Aford MP Mwenifumbo survives ‘assassination plot’, informs Malawi Parliament: Sawa gangsters 

Member of Parliament (MP) for Karonga central constituency, Frank Tumpale Mwenifumbo (Alliance for Democracy –Aford) narrated in parliament how on Tuesday he survived a gun shot from unknown criminal who invaded his private house in Area 47, Lilongwe.

Mwenifumbo: Speaks in parliament on the threat to his life

“Mr second deputy speaker sir, I want to tell this honourable house a horrible incidence that happened to me on my house. My life is in danger especially for fighting for the country’s welfare,” said Mwenifumbo.

Mwenifumbo told the House that one of the criminals came to his house in disguise of seeking help that his child was critically ill and asked for transport to take the child to hospital.

He said the said criminal who identified himself as Lex Phiri claimed to be a distance neighbour working under Total Land Care.

“I told him to jump into my car to take the sick child at his home to the hospital. However, after noticing some suspicious signs, I then called the boss of the Total Land Care Mr Zwide Jere who told me that they don’t have someone with such name and that everyone at his office have personal vehicle,” he disclosed.

According to Mwenifumbo, he shot his gun in the air to chase the said criminal.

“The criminal run out of my house to a distance and started shooting at my get, and we exchanged the fire. After I overpowered him, I saw a brand new Toyota Fortuner which was brown in colour without a number plate coming to pick him away,” he said.

He told the House that he suspect that the move was a plot by the Northern Region Water Board (NRWB) particularly because of being vocal on its US14.7 million dollars contract-gate.

Nyasa Times understand that Mwenifumbo is among the legislatures sitting on a special joint committee of parliament that is investigating a purport fraud of contract that was controversially given to SAWA group by NRWB.

The amount rose from the initial award amount of US10.1 million dollars to 14.7million and the NRWB said it was arithmetical error, a development Mwenifumbo described as pure theft.

“Mr Speaker Sir, I have been receiving phone calls threatening me not to ask too many questions to NRWB about this contract because SAWA group works with Beautify Malawi trust,” he explained.

The whole Parliament was frozen with the issue but no one responded to it including the Speaker, because of time.

Mwenifumbo said he reported the matter to the police who were on patrol and they advised him to stop trusting strangers at night.

Meanwhile, in his contribution to the 2017/18 National Budget, Mwenifumbo urged government to reconsider its stance on liberalised produce market if the country is to increase foreign exchange reserves.

Mwenifumbo also said when the Agriculture Development and Marketing Corporation (Admarc) had the powers to buy and sell, Malawi earned more and the foreign reserves were better than the case is now.

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33 thoughts on “Aford MP Mwenifumbo survives ‘assassination plot’, informs Malawi Parliament: Sawa gangsters ”

  1. nkhongobwito says:


  2. MULOPWANA says:

    You all said Kamlepos abduction was staged, si izi lero? Did Ben Phiri stage akuba anapita kunyumba kwake? is Frank also staging………..MUTSANZIKE…..

  3. Siyani says:

    Unenesko ukuwawa. Leave Mwenefumbo alone. Mose imwe mukususka ndimwe we DPP. God is watching. He will one day remove us from this hook. Mzalilanso monga kale lija..

  4. membe says:

    You must also probe IHB.. International Haulage Brokers on how they award contracts to these Tanzania fuel transporters. I hope you come across them when going to your constituency

  5. TRIGGAR says:

    zayambikatu attacking okhaokha….am not surprise if this is true alipo munyumba yama lamulomo who sent muthuyo coz anakakhala kut ndiwakuba anakangoba koma the fact that he had agun amafuna kumupha basi…nanga mpaka fortuner abale alipo mubomamo akumusaka

  6. L. Phiri says:

    Zapachibale. Za zii.

  7. Chabwino Palibe says:

    Mwenifumbo is a world class lier and an attention seeker. What he told Parliament is complete rubbish. In Area 47, there is a robust community policing (neighbourhood security watch) group led by a retired Army Brigaider and former ADC for Kamuzu.

    There is a community policin Whatsapp Group for Area 47 Sector 5. On 13 June 2017, Mwenifumbo’s second wife Beatrice Mwangonde wrote that:

    “Somebody came to the Mwenifumbo’s house claiming he lives near the Rainbow TV station. He was asking for transport for his child to be taken to the hospital. Mr. Mwenifumbo asked him several times to walk into the yard so he could see who it was but he refused. Mr. Mwenifumbo got suspicious and got his gun to scare him off. Upon a few gunshots the man run away and there was a car heard speeding off”.

