Asians dominating Malawi govt procurement, laments MP Mwenifumbo: Address economic inequality

Racial tensions, linked to the Malawian Asians’ economic dominance, do still exist, but it’s downplayed. However, Karonga central member of parliament Frank Tumpale Mwenifumbo spoke strongly in support of indigenous Malawians and that government should liberate its people from the continuing bondage of poverty, deprivation and economic inequality.

Mwenefumbo: Asians or foreignors dominating Malawi government procurement, For how much longer are we as Malawians going to allow this to go on for

“Over the years, my observation has been that most Malawians, especially, indigenous Malawians, do not participate or it is not even an attempt to absorb them in the procurement process of government services and products,” Mwenifumbo said in parliament in Friday.

He was making his contribution to a Bill of Public Procurement and Disposal of Assets.

Frank-talking Mwenifumbo urged government to economically emancipate its people from living below the poverty line and ensure economic empowerment through participation in government procurements fairly.

He said the government business most of the contractors are of Asian origin.

“I was disappointed at one point when we were talking to officials from Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development.  I think my colleagues that I sat with in that Committee will agree with me. I did pose a question to the official there as to why that all suppliers of fertiliser subsidy were all Asians or were otherwise foreigners and not even a single Malawian,” said Mwenifumbo.

“The unfortunate answer that came from these officials was that Malawians do not have capacity.  We were all shocked, Right Honourable Speaker, Sir.

“This is not only exclusive to the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development. If you go to Ministry of Health, the same thing, you hardly see a Malawian being given a chance to supply services and products to government, all ministries and departments,” said Mwenifumbo.

Mwenifumbo asked the Minister of Finance, Economic Planning and Development  Goodall Gondwe  to ensure there is a  deliberate policy,  “where we should make sure that a certain percentage of those procurements must be given to Malawian businessmen, that is only when we can grow this economy. “

The Karonga central MP (Independent) said the economic hardships that Malawians are going through are “uncalled for and unnecessary.”

Said Mwenifumbo: “Most of the monies are in the hands of foreigners.  When it comes to this kind of a situation, you hardly see them bringing back that money into the economy. “

He continued: “I can assure you if you give a black man, a Malawian, some business, the first and foremost, he will think of building something in Malawi here especially at his village.

“But look at our friends, they are making billions, and if you ask them as to what they have invested in Malawi, it’s zero.  That’s very unfortunate. “

Mwenifumbo asked for a clause in the Bill where it should include the participation of the Malawian entrepreneurs in the provision of services to government.

Speaker of Parliament Richard Msowoya asked Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs, Samuel Tembenu SC to comment. He said “this issue of indigenous, black man, white Malawian, black Malawian, always comes up, can you describe to me, who is an indigenous Malawian?  Please!”

In his response Minister Tembenu said he was yet to find a better definition for an indigenous Malawian.

“So far there in none in the Constitution.  A Malawian is a Malawian,” said Tembenu.

Speaker Msowoya noted that ‘indigenous Malawian’   terminology comes up most of the times.

“The other groups also argue that the fact that, they have access to a Malawian Passport, they are citizens and therefore, they are Malawians,” he said.

Public Procurement and Disposal of Assets Bill was referred to the Legal Affairs Committee of parliament for further scrutiny.

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19 thoughts on “Asians dominating Malawi govt procurement, laments MP Mwenifumbo: Address economic inequality”

  1. patriot says:

    I think the citizens of Malawi need to rally together to fight this injustice that has plagued our land. It is clear that the ones that are enjoying the fruits of this nation are not the owners of the land. No Malawi an even with money can go to establish themselves in these Asians’ countries. period! so why should we accommodate them here? It’s time for this nation to wake up and grow some balls for once. Let us learn to put our indigenous brothers and sisters first before foreigners. that’s what other countries do. They put their people first in everything.

  2. Kalowakayaza says:

    The problem is not the Mwenyes. The problem is with Malawians. Malawians are all corrupt and greedy in nature. The Mwenyes just capitalise on that. First the word Mwenye (Mwene) is a yao one. It means mfumu. From the time the Yao people started calling the first Indians Chiefs ( mwenyes) because the Yaos used it as flattering word whenever they were being given dark brown sugar and other hand outs.

    Coming to corruption, it is a fact the all prices of goods that Government ministries, departiments and agencies are ficticious. They are not real. There is always 10% or 20% commission for the the buyers. In other words when we buy from the Mwenyes they entice buyers with the commissions.
    Little do buyers know that whenever the word COMMISSION comes out of any trader, he is putting it you that USE ME TO STEAL 10% or 20% from your employer. When you accept he only adds those margins to his price.
    To all God fearing buyers they testify to this that they are given this money whenever they deliver cheques or LPOs. The mwenyes are good at that.

