Zodiak, Times Group owe Malawi Revenue Authority billions in tax

Malawi private media houses, Zodiak Broadcasting Services (ZBS) and the Times Group are reported to be owing Ms tax collector, the Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) billions of the much needed Kwacha, Nyasa Times understands.

Kazako :Zodiak boss

Kazako :Zodiak boss

For over two years, Malawi has not been receiving budget support from her international partners and the country has been relying its public service provision from revenue collection.

Zodiak owns a radio and television station and the Times Group is the country’s oldest media house with business interests stretching from newspaper, radio, television and courier services among others.

According to documents seen by Nyasa Times, Zodiak owes MRA MK1.2 billion whilst Times Group owe the revenue collector MK463 million.

The outstanding dues are reported to have accumulated for at least the last 3 years and range from VAT, PAYE and Surtax.

In the documents, the MRA accuses the two media giants of not respecting the country’s tax regulations that they so much talk about in their news bulletins and programmes.

The documents warn the two media giants to settle their debt with the tax collector or face stern action from the MRA.

According to the documents, Zodiak is accused of not remitting to MRA monies for VAT, Surtax and PAYE.

MRA said it was shocked to see that even on PAYE, Zodiak was not remitting what it had collected from salaries of its employees which the revenue collector says it’s illegal. The same is on VAT and Surtax.

Similar accusations have been levelled against the Times Group.

When contacted for comment, MRA spokesperson Steve Kapoloma said he was not in a position to comment on the matter.

“We don’t discuss information  of our clients in the media,” he said on Tuesday.

ZBS is owned by youthful entrepreneur, Gospel Kazako  and the Times Group has its roots from Malawi first President the late Hastings Kamuzu Banda and his family.

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The analyst…please keep your identity tight and continue showering us with blessings of truths


Just shut down these two institutions because what they are doing is criminal in nature, people are dying in hospitals because Government cant pay for Medicines – ine Ndalama mumathela kupanga BRIBE A NAMISA so that they put you on number 1?? 1.3 Billion?? This money can build the whole Cancer Centre that Malawi want to construct.

James Phiri
This is govt machinery to frustrate media houses and DPP has targeted to close Zodiak so that by 2019 it should not be able to control the airwaves as it has reporters in all the districts. A good example DPP through MBC has been offering jobs to Zodiak staff without attending interviews and a good example is Wahara who is currently with MBC. I don’t blame him his decision, as cost of living has gone up. Komanso pena Zodiak mmmmhhh, kuwumira makobiri. Kaya ziwoneka. Lucy Chimwaza and Joseph Mwanoka were also offered the job but Zodiak had to kneel down… Read more »

Whether these institutions are being targeted or not is none of Mw’s business. If they did not evade taxes, let them defend themselves in court. The fact that others are doing the same shouldn’t be reason enough why they shouldn’t be punished. If u knw of other institutions, then come forward. Kawauzeni a MRA so that thy crack down on them so that they too face the law. Politicising every matter won’t take us anywhere.


For the past what? ………..what? Where was MRA during the past 35 months, less this month when they have now decided to say this? Zoonekeratu izi kuti mwatumidwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! You are disturbed with the exposures they are releasing daily………………!! MRA is headed by regional governor for tax diversion paja!


It is easy to attack non malawians and take away their cars, computers , etc.


VAT and Surtax. Nde kuti chani? These are one amd same thing.

If truth is to be told, all defaulters of tax shouldn’t be excused, but if we can read between the lines, MRA is now targeting only fellow outspoken individuals or institutions just to silence them from exposing what government wouldn’t want Malawians to know. While we should not condone the malpractice of evading taxes, but at the same time we should check against this abuse of law by selective justice. Of late we have heard of same MRA rushing to speaking to media about a certain young politician and his finding himself in alleged bad books with MRA, now the… Read more »
emmanuel moyo

this is very true, and its so pathetic but one thing for sure God is watching.


zikachitika mumvela kwa ife

Mkulu Zikaoneka

@ Analyst.
Very true, I agree with you 100%

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