Atupele heats up big crowds in Lilongwe: ‘Malawi expect big change 2014’

Atupele Austin Muluzi one of the front runners in Malawi’s presidential elections next year, running on the United Democratic Front (UDF) is increasingly confident that he will oversee transformational change in the country.

Atupele, 34, on Sunday during whistle-stop political meetings in the capital Lilongwe appealed to young people; new talents in the country to join mainstream politics to bring about meaningful change.

“Malawians need a Government that is answerable to how it prioritizes, uses and allocates its resources,” said AA Muluzi, who would become the youngest person to lead the country if he won the presidency in next year’s elections.

He took UDF’s ‘Agenda for Change’ message to Lilongwe townships of Malingunde, Mitundu and at Area 24 where he held a final meeting which attracted a sea of cheering crowds.

He observed that the yawning gap between the rich and the poor continue to widen.

Atupele Austin Muluzi: Increasingly confident to roll out agenda for change
Atupele Austin Muluzi: Increasingly confident to roll out agenda for change

“Next year we would have attained 50 years as an independent nation. This is the time to assess ourselves. Is this the Malawi we wanted?” he said.

UDF presidential hopeful said Malawians understand that the Joyce Banda administration is not responsible for the economic mess that it inherited  [from Democratic Progressive Party] but pointed out that “it must and should take full responsibility of restoring the efficiency and productiveness of the public service by  focusing on actual delivery.”

He also said Malawi government need  to set up “a coherent package of cushions” to protect citizens against the effects of the current economic stabilization reforms.

Drawing a football analogy, Atupele said when strikers stop scoring (economic development), they are substituted.

“We are warming up to take responsibility, to come into the field of play with a sharp target to score economic growth and national development. So Malawians should not worry at all,  we have some super substitutes on the bench,” he said.


Earlier during the day, Atupele was featured on Zodiak Broadcasting Service interview programme, Tiuzeni Zoona where he appealed to “new talent” to join his change agenda revolution.

“We need new thinking, new ideas, and new ways of doing things. My appeal to young people including those in Diaspora is that they should come back home and help build their country,” said Atupele who turns 35 in August.

Asked by presenter Pilirani Phiri if Malawi would manage economic growth and develop like China an d other economic giants,  Atupele said he is optimistic about the nation’s future, but only if it changes leaders who will come with a new mindset, saying the majority of politicians are not committed to serve the people but their self-interests.

He said his party will be soliciting views from all stakeholders for the party’s new manifesto.

“UDF will be holding its first Policy Conference this year – the first of its kind for a political party in Malawi – to initiate robust dialogue on Malawi’s key policy priorities and approaches to deliver on these,” he said.

Atupele also commented on the joining in UDF rank and file of Thoko Banda, the son of one of the great conviction politicians the late Aleke Banda, who has been in diplomatic service for a long time.

He said Thoko Banda is one of the new leaders who are boarding his change agenda ship, disclosing that there others who will be coming out.

“It’s a movement. There are many people who will be announcing their joining of UDF.  Thoko Banda is one of them. They are legion. We are not looking for people who have names but even those who should be prepared to make their names.”

Atupele is son of former president Bakili Muluzi, who ruled Malawi from 1994-2004.

Crowds attended Atupele's meeting at Area 24 in Lilongwe
Crowds attended Atupele’s meeting at Area 24 in Lilongwe
At Atupele Muluzi's rally in Lilongwe: The crowds tell the story.
At Atupele Muluzi’s rally in Lilongwe: The crowds tell the story.
Large and excited throngs at Atupele rally in Lilongwe.
Large and excited throngs at Atupele rally in Lilongwe.

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