulus on tolerance to their fellow African tribes. I totally lay my blame on RSA government, akulekelera. I lived in Alexandra township in Johannesburg for over five years. Hahahahahaha. JUST A THOUGHT.

  14. fkr says:

    I think this article stupid, not very well thought out and can only increase hatred. 99.9999% of South Africans do not agree at all with what outs happening in South Africa against migrants. if you read the Facebook pages from South Africans they are truly ashamed and disgusted with this group of people who have been insighted by president Zuma son, Melema and the idiotic Zulu king who started it all. Already charges are being brought against the Zulu king.

  15. Charles says:

    Iam very much concerned to what iz happening here b coz we did nothing wrong only God knows

  16. Uta wa Leza says:

    There will always be resentment towards migrants until we all face the historical truths. During appartheid the white regime favored immigrants over native South Africans because they were more likely to be loyal to them and turn a blind eye to the ongoing struggle against appartheid. Many of them therefore benefited greatly that way. A similar resentment was shown towards innicent Germans who benefited and prospered under Hitler. If you stand by and do nothing while your brother is being beaten nto death does that make you guilty or innocent? Remember we Malawians even had diplomatic relations with the appartheid regime…..

  17. Joseph says:

    One love one africa lets all unite for the sake of our children, love and humanity, we r all Jah creation.

  18. Nzazi says:

    I’m a South African, I want to clarify that not all South Africans condone this violent attack on foreigners, this is done by criminals and drug users which is a minority. They have use this as an opportunity to satisfy their criminal activities.

  19. Ba chatola says:

    While I feel sad for the xernophobic attacks and my heart is with my brothers and sisters in South Africa, I find the conclusion about boycotting game stories, shoprite and other businesses owned by south Africans absurd. I don’t know the intent of the author but it should be mentioned that the owners of those businesses are not the ones butchering our brothers and sisters nor the profits from those business empires do trikcle down to barbarians who are killing our brothers. Unless you prove that I found the conclusion misguided and driven by evil intention. Let’s stand up against xernophobia and hold our demonstration and deliver a petition to RSA embassy for the protection of our friends but not extremes that guided the author of this article.

    1. Mad Professor says:

      Very absurd indeed

  20. GONANI says:

    I wonder if even regional integration towards making Africa one power would work with the illiterate South African brutes.

  21. Mishyck Gwazani says:

    Doz malawians they better come here,tizidzavutika limodz bola til nd moyo.

  22. RESEARCHER says:

    We will not live here on earth permanent. South Africans will not be in exceptional on judgement day. Everyone who is killing will give an acount of that act. Do you know that Jesus Christ died for them? Why killing innocent people? this is very BAD indeed. The wrath of God will burn at you South Africans very soon.

  23. MPOTOPHWANYE says:

    I have even deleted all South African songs from my collection. To me South Africa means brutality

  24. bruno says:

    I can tell you why the xenophobic attacks are happening.

    Africans from the rest of Africa know what it is like to be hungry and to have to work for a living. They know that if they work really hard, that they will succeed in life. South African blacks have been conditioned by the government here to believe that once Apartheid was gone they would all live like kings and that the state would take care of everything. It is like a communist mentality. So, I am sorry to say this, and I am generalizing, because it is not true for all – they are lazy.

    When a hard-working Somali or Malawian comes to South Africa, and sets up a small spaza shop, and works from dawn to dusk to make a success of himself, the local South Africans become jealous. Instead of saying “thank you for setting up this small spaza shop so that I don’t have to travel to town to buy groceries” or thinking “hey, if this foreigner can make a living like this, then so can I” they would rather loot and burn and have nothing to show for it after a week when the stolen goods have been consumed. But at least everybody is as poor as each other. There is a mentality here that people must rather be pulled down to the same level than to suffer somebody to be successful.

    I am a white South African, so you can call me racist if you want, but this is the truth as I have seen it.

  25. fight says:

    True Malawian, what is happening in South Africa Has nothing to do with Llomwes,Yawos,Chewas and northerners, but MALAWIANS.Let us work out this problem collectively as MALAWIANS.

  26. HARRY KAOMBE says:

    Let South Africa be a continent on its own,do busineses on its own and see if it can survive.Mozambiqoue,Zimbabwe and all africans,dont give this stupid country access to ur routes,let them find their own routes to transport theur goods.tione ngati chuma chawo chingawapindulire popanda mayiko ena.it was our fathers who built that country in the name of Wayenera or theba.No man is an iland remember.

  27. dayfri says:

    they must also be killed

  28. Mbongeni, if u lacked reference u cld’ve better bn quiet. If northerners love each other then its good that we Chewas, Lhomwes, yaos… Shld emmulate them. Akumpoto sali ngati ife omakanika n’kumathandidzana pachibale. The issue is that South Africans shld b chased peacefully from all other african countries.

  29. dickson says:

    0THER “fRONTLINE COUNTRIES” like Zambia,, Tanzania, Zimababwe (later) etc. supported South Africans and guerillas during Apartheid regime time. Malawi did not!! Malawi was the only African nation in the world that had diplomatic ties with RSA during Kamuzu Banda’s time and the RSA military supported Banda’s dictatorial regime for 30 yrs!! Now Malawians want to reap where they did not sow!! case closed.

