Activist Trapence under attack for criticising  Malawi churches over pro-life march

Centre for the Development of People (Cedep) executive director  Gift Trapence has come under attack for criticising the church on the use of children during learning hours in the recent protests.

Gift Trapence : Why  using the school going children to be in the streest demonstrating

Gift Trapence : Why using the school going children to be in the streest demonstrating

The Episcopal Conference of Malawi and Evangelical Association of Malawi led protests against abortion and same sex marriages attracted learners who were in school uniforms in Blantyre, Lilongwe, Zomba, Mangochi, Mzuzu and other districts.

This annoyed the Cedep executive director Trepence who said this was against the very notion of protecting the family which the church leaders were preaching.

However, some sections of Malawians have attacked Trepence on social media.

“Cedep knows that their financiers on same sex marriages wont pay them anymore,” writes Benson Mhango.

Kondwani Zulu describes Trepence crusade on same sex marriages as cashcow.

In his statement, Trepence says what baffles Cedep is that the church leaders involved the children during learning hours to advance their agenda.

“This is very unfortunate and disappointing especially from leaders who claim to stand up for the family. It must be emphasized that among the basic and fundamental human rights of all children is the right to education,” he says.

Trepence says if the church is indeed to protect the family, then it should make sure that children remain in school learning so that they can contribute to the development of the nation and sustain themselves as they grow up.

“It is hypocritcal to say you are protecting a family at the same time violating the rights of children. You dont protect the family by recruiting children into demonstrations during learning hours,” he said.

Added Trepence: “This is hypocricy and selfish behaviour that destroys the family rather than protecting.”

Church officials were reluctant to comment on the matter but Victor Mkorongo, writing on Facebook and participated in the protests said no child was coaxed.

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Gift Trapence Satanist
Gift Trapence Satanist

Satanist Gift T.
Its unfortunate you are being against God because of your leader, the devil.
Watembeleledwa and you are for the Hell, JA’NA or Jahena, kumoti

Crude Oil

Gift akuyenera kumasulidwa kuti alandire Yesu. Mwina ambiri simumudziwa. Ali pa Chanco in the 1990s anali mwana wosauka koopsa. Mwatsoka panali lecturer wamamuna wachizungu amene amagona naye ndikumamupatsa zosowa zake. Amayenda tang’atang’a ameneyu after being abused on dailly basis by Dr. K……. All of a sudden tinadabwa kuti maniwa apeza chithumba ndikumaphaka life. Munthuyu ndi homo not out of choice.


Heaven and hell are NOT real, only idiots believe in such nonsense! Women need to have a choice and get a safe abortion and all gay people have a right on whom they can love and have sex with! Religion is the slavery of the mind, its gullibility with a halo and anybody who follows it really a moron.


Can someone by the name of Gift Chimpanzee reply here. From the look of things he is defeated for his savage Sena mind has been folded into the very as hole that someone fucks him.

Kaponda Sichinga
Gift a beautiful name but the owner a sinful man. Why are you worried with children education when you advocate for them termination at conception? Ain’t you more hypocritical than the church you are accusing of hypocrisy? If all of us choose to marry our same sex colleagues and all pregnant women choose to abort their pregnancies would you talk about children in school? Afterall the issue is about abortion and same sex marriages not education and keeping children in school. You remember pupils are also human beings and have the right to participate in demos. Isn’t paradoxical that you… Read more »
sophie Nquala

zikanakhala zochita involve ana asukulu ndiye kukanakhala chipwirikitu, Trapence yonso akudziwa akuchitira dala sakufuna kuvomereza chabe iyo


Gift Trapence is a confused person.

Shame on churches! and well done Mr. Trepance for telling nothing but the truth. Malawi needs abortion to be legalised and most people are in support of this except the bigots who refuse (1) to accept that women and girls are already aborting pregnancies and the government is just trying to provide safe abortion and (2) government needs to stop wasting money treating complications women and girls suffer as a result of unsafe abortion. And the priests who were matching know nothing about pregnancy whilst the reverends on the demonstrations do not know how to look after children – feed,… Read more »
Let Us Pray

You DO NOT fight the Church bwana Trapense. Please please chonde take my word. I rest my case.

abiti macheso

A Trapence Bambo anu akanakhala a mathanyula mukanabadwa inu?

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