Aford’s Mwenifumbo attacks Malawi govt for harassing the landless: ‘Thyolo, Mulanje  tea estates  beneficiaries of land grabbing’

Versatile Karonga Central MP Frank Mwenifumbo has made scathing attack on government for allegedly harassing the landless in Thyolo and Mulanje who stand up to demand for their rights.

Mwenifumbo: Special fund should be established

Mwenifumbo, in an interview said the government should stop arresting and harassing those who are demanding their land back from the powerful and the rich owners of tea estates in the two tea growing districts.

“This is against what John Chilembwe stood for. We commemorate John Chilembwe Day year in year out yet we do against what he fought for in this country,” said Mwenifumbo.

He was referring to the Chilembwe uprising of 1915 when the maverick US trained pastor led the uprising angry with thangata system, the grabbing of land for the growing of tea by the whites, among others.

Mwenifumbo suggested there should be a special fund in Mulanje and Thyolo that would act as a social fund to help those affected by the land grabbing.

“The two districts are not benefitting from the tea in the two districts because all the money realised from the tea estates through taxes goes straight into Account number one,” he said. Mwenifumbo said once voted into power, Alliance for Democracy (Aford) would investigate the issue thoroughly and give back the land to the rightful owners if proved it was grabbed. He said Aford would not back and defend the powerful and rich tea growers but would instead back and defend the poor and the landless.

Vincent Wandale, the leader of Peoples Land Organisation faces several charges in the courts for leading a crusade in Thyolo and Mulanje to grab land from tea estate owners.


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15 thoughts on “Aford’s Mwenifumbo attacks Malawi govt for harassing the landless: ‘Thyolo, Mulanje  tea estates  beneficiaries of land grabbing’”

  1. Pp litete says:

    Hon Mwenefumbo ur right koma wat have u done for ur people in Karonga on Kayelekera issue? I thought it’s more like the same and I think u are one of the beneficiary of Kayelekera not people from karonga as it was supposed to be..takumana adyela basi Ambuye tilandiseni kumazunzo wa potipasa asogoleli wachikondi poti onse wa ndia dyela

  2. chingayipe says:

    Bravo mwenefumbo AFORD indeed its not a regional party let malawians know kuti AFORD yabwera kuzaombola amalawi

  3. mtumbuka weni weni says:

    Throughout the government has shown the tendency to harass its own citizen and side foreigners. This is the reason why in this era, in 2017 some stupid foreigners can still call Malawians “shit, black and poor, and all sort of unpalatable names” while our Ministers sit in wofu wofu offices. It is time that this government realized that the land in Malawi belongs to Malawians and not to Pakistans,Indians, Chinese, Rwandese, Burundians etc. It belongs to us, our ancestors and our children. Mugabe did it why not us. Julius Malemia of South Africa is agitating for the same koma ife a Malawi ai. The entire fertile lands, the stretches from Lilongwe to Nanjiri, to Namitete, to Lumbadzi are grabbed by these amwenyes and foreiners. All along the lakeshore our land has been grabbed by foreigners and even barring us from accessing our lake. Just what is this government doing? Just what do we need for them to wake up and stop this?

    I appeal to the lawmakers to initiate a deliberate policy to re-assess the way our land is getting grabbed and return it to us the indigenous Malawians.

  4. well done Mwenefumbo, there is nothing that is going to stop the government from siding with poor or the needy; if the whites are the rightful owners of the land, the government can always negotiate and maybe to the extent of buying back the land.

  5. GREAT STUFF FROM MWANEFUMBO. The government can always buy back the land and give it to people if the foreigners are the rightful owners of the land

  6. peter says:

    why are the MPs from Thyolo and Mulanje silent on the issue of land in their districts? Do they really need an MP from all the way to Karonga to be speaking for them? what a shame!!!

  7. pathfinder says:

    za zii! mwenefumbo mtumbuka asiya kuona zakwawo akalimbane ndi za ife akumulanje kapena thyolo? kakonze kaye kwanu stadium isakutha ija. wekha uzifunse kuti ndi anthu angati amadela ozongulira malo amenewo akugwira ntchito mmakampani a tea? ndiye mukapatsa minda anthu osadziwa kulima, anthu ogwira ntchitowo apita kuti. usatisokonezele kwathu aise, tisiire. pena pake kumaganiza. mukuona ngati minda imene ija ndi anthu angati angalandileko? kosenyeza kuti ena onse alowa umbava, ndizomwe mukufuna atumbuka inu? kuteloko imeneyo ndi njira ina yobweretsa udani kuchilhomwe ndimaganiozo oti mungatigonjetse? agalu inu, bwanji osatengera phunzilo pa zimbabwe italanda minda kwa azungu.

  8. c.Sichinga says:

    Let people of Mulanje and Thyolo get what rightly belongs to them. zoona munthu kusowa ndi poti nkulimako timizera tiwiri toti ana nkumathyolako dowe.koma ikafika campaign nde malonjezo pwiiiiii aah tachitani manyazi a boma these people need to get there land back.

  9. c.Sichinga says:

    Bravo Tumpale Mwenefumbo (FTM)

  10. Bilimankhwe says:

    THats a cheap propganxa campaign. Did uou hear that Afford will never rule.
    Leave Lomwe people alone. You have talked a lot of bad things about Lomwe so you think they are fools that they can sympathise with you? Why not fight for Cbijangawa forest your home.
    You have crossed the center line too much. No Lomwe can vote for afford. Over my dead body unless that Lomwe is mentally.sick

  11. Lomwe Phiri says:

    Mwatonena izi sara ndi zoona.Ifetu aromwe timatopanikiza minda iri yathu.Azunguwa anatoba minda yathu.Komatu bomali likuopa anthu akuba aku imf & wb kuti akambe za minda yathu.

    Wandale ndi wandale amaonatu pali thumbatu la ndarama.

  12. Lofesi Mchacha says:

    I think Mwenefumbo has a valid point which should have been raised by the MPs from Thyolo and Mulanje but for one reason or another they have chosen to be silent on this very important issue. What are you doing our honorable MPs from the two affected districts? Are you standing for the people you claim to represent? I wonder!!!!!! As for my brother Charles from Ngomano I understand his problem is the language that parliament uses is very unfriendly to him, what a shame!!!!! Please stand for the poor landless who voted you to this parliament with the hope that you will speak and stand for them.

  13. masha says:

    2019 boma ilo. tayambapo campaign apo, tiyeni nazo Hon Mwenefumbo

  14. pixy says:

    This is a very good example of a PATRIOTIC MP.MP who has his country and it’s people at heart ,no matter where they come from.Reduce the districts of Malawi by 2 because Mulanje and Thyolo where the WHOLE GOVERNMENT COMES FROM are stand alone districts and forming one BOMA.Ask Wandale ,he can tell it better.

  15. George Nyirenda says:

    Big up Mwenefumbo that’s what we need it!!!

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