    This is cashgate trend.

  3. concerned citizen says:

    I agree with semani . It is very true that in the countries he / she has mentioned, foreigners and even those who have become citizens by obtaining a passport for that country can not run certain businesses. There are reserved categories of businesses for the indigenous people. Secondly these countries have put in place deliberate policies that empower the indigenous people to have capacity to get into businesses by putting in place national development banks where locals can access loans at low interest rates payable over along period of years. Provided business management training to help sustain the established businesses. In Malawi over the past 52 years there hasn’t been such a thing by all the governments, past and present to empower Malawians . It has been every Malawian for them selves

  4. petro says:

    am not sure that SC did not understand what excactly mwenefumbo was talking about when he talks about indigenous malawian. he knows whom he was refering to. only he jock.on sesetive issue.

  5. Mgongapamhanya says:

    Everything having been said and understood, Malawians should shed off stupid mentality and stand up to the time we are living in. An Indigenous Malawian is his own enemy because of inferiority complex and jealousy. When Mulli and Mpinganjira get ahead economically we all gang up to cry blue murder and pull them down mercilessly. But When Movessa take up the entire govt dept such as Road Traffic Directorate, Malawians sheepishly smile in admiration. We spend all our time sleeping, drinking , f******ing , gossiping, engaging in unprofitable political arguments, while our friends are busy calculating, planning, assessing and using corrupt Malawian civil service to their advantage. Let’s learn Malawians, let’s change.

  6. benjones says:

    As uneducated as they are to be a millionaire yet back in their country they were street sweepers.

    Ha!ha!ha! A Malawi when will you wake up

  7. kantama says:

    Sometime these amwenyes will overpower us. OG Issa is chiradzulu central MP mwati sadzayimila u president kenako? KOmanso akuweta nkhuku he has so many kraals ku nguludi, why? Ma business a Chi Malawi nde ati kodi?

  8. winston msowoya says:

    It seems to me that most Malawian MPs including so-called Ministers do not comprehend the word INDIGENOUS.The word indigenous means those whose fore-fathers were born in Malawi before even the white man set foot on our land.In other words,indigenous means: someone originating in the country.In the circumstances therefore,Mwenye (Indian),Packistan,Chinese and all those Asians and Whites who live in Malawi and Africa,are not indigenous but,registered citizens who are vulnerable to be sent back to the original homeland should they violate the laws of the land.These people usually are unpatriotic and they are in our country to exploit unmercifully our resouces and traditionally do not follow the law of the land.In Malawi and many other countries in Africa,these economic criminals,have managed to control the leaders and in turn,Africa has become an open-pit of the Asians,smuggling billions of FOREX each year to build their countries there.For your information,Indians or Pakis or any other nationalities from Asia and Europe,are not the indigenous of Malawi and Africa,know your history you fools.H0w would you therefore call corrupt Indians or Pakistans indigenous of Malawi,in what category are the Tumbukas,Lomwes,Ngonis,Tongas,Senas,Yaos the list is long? The fact that we don’t know our own history,that is why our leaders are expressly controlled by Indians, Pakistans and Chinese and people alike.It is shameful and lack of decorum to throw our dignified Mother Malawi into the hands of the most undignified and corrupt Indians and Pakistans because of our leaders’ greed and lack of patriotic zeal.Muthalika and your dead-woods,do not mortgage our land for your own personal interests.

    1. Dingiwsayo N says:

      well narrated. I salute you for your good definition.

  9. Beast of Beast says:

    Wake Up Malawi! Wake Up!
    Alll countries that have developed in the world have been in the hands of patriotic and educated nationalists. Take the West, Singapore, or the East. There will be patriots with a nationalist heart to develop their countries. Unfortunately the current dispensation allows the integration of people of other origins tp be an integral part of our economic emancipation as a country. How these are patriotic to economic development of the socio economic development of the Malawi leaves alot to be desired.

    Malawi is a country sold out to uneducated unscrupulous Asians. Why we give them such huge government orders is beyond anyone’s imagination. These guys are not wiser than us, They dont have money either. They use our own money and network to fleece the country of its economic value.

    My kids go to Saint Andrews Primary and secondary Xul. I hurt so much to see so much of the Indians I helped so much to settle in Malawi with patapatas now driving porsche cars at the expense of our economy.

    Try to spend more time with these Asians and you will realize they are stupid…… Why we as a country allow these people to occupy our country is an act of betrayal to our future generations..

    Magufuli forced most of the Asians to pay unpaid taxes in TZ. That tells u their character. They rarely win on strategy. They win n tax evasion. Wake up Malawi Wake Up.

