APM pays tribute of honour to Dunduzu Chisiza, Malawi freedom fighter: Visits Karonga flood victims

President Peter Mutharika on Friday visited the grave of Dunduzu Chisiza who was one of the nationalist freedom fighters during the struggle for self rule some 60 years ago.

APM pays tribute to Dunduzu Chisiza

APM pays tribute to Dunduzu Chisiza


President and Firt Lady greet the people of Karonga

Some of flood victims at Kakoma School in Karonga District (C) Stanley Makuti

Some of flood victims at Kakoma School in Karonga District (C) Stanley Makuti

Inside a shelter where flood victims are sleeping at Kakoma Primary School in Kalonga District (C) Stanley Makuti

Inside a shelter where flood victims are sleeping at Kakoma Primary School in Kalonga District (C) Stanley Makuti

Mutharika said Malawians should be proud of people like Chisiza who agitated for change of governance by speaking out for the voiceless without fear.

“Just the thought that in the formative years of our nation we had in our midst an astute writer, political and economic thinker gives us great enlightenment and pride of where we belong as a people. Chisiza and many others made sure that voices of the minority were well represented albeit in a regime that limited many freedoms for its citizenry,” said Mutharika.

The President said that his government will ensure that all people who have contributed to the nation’s birth and growth are accorded the respect and value they deserve within the social fabric of the country.

“All our heroes will continue receiving the honour they deserve in the annals of our history archives,” said the Malawi leader.

Chisiza – a known writer, political and economic thinker – played a critical role in policy matters as Nyasaland was metamorphosing into a new country known as Malawi.

In the short time of his prominence during the late 50s and early 60s, Chisiza gained enormous respect in the West for his intellect, energy and pioneering ideas. In July 1962 he hosted an economic development symposium, sponsored by the Ford Foundation, at which authorities from around the world presented papers on African and Malawian development.

He himself gave a presentation warning of the dangers of dictatorship in emerging African countries. Among his publications was a paper entitled “Africa – What Lies Ahead?”, published by the African-American Institute, New York, in 1962.

Chisiza prominence, however, made him cross paths with founding president Kamuzu Banda who saw the young man as a political threat. It was rumoured that the differences between the two made Chisiza contemplate of forming an opposition party together with the likes of Masauko Chipembere. Unfortunately, all Kamuzu’s enemies were either jailed, killed or sent to exile within the same time.

Dunduzu Chisiza officially died in “a road accident” at Thondwe in Zomba in 1964. Many elders of the time believe Dunduzu was killed by the Malawi Congress Party as Kamuzu Banda consolidated power and silenced threats to his rule.

President Mutharika worked with Malawians who escaped into exile from atrocities of the Malawi Congress Party in the 60s.

Relief to flood victims

Mutharika also met people whose property was destroyed by floods months ago where he donated K5 million to alleviate their problems.

He advised them to relocate to upper land and plant more trees to avoid a repeat of last year’s disaster.

“Let us plant forests along the rivers to stop the flooding of the rivers. Let us plant many trees to combat effects of climate change,” he said.

He later assured them of continued government support in their dire times.

“Government is here to support you. We will always support you and we will always be with you. As your President, I will always be with you,” said he.

President Mutharika outlined to people of Karonga a number of projects his government is undertaking in the Northern Region.

For people of Karonga, government will upgrade the road to Songwe border to facilitate commerce and trade.

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Prof. Odidiyoo
All Malawians know the truth that without the north, this country called Malawi would not have been there. Dr Banda, the worst dictator after Hitler, in 1992 challenged the whole nation that none helped him to get the country from the colonial exploiters, except the northerners. When political change started no politician emerged to challenge the despotic Banda, it was the northerners that spearheaded the change despite the deportation of Roche and arrest of northerners. APM agrees to the fact and states that a brilliant northerner was at the center of change, but was killed by hyenas from the nyau… Read more »
Jelbin Makamo

This guy is a total hypocrite. He says one thing to appease northerners and yet deep in his heart he knows that he cares nothing about people of the north. He is not ashamed to say that the north has literary liberated malawi but can not name the Chitipa-karong road after any of those heroes. He has rather chosen to name it after his corrupt, tyrant and notorious late brother of his.


Well said! They manipulate Malawians. Northerners are not as stupid as Peter thinks. The road can always be renamed. Let them do whatever they want and we are watching.

Winston Msowoya
Peter,as I always say,you can destroy an effigy,but you cannot erase history.Peter has come into the open to acknowledge that Dunduzu Chisiza played a remarkable role in the freedom struggle of our country why now he has been in power for two years he has not mentioned DU’s name live alone his brother YATU,who died in a fierce battle against Banda’s armed Forces of assisted by South Africa’s racist forces.Yatu marched into the country to liberate his people from Banda’s notorious neo-colonialist regime.Yatu your courage and love for your people,will live with us for generations to come.May your spirits continue… Read more »

We need more Dunduzu Chisizas today!!!!!!!

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