Chakwera calls for action on Malawi ‘grand corruption’ scandal: No impunity

The opposition Malawi Congress Party President, Dr Lazarus Chakwera has advised the Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) to quickly act on t the network responsible for biggest financial scandal in Malawi’s history. Known as “cashgate”,  after there have been fears that about seven ministers who are implicared will escape justice.

Chakwera says no impunity in delaing with grand corruption

Chakwera says no impunity in delaing with grand corruption

Chakwera said  those involved in the scandal  should not  escape the reach of the law even if they are  in the corridors of power.

The opposisiton leader said this while addressing a political rally at Thavite School Ground in the area of Traditional Authority Mwanza in Salima District.

“We are told that the office of the Auditor General has handed over the forensic audit [conducted by RSM Risk Assurance LLP of the UK covering 2009 to 2014 ]  report to the ACB. The ACB should quickly act on the report despite that some people are still working under fear of seeing what their friend  Issa Njaunju saw, do your job,” said Chakwera.

He was apparently referring the the murder of ACB official Njaunju whose investigations police say is complicated as many believed it was regime thugs who took away his life in a brutual manner.

Chakwera said Malawians are keenly waiting for action for all the shoddy deals that involved civil servants and businesses.

The reports says there are $14.2 million in overpayments for goods and services; one duplicate payment of $5.45 million which the report says should be subject to immediate recovery; and $29 166 overpayment on shipping to wrong locations.

Chakwera said “there should be no impunity” for those involved in stealing from the state.

“That’s why if we are asking ACB to conclude the what Auditor General has already found bring all the culprits to book so , lets endt a culture of impunity,” said Chakwera.

Chakwera said Malawi Civil Service was very trusted in the Kamuzu Banda regime.

“Go in locations you will find that the former Civil Servants are poor and compare them with the current civil servants they are already rich even after working for few years, where are they getting money? ” said Chakwera.

“The new crop of civil servants are driving top range of vehicles, building good houses, they are stealing your money.”

Chakwera then demonstrated a practical example of corruption at GreenBelt  Authority(GBA).

“We have been passing budget for GBA for long time but have you benefited from the initiative you people of Salima,” queried Chakwera.

Chakwera has since advised President Peter Mutharika to address the corruption which is draining a lot of public resources.

“ The money  that is wrongfully been used for self-enrighment should be used to help reduce poverty in Malawi and to raise living standards for all citizens,” said Chakwera.

Parliament  is, through the Public Accounts Committee, reportedly supposed to further debate the ‘grand corruption’ forensic report with the Auditor Genearl this week.

Civil society is demanding President Mutharika to sack the ministers implicated in the mismanagement of the funds.

However, many believe it is more likely that Malawians will see the culprits being prosecuted, including the role of ministers and senior officials in the Mutharika-led government.

The forensic audit of the financial years 2009-2014 was carried out in two phases. In a first phase, PwC on behalf of the National Audit Office of Malawi checked whether the statements from government bank accounts matched with entries in Ifmis.

The analysis showed that 43 percent of payments reflected in the government bank statements were not accounted for in Ifmis.

These are $14.2 million in overpayments for goods and services; one duplicate payment of $5.45 million which the report says should be subject to immediate recovery; and $29 166 overpayment on shipping to wrong locations.

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If this country would have gone through a revolutionary process today by a clean breed of Malawians then UDF,MCP,DPP and PP Politicians would not be spared. Chakwera is already dirty having bribed with millions from JB and would not be spared either. Malawi needs change and change can not be achieved through these parties whose members have nothing to offer apart from thinking and talking of kusolola.

The only way our country can get rid of corruption and greedy bastards like APM and his ministers is by us Malawians take law into our own hands. we need to put tires around their necks and let them suffer just as our people have suffered. No mercy and no sacred cows. Muthalika is the biggest thief this country has ever seen. he needs to go if he does not then we need to make him go. Why are Malawians accepting this? we know how ruthless the DPP syndicate is and yet we sit phwiii waiting for what? As long… Read more »
Bogus assemblies of God Reverend
Bogus assemblies of God Reverend

Dr Chakwera, reveal the names of the thieves please.Failing which forever hold thy peace!

Racist McTumbukaFace

My dear Lazarus! All this rhetoric will not help us. You know the ACB does not take orders from you so what you are saying wont happen.
Start campaigning to gain some voters from the southern region so you can win the presidency. Then you shall be able to tell Lucas Kondowe what to do.

Berekete Kudika

Give us the names of the culprits failing which, this is cheap and mare fabrication that is aimed at sensitizing the masses something which is bogus. Please name the devils.

Imraan Sadick

Give us the names Mr Chakwera


The president has more important business, collecting, at taxpayers’ expense, a useless piece of paper from Ethiopia, it seems! The government must be forced to take action… and how will that happen? Donors, investors will never have confidence in Malawi while the presiding government continues to ignore Cashgate and the subsequent findings.

The Pregnant woman

Dr Chakwera (mcp president) and Mr Nsonda (pp spokesman) you are missing a golden opportunity by not exposing the suspected 7 ministers.Reveal there names and gain big political mileage.


Exactly! Expose them by naming them rather than just bragging propagandas. You will get a political mileage if you name them.


I second Hon Chakweras voice to crack corruption, no room for status quo or business as usual. No one is above the law even the high profile bwanas will have to face the law for shady deals. Malawi remains in the very critical condition due corrupt tendencies in the civil service.


But who are the seven alleged ministers? Why are the names hidden? This is another rubbish. I’m fed up.

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