Atupele accepts resignation of Omar as UDF  veep

The United Democratic Front (UDF) has announced that the party leader Atupele Muluzi has accepted the resignation of his deputy Iqbar Omar.

Omar: Resignation accepted
Omar: Resignation accepted

Omar confirmed that he offered his resignation to UDF for the position of party president.

He has however not withdrawn his party membership.

UDF spokesman Ken Ndanga confirmed to Nyasa Times in an interview that Omar “indeed resigned” from his position and that Muluzi has accepted the resignation “with immediate effect.”

“He resigned long time ago, the process has just been finalised,” said Ndanga.

He said Muluzi accepted the resignation “on request from party leaders in the central region.”

Added Ndanga: “This means then that the position of 1st Vice president of the party is now vacant until the party appoints a new person in the position.”

During the May 20 polls, Muluzi snubbed Omar when he picked Dr Godfrey Chapola as his running mate in the presidential race.

Muluzi took his party into a governing pack with the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP). He is currently serving as Minister of Energy and Mining in the 20 member cabinet of President Prof Peter Mutharika.

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Mashino amingi
6 years ago

By the way, Where is the old man Godfrey Chapola, runningmate to mr. Atupele? Has he been thrown into the political waste basket?

Comred Brigadier
Comred Brigadier
6 years ago


6 years ago

A shame that Atupele is the only one working with Govt from the UDF side, still don’t understand why he did not bargain for atleast 1 more cabinet post so they would have been 2, but alone, shame!!!

Brison Brainfast Mpoto Kasonda.

chinapita ndi mwini wake ichi or kulengeza kumene kuti mwapanga regsin mwalakwitsa mwangozichitisa manyazi,azanu ambiri anangochoka even president wanu anachita zomwezo.

mata wa fale.
6 years ago

zimachitika bwana wanga,bola ngati kuchokako kuli kwa mtima/nzeru/mphamvu/moyo wanu onse

Eckson Kaime
6 years ago

Has the cards to his chest

Munthu wa Mulungu
6 years ago

Inenso ndachita resign. UDF ikupindulira banja la a Muluzi lokha. Bwana president, accept my resignation. Apa wadya balalikani basi.

Imraan Sadick
6 years ago

Being a party Veep does not necessarily mean you will automatically become running MATE,the powers to chose running mate rests in the hands of the President
it’s unfortunate that NT writer chose to use the word(snub)
As far as UDF is concerned there’s no bad blood between the President and its former veep-Omar’s blood remains yellow just like the rest of us
It is my sincere hope that this post gonna be pervaded soon` as they said
nature abhors vacuum”

6 years ago

Inu tadikilani ndikuuzeni, chipani ichi tsogolo chilibe. Nkozombwa ndi amene ali ndi mphamvu chifukwa ndi Ben Phiri waku UDF. Ndiye kapikinini kamene kaja kali ndi nzeru? si amene anapanga contribute kuti UDF ilephele zisankho. koma abwana aja samamva amamvelabe failure ngati ameneyu. The downfall of UDF and Atupele is Nkozombwa, believe you me or not. Chair sizikumukhudza ata. Koma kugawanika ndiye nkosayamba mu UDF

6 years ago

Can Omar wa standard 8 be president..that was a waste

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