  30. Nyathula says:

    Even if one is an illegal immigrant, the way to sort him is not to stone or hammer him out of the country! There are laws which regulate such situations. You mean to tell me there are no illegal immigrants in US or UK? Are they brutalised like in South Africa? What’s wrong with South Africans? They feel they are the most supreme in Africa, yet majority of black people live in tinned houses!!! The xenophobic attacks in South Africa are BAD! Apart from the sanctions on South African companies, goods and services, I appeal to Africa that the CHAIRPERSON OF AFRICAN UNION COMMISSION, NKOSAZANA DLAMINI ZUMA must step down with immeadiate effect!!!! She can not claim to unite Africa when her people are busy chasing foreigners from South Africa! She must be chased out of Ethiopia!

  31. mbongeni says:

    Kukhala ngati anthu aku Mpoto khalidwe lodzikonda adatengera kwa makolo, a makolo awo ochokera ku South Africa —— za ma federalism!

  32. Lusayo says:

    @ Comment #2 — the issue is not about blacks killing blacks. It is about humans killing humans. I understand that it should not read as blacks killing blacks. The point still remains that being an illegal immigrant is not a qualification for death sentence or brutality. During apartheid, South Africa depended heavily on these so called illegal immigrants for support for freedom. Let them use legal procedures to get these people out of their country and not this inhumane act. What if other countries follow suit? What if all countries killed or butchered all illegal immigrants? How much bloodshed can we have on this beloved African continent?

    Much as that we do not condone the practice of working in other countries illegally, WE CONDEMN THIS XENOPHOBIC (OR AFROPHOBIC) ACT IN STRONGEST TERMS POSSIBLE.

  33. go go says:

    Why boycott Shprite, Game Stores why. It is sad that Foreigners are being killed. By now everyone knows the natives have been complaining that foreigners are making their lives hard is that a crime? It is true they deserve to reap the benefits of freedom but the whole continent is there what would you do? The shops in question has changed the landscape of our country, created jobs raised the standard of living for us who can not go down south shopping groceries so don’t suggest be hasty we are not destructive. Who stands to loose you or them.

  34. mervin says:

    SA forget that they have relatives in other parts of the world and they also participate activies outside. U wil not be spared too. Stupid zulu

  35. ofumu says:

    Dey r nt africans!!

  36. Wailing Soul says:

    The reason behind the author of this article is fallacious. Who is behind the xenophobic attacks and why? Do your research. All the businesses mentioned are owned by the wealthy white billionaires. Actually Shoprite owned by Checkers Shoprite who also own OK stores. These are white South Africans of Jewish descent or origin. They are employing the poor blacks, the Zulus, the Xhosas, the Pedis. The blacks are the ones attacking fellow blacks. In fact, Shoprite and others have created employment in Malawi. Even the Intercape you are talking about, who are the hostesses in those buses? Who are the drivers?
    Fallacious and poor reasoning. Daft!

  37. Neema says:

    South Africans! pachakuti pawo! iwo zoona momwe azungu ankawapha, amathawira ku Mocambique, Malawi, Tanzania, Zimbabwe…. Lero akutiphera abale athu? osabwezera amene ankawaphawo bwanji? tinene kuti nzeru zawo nzoperewera? sakumudziwa, uyo amawazunza? akuoneka ngati MMALAWI? Mocambique? kapena Mu Zimbabwe?? Mitu yanu, mulibe nzeru!

  38. Abwana anga says:

    Comment number 2 is one of the useless comments I have ever seen in my life!

    We are talkin of life sizakumatako zakozo

  39. They have forgot what we African brothers who stood tooth and nail when there were surpressedby the white regime this what u get back we took them in our country and look after them shame on you for paying back us like this

  40. Njiwa says:

    I think those whites were better off than these jealous cowards blacks. What will they gain by killing fellow blacks? They are all stupid!

  41. Parallel Market says:

    I support the idea while our so called CSOs are snoring. Lets boycott South African products, shops, airline, services, etc. I have already began today.

  42. Kapida says:

    @ Comment number 2, If some immigrants are staying there illegally, then you want to make us understand that SA is a lawless country by failing to use legal procedures within the system to deal with those “illegal” immigrant. Is mob justice a solution? Going by your comment, you are implying that South African government is in total support of these barbaric activities. If your government, I have no doubt it is, will not stop this, then I am afraid, we will also have to react by among other things doing what the article has suggested.

  43. mbuzi iwe says:

    South Africans should feel ashamed of themselves. Am angry at this and Malawians need to stand up and send a strong message to the Government of South Africa. If boycotting South African goods is one option, not allowing SAA to land in Malawi is another.

  44. jack Phalombe says:

    Bring back apartheid in South Africa the idiots can not rule themselves.

  45. Tiko says:

    While sme elements r true. But ur argument has emotions which makes u fail to balance ideas and rush to barbaric recommendations. Most foreigners in SA r staying there illegally.

  46. brutsha says:

    I am 100% black African and I am proud to be such but I hate any message that carries racist connotation. For instance, “blacks killing fellow blacks” Does it mean you wouldn’t mind if they killed a non black? The condemnation should read humans killing fellow humans. I have always held a contrary opinion to those who speculate that Africans are friendlier than non African. That is too sweeping a statement. We have in this world, white people who are doing philanthropic cause. Just imagine if USA had the mindset of South Africa, could we have immigrants in the US? In fact,if truth be told, South Africa is what it is economically today because of the white rule of course minus the apartheid evil. Remind me any black African country I will tell how they are economically struggling despite an endowment with natural resources. Until we accept the bitter fact that we lack focus it’s when we will change for the better.

  47. Issa Kabudula says:

    Conglatulation Mr Roggers, this is the piece of real angry man with the attacks which has taken 3 weeks so far many Malawians yes have been slaughtered for they are an easy target and shame many missing and their whereabouts will be not easy to get.

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