    Later Mr Frank Mwenifumbo, the womaniser wrote the following on the same Whatsapp Forum

    “I think it’s the new scam in town. Twice I have been approached by people at City Centre pretending they had run out of fuel. The first one was a woman who pretended she even knew me and was an employee of the Road Traffic dept. She jokingly threatened she would not help me next time I was at her work place since I did not recognise her. She had a baby on her and said had left her other kids in a car. She claimed the car had run out of fuel on her way from picking up the kids from school. I gave her two thousand kwacha but, surprised me when she insisted for more money. The second one was a man who actually carried a jerrycan on him saying his car had run out of fuel at some place”.

    Brethren, what this attention seeking womaniser and head of Benghazi Terror Group in Karonga told Parliament is complete rubbish.

    If you want the full text of what Mwenifumbo published in the Area 47 Community Policing Whatsapp group, contact Amfumu Mai Phiri kapena the Administrator

  8. martin says:

    You can not compare Mwenifumbu to Kamlepo.Mwenifumbo enjoys tremendous support from the Northerners and Malawians alike.He also has tremendous experience as an eloquent MP who represents his constituents and Malawians at large vigorously in the Parliament and has outstanding educational capabilities that Kamlepo has not,he just survives on lies and pretences,he has no certicates that he can prove himself.In other progressive African countries like Botswana,Ghana,Tanzania to name a few,this crook could not have the seat in the Parliament period or the first Parliament of 1964.He has completely lost credibility in his constituence for not telling the truth over his forged abduction some few weeks ago.As for Mwenifumbo,the people of the North equate him to the first brilliant MPs like Dunduzu,Yatuta,Kanyama,Orton,Rose Chiwambo,G.Kanyanya and Muthalika Banda from Nkhata-Bay.In the North right now,Mwenifumbo commands huge support and he is to guide his life safely because DPP has taken MCP’s political trend.MAY GOD BLESS YOU MWENIFUMBO!!!!!!!

    1. clive says:

      Honestly speaking KAMLEPO is a legend whether on likes it or not…………Mwenifumbo has always been in govt and mostly in Parliament but look at Kamlep, just two to three years in the house everyone from Nsanje to Chitipa know of him. Plus Kamlepo is a fighter, pure politician….all are sons of the north bu Kamlepo is exceptinal and thats a FACT.

  9. Mcp die hard says:

    You shame your fellow northerners. Is afford a threat to any party in Malawi you idiot.
    Now Tumbuka s are full of drama you can’t trust them. Look at Kamlepo with his crooked way.
    Mwenefumbo why go too low like this. I have lost my trust on you. You are uncircumcised idiot.
    Even if you die today who cares.Kagwere uko galu use

  10. vavlov says:

    The fact is NRWB bosses (both from Karonga) have been stealing money for a very long time. These guys have lots of property, which should be investigated thoroughly. Mwenefumbo has a point so dont dismiss what he said. If the government doesn’t take action on NRWB rotten bosses, then Malawi is indeed the junkest state in the world – condoning corruption. The link to beautify Malawi is worrying.

    The procurement manager for NRWB has lots of property, including several wives. There is no way he can afford all these from his salary. Malawians wake up and save the country from thieves. Lock up the NRWB for life.

  11. mbombo says:

    Area 47 having a neighbour without a car my word! You told the assassin to jump in your car and at the same time you shot in the air from you house.nmbm you had the gun/revolver on you? How’s close were you to the gate? Do you run after somebody who firing at you and be able to see the vehicle which you never attempted to shoot at to disable? Where was your guard on duty? Please desist from faking up stories to harm people who will not be able argue with you coz they are not parliamentarians.

  12. Caswell Mtunda says:

    Abale anzanga, tisamafulumire kuloza cala kuti awo amafuna kupha mwenifumbo kapena kalua. Awiriwa mukawaonetsetsa ndi atambwali kwambiri. Akungofuna kuononga mbiri ya anzawo. Bwanji sakunenapo za ma neighbours ake oyandikana nawo kuti anacitapo ciyani atamva mfuti kapena mmawa anakambitsano motani atamuzonda? Awa ndi andale, akungofuna kuonongerana mbiri. Iye angatenge munthu ku cipatala usiku? Osangomupatsa ya taxi bwa? Kusowa nzeru munthu wa mkulu apa. Asaaaaa!

  13. be humane says:

    another mtumbuka in silly trick. mukuona ngati tidzingomva chisoni ndi zamkutu zomwe eti?

