Activists want referendum on federal system not about homosexuality

One of the activists pushing for federal system of government, Dr Binnah Shawa has called on President Peter Mutharika to first call a referendum vote for federation other than asking Malawians to vote on human rights issues such as homosexuality or abortion.

Dr Bina Shawa: Federalism or standalone country for north

Dr Bina Shawa: Federalism or standalone country for north

Shawa said by adopting federal system, they will end regionalism by most of the country’s Presidents who have been coming from the southern region.

The advocates for the federal system also feel that federalism would bring development competition among the three regions, since the regions would be able to plan for the most needed developments in their areas unlike now when all the decisions are made by the central government.

President Mutharika mandated the Public Affairs Committee (PAC) to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the issue before a decision could be made.

The federal system activists raised issues surrounding segregation and discrimination, road infrastructure in the North, status of Mzuzu City, education, and appointments in government and recognition of heroes from the North.

They also complained about poor road network in the region saying despite campaign promises to upgrade some of them like the Edingeni-Euthini-Mpherembe- Nyika-Nthalire-Chitipa road, nothing has been done.

They also queried why Mzuzu City gets a little budget of around K1 billion when other cities get as high as K2.2 billion in the national budget.

Initially, the calls for government to adopt federalism started with few individuals from the country’s northern region in 2011, following a public outcry that the then president, late Bingu Wa Mutharika, brother to the current president, Peter, was oppressing the region in terms of development.

For instance, Mutharika imposed a quota system policy of selecting students to public colleges; rather, than on merit, after he noted that most learners from the north were dominating public universities through the Ministry of Education’s merit selection system.

Several quarters also accuse the incumbent President of supporting regionalism and nepotism by promoting people from his region and particularly his Lomwe tribe in public offices such as cabinet ministers, chief executives for parastatal institutions and other government departments.

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Ifeyo akumpoto we must just organise ourselves and bomb the heck out of these quota system benefiters (Makota). ifeyo we have already started mobilising in Botswana and we have already linked up in South Africa. close to R400m will come from these two countries and we have the backing of the EFF. Ku USA and UK ayamba kale. munya muona tatopa nanu abilimankhwe inu. Entry plan ili mu draft pano.


Something z missing in v northerners brain, how many gelections w av gon through since endpendenc? Opepela anuwo samaimilila upulesidenti? Amawina? Pipo out here know that u r full of shit n selfish. Mukhala choncho. Tow regions woyeeeeeee APM woyeeeeeee!

Breaking up with the north is the only lasting solution. Federalism will not solve anything because tumbukas will still be around and shall still be making unreasonable noise, demanding equal shares as if their size is as proportionate to that of Central or South. And here they are saying they are ready to use guns . For what? Kodi ife tikukuletsani atumbukanu kuti mupange dziko lanu ngati? All we are saying is that federalism will still have you around and that means our problems shall remain forever. Get lost bampoto imwe!!!!! If you fail to tolerate each other and support… Read more »

I don’t support the idea of federalism. I believe this is coming from selfish people with selfish motives. Kodi mukuti mukufuna pa nokha chifukwa ninji? I think federalism ayi tipange za standalone. Perhaps that will give people from the other two regions a rest. Be planning on your military force,police,and everything else because tikapanga referendum sitikulorani kukhala part of us,mwatinyoza kokwana kuti tikukukakamirani. Tizidutsa nawo mdziko mwanumo tikamatenga galimoto zathu Ku Tanzani. No to federalism yes to standalone

We need change

Kodi mukudana ndi federalism bwanji ngati Munayamba mwayetsapi.All the systems have failed and now federalism should be put on trial.Why are you spending sleepless nights with federalism.Its not a hidden thing that Pitala is a tribalist and full of nepotism.Malawi needs to try federalism.Fed up of the useless unitary system that is very segragative.We will support you Dr Bina Shaba.

zabwino bwino

mwayambanso atumbuka eti,,,,,mukufuna mupange za Livingstonia Synod eti???mpaka kuthamangitsa Chimwemwe Mhango


Thikiwa, intelligence prevails over academics and civilisation. Ndipitilize or ulipila xool fees?


I think amene muli apresident apitala ndi ameneso mukufuna kudzakhala mtsogoleri. Moti simungatsutsike pazomwe munkachita/mukuchita? Anthu-tu apa akukudandaulani zochita zanu. Tangoganizani kuti inuyo mawa mwafa, tayang’anani anthu amene mwakhala mukuwapondereza aja– zosakhala bwinotu zimenezi. Ganizani bwino mwabwana.


So, Bina Shawa’s face has tribalism written all over it? Now, tell me about the writtings on the faces and mouths of muthalika, fabiano, chaponda, mwanamveka, getrude maseko

MatongoNgaKuPeterHitler Mutharika
The only language this Hitler of Malawi will understand is when the Northerners pick up arms to free their Northern part of Malawi which is Republic of Nyika. We can’t keep on complaining and do nothing. This tribalistic Lomwe dominated government the only language that they understand is a gun. No other tribe will rule Malawi until thy Kingdom come. I call upon all Northerners to embark on the armed struggle because that is the only language this Hitler Peter Mutharika will understand. We need to bomb their asses. We just need to make Malawi ungovernable until our people are… Read more »

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