Aford attacks DPP: Mwenifumbo says North Malawi is the bedrock of politics

The Alliance For Democracy (AFORD) has on Wednesday attacked the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) government for what it claims plot to kill the political future of northerners, saying they are reviving the party to put their stamp on national politics.

Chihana (left) and Mwenefumbo: Turning Aford great again

Crowds at Aford rally

 Member of Parliament and prominent frontline troop of  Aford, Frank Mwenifumbo said  in Karonga during the political rally organized by AFORD president Enoch Chihana.
The comments were in reaction to DPP secretary general Gridezer Jeffrey wa Jeffrey that  that northerners will not produce president.
Mwenifumbo said despite being despised  or undermined, northerners are the backbone of the county’s political history.
“Frontline troops of pro-democracy were mostly northernors championed by Aford’s founding president late Chakufwa Tom Chihana,” he said.
“May be Jeffrey is not aware about the political history of this country. Let me school her, we are the backbone,” said Mwenifumbo
According to him, the first person to formulate a political party in the country, Nyasaland African Congress was Levie Mumba from the north, the one who formulate the country’s main opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) Orton Chirwa was from the north and that the one who brought multiparty in the country Chakufwa Thom Chihana was from the north.
Former DPP national campaign director Bessie Chirambo described President Peter Mutharika leadership undemocratic, arrogant, regionalistic and tribalistic.
According to her, Mutharika believe that he can run government with people from the Lomwe belt only.
“Thus why I decided to dump DPP and join AFORD. I don’t want to be Yudas Iscariot like other northerners who are still with DPP,” she said.
Hundreds of Karonga residents attended the rally.
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winston msowoya
To my fellow Northerners and indeed,all Malawians,what we lack here is general wisdom especially from our brothers and sisters from the South and indeed,some of few of them from the Central Malawi.How would these misguided people dwell on verbally attacking the Northerners for no good reason atall while the economic situation in the country,is appallingly in bad shape throughout the country.The fact of the matter is that Northerners do no subscribe to this shameful situation.Since independence 53 years ago,the top leadership of our country,has been changing hands from South to Central while the Norherners look from afar but,if a Finance… Read more »
Kunena Mosapsyatila
I am not a proud Malawian now than I was during my primary school years, during the days of Kamuzu: when Malawi was really a one nation, with hard working people, free from rampant corruption, with promising youth and not brainwashed ones. I was really proud of this country then when the national team was performing wonders in whipping our neighbours, when students could go to Unirvesity of Malawi on merit, when ministers were dedicated servants of the nation and not thieves, when I was not feeling ashamed to pronounce my Malawian Identity to tourists in Mangochi district when we… Read more »

Thom Chakufwa Chihana and his son are the ones responsible for killing of political life of northerners because of political prostitution and greed. naweso Mwenifumbo you have contributed so



Droba Gabi

Palibe chanu mngolira simuzalamula mpaka kale.

@Droba Gabi. The problem of ignorance, which is rampant in the South coupled with high poverty levels, is that ignorant people fail to put things in their perspective. Aford leaders r not talking of ruling Malawi. They r talking of northerners who v greatly contributed to the political change in the country. If I may ask u, if u come from where the president comes from, what is it that u n your family v benefited from the presidency of APM? Just because the n u come from the same region then u feel being better off than Northerners? What… Read more »

Gentlemen ,lets not attack each by writing sarcastic words ,we are one ,therefore play to God that our country continue to be peaceful even we have some problems regarding economy ,hunger ,crime and corruption.People from the north like myself are really marginalised and for your own information hw many people from the north involved in cashgate scandle as compared to other regions.


truth pains,


Mbuzi yamunthu! Maganizidwe awa ndi omwe akuononga dziko lino iwe @Droba Gabi! Wake up and fight for the betterment of your country

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