Zomba elects another female Mayor

The Zomba City Council (ZCC) has elected Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Councilor for central ward Melia Likoswe Douglas as new mayor during the council’s meeting held at the Civic Offices Chamber.

New Mayor for Zomba City: Douglous

New Mayor for Zomba City: Douglous

The newly elected 37-year-old female Mayor replaced late Joana Ntaja who died on March 8 2015.

Douglas, who recently won the Central Ward during by-elections, becomes the seventh mayor for the city and the second female in its history.

She went unopposed.

In her acceptance speech, the new Mayor thanked God for her election and promised to “serve” the people with all her dedication.

Zomba City deputy mayor Davie Maunde of UDF said the council was pleased with the election of a new Mayor.

“We welcome the election of the new Mayor and she will have our support,” he said.

Its female power in Zomba as the city’s  Central member of Parliament (MP) is also a woman, Patricia Kainga of Peoples Party.

The MP said she was very grateful for the city to have a woman elected for the second time as a mayor .

“This is good news to those who support gender issues,” said MP Nangozo.

Nangozo also promised to support the newly elected mayor and work hand in hand with her of issues of development in the city.

Zomba First Grade Magistrate Robert Makaika administered the oath of office to the new Mayor.

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22 thoughts on “Zomba elects another female Mayor”

  1. Nyasi musi says:

    Ali ndi JC .panopa analemba MSCE ndiye akundikira results.
    She was doing her night xul.

  2. Mauziboy says:

    Papers do not work. How do we get papers? We have had corners in University Colleges where we manufacture ready answers. Have you forgotten?

  3. chepetsani says:

    We Malawi can not develope electing big post with no credible academic and experience in this big positions. This is a joke.

  4. Benson Chirwa says:

    I’m told she only has MSCE certificate but very pompous.

  5. Gas Machine Head says:

    Please, anyone who knows her academic credentials please enlighten us because Zomba councillors are mostly dunderheads

  6. Ndale za pamalawi nzokomera anthu opanda upangiri. Dziko lotero silinatukuke ayi. Ati azitukuka akhala awo ndi awo. Mpata ukapezeka aliyense azingowona zomwe angachite. Kodi u Mayor amalandira ndalama zingati? Ma benefits akenso ndi angati? Amene mukudziwa tafokozani timve

  7. Cashgate1 says:

    Provide bio data please. What does she have in terms of academics? BT Mayor has proved what type of people we ought to chose for these positions. Osati kumangodikila ati andigulire kaye galimoto and kaya chani.

  8. Blessed Banda says:

    #3 Sindiwe wa MCP. Timakudziwa kale. Even with your fake name, we know you by source and place of residence.

  9. The issue is not gender but someone who is capable whether male or female but qualified for any particular post or position can go for it not gender. There are a lot of capable women who can work in different spheres of our societies but the fact remains that women are not leaders.

  10. Tili Chenene says:

    Her credentials please!!!

  11. harrinyah says:

    kuteroku akudikira MSCE results…bola akhonze..hahahahah

  12. Kabwira Kapasula says:

    Patricia Kainja uyambiliretu kuzigulira malo ku zipani zaku Malawi , ichi chako cha Pwipwi yanyamuka ku Malawi kuno kulibe , apo bii , forget about bouncing back in the next election, take it or leave it

  13. rewlayi says:

    It seems women from Zomba are ambitious and sexy.Keep it up

  14. Zagwazatha says:

    Something must be wrong in Zomba. Ma councilor ena onse ndiye kuti ndi Mbuzi zokhazokha. Mbatama. How an outsider like her go unopposed? You mean you had to wait to elect another councilor to replace the departed mayor! Ndiye kuti panalibe wina aliyense suitable, and mpakana kulowa unopposed!!! Mbuzi za ma councilor

  15. chatonda says:

    She doesnt seem to have any idea for the post. What has she been doing before? What is her education background? What plans does she have about Zomba City? These are issue to probe from her. Silly journalism.

  16. vwapuvwapu says:

    mumso ndi kamvedwe ndi zabwino, pano tiwone ntchito.

  17. Jonas says:

    Eti ena a MCP mpaka nkumalota zakumwera? Tabachitani phokosolo ife wathu 2019 tili naye kale.

  18. Lazaro Chakwera Akazi says:

    Thats DPP basi ndaipatsa ulemu. Enafe tizingovutika kumainyoza pa Nyasatimes ndi pa facebook koma iyoyo ili phee with silent credible manoevres mpaka kumawinabe. Shaaa basi MCP ndingomusiira Jumbe basi.

  19. matako a pusi says:

    Sexy mayor

    1. i miss kamuzu says:


  20. Thitherward 'wendo says:

    It would have been interesting to have been told something about her achievements, political platform, and plans for Zomba. Regrettably, it seems that the only detail deemed significant is her gender.

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