    Wake Up Malawi Wake Up

  10. Frank Talk says:

    But Hon Meenifumbo why then were you as Deputy Minister of Agriculture awarding contracts for fertiliser to Indians and Greeks? You are being a hypocrite? You are not frank talking Mwenifumbo you are the carrier of those boxes filled with dollars which were found in Bingu’s bedroom. You shared the loot.

  11. Hoitty says:

    Mwakamba zanzeru kwambiri a Mwenifumbo. This issue has botheredme for a very long time. Amwenye president akangosankhidwa amapita kukamuhonga ndikulonjeza support ku chipani. nde poti timasankha nkhalamba zosauka zimakomedwa ndi ndalama.we need rich presidents osasusukila ndalama ngati zilipo panozi. mwybe Bushiri or Simbi

  12. naphili says:

    Rememberwhat Kamuzu did? He chased the Asians from the rural areas and gave Malawians a chance to take over the trading centres. What happened? Not a single shop survived. Malawians do not have capacity, period!

  13. Richard Mwale says:

    Thanks Mp Mwenefumbo iyi ndiwo Quortayo so that we all benefit. Qourta should be seen not only pa maphunziro koma madera onse kuti a Malawi onse apindule. As Malawians we are really working for Asians. Please a deliberate policy is required otherwise without Quorta System in business Malawian will remain poor.

  14. Chagwa Chagwa says:

    Thank you Mr.Mwenefumbo MP for being man enough and raise thise issue. Malawians we are a creator of our own poverty by giving these so callled ‘mwenyes’ almost the easiest platform to establish business in Malawi. It so sad how we have sold our economy to these racist people who do not care about our welfare and safety when we work for them. All they care about is making huge profits and send them to Mbumbai banks. Has anyone been in a bank where there are Indians standing in line just like the hard working Malawians yet there are Indian employees who work in companies as Accountants and middle managers. The reason being they are paid cash and keep it at home just like what their bosses do who have special created rooms with vaults of money. A lot of this money is not in circulation because the mentality of an Indian is that banks charge a lot of fees which lowers their income when deposited in banks. In turn this has affected performance of our economy. One thing people should know is in Zimbabwe before Mugabe chased away the white man he had long back chased away Indians because of their behaviour of not keeping money in the banks. This is the reason why it has been difficult over the years to control foreign currency flow because these Indians take away most of it in cash over the borders to South Africa and other neighbouring countries to create a shortage in this country and later sell the same at higher rates. It is so sad how the Indians have monopolized the economy as one company are easily being broken into several companies and blocking other potential business persons especially Malawians to also participate. For example you hear there is OG Plastics, OG Construction, OG Garments and OG Hardware all owned by the same individual(s). Same goes with Crown plantation, Crown Fashions and Crown Chickens & harcheries, all owned by same people. Recently i approached a certain plastic making company with an aim to look for business to supply protective uniforms, i was blatantly told in my face we can never give this business to anyone because we also own Crown Fashions which makes garments for them. This is very sad that instead of trying to have an honest living in Malawi we cant because our previous presidents have sold our economy to the Indians. These people only give business to each other so why cant our government also do the same by giving business to its people not these greedy and racist beings who want to turn our beloved country into a Moslem State where the Mwenye’s only do well not the local people. Parliament should discuss further on the situation of our country pertaining business involvement of these Indians. If it is to chase them like what Mugabe did so let it be and bring in people who will contribute fairly to the economy. These are the same people who have made corruption to be on the high in Malawi as the only way they believe to get business is to offer commissions because they are of foreign origins. If our govenment is really of the people they should investigate further on the dealings of these ‘mwenye’s and how they have disadvanted every Malawian by monopolizing business in Malawi.

  15. Irvin Robinson says:

    It’s good to see somone as the balls to tell the truth. I am not from Malawi but have been going back and forth for the past twenty years and things are worse now than then. Keep at it.

  16. charles Chienda says:

    Zoona Mwenifumbo. Amwenye do business with Malawi Government, they do Katangale with Malawi Govt, they do not want to vote but they contribute heavily to every party’s campaigns (corruption), they underpay our brothers, their money is kept in London.

    BUT they never go to the DRTSS to have vehicle COF, there is no indian in our prisons, they do not attend demos with us, eish!!

    The get the best part of Malawi and leave the worst to Malawians. Shame on us.

  17. Semani says:

    These are issues that all media houses should be busy with it let’s support each other Malawian first for the betterment of our beloved country we need our police to protect Malawians first then enawo if you go to Mozambique, , South African, Botswana, Rwanda, Burundi, Nigeria they can’t allow you to open a Shop in their towns and districts, but here maburundi alipaliponse salipiranso misonkho Ku boma

  18. Peter says:

    They may be Malawian by virtue of holding a Malawian Passport but how many of them have you seen voting? They only want to make the money and exploit Malawian workers. Why do we even let them own land?

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