Zodiak, Joy TV propose FA Malawi presidential debate with Nyamilandu, challengers

Joy TV and Zodiak Broadcasting Station have reached out to incumbent Football Association of Malawi (FAM) president Mac Millan Walter Nyamilandu and his growing list of challengers to propose a television debate ahead of December 18 elections.

Makhwawa: Aspiring to be FAM president

Makhwawa: Aspiring to be FAM president

Nyamilandu seeks a fourth four-year term and is facing challenge from golfer and prominent lawyer John Gift Mwakhwawa, Owen Chomanika, Ali Mwachande, Kelvin M’mangisa and Wilkins Mijiga.

Joy station manager Lloyd Zawanda is proposing debate that would be aired live on Joy television and radio which would include audience questions and football fans.

Zawanda said Joy believes the live public pre-election debate would present Nyamilandu and his challengers “an unprecedented opportunity” to set out their plans and communicate directly with fans.

Zodiak managing director Gospel Kazako said on their part they plan to host an unprecedented red-carpet debate for the presidential aspirants this October 31 at Bingu International Conference Centre in Lilongwe.

“The whole nation must hear why these candidates are interested in the position in a live debate” Kazako said

Kazako said Zodiak will work hand in hand with several stakeholders, including the Sports Writers Association (Swam).

For FAM presidency Nyamilandu is viewed as the overwhelming favorite to win and other candidates face eligibility pitfalls

According to FAM legal subcommittee chairperson Jabbar Alide, candidates must have served in mainstream football administration at FAM affiliate level for five consecutive years prior to elections to stand as a requirement stipulated in FAM constitution.

That would render Mwakhwawa and Mijiga ineligible but the two have premised their presidential aspirations, which are subject to being nominated by the affiliates, on having served in FAM subcommittees for competitions and discipline, among others.

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16 thoughts on “Zodiak, Joy TV propose FA Malawi presidential debate with Nyamilandu, challengers”

  1. dull professor says:

    zodiak go away please,we have had enough of your incompetence

  2. MKWAPU says:


  3. tombolombo says:

    Common man has no say on these election since it’s only the affiliates who will vote. To me this is just a business gimmick aimed at syphoning money from the coperate world.

  4. amfana says:

    joy bola osati enawa adalephera pachisankho cha pa may 20.

  5. loscosoko says:

    Koma Nyamilamdu akapume three years wapangapo chani? Aaaaaaaa,mxiiiiii

  6. Manyasa says:

    The only Radio fit to host these Debates is Capital Radio, Zodiak failed to cover elections last year, Joy is a political station of Atupele Muluzi

  7. Kingsley Jika says:

    . . . that one should serve as . . . for five consecutive years prior to elections . . . ? This provision sounds rigid and strange in a context of democracy. It sounds to me that this body already set a preemptive mechanism, disqualifying outright all those who would cherish a desire to stand. I would love to see an open contest where a thousand able men and women would compete for then, unprecedented would be the magnitude of legitimacy on the side of the winner. That, I feel, would be the best route for us. But, as provides this ‘watchman’ provision, we all know the winner, and talk of debate in whatever uniform sounds rather misplaced here.

  8. yayaya says:

    A Zodik muzayambe kulengeza zotsatira pavoti yoyamba yeniyeni.Ndipo muzalendgeze wopambana pa mavoti womwe muzidzatolatola womwewo. Woyendetsa chitsankho adzizalengeza inu mutaweruka kale, mukudikira Judge Kenyata Nyerenda kuti alengeze, kaya usiku, kaya akulira, zawo, inu mutaweruka basi..

  9. musova says:

    Ndikadakonda kuti Joy ndi yomwe ipangitse debate imenei koma Zodiac nde ayi adzathandizira Nyamilandu kuti awine ngati momwe adapangira pa chisakho chapita chija

  10. The real ujeni says:

    Nonsense, just because they do presidential debates for politicians, you now want any post to do with presidency to have a debate. Just be creative and produce proper programs for viewers and listeners, don’t champion politics in everything.

  11. Rover says:

    Ine olo Walter Nyamilandu atazapikisana ndi mwala ndingazavotele mwalawo. Walter to too nepotistic, greedy, segregative…………………and as such not fit to head an association that is entrusted with the welfare of ALL soccer clubs. If we want football to develop, then it’s not with Walter at the helm. (I don’t think I have stepped on somebody’s toes).

  12. nana says:

    I support mijiga.Walter is outdated and if he want a fourth term go to parliament there is long live like jzu

  13. kanyimbi says:

    Chonde musawakhomelere anthu ena. Ndukukumbukira Nyamilandu nayenso poyamba anakumana ndi zopinga zambiri ndiye pano anayenera kuwonesetsa kuti chisankho chikhale chokomera aliyense. (koma osati ndi osewera gofu omwe. Kodi ku gofuko kulibe bungwe lawo?).

  14. Mnunkhaludzu says:

    This clause is outdated. FAM need to elect individuals who will make a difference to football in Malawi. If one has been on the helm for 3 terms, what a difference is going to make now? Its just greedy or the affiliates are sharing hot cakes with him….. On debate, the current president is likely to be outclassed by either John Gift Mwakhwawa of Wilkins Mijiga. Just wait! This is why you are rushing with the clause of eligibility!

  15. zonse ndi nthawi says:

    Zopanda ntchito zimenezi nthawi ya chisankho chaka chathachi sizidatithandize izi a zodiak omwewa adzabereka wina kumsana nthawi ya chisankho mmpamene anthu akufuna zina.

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