APM, opposition in war of words on human rights

Malawi President Peter Mutharika has told the opposition and civil rights organisations in the country to stop blaming the government on everything.

President Mutharika makes his speech during the Commemoration of Human Rights Day at Masintha Ground (C) Stanley Makuti

President Mutharika makes his speech during the Commemoration of Human Rights Day at Masintha Ground (C) Stanley Makuti

President Mutharika is seeing some exhibitions -photo (C)Stanley Makuti.

President Mutharika is seeing some exhibitions -photo (C)Stanley Makuti.

People carried placards demonstrating human rights- photo (C) Stanley Makuti

People carried placards demonstrating human rights- photo (C) Stanley Makuti

Mutharika said this Thursday Mutharika at Masintha ground in Lilongwe during the commemoration of the International Human Rights day held under the theme “Our rights, Our freedom, Always.”

“We escape our duties by blaming the government on everything,” said Mutharika.

“Our duty is service to others,” he said indirectly attacking the opposition and civil society organisations who have been asking the government to improve the appalling right to economic, social and cultural as evidenced by the falling public health service and the skyrocketing cost of life among ordinary Malawians, among others.

The President lamented that it is the responsibility of everyone to think of the duties and obligation that come along with these universal rights.

“No country can develop by thinking of rights without our sense of duty and responsibility. Malawi cannot progress if we think of our rights and freedoms more than our duties and responsibilities,” Mutharika explained.

He assured of supporting the fight and promotion of human rights, by among other things, passing legislations that are in support of the human rights principles

But Leader of opposition in parliament Lazarus Chakwera said it was the government that was playing blame game.

In an interview, Chakwera, who is also Malawi Congress Party (MCP) president said the opposition point out to governance and human rights shortfalls because, he said, collectively Malawians hold the future of Malawi.

“Collectively, we must take responsibility as we chat our future…we need to fix our problems together,” he said.

Chakwera said Malawi cannot commemorate the International Human Rights Day in the absence of Access to Information bill, when there is little accountability in government and people are condemned when their exercise their right to know on what is happening in the executive arm of government.

The chairman of the Malawi Human Rights Commission Justin Dzonzi, speaking at the commemoration function in the presence of the President, said the government should remove all delays surrounding the passing into law of the Access to Information bill.

President Mutharika did not directly respond to this but hinted Malawians have a right to political, economic and social lives.

Marchel Gerrmann, Ambassador and Head of European Union delegation said the European community is proud to be a leading voice on human rights issues.

Gerrmann assured of the organisation’s commitment in promoting and protecting human rights, democracy and rule of law.

“The EU believes that sustainable peace development and prosperity cannot exist without respect for human rights. Protecting rights and freedoms is therefore at the heart of all our interventions and projects around the world,” he explained.

The international Human rights day was adopted in 1948 when all countries around the world adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. To reflect on the progress made, it was agreed that the day be celebrated every December 10 of each year.—Additional reporting by Solister Mogha, Mana

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The QUOTA SYSTEM is a glaring example of violations of human rights. No one seems to care but just blurring nonsense.

Fathi Alshehaab

So apm lied to mslawians on ati…what are we going to do judt seat and cry had we been hit bad.donors shud rescue us in march2016.kusamva kuja nkumeneku


Chizamsoka Munthali #6 waiwalapo zina. Kumene kunapita chimanga, kumemen kudagulitsidwa ndege, kumene kunapita ndalama zamafuta a ku Nigeria, amene adamuombera Mphwiyo etcetc. Ndi ufulu wako kudziwa zimenezi.


now Iam convinced that frustrated people only see red.chimene mutukwanira anzanu nchiyani?


This man does not think or speak like a lawyer let alone a president on this matter. The state has the primary duty to fulfil, promote and protect the rights of its people. That is very basic knowledge. If the state fails to do this, that is total abdication, and it must be held accountable. No excuses!


This man is nothing palibepo zinthu apa he is useless achoke basi tiwone zina.


ATI what for? Unfortunatelly you and I are not the ones need it we are like dogs who catch for meat for their bosses. ATI means “Access To Intervene” there so many people”intruders” who may wish to join our politics and become leaders of our beloved country but they cannt do this without full information, hence the need of the bill.


Mr. Petulo Mathanyula
please, stop flogging a dead horse.


Now I hear that the Anti Corruption Day commemorations have been cancelled because the president is ‘busy.’ Was it not possible to combine it with this Human Rights Day? Where is your reform then if two state organs can not jointly hold their two similar activities? John Magufuli oyeeee!!!


Thisis Democracy time if u meke msterk tilakhula monga osusa maka 2016 muva zinizeni 2015 timakuwelengani koma chaka chikubwelachi tionana

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