24 Chanco students seek Malawi police compensation: Poly students blast law enforcers

Atleast 24 students from Chancellor College,  a constituent college of the University of Malawi (Unima), have come forward seeking compensation, claimed they were assaulted and brutalised by the police in Zomba during the anti university fee hike violent protests.

Poly students in court

Poly students in court

Chancellor College Students Union president Ayuba James confirmed that the 24 are willing to prove that the police tortured them.

The Malawi Law Society asked the college leadership to bring forward names of students who were allegedly abused by the police in a bid to press for their compensation.

This followed a  leaked video clip which has gone viral in the social media exhibiting police brutality.

The  video clip shows a group of police officers aggressively chasing unarmed students before confronting and ruthlessly assaulting the two helpless girls.

Malawi Law Society of Malawi officials said they would not want to comment on the matter now whilst the Inspector General of Police Lexten Kachama said his office is also probing the same.

Centre for Human Rights and Rehabilitation (CHRR) executive director Timothy Mtambo has accused the police of trying to suppress the matter and has called for the dismissal and prosecution of the responsible officers.

He said: “What they [officers] did is totally against their job which is to protect and promote people’s rights as stipulated in the Police Act and the country’s Constitution.”

Taxpayer-funded Malawi Human Rights Commission (MHRC), a constitutionally established human rights watchdog, has indicated it is carrying out “comprehensive investigations” into the matter whose findings will form the basis of recommendations to be made to concerned authorities for redress

Meanwhile, 14 students from Malawi Polytechni in Blantyre, arrested on Monday due to the same anti University of Malawi fee hikes, have been released on bail.

Chief Resident Magistrate Thomson Ligowe granted bail to the students on condition that each one of them should report to Blantyre Police station every Wednesday morning, they should not go out of Blantyre without informing the officer-in-charge at the station, police should visit and verify their places of residence in Blantyre and that they should not be found around the Polytechnic campus.

He also told them they should be available at the court on August 11 when the case is expected to start.

The students are accused of proposing violence. They all pleaded not guilty to the charges..

Meanwhile,  Polytechnic Students Union president Frank Mchupuka Msiska expressed disappointment with the way the police handled the whole issue.

“Police are fond of to practicing the skills they got during training on university students. We were having a peaceful assembly, discussing issues that affect us but they started firing teargas on us. I wish the Inspector General should start sending some of his officers to war tone countries so that they practice their skills since they have no better way of utilizing those skills on a peaceful country like this one,” said Msiska.

The University of Malawi students  held demonstrations protesting the hike in their financial contribution from K55 000/K275 000 to a minimum of K400 000.

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University students dont learn from history, they think if they vandalise property and stone peoples vehicles then the world will sympathise with them? Now look only 2 girls were seen being slapt by police where will the other students get thier evidence / mukasauka basi kupezelapo mwai to be compansated? Shame on you. Tikukuonanitu muzatipeza kufuna ntchito after mutatiwera ma galimoto and you think we can employ you? Some of us were there before and we know what happens. you will delay yourselves and your school will be more costly than you think.


Jussa joni, you are just a foolish person. The students are fighting for a good cause. Do you have any evidence that they got MSCE through kubera? You are also ignirant of the fact that it the government that pays and not the police. You have shown your foolishness and lack of understanding of issues.

Dr Tambala

Am also going to sue these Chancol idiots for preventing Biden visit my.village school at mtubwi in Machinga

jussa joni

These rude and brainless called yaros (year1) must be expelled for good and never admitted to any university in this country. Its shameful that they have no proper qualifications other than the MSCE which they got by kubera (likasa) and think they can bring the whole university down. POLICE SIPEPESA and SILIPIRA.

prof. Odiyayo

i presume you are Devil private police and belong to six programme guys.

James Gogoda

Uku ndiye kupalamula khala la moto. Ask me if the Lectures will just watch and leave you alone? Definitely, you’ll be weeded. Tinali komweko muzitifunsa kaye. It is sad even son/daughter of the poor man is joining this squad. When you are weeded, you’ll go home and suffer with your poor parents when the reach parents are sending their children to other Universities expensive than Chanco and Poly

November Rain

Inuyo munali ku university? Chanco or Poly?
As who? Student or mulonda?
Nanga mpaka “reach parents” zoona?
Koma yaa


Zina kambu zina leka. A James Gogoda mumangomva kuti kuli Chanco eti. Why don’t you shut up your goaded mouth before you say anything. Umbuli ndi matenda omwe, nchifukwa chake a police amapanga za umboli. You need to go back to school. There is no reach people any where in the world.

Kauzyanga Chibaki

Mafana mundifunse ine, Ndimamva chisoni ndikamaona naonso ana a amphawi akuchita nao za udolo. The Lecturers are just watching you and believe you me, you will be weeded. Anzanuwo ndi wochita bwino, awapititsa ku Collage zina. Iwe nzanga ndi ine ukhala ulendo wa kunyumba


We “parents” pay for your fees. Whenever we cant, you are given loans which you are supposed to repay after graduating and securing a job. What else do you need? Why are you short sighted? The police wont pay you. Its your parents who struggle to make ends meet paying for your mad demands!!! Cant you see, that will be waste of tax payers money?????? They should beat you more because you are shameless students.” popcorn headed”.

Philosophucal Obsever
Philosophucal Obsever

Which short sight. If we will pay it means we have to justify the amount of loans pressed on us. Its us to pay not you. Which tax payers money then are you protecting you fool?


Malawi Police is full of Mbuzi za anthu like their comander in chief BWAMPINI PITALA


Malawi Police is full of mbuzi and most mbuzi from the university of malawi are crambling ti join the police why? With that khalidwe reputable organisations can not accomodate you. Mumaiwala zimenezi, do you think if there can be anyvacancy at american embassy angakutengeni lero?


Are you really at University? At least you should be able to construct a sentence!


headless chicken you are, no qualification just full crap. mukhala choncho

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