Activist slams Malawi govt over hospital user fees

A health rights activist has asked the government to halt its plans to introduce user fees in public hospitals, saying the government is not prepared for that.

A ward in the Presbyterian Church-sponsored Ekwendeni Hospital in northern Malawi.

User fees to start: A ward in Ekwendeni Hospital in northern Malawi.

Patients and Health Community Foundation executive director Awali Alide said there were a lot of things the government needed to sort out before forcing people to pay for the health services.

Government says the user fees will be introduced in July.

Alide said there was need for the government to improve services in public hospitals so that patients have value for their money.

Opposition People’s Party acting president Uladi Mussa concurred with Alide, saying the government needed to stock all hospitals with medicine, there should be adequate staff, make sure there are enough ambulances among others.

However, Mafunde President George Mnesa welcomed the initiative by the government saying this will improve health services in public hospitals.

Dorothy Ngoma, another health rights activist said the move was overdue.

She said there was need for patients and the government to share costs.

Ngoma said the absence of the cost sharing mechanism of treatment is partly to blame for the collapsing health services in the country.

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Who will manage the fees – the same who manage the drugs etc??


Tinapita court kuka mvera mirandu ya Lock and Vangabond ya mumatero. Aamngochonga kuti walipria No receipt. Ife tinangoti ho wathu watuluka.


we are already paying heavily in CHAM hospitals, the most important thing is to have enough drugs and staff


Ehe koma wina alemera pamenepa . A akhala ndi ma receipt book awo!


This plan sounds a bit queer to me, the drug which we get from these hospitals is either paid for by the tax payer or donation from wellwishers, the doctors and nurses who run these facilities are paid by the taxpayer and why should a taxpayer pay for the services from these hospitals which he has already paid for through his taxes? We are meant to believe that the services and drugs in hospitals are secured through these taxes. Will someone enlighten me on that please?


A health system needs funds to operate and who should provide these funds? If you saz government , then where does government get its money. The answer is taxes and who pays tax.? Its you and me. Are you satisfied with the health services? Can you voice your dissatisfaction? If you cant then we need paying health services. Our health services are grossly underfunded and there is no way you can be talking of quality services at the rate govt is funding our services.
If we can accept to directly contribute towards health services then lets accept this mediocre service

James Tsamwa

It’s poor man feel it. At least it’s free in the UK and world class. Including free dental care and prescriptions if you’re classed poor.


Every service costs money to run. That money does not drop from heaven like manna. Malawians lets stop being dishonest. When ever you have charged a person you should issue a receipt.You people who use the service insist on having a receipt after you have made your payments.

Wake up Alide! The service is in need of money and that is why so many things are not done! by collecting money and using that money appropriately we will have a better service. You talk like the health services belong to the government NO! they belong to us and if you want anything in working order yuo better pay for it so it can be improved! WAKE UP MEN! If you say please put in measures to make sure that this money is used for what its meant to be uesd for! I am on your side. AMalawi stop… Read more »

Ku Zomba Central Hospital ndi K4000.00 to K6000.00 kuchotsa dzino limozi. Munthu ukanenelera akumatsitsako kufika cham’ma K2,000. limodzi. Ukakhala m’mphawi, akumakuuza kuti upite Ku Mataware olo ku Barracks akakuthandiza. Olo utakhala ndi referral letter say yochokera ku chipatala cha Police(Zomba) akumayikana kuti yisawakhudze; ulipire basi. Ndalama zoperekedwa sidzikulembedwa lisiti. Chilungamo, chimenechi? Mafizi anuwa mwayambitsa nawo corruption mudzipatalamu. Anthu akuzunzika chifukwa chaumphawi.

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