  14. Shanaloli says:

    Dirty politics in Malawi to rip off the docile Malawians for the little remaining in the govt coffers.They wanted to finish Kamlepo and now they are at Tumpale’s neck.Koma simuwatha..bwinotu bwino.

  15. jog says:

    The story does not make sense and how could you allow the stranger such a VIP status? AFORD how you bring back the MAFIA to the party. We are tired of these mafias plz

  16. Kenkkk says:

    Dpp, dpp, dpp, absolutely dpp.
    Dpp, you want to bring war in the country simply to protect your stinking corruption and thieving. Selfish evil people. The obscene amounts of money you have got, isn’t it enough?

  17. Bolero says:

    No wonder Quantum Global ranks Malawi in the bottom 4 and the only Southern African nation the last tier

  18. Nthumbwana Ngongoliwa says:

    We are not going to be intimidated! This is DPP thugs with their rule of terror to threaten a politician with a vision for our country beyond tribes and regions. Is it not Frank Mwenefumbo that is speaking about land shortages in Thyolo? The cause late Chakufwa fought for in the 60s and 70s! Aford is back and we need people like FTM! Yes Revamp Aford to keep thieves and government in check! Let’s stop this politics of killing opponents in the 21 st century

  19. gome msiska says:

    mwenefumbo ndi mbuzi ya munthu.. za ziii

  20. Ngasizi says:

    The issue of Northern region water board is straight forward. After awarding the contract to SAWA, DPP wanted a cut but SAWA refused. Instead an agreement was made to revise the bid. Hence the difference in the figures.
    It is as simple as that.

  21. pipiro says:

    Tumbukas are becoming fools now. They are busy cooking stories. If they haven’t been kidnapped then its surviving gun shoots. Lots of fake stories.In case you don’t know surviving from gun shoots, then ask Mphwiyo. Ten live bullets are in his head. That is surviving gun shoots.For sure Mr Mwenefumbo you cant stand a gun shot from a criminal. Allow your mouth to spread nothing but the truce.

  22. Kabiniko says:

    Sizoti munali kokahula NDE mwini nkazi amafuna kukuphani…mungosiya uhulewo…..timakuziwani uhule wanu mukumbuke banja Lima munathesa LA mphande officer in-charge was karonga escom Ku Karonga

  23. Zako Izo says:

    A Mwenifumbo, kani ndinu opepera chonchi?

  24. Push says:

    Guys, if the story is true, then the reporter or Mwenefumbo presented it wrongly. First, so called criminal had no intention to shoot him. Imagine, after Mwenefumbo shot in the air, he ran for a distance, probably outside the gate and started shooting at the gate. By then Mwenefumbo would be shot already. Why in the middle of the night he was able to attend to a single stranger (no escort)? That’s why police so sloppy thinking (tulo) in him. By the way, how did he overpower the criminal in exchange shots? I assume the word was wrongly used. Maybe the criminal ran out of shots/bullets. I find this vague. Osamatukwana abale anga. We will be answerable one day.

  25. Be careful with spellings imagine get for gate

  26. TNM BOSS says:

    So you mean you don’t know your neba, and you decided to pick unknown person as big as you are, then we should sympathize with you?
    By the way do we don’t have robbers anymore but DPP KILLERS? Mukuchedwa………

  27. benjamin says:

    Why trying kill mwenefumbo , the only malawians hope koma muyaluka mwenefumbo alindi plus plus moyo kuchoka kwa yehova

  28. Kalyoto says:

    The issue is too vague and one can’t understand it properly. The elements in it are bent on tarnishing the image of something which is very bad. Northern region legislators are abusing the immunity that Mps enjoy when parliament is in session. Normally their contributions are always bent on damaging the reputation of someone. Should we say that parliament is a very good place for castigation?

  29. Kilindabwite says:

    DPP Mafia at it again! Muyaluka chaka chake ndi chino! all the evil plans will be revealed this time. God is tired of your evil evil plans! Mtegha, Mtawali watch out this is Dpp will use you like toilet papers. Thanks be to God that Mwenefumbo has survived. It was Kamlepo now is Mwenefumbo. Alas! God forbid! Imisyuka ikalere lino

  30. chimanga says:

    Death Perpetuators Party (DPP) kodi mupha nathu angati? Mutsala nokha mu malawitu. This could have been another Kamlepo saga. Then people would have called it self abduction……

    1. zwide says:

      Imeneyi ikhale self shooting according to Malawi Police

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